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Great online resources and professors honestly try to help out as much as they can. They are very involved in our lives and email constantly AND THEY MAKE SURE CANVAS IS UP TO DATE
Love the amazing friendly campus! Everyone for the most party is nice and very open! All the staff and admin care about the students and want us to thrive!
I had to take some of my classes online because of the COVID-19 outbreak. I think that the professors did really well teaching us without being there in person. I personally like in-person classes, but I still got the same information that I needed online.
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I like the scenery at Berry. It is a beautiful campus and very large with a lot of nice hiking trails. I also really like the idea of the student work program at Berry. I think that it is a wonderful opportunity to expand your experiences in a field that you are interested in while getting some pocket money. The people at Berry are amazing, everyone is super kind and helpful . The academics are great as well. They really challenge you mentally and strive for you to be better . I fell like Berry is really preparing you for the real world and the professors really do care about your grades,so don’t be afraid to ask them for help.
I’ve had a great time at Berry. The people are fantastic (excluding a couple professors) which makes it really enjoyable.
Most of my classes were split 50/50 with online and in person classes but because of this, the online sections were a lot harder since we basically had to teach ourselves the material.
for the curveball that was thrown at every college this year I think Berry did a reasonably good job and transitioning to online remote learning to finish out the fall semester they implemented many new policies to not only keep us safe but also to continue the quality of education that they are known for.
this school has an absolutely beautiful campus with over 27000 acres of pristine wilderness, accompanied by some outstanding academic and a committed faculty and staff all working to provide the best experience and education for each student.
Berry is an excellent choice for anyone to go to school. There are so many majors and minors to choose from. It has one of the best Animal Science programs in the nation. Berry has a beautiful campus and there are deer everywhere. It is the biggest campus in the world. There's so much to do at Berry and they offer so many opportunities to get involved. Berry has prepared me so much already for the future and I've only been there for one year. There are so many opportunities to get help if a student is struggling. All tutoring services are free and everyone is so helpful. Berry is the place to be.
The professors made it as easy as possible for all the students. They all want you to succeed. They are available to help most of the time.
All my teachers were very understanding and cooperative. Everything seemed to run smoothly and berry handled and transitioned so well
I love it there! the only reason I gave it four instead of 5 is because they hype up the weekends saying they always have something to do which is false, its pretty quiet on weekends and not much to do. But everyone there is very friendly, they have small classrooms which allow students to connect with teachers, and its a beautiful campus
No, I have not taken any courses online with Berry College. This is not an applicable question here.
I love the Berry Bubble! The campus is always lively. It is the largest (and most beautiful) campus in the world--27,000 acres of land to explore, hike, bike, photograph, and thrive in. The community is wonderful and there are always campus events! The academics are challenging and very well rounded. With small class sizes and a small campus, you really gain connections with professors and other students. The work experience is the school's best draw. Every student is guaranteed a job--from magazine editor to costume shop employee, media rep, office worker, or even dairy farmer!
Berry College has done a great job with their online learning options. It is easy to navigate and very beneficial for students to use when not on campus. Their online resources have been especially helpful during the COVID-19 situation.
Berry College is a fantastic school that provides its students with many opportunities for success. I have enjoyed my time at Berry. Great campus and staff that really care about their students.
Originally, my classes were all on campus, but then Covid-19 happened and we moved everything online. The transition was smooth and the professors were understanding. While I would have rather been on campus, the online work well.
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Berry College is a great place to get an education. The professors care about how you are doing and are ready to help if you need it. The campus is beautiful and feels safe. Berry is filled with great people who will make your college experience memorable.
I took online courses to finish the semester because of Covid19. The instructors are very easy to talk to and are available for help.
The campus is safe and beautiful! The academics are rigorous, but thorough! I’d like for the college to be more supportive of the Equestrian Team as a college sport.