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my experience in my short time at Berry has been very successful. in the classroom, the class sizes are very small and the professors are easy to talk to and available during office hours for extra help. There are also several outside resources like the tutoring at the Academic success center and help with essays at the writing center. The Berry community is very small and close knit so it is easy to feel important and not just a number. KCAB is the student led activities team and they do a great job of putting on events throughout the whole semester. Everything on campus is close together which makes it easy to get from class to class. Berry is not a party school so it isn't a good fit for people looking to party every weekend.
I like Berry. I have only been there for a semester, but I love it. The other students are caring and likeable. They truly care about how you are. The professors and administrators are also very helpful. They care about your future and successes.
At Berry I am always surrounded by a supportive community of my peers, employers, and professors. They provide every possible opportunity for students to get involved and learn outside of the classroom with hands on experiences. Not to mention being surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere.
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So far I have fallen in love with Berry College from their campus to the school itself. They are small so it has a familial feeling and is always working to improve themselves and their students.
Berry fosters an incredible community among students and staff, the campus is beautiful, and you get opportunities here that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.
Berry has truly felt like home. The campus is incredibly beautiful and the professors are always working to provide an exceptional environment for education. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment at Berry.
More than I ever could’ve dreamed of from a college experience.

Berry had everything I was looking for in a school. Small class sizes, real world opportunities for students, and a tight knit community.
Berry College is an incredible and unique community that cannot be found anywhere else. The “Berry Bubble” is truly something to behold.
Being a part of Berry College was a life altering experience. I transferred here from a larger more "nationally recognized" school but Berry was just an incredible fit. I know you hear it all the time but the community you find at Berry is unrivaled. I have a personal connection with so many of my professors and Berry makes it so easy to get involved. I am part of multiple clubs (shout out to the ultimate frisbee team) and was placed in a student work opportunity that perfectly correlates to what I want to do with my career. These are just a few of the things that make Berry College the best college experience out there.
Berry College has an excellent student community. The class sizes are small which makes for better learning. The only issue is the tuition and how hard it is to pay for without loans.
Small class sizes and helpful professors mean you're never alone on your academic journey! The campus is also absolutely beautiful, perfect for anyone who loves nature or hiking.
Berry is a great school with a large focus on building a community. The student body is very friendly and teachers are easy to talk to and for the most part, very flexible. The campus itself is beautiful and there is always things to do both outdoors and inside, especially weekend nights. The only potential negative is it's not a party school, it's very much christian influenced.
Great academics but school doesn't care about students safety. They do nothing about rapes on campus no matter the severity. 20x high rape rates than any other college their size
Berry is an overall close-knit community. The students and staff focus on making first-year and transfer students feel welcome and comfortable in their new environment. I've enjoyed the beautiful scenery, and with about 27,000 acres of land, there is always someplace new to explore. The professors want to see their students succeed and smaller class sizes mean that students are able to receive one on one time.
Overall a great school! Much of college is what you make of it, which is especially true at Berry. Get connected to extra-curricular activities and be sure to go to games (or at least leave campus every now and then).
Berry College is an overall great campus with amazing people and professors. the people and professors at Berry College truly care about your well being and do not treat you as if you're just a number. The campus is extraordinarily beautiful and offers great places to hike and great hang out/study spots for you and your friends.
I could not have asked for a better jump start to my future! Everyone who works at this campus, as well as the professors, and coaches, are all very supportive and have interest in you as an individual !
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The campus is beautiful and quiet. There is usually something going on so you can stay busy. The professors can be hard so good study habits are a must. I would like Berry to update their Town Houses to better living arrangements and they need to allow off campus living instead of requiring you to live on campus the whole time.
Berry is a great school! I have enjoyed my four years here because of the great academics, amazing people, and the outstanding ways to get involved in the community. I have grown as a person and got out of my comfort zone by trying new things that I would have never done before. If I had the chance to do again, I would!
Berry College has an amazing student to professor ratio. The professors are always available to meet outside of class. Unlike large state schools, Berry has a tight knit community. Everyone rallies together when there's a problem or student in need. There are a multitude of D3 sports, intramural sports, clubs, and on campus activities. Berry College is an amazing place to graduate from!