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The campus is beautiful and quiet. There is usually something going on so you can stay busy. The professors can be hard so good study habits are a must. I would like Berry to update their Town Houses to better living arrangements and they need to allow off campus living instead of requiring you to live on campus the whole time.
Berry is a great school! I have enjoyed my four years here because of the great academics, amazing people, and the outstanding ways to get involved in the community. I have grown as a person and got out of my comfort zone by trying new things that I would have never done before. If I had the chance to do again, I would!
Berry College has an amazing student to professor ratio. The professors are always available to meet outside of class. Unlike large state schools, Berry has a tight knit community. Everyone rallies together when there's a problem or student in need. There are a multitude of D3 sports, intramural sports, clubs, and on campus activities. Berry College is an amazing place to graduate from!
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Berry College is an amazing college. It is a beautiful campus with lots of landscape, wildlife, and large amounts of diversity. Berry is a great school where everyone has something for them and there's a place for everyone, regardless to color, gender, or ethnicity. They are also one of the best colleges in the nation, particularly when it comes to their education program. All of these are reasons that I chose Berry to continue my education.
Berry College was amazing. I felt like I was apart of a family. All of my professors knew me by name and were more than willing to help. Berry also gave me amazing opportunities like studying abroad in Italy, student teaching in a local school starting freshmen year, mentoring incoming freshmen, and getting a job before I even graduated. Berry will forever be home!
I love Berry College. I always knew I wanted to go here and now I do, which is honestly a dream come true. I'm a commuter, so I can't really speak on food or housing, but the campus is amazing and the academics are rigorous but fun. Of course there are some professors I don't like, but overall they have been fun, intelligent, and easy to get along with. I wouldn't change much at all.
I like Berry because I feel like they care about their students and the level of academics is a lot higher than a lot of schools, especially in Georgia.
Such a wonderful school! I fell in love with it instantly. I’m looking forward to attending next year!
Theres a lack of diversity amongst the students. Academically Berry is great and I feel like I'm getting a great education, but there's also a lot of closed-minded people and sometimes it can feel like high school again. Most of the professors are amazing though and they really try and help you succeed.
Berry is another home to me. Every faculty and staff member cares for you as if you are their child. It’s where I’ve gained friends that are now brothers and sisters to me that help get through the tough times. It’s academics are challenging but they get you ready for the outside world and open up so many opportunities in life. On top of all those qualities we are placed on such a beautiful campus that allows so many opportunities to have some time for yourself. For example hiking to the reservoir or having a picnic. This college allows you to fully experience the college life and be able to have to most wonderful 4 years of your life.
I love Berry. The people are so welcoming and the college offers something for everyone. The academics are challenging in the best way and there are hundreds of opportunities for extracurricular activities.
Berry is a small school, and with that definitely comes a small feel. The school puts forth a decent effort of making events for students on campus fairly frequently. There are many different groups to be a part of on campus. Academically the school is fairly rigorous but not impossible, and the professors I have had so far have been for the most part decent. In no way is berry a bad school, but so far it has just felt "meh".
Berry College is a beautiful campus and amazing academics that challenge students, but the higher-ups are too stuck in their ways to listen to new ideas and opinions from students on how to change protocols for the betterment of the students.
Berry is a small college, but it is one of the most beautiful places in America. The professors make an effort to know the names of their students and want to see each of us succeed to the best of our ability.
It is a great environment with a beautiful campus. Professors are great when you need help in classes and career advice and guidance. The faculty does a great job and are very engaged with the students. The athletic programs are fun and great to be involved with.
Berry College is a great school. I am just a freshman but so far I love it. The campus is so pretty and gigantic. There is always something to do. The professors are all great and really want to see you do well. Professors are willing to help you outside of class too. Overall awesome college.
berry does not have a party scene which is something that i like because i am not a partier. the student activities board throws fun things almost every weekend for the students to do. the premed opportunities here are great. students here are very dedicated in their studies
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Berry College is my home away from home. Professors really care about you, and the courses are academically rigorous and enjoyable for me. My advisor is fantastic, he knows all of the ins and outs of getting to medical school and is super willing to work with me. The campus is absolutely beautiful. Today it snowed in GA, and although I wasn't there, the pictures are absolutely magical!
Academically, Berry is a great school. The professors care about their students, classes are small and comprehensive, and students are constantly engaging in intensive projects. The workload is pretty big, but you definitely feel like you are working hard and learning a lot. The student work program is also a nice addition. Socially, you have to force yourself to get involved if you want to make friends and have things to do in your spare time. There isn't a ton to do on campus or in Rome, but student organizations are a great way to get out of your dorm and make your experience a lot better. Definitely not the place to go if you prefer party schools, but it does provide students with a lot more academic and involvement experience than most schools.
I love Berry College. The environment is just so beautiful and phenomenal. While it may be true that it is the world's largest campus, it doesn't feel like that because it isn't so spread out. So many things to do.
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