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This college exceeds many expectations for community colleges. All staff and professors are down to earth, understanding, and do everything they can to help you advance in life and succeed as a student. I have gotten a great education as a past student and will be attending again for their nursing program. They have so many classes and opportunities for this small area that many other communities are not lucky enough to have close.
I've really enjoyed BCC, their faculty has been amazing in helping ease the transition between high school and college, they are always happy to make accomodations, and they just generally seem to care about student well-being.
Returning to college after 15 years was the scary but Berkshire Community College made the transition and helped so much where I’m more confident. I love school the professors are great and so are the advisors. Highly recommend this school.
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This college scammed me out of money and made me take a placement test that was supposed to tell them what classes I needed to be put in. Even though I passed the placement test and they told me I could start without having to take any refresher courses, they made me take a remedial math class where the teacher would just fail me without any explanation (They didn't do this until I mentioned I had just moved to the area from Florida so I have my suspicions that they thought I would be too stupid just based off that). I was in an Elementary algebra class even though I had taken (and passed) college math courses in high school. The teacher would mark test questions wrong even if I had them right because I would circle my answer in my work and not re-write it. At the end of the course the Professor told me to my face I'm too stupid for college. I have had family going to this school for generations and none of them have had a problem with the school.
Although the education system in the United States is far from perfect, BCC does a great job at supporting students. They offer many resources on and off campus to help students be successful and accomplished. The experience I have had there so far has definitely helped my academic confidence. It's a great school for high schoolers looking for a second chance, people who are unsure of what they want to do, or students from all different walks of life who want to explore their passions or interests.
The library was a very good place to study, there was a very adequate computer lab, and the guidance counselors where very helpful on my endeavour through college.
The professors in the nursing program just read from powerpoints. Sometimes it doesn't even seem they know what they're talking about. The tests have nothing to do with what we are told to study, or anything like the practice tests.
Coming back to BCC I didn't know what to expect. But they have redone some of the buildings and the school seems more like a friendly place to me, where as before it seemed very clique like, now everybody talks to everybody.
I wouldn’t be in college if it wasn’t for Berkshire Community College! They have helped me every step of the way! I never thought I would make it to college and hear I am almost done. When I finish classes I’m about a year I will graduate with my associates degree. This cohort was the best thing for me!
From the very first day I started at Berkshire community college years ago, the staff was very supportive. I applied to a bunch of different schools and got accepted such as Maria, Mildred, Hudson valley, Belanger ect. None of them had the kind of dedicated staff and teachers like Berkshire community college. I just got excepted into the LPN nursing program in the fall and I could not have done it with out the help of my advisor and admissions and the financial aid department and the tutor center. They aren't only there to do their job they go above and beyond. If I need help someone is always there. They take the time to talk to you and explain things. I went back to the financial aid department and hugged the girl that helped me figure out my fasfa and billing. It's a totally different atmosphere at Berkshire community college. Your not just a number your a person with a name that they all remember. I am proud to say I go to Berkshire community college.
Not a very supportive environment. Academics are okay but the teachers aren't great. Very few opportunities for community involvement. Ironic since it's a "community" college
Parties are hella lit fam. Got pounded last night @ my broskis dorm. Teachers are chill, they don't care if you dont show up. Iwalked out one day and said I was goin to gert some suhiiiiii and m professor said hell ya pick me up some would ya. Next thing I knew, I was getting wasted in the teachers lounge with the janitors. Turnt.
The people here are very friendly and the teachers are easily accessible. The food is great and although there is not a lot of extra-curricular activity it is still nice to be here.
I came in as a homeschool student, and my experience at Berkshire Community College was excellent. I came in as a homeschool student. Classes are mostly designed to transfer with a few exceptions, and most had under 30 students. Professors were excellent, and would get to know and work with students. If you have a specific degree program, you get a Academic advisor from your department to help you make the most of your classes and extracurricular activities to meet your goals.
There were many opportunities to get involved in clubs and organizations. I got to be an officer in Phi Theta Kappa, do service learning most semesters, and was a member of the STEM program. The Gym is excellent, though the pool is only open late spring to early fall. Club sports like basketball, soccer, wrestling, and track compete against top teams. The college is also very affordable, and my net cost was zero after financial aid and a few scholarships.
Overall the school is pretty good. Though there are some professors that are very hard to understand with Foreign Accents and awful handwriting along with terrible spelling that makes their classes very hard when they shouldn't be.
I began at Berkshire Community College in the fall of 2015. Since then, there has been extreme construction. They are not extremely accommodating to the students during this time as far as pathways go, but the new buildings are incredible. I enjoy all of my prerequisite classes and the teachers are exceptional. I work a very busy schedule so unfortunately I am not able to involve myself in many extra curricular's but i do hear about them quite frequently.
I love this place. It is so friendly and welcoming to everyone, regardless of age, race, or religion etc. Everyone here is open minded and here to help. I was supported every step of the way by the amazing professors and staff. As a student and a person you gain so much experience to ready yourself for the future. I had the opportunity to create and organize a club wrestling program at BCC while continuing with classes and work. Here at BCC there are so many opportunities to make a change or a difference because the faculty and staff really take time to listen to the student body to mold BCC into a place where YOU would like to go. There are so many different clubs and organizations you can be a part of and help you succeed and go anywhere.
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Online classes are great because you can do the work at your own pace, to an extent.
Great career center, very helpful
Credits transfer to most state schools and universities
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