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As a current student at Berklee, I really enjoy the campus, academics, and extreme level of diversity here, in terms of improvement, the food needs improvement, and the elevators in my 15+ floor dorm building would shut down a lot so we had little to no elevator access. Other than that, great school!
The overall experience at Berklee College of Music is very exciting and live. The academic process is engaging and enticing and cannot be matched by any other college of its kind. The professor to student relationship is unique and ideal for a successful experience. One thing I would like to see change in is, the financial help that returning students receive to continue their studies and doing what they love. Whether it be through a program to aid students, or even a raffle provided by the school, anything they may could do to provide the help that so many students need.
I gave this school 4 stars because although the school does provide many opportunities and has great professors the students are very "clique-y". It shows especially in the various showcases I've seen. Many of them have a very similar sound, leaving no room for other performers that bring something different to the table. So, in that aspect, I am disappointed.
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I enjoy connecting with the other students and the performance opportunities I had. What can be improved upon are the tiny dorms, sub-par food in the Caf, and some of the teachers who really don't know what they are doing.
The professors are (no joke) the best musicians from the world. The faculty very friendly and the competition is exhilarating! The best school to reach new limits in musicality.
The music scene is Boston is amazing, mostly due to Berklee, and the professors are very knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge. However, Berklee's dorms are pretty gross. They are infested with roaches, rats, goblins and gools, and they cost $20,000 to live in. It honestly doesn't see like Berklee cares about our well being, in terms of how we live. As long as we pay the ridiculously expensive tuition that they recently had the audacity to raise, Berklee just kind of doesn't respond. And the caf food is pretty bad, and it's not the workers fault, they just get pretty weird ingredients to work with. I wouldn't blame anyone if the couldn't make a delicious and nutritious meal out of a brick and a shoe lace.
I love how diverse Berklee is, and I also like how Berklee is in the heart of the city which gives students an easier way to get involved in the community and into Boston's music scene.
I am taking the online school and it has been great at teaching me many different things relating to music, all while being online.
Berklee is a well diverse school. It helps all students with whatever is needed. Shows the way to success in the industry.
Love the resources and overall environment. Great place to make connections, but some teachers don't sufficiently teach as well as they should.
Berklee is an environment of total musical immersion. Diversity is awesome, it enriches the experience by mixing music and habits from all around the world. Furthermore, return on investment is outstanding due to the fact that the high costs return to the student as excellent safety, great professors and incredible academics. All of that will certainly contribute to even more return after graduation, evolving a good place in the nowadays competitive employment market.
I would like to See a development of Musicology and Ethnomusicology departments in the school. I have had some truly amazing and informed History professors, and I have wound up writing several essays that I would like to submit for conferences or something.
To be successful at Berklee, it requires that you are very self driven. Make sure you have a good work ethic before coming, because a music degree without real skill in music is meaningless. If you are someone with a good work ethic already, you will find a wealth of opportunities to get your foot in the door in the music industry before graduating.
Classes are engaging and easy to participate in, student body is friendly and open to networking and communication, the professors are easy to talk to and grade fairly, and the academic advising team is cordial and helpful. I attend online so I have not seen campus yet.
It would be the best if Berklee provided their students a better environment for the on-campus residents to live in. As of now, I was able to observe that the residential halls were poorly managed. Thought there are numerous facilities provided by the school, it concerns me how well managed they are.
Berklee College of Music is a great place for ambitious musicians seeking success in the music industry. Berklee provides all the tools you need in order to achieve your goals.
Berklee is one of the most unique music colleges out there, you have the option to create whatever degree is right for you!
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Incredibly immersive and supportive experience. My music theory has improved dramatically in just one semester and I'm constantly meeting amazing, talented musicians.
I like the diverse musical that Berklee gives to the students. I have learned so much and met many great people in the one semester that I have been at the school. I highly recommend.
What I love most about this college is the extraordinary opportunity to be completed immersed in the musical environment and surrounded by the most talented and enthusiastic musicians in the world. Every week we have a lot of rehearsals and performances, many concerts and recordings created by the students, outside the lessons and the school activities. I also love the support of the different centers, such as the career center, job opportunities and internships, the large number of master classes with exceptional musicians who come every week to listen to our music and share their stories and advice with us.
What I would change is probably to diminish the separation between the various departments. I would like to have more opportunities to collaborate with the Boston Conservatory at Berklee Dance department, with the recording studios of the Music Production and Engeneering department, or even have the opportunity to participate in the performances of Electronic Music and Design.
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