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The school is fantastic! It's filled with many classes in different aspects of music. The professors are professional and can gives it's students great information about their desired careers.
The online experience has been fun and informational. It's somewhat been easier to deal with, because it is remote.
I found that online classes were handle very well and the professors did a good job adjusting. I personally found it very difficult to keep track of assignments and due dates because of the lack of typical routine.
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I have been a student at Berklee for 4 semesters now and going into my 5th. I found that a majority of the professors are amazing though there are a few here and there that have a bit of an ego. Students here are very diverse and I found it cool to meet people from all over the world! I do find that students are particularly concerned with themselves and their careers as musicians so they tend to be more introverted in my experience so I have not been able to make friends. I also fear that I am going to be struggling to make a living after I graduate because musicians are not typically paid well. I think that the college is way too expensive for what we gain from it unfortunately.
I visited the campus earlier this year and It was beautiful and well organized. I saw the cafeteria, the music rooms, the area and it was a really fun experience.
I have not started classes yet so I could not rate it but I know a friend that goes there that says it is really good.
I have found Berklee College of Music's online degree program to be very beneficial. Taking classes online is perfect for me, as I'm able to work on my classes around my everyday schedule. Everybody at Berklee has been very responsive and helpful with any questions I have had.
I have really enjoyed my studies through Berklee College of Music thus far. All of my professors have been very hands on and quick to answer any questions I've had, whether it be about the work we are doing, or about real life questions.
Online classes are not meant for a musical institution. It's difficult to really stay motivated when you're not able to receive the experience that you're paying for.
Berklee has always been my dream school, but it didn't stop when I got accepted. Every student must take that dream and make it real. You have what you need, you just have to go and make it happen for yourself.
I think that their environment is so diverse. I like the fact that all the people attending Berklee are extremely talented.
The online experience at Berklee due to the Pandemic overall is impressive. Everything on Berklee Online is well taught and I am learning everything I need to know in this remote option.
Berklee in general has done a relatively good job with online instruction. There are teachers that have adapted well but others not so much. Also, some of the non-theory music courses are just hard to do online, such as ensembles.
Berklee College of Music is a top notch school for music education and all areas of the music industry. The opportunities for growth and connections and networking are brilliant. The administrative aspect and communication need improvement however.
I have taken at least 1 semester of Berklee online classes due to the pandemic. I would say that Berklee has responded well with its student in terms of student relations and their employee relations. Berklee used mainly Webex at the beginning of their online classes and they used Zoom in the end. I have used all of the online platforms where I find Zoom the easiest to use. In terms of materials, I have find their classes lack the capability to allow me to learn better due to the lack of facility access as I am remotely away from campus. I also find it hard to hear and analyze music due to the limitation of Zoom that affects audio quality. As a music production major, I find that very inconvenient. Sometimes my internet connection may not be as smooth, which would also affect my learning experience in those online classes. There is however one good thing I found, which I was able to gain access to class videos which help me to reattend the class if I wasn't able to.
Berklee has given me much knowledge of the music industry and has given me very practical advice on how to pursue my music career. The education given to me is from really well-experienced professors that had worked in real music industries. Many of the projects and assignments trained me to prepare me to respond to real-life client's demands. One of the biggest negative reviews I would give Berklee is the cost of education and the return on investment. Even with the knowledge provided by Berklee, many outside sources of online music courses that are way cheaper, and with the right people, I can achieve this cheaper and reach to where I want to aspire to be in the music industry. However, I still no doubt think that the only reason that makes Berklee so outstanding is its connection to its community where the community of musicians is outstanding musically and are serious music career makers.
Wonderful school full of wonderful opportunities for all students, both new and old, to harness the opportunities of the world.
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Don't know much about it, but if it is anything like the Berklee way, it is fantastic and amazing in every way.
This school is my dream school. Although the virus has hit every college hard, I think my school did the best that they could with handling it. They sent all of us home right after midterms and paid us back half of the semester's dorm cost since we would no longer be in it. They have sent us regular updates which has been really nice. The musical environment at Berklee is crazy... nothing like it. There are TONS of performance opportunities and we have live music every night I our cafeteria. The possibilities and resources are endless. A lot of people complain, but you have to know what you want to get out of the school and figure out how to do that. There's lots of career help, you just have to use it.
I didn't sign up for Berklee Online, but due to COVID-19, I sort of became a Berklee Online student. Most of my classes were pretty transferrable since I mostly took things like theory and lots of liberal arts courses. It was definitely an adjustment, but my professors were super flexible with me and ready to help me. They were understanding of the stress and extra pressure and defeat that came with all of us having to leave the social part of music school behind. This is super crucial because we couldn't play or practice together for Ear Training or Ensembles or ANY performance based class. We also couldn't do our musical extra curricular which are a HUGE part of the Berklee Experience. My ensemble teachers handled the transition as best as they could and we switched over to recording everything. It sucked because that's not what we signed up for, but they did their best. And that's what really matters.
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