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I like the small atmosphere. The class sizes are no more than 30 ad no less than 7. I also like how friendly and open-minded the professors are here. I would like to see a change in how diverse this school is. 97% of the professors and teachers are white, and there are not many people of color. Those of color are solely coaches.
In the Spring of 2020, we were forced to take half of the semester online. It was a new process for everyone, so professors and students were taking it slow, and steady. Now this semester, Fall of 2020, is very different. We were not given the option to take the classes online. Now in the situation of a student being forced into quarantine, there was no guarantee of all of the student's classes being videoed, or live streamed. There was no consistency.
I’m a high school graduate that has been in contact with Bethany to attend college and play basketball . The coach and administration has been very helpful so far.
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Haven’t started classes yet. I am sure I
Be happy attending Bethany College for
Becoming a coach.
So far I like how nice everyone has been especially during this pandemic. The advisors have been working diligently with me to get my courses ready for next semester.
I like Bethany College because is close to home and they offer a good scholarship for students also students get the chance to live there and work if thet need. College is a good experience because you get to appreciatte things and to work hard for goals.
I'm originally from a urban area so I found the town of Lindsborg to be lacking. The college is great for people who love small towns and a simple life, but every day felt a bit repetitive to me. Also, everything is very expensive for what it's worth. Many of the dorms are in a constant state of disrepair, and the school itself seems to be on a track of financial problems. What they do with the ridiculous payments, they spend on the mediocre sports teams. For most of the year the campus is dead, and people don't really have too much school spirit, which made it very lonely. Professors were always available for meetings and they seemed to care about you, though. I'd say come to the school if you're from a small Kansas town. If not, you could do better someplace else.
The small college atmosphere creates an environment in which students and faculty can form lasting relationships that enhance learning abilities. The college, overall, however, is unstable in terms of managerial staff and organizational structure.
Bethany College is a great way to have great friends and a great education. The teachers are supportive and the college experienced as best as it can be at a small school.
I love Bethany Collge because the professors care about your future. The area is great the people of Lindsborg are so nice and welcoming. There are a lot of campus event to attend for free. They offer a variety of classes. The class size is roughly 40 students which is great because you can learn and ask questions easier. They also provide free academic assistance if needed. They have tutors and a writing center for papers. The atmosphere on campus is awesome everyone will smile or wave at you as you walk by. I recommend anyone who wants to go to a small college to attend Bethany
Bethany is a wonderful place! The campus is very clean and everyone is very kind. The cafeteria food is awesome as well. The professors are very welcoming and nice as well.
I like the small class sizes and smaller campus. There is a decent amount of sports teams. It is also a very diverse campus.
I wish I could write an essay on all the reasons you SHOULD NOT come to Bethany. Every year around July they send out balance statements an every year I owe $500-$3000 EXTRA. If you playing a sport and are getting recruited talk to student not coaches to find out how the school really is. The teachers are good (in the science department).Campus is pretty boring, not much to do. The only good thing is the people. But, your degree will not be taken seriously.
Bethany is a very home environment along with the college feel. You don't feel like you are in a small town when you are on campus. My first year at Bethany was great and wouldn't of traded it for anything. All the coaches, staff, faculty, and volunteers are all so friendly now matter what culture you are from.
I'm finding it very nice so far, teachers are very willing to help if asked and the class sizes aren't overwhelming.
So far Bethany has been a great experience for me. It may not be the biggest school or be in the biggest town, but it's about the people around you that make the experience worth it. I think the school could really work on some things like the cafeteria food and reconstructing some of the dorms.
I absolutely love the hometown feel of Bethany College because almost all of the faculty and professors have your best interests at heart. The faculty, including the President, take care of the students and their co-workers. I appreciate the family feel of this campus. For the future, I would like to see Bethany College offer a health insurance plan or company for their students, and I'd like to see more opportunities for off campus work-study.
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Bethany has been an amazing school for me to meet new people that are generally kind hearted and care while also getting the education that I desire. It is setting me up for success in the future and I look forward to class and events held on campus.
This school only runs because of athletics. Some sports practice until midnight or later and before 6am every day. Staff are run thin and burnt out. Lindsborg is an excellent town with great people and traditions.
I like the small classes and the relationship students build with the professors and each other. I don’t like the cost. If the college was more affordable, I believe more students would consider it. Bethel is a diamond hidden in tons of rocks.
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