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I would advise upcoming students to really think about what they are doing before they enroll into Berklee.

This school is crazy expensive and if you are just going to party and not learn, please don't go. The money isn't worth it.

The education is something you can get from somewhere cheaper, the people there seem fake. Go here if you'd like to study Film Scoring. Other than that, stay away. I'm just trying to finish because I've already put myself down the rabbit hole with debt.

On the bright side, you can meet a few good people here who might have your similar taste in music.. Just please be smart about your money because I wasn't and now I'm regretting it.
There are students from all around the world and they offer so many resources for when you need help. They make you feel important and not just "another student".
I've just completed my freshman year and am about to start my sophomore year. The professors/teachers are amazing, knowledgeable in their field. I love the diversity with plenty of international students attending. While I don't live in the dorms, I've visited them. All very new and clean. There are lots of practice rooms with pianos, amps and various musical instruments to be used any time a student wants to practice their craft. Can't wait to start in September!!
Review Berklee College of Music
Definitely one of the best universities in music of the country. The level of education is very high. Teachers are experts in the subjects they are teaching and dedicate the necessary time for each student. They prepare you to face the reality of today's musical world. Berklee College of Music, has the most modern tools that allow you to face the current trends of the music and entertainment industry. If I had to contribute something to the improvement of teaching in Berklee, it could be to implement other languages to reach more students around the world.
Berklee has so many incredible resources to offer. I love that we are given and informed of so many opportunities, and we're surrounded by so many other talented musicians that continue to inspire. In order to get the most out of Berklee, you have to make it work for you, and take advantage of everything you can. I think that Berklee needs to improve their communication with students on an administrative level. Students should have a say as to where our tuition money is going, or at least be aware of it. Communication between faculty and staff with students is also poor, and some of the teachers couldn't care less about their students, which is fine in a large university, but we are a small tight knit college, and I think teachers should improve.
I did the five week summer program at Berklee College Of Music, and it was an incredible experience! I made friends from all over the world who loved music just as much as I did. I learned so much from the professors, and I felt at home in the musically creative environment. I will be attending Berklee in Boston this year, and I am beyond excited.
Classes have been fulfilling so far, and I'm excited to begin working on my major and minor next semester.
This school needs some serious work. The academics are all over the place. The faculty is extremely un organized and will always re direct you.
Berklee is an outstanding institution for the music world. Since coming here I have become part of a community of people that is not only extremely talented but also dedicated to the craft of music making. Its a challenging and very rewarding school.
I am enrolled for the fall semester at Berklee College of Music and have had nothing but positive experiences so far!
Overall this is a great school. the main thing you can take away from this place, besides the education, is the connections you will make here. you never know who's going to end up becoming who, so it's important to make as many connections as you can while attending school there.
Berklee is located in the back bay neighborhood of the beautiful and historic Boston, Massachusetts. The faculty there is so welcoming, and they genuinely care about you and your musical learning. They are so knowledgeable, and each is a currently active member in the music industry. I loved seeing all the amazing in house studios they had there. The cutting edge advancement of this school simply cannot be beat. Every building is safe and you need an ID to get in. There are constantly Berklee Police officers around which makes you feel very safe. The dorms are top of the line in all honesty. The library has an enormous CD collection, and all sorts of books and music scores for students to check out. The cafeteria in the 160 Mass Ave. building sometimes has live performances... In the cafeteria! All the other students that attend school there are so inspiring and love music just as much as you do. The only thing I would like to see change is the cost of tuition being more affordable.
Berklee College of Music opened my eyes to the intricacies of the music industry and the necessity of old fashioned networking to see your desired progress. Berklee is very much so a school where you get out what you put in. It is entirely possible to do the work, get good grades, and graduate no better off than when you began. But if you connect with other artists, professors, and the like, doors will open. It may not be immediate. But the effort you put in starting on day one will pay off years down the road.
It's the Berklee College of Money, over priced and under valued. Has a much better reputation globally than locally. In Boston, people will view you as a sucker for attending because everyone has met the kid drowned in student loan debt that works a mediocre, deadend job waiting to "make it". In reality, I know very few people who didn't lose their passion for music after attending. If you are extremely wealthy or on a presidential scholarship, it's a great school to go to and have fun and learn. If you think for one second you will take out loans and make that money back playing music, you're being naive, mislead and taken advantage of.
It is a great, creative environment that aids you to grow and excel in every area in music. I really enjoy the jam sessions, the gigs, and the studio sessions.
This school is all I could've asked for and more. It's perfect and has such a great atmosphere and I couldn't be happier.
Berklee is worth every penny if you make it worth every penny. Outside of classes there are endless resources to enrich your experience.
Review Berklee College of Music
I have wanted to go to this school since I was 12 years old and when I finally came, it was everything I imagined and more. The professors genuinely care about their students and we'll put in extra work to make sure their students are succeeding. The only thing that hindered my attendance was the cost of the school and how the financial aid department works.
Wonderful experience at this school. Filled with great teachers who are the best at their jobs and great resources available to the students. The top music school in the US in my opinion!
Berklee is heaven for any music major. With an amazing faculty, caring advisors, and incredible programs, it's just tops! Their online program is affordable, engaging and challenging ... but the professors work hard to be involved with the students and help guide through challenges. An amazing school!!
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