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This school only runs because of athletics. Some sports practice until midnight or later and before 6am every day. Staff are run thin and burnt out. Lindsborg is an excellent town with great people and traditions.
I like the small classes and the relationship students build with the professors and each other. I don’t like the cost. If the college was more affordable, I believe more students would consider it. Bethel is a diamond hidden in tons of rocks.
I like how small Bethany is and how everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I would definitely change the financial aid program and how slow it is to have a completed financial aid statement.
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I loved my experience at Bethany College. I met great people, enjoyed a welcoming community, and had wonderful professors and mentors. I regret that at the time of my attendance, much money and energy was put into the athletic programs (especially football), as opposed to the arts programs that the college was found upon.
It's a small community so it's easy to live in. However most of the students only attend Bethany to play sports so they could have different program to attract students.
Overall I did not enjoy my time at Bethany. I'm from a fairly big city and the small town of Lindsborg quickly became a boring place for me. Also, the dorm room I was put in gave me no control of my room temperature, so some days it would be freezing cold and other days it reached up to 85 degrees. And on top of that the WiFi was constantly slow and shutting on and off. The food had its moments where it was decent, but I did get food poisoning one time, I'm not too sure what it is I had eaten. The academic were fine, although some classes I felt were a waste of time (Quest classes). However, the professors I had were very kind people who you can go to for help or just to hang out with.
I really enjoyed the smaller class sizes and the attention you receive from the professors. I would like to see more diversity.
Overall my experience at Bethany College has been very exciting. I have met many new people and have developed strong friendships. Playing football has been the best part about Bethany College because of the many memories that were created in the four months. The courses that Bethany requires like Quest and Interdisciplinary are the only complaints I have about Bethany College. These courses seem to be pointless and are only time consuming to the courses that are most important for my major. Other than those two classes my experience has been amazing.
I feel very understood. I feel I can go to the prfessors and advisors for help

at any time. They have my best interest at heart.
I love it a lot.
Seems like something I will get into.
Need to be a little more updated.
Seems vey friendly. Everyone has been eager to help.
Some of Bethany requirements are annoying but it is what it is.
Everyone is involved in making this school a better community and place.
They do a good job!
Love it and great community
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I'm in Greek life and we are working on bettering and strengthing our leadership.
They have numbers but not very good. Also, all about sports reminds me of my High School. I don't play sports so I really don't care.
IT'S BAD. The food is horrible, there are flies in the caf, and the only thing for breakfast that is decent is waffles and they let the batter go bad so the waffles are disgusting. The campus is pretty sh***y, everything is torn up and there are like barely any people here. Not to mention there are only about 5 hot girls in the whole school (NOT AN EXAGGERATION). The school is completely going bankrupt because nobody here knows what they are doing and the school is also located in the middle of nowhere. They literally have a subway and a Pizza Hut... Everything here stinks.
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