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I loved the overall atmosphere of Berry, it is a beautiful campus and I made a lot of good friends. Most of the professors are excellent too, willing to get to know you and to work with you.
It’s not what I expected. I had a rough first semester, but I learned so much. I’m looking forward to my second semester.
Great school. about to tour again but had alot of my family go to this school and the campus is beyond beautiful!
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Berry isn't very diverse, so if you're looking to make connections and close friends, you're pretty limited. They say a lot goes on in terms of student life, but most of it seems pretty boring. Dorms are terrible; food is usually cold and in low supply, especially if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences.
I love it. It is so pretty. Lots of room to be outside. Lots of trails to hike that lead to beautiful destinations. Ponds that are very peaceful to sit by. And tons of places to hang your hammock and chill while you study.
I love the small class sizes and the interactions you get to make with the faculty and staff. Professors go out of there way to make sure you get all the help you need. Academics in all departments are rigorous, but doable if you're willing to put in the work. Events on campus are really fun, if you actually go to them. Concerts are always pretty good bands, and some events are amazing, like turning the entire student activities building into a casino, or when we have an actual carnival on campus. Clubs are also super fun, and so are the department events, like recreation sorts, hikes, etc. Every weekend there's plenty to do. Sports teams are good and fun to watch. Basketball, softball, football, and volleyball are the best and it's fun to watch them play, and all the sports events are hype. Dorms are good as well. Although some are small, the community is amazing. You meet so many people through the residence halls, and you'll always find great friends, study partners, etc.
Berry was a great college to attend. I enjoyed the small class sizes and the one on one with professors. The campus is beautiful, people are friendly and the food is good. There are plenty of clubs and student activities to join as well.
Great Environment for study and learning one's field. Also can do work study to obtain experience. Opportunities exist to study abroad in the summer with courses from your major. Professors that show an interest in your learning and acheivement.
Berry college allowed me to work and to attend school at the same time. It was a small school, so I knew most of the students and still keep up with them now. Professors knew me by name and were invested in my success.
Berry provided me with the opportunity to find my passion and grow within it. The mentorship I received from my professors and the friendships I made are invaluable.
Berry is a small school which is amazing because the teachers actually know your name and you get to experience more hands on learning one to one instead of surrounded by 100 other students in 1 class.
my experience in my short time at Berry has been very successful. in the classroom, the class sizes are very small and the professors are easy to talk to and available during office hours for extra help. There are also several outside resources like the tutoring at the Academic success center and help with essays at the writing center. The Berry community is very small and close knit so it is easy to feel important and not just a number. KCAB is the student led activities team and they do a great job of putting on events throughout the whole semester. Everything on campus is close together which makes it easy to get from class to class. Berry is not a party school so it isn't a good fit for people looking to party every weekend.
I like Berry. I have only been there for a semester, but I love it. The other students are caring and likeable. They truly care about how you are. The professors and administrators are also very helpful. They care about your future and successes.
At Berry I am always surrounded by a supportive community of my peers, employers, and professors. They provide every possible opportunity for students to get involved and learn outside of the classroom with hands on experiences. Not to mention being surrounded by a beautiful atmosphere.
So far I have fallen in love with Berry College from their campus to the school itself. They are small so it has a familial feeling and is always working to improve themselves and their students.
Berry fosters an incredible community among students and staff, the campus is beautiful, and you get opportunities here that you wouldn’t get anywhere else.
Berry has truly felt like home. The campus is incredibly beautiful and the professors are always working to provide an exceptional environment for education. I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment at Berry.
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More than I ever could’ve dreamed of from a college experience.

Berry had everything I was looking for in a school. Small class sizes, real world opportunities for students, and a tight knit community.
Berry College is an incredible and unique community that cannot be found anywhere else. The “Berry Bubble” is truly something to behold.
Being a part of Berry College was a life altering experience. I transferred here from a larger more "nationally recognized" school but Berry was just an incredible fit. I know you hear it all the time but the community you find at Berry is unrivaled. I have a personal connection with so many of my professors and Berry makes it so easy to get involved. I am part of multiple clubs (shout out to the ultimate frisbee team) and was placed in a student work opportunity that perfectly correlates to what I want to do with my career. These are just a few of the things that make Berry College the best college experience out there.