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The people here are very friendly and the teachers are easily accessible. The food is great and although there is not a lot of extra-curricular activity it is still nice to be here.
I came in as a homeschool student, and my experience at Berkshire Community College was excellent. I came in as a homeschool student. Classes are mostly designed to transfer with a few exceptions, and most had under 30 students. Professors were excellent, and would get to know and work with students. If you have a specific degree program, you get a Academic advisor from your department to help you make the most of your classes and extracurricular activities to meet your goals.
There were many opportunities to get involved in clubs and organizations. I got to be an officer in Phi Theta Kappa, do service learning most semesters, and was a member of the STEM program. The Gym is excellent, though the pool is only open late spring to early fall. Club sports like basketball, soccer, wrestling, and track compete against top teams. The college is also very affordable, and my net cost was zero after financial aid and a few scholarships.
Overall the school is pretty good. Though there are some professors that are very hard to understand with Foreign Accents and awful handwriting along with terrible spelling that makes their classes very hard when they shouldn't be.
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I began at Berkshire Community College in the fall of 2015. Since then, there has been extreme construction. They are not extremely accommodating to the students during this time as far as pathways go, but the new buildings are incredible. I enjoy all of my prerequisite classes and the teachers are exceptional. I work a very busy schedule so unfortunately I am not able to involve myself in many extra curricular's but i do hear about them quite frequently.
I love this place. It is so friendly and welcoming to everyone, regardless of age, race, or religion etc. Everyone here is open minded and here to help. I was supported every step of the way by the amazing professors and staff. As a student and a person you gain so much experience to ready yourself for the future. I had the opportunity to create and organize a club wrestling program at BCC while continuing with classes and work. Here at BCC there are so many opportunities to make a change or a difference because the faculty and staff really take time to listen to the student body to mold BCC into a place where YOU would like to go. There are so many different clubs and organizations you can be a part of and help you succeed and go anywhere.
Online classes are great because you can do the work at your own pace, to an extent.
Great career center, very helpful
Credits transfer to most state schools and universities
Professors dedicated to their job
Very specific to my major, everything learned was relevant
Great school to get started at
It is only bad because I cannot find a job with the education I have attained.
I could not gain proper access to exams, and therefore, could not learn from my mistakes. I was deliberately mislead by teachers, who said they would allow access, and then ignored my requests, or changed their minds.

My GPA has come down somewhat, and I do not feel the support in learning I once enjoyed at this college.
I am really not so sure about employment and internships from this school. I am still looking for work, and all that has happened is that my GPA has come down. This is becoming a disastrous life.
I am only here for one semester.
The professors I have are extremely excited to teach their courses. They are all very willing to see you succeed!
I missed some classes at the very beginning of the semester which does not allow much flexibility. As a parent, I feel that there are things that can't get rescheduled and there should be a way to make up the work. Again, it depends on who I'm talking/dealing with what flexibility there is.
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They offer a lot unfortunately because it's a community college I don't believe it all gets accessed.
I am taking 5 core classes here and then transferring to a 4-year institution to complete my bachelor's degree.
I've had two bad experiences with the same person and it's extremely disappointing every time I think about it. The way in which I was talked to and treated was extremely inappropriate....and what makes this worse is that I'm a returning non-traditional student after being out of school for 26 years!!!
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