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What was initially a joke that Berklee's budget is only spent on musical equipment turns out to be not far off. The cafeteria food is not very good, my roommate even got sick once after eating it and this whole diversity and inclusion is stupid. I don't care if the school allows green skinned aliens from Jupiter to attend, what matters is how much you can learn from this place.
I did a summer course at the college, the vocal summit. it gave an insight to how the school is and the courses that were offered, as well as the quality of the education. I found the classes I took to be amazing and very insightful, I'm so glad I went to the summer program, hopefully I get accepted here!
I have nothing but good things to say about Berklee since I've been attending it. The staff are helpful and always ready and happy to help ASAP. The facilities are top notch. And the environment is accepting of people of all kinds.
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I love that Berklee has all the programs and classes that I need in order to better understand music and learn more techniques that I can do to make my voice fuller and sound more mature/beautiful. The community nice and everyone is pretty welcoming! But what I think should change is the way their financial aid do things. I did my FASFA in October of 2018 to make sure that I had enough money to ensure my 1st year at the school, but in the start if Summer Berklee's financial aid made me do these tasks that took awhile to do and because of that I lost a lot of money that I could've gotten from Federal Financial Aid. Not just that, but even though they made do all that work they didn't give me any money in my Financial Aid Package.
Overall, a really good school. Like any college, Berklee has its issues as well as its strengths and weaknesses. If berklee is the right school for you, it’s a great place to be but is not so much if you find that this isn’t the right place for you to be.
There are a lot of amazing musicians, it's just a matter of finding the right crowd. Berklee is extremely diverse, there are students and teachers from all over the world.
I am attending the online program and I would like to see more interaction from the teachers, and maybe one on one sessions with the students at least once per semester.
I attend Berklee College of Music and I am beyond blessed and grateful to be there. It is really everything I ever imagined college to be like. I am surrounded by thousands of super talented musicians who share very similar passions as I do and music is playing non-stop everywhere you go around campus.

The professors are great but some could be more invested in their students I would say. In addition, I feel like there should be more practice rooms as there is always a waiting list for students trying to get a room to practice in.
Berklee is the place to be for music education. Not only you will meet teachers who are currently working for big names of the music industrie, you will also be surrounded by the best musicians of this generation, and you will learn alongside them.
Berklee is a great program for those that really want to get into music. It offers a great range of educational genre and excellent connection abilities.
Berklee College of Music is an excellent place for all aspiring musicians to grow and harness their skills and passion and turn it into a career. Their facilities are top of the line, location is amazing and professors all open and helpful. All fellow students are as interested in music as you, creating a community of musicians that you can learn and grow form and collaborate with,
I love my teachers and I've learned so much but I wish it was so expensive. $1400 per class is a lot and I have to pay out of pocket each semester or obtain another loan to afford it. On a brighter note, I have met several people around the world who share my same goals and interests. Also, I think some of the course are a little redundant and needing a little updating.
I really loved my freshman year! I just wish the leaders would change and make the school more diverse as a whole and make class sizes smaller! I would recommend this school to anyone who is very passionate about music and performing!
I enjoyed how knowledgeable the professors at Berklee are not only about their specific class topics, but about music and the business of being a professional musician in todays world.
Berklee has been wonderful. The professors for the most part are very knowledgeable about music and theory. My one complaint is a lack of specified focus in the departments, but as a contemporary music curriculum goes, it's stellar.
Berklee is a community of really gifted musicians and a very special place. I have been very challenged to grow here because of the environment of extraordinary talent. On one hand, I feel motivated and have progressed tremendously; on the other hand, I am intimidated by my peers and my inner critic has gotten very loud and I need to learn to cope with this (as does any human). Boston is a cool place to be for music and there are a ton of trips you can go on. It's definitely a good place to be if you want to be in the contemporary music industry and meet a ton of good contacts.
Great and friendly environment. Professors are invested in each student and go in depth to make sure each students completely grasps the curriculum by infusing it in to ways that make what they have learned applicable to real life.
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Berklee is a great place to develop and a Christian and as a musician! The culture is rich with many different styles of music which pushes you to find your inner creativeness. Would love to see more student input in the college's decisions.
Berklee has the most supportive and amazing environment of any university I have visited. It will be my new home in the fall, and I am super excited. Everyone is so kind and motivating. It is truly an inspiring place in an amazing city.
So far, I loved the atmosphere. A lot of events that Berklee hosts is student led as well so there is alot of student involvment and real world application after you would have had the theoretical aspect. I also love that there are many well known musicians that come to Berklee to perform so that you have an opportunity to not only see them perform (at a discounted rate of course) but to also meet them and possibly have an opportunity to perform with them.