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I love the Christian focus of Bethany. The professors are always kind and willing to help. The students are always friendly, too.
Everyone on campus is extremely nice. After my first year, I have made so many friends without really even trying too. The professors all want you to succeed and will help you out in anyway.
I like how the campus feels like a family. Everyone smiles and is super helpful. The professors know you and are willing to make time to help you with whatever you need.
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Bethany Lutheran College is a quaint, peaceful school with fantastic professors and staff. It is a tight knit community and everyone feels like a part of it. Whether you're part of sports, theatre, or just trying to get your degree, Bethany will get you there.
Pros: BLC's small campus and student body makes the transition between high school and college fairly easy. The campus is very easy to navigate and even has tunnels between buildings for the cold weather. Students there are more serious about their education and professors are eager to see them be successful. There are various sources on campus, such as a Research Center in the library and a Writing Center.

Cons: Unless one shares a conservative, Lutheran view, it may be hard to fit in here. I was not as active in religious aspects of life and did not share some of the common political views there. As a result, it was difficult to feel welcome in more opinionated classes.
BLC is a wonderful school. The student to teacher ratio is a great benefit as I am able to get one-on-one treatment. The athletic program is a great plus as well. It provides students to be able to associate with other students from different states, backgrounds, etc. and to expand socially with others at the college. I love it here.
Bethany Lutheran College has given me a different outlook on life and how I am able to change the world from using my heart and mind in everything I do. This university helps people become not only classmates but friends. It's small and a very friendly environment for no matter who comes here.
This place is one of those small, unsuspecting, rare gems in a big city. There are so many things being done right at Bethany. The atmosphere is refreshing because you feel warm and welcome no matter your background. I have not met a single professor who is not passionate about his or her practice. Because of the people and the atmosphere I am continually inspired to be a better human and push myself to explore the gifts and talents I was blessed with.
Within my first semester here at Bethany, I have learned so much about music (my major) and about myself. The professors here are always very helpful. The dormitories are very nice and the people around campus are always so kind.
Small college, cozy, comfortable, connected. Busy college town, nice food, nightlife, neat places.The professors are helpful and engaging and actually want you to succeed. Class sizes are small which adds to the quality of education. Cafeteria food is okay, but not great. The campus is quite small so it's easy to get from building to building, and you'll become familiar with nearly every face you meet. If you're looking for a college where everyone's pleasant and generally minds their own business, and has sports and study places and little clubs for everyone, this is it. The campus looks welcoming and feels safe. There are always several nighttime security on duty, and a quick phone call will get you a ride to your car or dorm any time.I attended as a post secondary high school student, and was accepted and fit quite comfortably in among the students, easy pace and class sizes. I likely will be attending Bethany for my college career and recommend it.
The housing is pretty good with spacious rooms. My only complaint is that the girls dorms (and Tiegen Hall) are not air conditioned and get very hot during the early fall semester and late spring. The atmosphere is generally good and the RAs are great people, both for the guys and girls.
Athletics are very important to many students who attend Bethany. Even though there are no athletic scholarships granted, hundreds of students participate in sports and intramural sports across campus. All sports are publicized on campus and many people attend events to support the competing teams. The athletic trainers are fantastic and are extremely important for the athletes on campus to have access to.
Bethany Lutheran College provides a fantastic learning environment that is accommodating to current students and prospective students. The atmosphere of the college is positive and inviting. The students, faculty, and staff are friendly and are always helpful. I am fortunate to be able to attend Bethany, as it was my first choice college, and have made so many memories on the cross country and track teams and also in the classroom. I would definitely choose to attend Bethany if I had to choose to attend college again.
The thing to know about Bethany is that it's a very conservative Lutheran college. While most students are Lutheran, the rest of the students are mainly other Christian denominations. It would be very hard to be a non-Christian at Bethany.
Bethany is a dry campus, so it's not very visible, but there are people who sneak it in.
Aside from the people who drink and do drugs, everyone on campus is kind and respectful.
RAs were great in Gully! However, my hall always smelled like marijuana, thanks to some basketball guys living there, and nothing was done about it ever.
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I participated in two varsity level sports as a freshman. It was fun to be able to do that, since it's such a small school. However, most of the people involved in sports at Bethany are not very kind or moral people.
It's truly a great school. They have some good morals, but not everyone in the school has those. I've been reading the reviews on here about nobody doing drugs - that's a lie. Not only do we have drug users on campus, but a member of the class of 2018 sells drugs to people in the underclassmen dorms.
Again, it's not a party school. People have gatherings, but MSU has the actual parties.
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