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Bethany college is a small peaceful rural area. The college has great professors who are very helpful and cares about their students. The college has barley anything around it but overall its a pretty good school.
The beauty is second to none. From the green trees that stretch to the rolling hills all summer long to the snow that makes the college look like it's something out of hogwarts. This college is ideal for people who prefer to have a close relationship with both the student body and the professors. Plenty of opportunity is presented for the students to be involved during the school year along with priming the seniors who will graduate jobs and connections for careers. The convenience of a 10 min walk max to whatever you need on campus is great! If you are an introvert who prefers to spend long intimate nights with Netflix, you can do that here. I would highly not recommend it because the thing about this college is that we are family here, you'll be surrounded by quality friends whom you can create the best of memories with if you choose to be involved with them. This is a college that is very accepting of people from all different walks of life.
I went here for my first year of college. My best friend became the local bartender. Classes were easy. I was almost forced into choosing a major. If you don't join Greek life, you're pretty much an outcast. Everyone joins. The campus itself is beautiful but there is absolutely nothing to do except get trashed. There are a bar and a very old (but charming) convenience store in town. Nothing else. It was certainly an experience but there was very little bang for your buck and I would not recommend it to a serious student.
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Great school with great people. Being a small school Bethany offers a small classroom size and professors who know students by name. The campus is small, and everything is easily accessible. Many classes are offered.
I love being here at Bethany College. It is very beautiful. I see deer on the campus just about everyday. So far I love all my professors. The class sizes are small so I get a lot of attention. One class has eight students another has twelve. The food is good at the cafeteria. Boomers Grill is a fantastic late night option too.
Sports comm is my passion. Talking on ESPN will be great
Professors are great they communicate with us.
My school is really good, in the middle of now where so I can't get in trouble.
There have been multiple incidents with sexual violence on campus. I personally feel safe on campus if I'm walking in the daylight. This campus is set in the woods and anyone can come onto campus. This is the only time I don't feel safe. Calling security is an option though. If you don't feel safe walking by yourself in the dark, you can call security to drive you.
I love the professors here. They all mostly try to help as much as they can. The courses have great quality. There are many courses with wide varieties. The class sizes are mostly smaller. Some classes have rowdy students which could make the class fun. Other classes have more strict teachers which changes the environment.
There is always someone on campus that can help find you an internship. On campus, there is always a way to find a job.
It depends on which living space you are in. Cambell Village is the best place to be, but it is so far from where most classes are.
I am in Greek life and it is a large part of Bethany college. Most of the campus is Greek. No one treats anyone differently is someone doesn't go Greek though. We have many Greek events on and off campus trying to promote awareness to our philanthropy. Each fraternity and sorority have their own locked houses that the members are free to live in. It is kept clean in the case we have guests.
I don't believe we are the worst at sports. We certainly have our share of wins. The student section is always active through the whole game. There are many fans that come to watch the games.
There are many things to love about Bethany. At the same time, if you want to find negative things, it isn't hard. I personally love this school and believe it is where I am supposed to be. Because it is a private school, it is more expensive, but I love the professors here along with the activities and the students.
I personally think that my school is great. I love all of my teachers and I believe that they genuinely care about how well their students preform outside the classroom. Many if not all of my professors will offer office time to any student in need and they are very helpful when someone need assistance. Overall if I had to do it all over again I would choose Bethany every time.
I'm not familiar with this.
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I love living in Cambell Village
The athletic facilities are great.
This was a great choice. I love it here.
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