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Bethany is a lovely community. It is built on it's community and willingness to work together.i love bethany and I made a great choice going there!
many teachers were great with online classes. However some of the professors weren't good at answering emails or giving assignments
Naw, dawg. My bruddah goes there, and it is nothing that these one-star reviews said. They never had the guts to stick out their years here, and my brother says it is truly splendid. The sports kinda suck, but the party scene is lit. 6/5 stars.
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Bethany College is a small liberal arts school in West Virginia. The small community and small class sizes gives you the opportunity to feel at home while away at school. It gives you the opportunity to easily grow in leadership positions and become closer with your professors as you continue through your major.
Great people, great professors, and great dorms. Everyone who works there cares about you, from the President to the Cafe workers.
A beautiful campus with small class sizes. There isn't much of a social scene here beyond Greek life. Dry campus with no bars and no shopping. Once on the mountain, you're there. Mostly quiet, not great living conditions. Educational programs are OK but not the best. Some great professors, some terrible ones. New leadership at the school since I've been there seems to be bettering the place slowly.
I am a sophomore at Bethany College and so far my career here has been wonderful. I love the dorms, the people, the atmosphere. It's all amazing. The small class sizes are perfect for me because it feels like you really get the one-on-one connection with your professors and you're not just some number in the classroom.
If you want to pay a lot of money for a name rather than an education, maybe this school is for you,. All the reviews talk about networking and Fraternities/Sororities. Unfortunately, that is what Bethany College focuses on, not education. Almost all of the <1,000 students are apart of Greek Life. It's all about "who you know" and the name "Bethany College" which still carries some distinction, despite the education being sub-par to other local schools. When I attempted to transfer, the Bethany College Admissions office withheld my transcripts and would not send them to my new college despite multiple calls and emails. I eventually transferred out and I do not regret my decision to leave as I received a wonderful education at my new school. I now work for the federal government based on my MERIT and not because of someone I knew in a sorority.
A gem of a small 4-year liberal arts schools tucked into the rolling foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, Bethany was a fantastic choice for a shy, uncertain high school senior who needed to be removed from his comfort zone. The close friends I made here are still among my best friends. The education has served me well, too. And while my two children chose to attend college elsewhere, they, too, enjoy our occasional visits to the Northern Panhandle.
Those of us who went to Bethany in the early 1980's found a beautiful campus, dedicated teachers, a wealth of extra curricular activities, and lifelong friends. Most of my friends became teachers, journalists, TV producers, lawyers, paralegals, business owners and marketing professionals. I loved my time at Bethany. I participated in theater, the school newspaper, the tv station, the radio station and field hockey. To be able to try one's hand at so many different activities helped me narrow down how I wanted to spend my life. I have a J.D. and an M.Ed. degree, and I felt well equipped to handle graduate school. I continue to be a lifelong learner, and have worked as a legal journalist, filmmaker, lawyer, and teacher over the years. Bethany will always be dear to my heart.
Bethany is an amazing place to grow and learn as a person. The faculty & staff are the most caring people. The student involvement is great. I hope to see more students attending Bethany soon. I am forever thankful for Bethany and hope to give back one day! Thank you for concidering me!
Alumni networking is huge. After I was hired for my first local job, I learned that the HR directors son was an alumni. She raved over the Bethany education and it's reputation. One should never under estimate the power of networking. Bethany is a small community situated in the gorgeous mountains of WV. It offers a beautiful landscape for mountain bike riding and hiking. There are creeks, trails, farms and fields. Old Mains historic architecture is stunning. I lived in Phillips Hall for 3 years. It is a gorgeous gothic residence hall with double and single room occupancy. Bethany also boasts more modern living in the Campbell Village suites. Greek housing is also offered beyond freshman year. The professors are very caring and well versed in their field. They are accessible and they want you to succeed. You are not just a number in small Bethany classroom. I would be honored if any of my children were accepted as Legacies.
If you like Hogwarts, this may be the school for you! It's a beautiful historic campus that offers amazingly small class sizes for a more personal education system. Along with a great educational system, there's a large assortment of activities to keep students entertained, seeing as the campus is sort of isolated. There's Greek Life (Sororities: Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Mu, Zeta Tau Alpha, Fraternaties: Phi Kappa Tau, Delta Tau Delta, Beta Theta Pi, Alpha Sigma Phi) Intramural sports, and amazing events run by the Student Activities Council, which also organizes trips to places like New York, Niagra Falls, and Ireland.
At bethany, professors seem to be willing to help students out to succeed in the future. The only peoblem that I realy have about the College is the cost. Some courses seems to be too easy compared to the amount of money being paid. The cost is downright excessive and it appears that thats what the school really cares about, the money.
The professors are okay most times. There's no money for student activities. It's department's are strong butfull of arrogant teachers who put their research desires on the shoulders of students. This would be acceptable if it were not for an outdated catalouge that recommends classes professors are unwilling to teach. This leads to students inability to earn a degree of any worth. You can expect food to be uncooked, with chicken and beef served well pinked and full of bone chips. The school is rural, which is good or bad depending. Greek life is small but unfairly overbearing. Freshman are forced to explore Greek life options in order to receive financial aid and are looked down on by students and administration alike if they decide against it. All in all, just go somewhere else unless you can go here for free.
Bethany college is a small peaceful rural area. The college has great professors who are very helpful and cares about their students. The college has barley anything around it but overall its a pretty good school.
The beauty is second to none. From the green trees that stretch to the rolling hills all summer long to the snow that makes the college look like it's something out of hogwarts. This college is ideal for people who prefer to have a close relationship with both the student body and the professors. Plenty of opportunity is presented for the students to be involved during the school year along with priming the seniors who will graduate jobs and connections for careers. The convenience of a 10 min walk max to whatever you need on campus is great! If you are an introvert who prefers to spend long intimate nights with Netflix, you can do that here. I would highly not recommend it because the thing about this college is that we are family here, you'll be surrounded by quality friends whom you can create the best of memories with if you choose to be involved with them. This is a college that is very accepting of people from all different walks of life.
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I went here for my first year of college. My best friend became the local bartender. Classes were easy. I was almost forced into choosing a major. If you don't join Greek life, you're pretty much an outcast. Everyone joins. The campus itself is beautiful but there is absolutely nothing to do except get trashed. There are a bar and a very old (but charming) convenience store in town. Nothing else. It was certainly an experience but there was very little bang for your buck and I would not recommend it to a serious student.
Great school with great people. Being a small school Bethany offers a small classroom size and professors who know students by name. The campus is small, and everything is easily accessible. Many classes are offered.
I love being here at Bethany College. It is very beautiful. I see deer on the campus just about everyday. So far I love all my professors. The class sizes are small so I get a lot of attention. One class has eight students another has twelve. The food is good at the cafeteria. Boomers Grill is a fantastic late night option too.
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