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Berry College is my home away from home. Professors really care about you, and the courses are academically rigorous and enjoyable for me. My advisor is fantastic, he knows all of the ins and outs of getting to medical school and is super willing to work with me. The campus is absolutely beautiful. Today it snowed in GA, and although I wasn't there, the pictures are absolutely magical!
Academically, Berry is a great school. The professors care about their students, classes are small and comprehensive, and students are constantly engaging in intensive projects. The workload is pretty big, but you definitely feel like you are working hard and learning a lot. The student work program is also a nice addition. Socially, you have to force yourself to get involved if you want to make friends and have things to do in your spare time. There isn't a ton to do on campus or in Rome, but student organizations are a great way to get out of your dorm and make your experience a lot better. Definitely not the place to go if you prefer party schools, but it does provide students with a lot more academic and involvement experience than most schools.
I love Berry College. The environment is just so beautiful and phenomenal. While it may be true that it is the world's largest campus, it doesn't feel like that because it isn't so spread out. So many things to do.
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This is an amazing college. I would recommend Berry to anyone with passion, drive, and the grit to succeed. You will need to work hard, but this college is everything you could dream of in getting a higher education. Not only is it the largest college campus in the world, (over 27,000 acres), they have a 99% job acceptance rate after graduation.
Very overpriced school for the experience you will get. There were a few things I liked about Berry like the gyms (Cage and Richards) and the Reservoir. At Berry, the tour guides will try to lure you into thinking school is fun and amazing. That couldn't be further from the truth. SOAR (orientation) is very long and childish. The people at Berry are sheltered and do not interact much. Professors in the science and math department do not teach very well (or at all), which makes those classes even harder. The dining hall closes too early, and is repetitive with its food. Poor housing choices unless you're an upperclassmen with a lot of hours. Minimum wage pay for campus jobs. Rome is also a pretty boring city. Although it does has a few good restaurants. Athletics are a joke other than football and softball at Berry. Pretty campus, but isn't as pretty during winter. 2/10 overall for me. Would not recommend for the price tag.
Berry is BEAUTIFUL. The people are so kind. The environment is just so happy and free. I loved visiting both times, and I didn't want to leave. I CANNOT wait to attend Berry in the fall!
Berry is an extremely interesting and unique school. Berry college is located on the largest college campus in the world. There are miles and miles of sprawling forest, wildlife refuges, structures dating back to the 1800s that are maintained and cared for providing a rich environmental history as well as historical history. The campus and buildings are breathtaking, from the beautiful Frost Chapel to the Ford Complex, the architecture is truly inspiring. The campus staff are also to be commended as they are more than willing to work one-on-one with students to help them with anything they may need and keep them on the path to graduation.
Close minded. Conservative. Nothing to do. If you like nature, you'll be fine. It's super whitewashed
All of the professors at Berry College really care about their students more than their paychecks. They truly want you to exceed in their class. I don't live on campus, but it is more than worth it to drive to Berry every day. The parking situation isn't great; they need to expand as their population expands. Everyone at the school is very kind and even if you don't live on campus, you get submerged in the "Berry Bubble".
Great School! Professors care about your success and a wonderful campus to learn on! The campus is gorgeous with tons of wildlife. A very stress free environment that allows you to focus on anything you want to accomplish.
I have had a rough first semester at Berry. Many issues occurred in my family life and unfortunately I missed a lot of school. However, Berry staff worked very well to get me where I need to be to succeed. I also got food poisoning four times from the Dining Hall.
This is the premier college to attend if you'd like to avoid experiencing new cultures and an exciting city.
I have had a great experience at Berry College these past 3 years. Everyone is very friendly and always willing to help . If I have a question about an organization or anything really I know that I can always reach out to staff members/ department chairs that will nicely answer my questions. Also the career center is a great place to visit if you are ever wondering what next steps to take for your future in a professional setting. The college is centered around serving others and making an impact on the community and that is what makes Berry different from other schools because Berry is concerned with not just the campus events that go on and promoting the School but also contributes to help organizations in need .
Don't drink. Don't do drugs
Residential college. Dorms are decent in space. Furniture is a little mix-matched, but of the same style. Resident halls are cleaned up and revamped when needed. Resident Advisors make students feel welcome and comfortable from move-in. ("Berry Bellhops" help carry freshmen's items to rooms on move in day!) Fair rules and decent compliancy.
While not a division 1 school, sports teams are highly valued on campus. Sports events are attended as a community. Berry College also offers a wide variety of sport and exercise equipment and classes to non-athletes. The facilities are new and very well maintained.
Professors are intent on giving students the best learning experience. Classes are meant to be engaging and give students hands on experience for a well-rounded education. Berry College provides a variety of jobs on campus to all students who wish to work. Jobs are scheduled to not conflict with any classes. People are very friendly, close-knit environment. Good sense of community. Beautiful campus!
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My first semester at Berry, I was very unhappy and wanted to find another school. However, I ended up finding something else: great friends, classes I enjoyed, and campus activities. Berry has become a place I miss when I'm away on breaks, and I would pick it again.
I think getting a degree from Berry is valued highly. Of course, it's not like an Ivy League degree but locally Berry is known as a great school. Especially for students hoping to go to vet school, like I am!
I LOOOVE my academic advisor!!! He was also my professor for Intro to Animal Science and Orientation to Animal Science. He's a nice guy and he's funny! When things got bumpy for me a couple of time during my first year, he always reached out to me to see if I was okay! I also love my honors advisor, Dr. Whelan. I liked the way she conducted class (she was my Writing & Rhetoric professor). I also like how she cares about the honors program and all of her students! My favorite class so far has been Intro to Animal Science because we got so much hands on experience so quickly!! I definitely wasn't expecting that. It was amazing.
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