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Berklee College of Music is a great place for ambitious musicians seeking success in the music industry. Berklee provides all the tools you need in order to achieve your goals.
Berklee is one of the most unique music colleges out there, you have the option to create whatever degree is right for you!
Incredibly immersive and supportive experience. My music theory has improved dramatically in just one semester and I'm constantly meeting amazing, talented musicians.
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I like the diverse musical that Berklee gives to the students. I have learned so much and met many great people in the one semester that I have been at the school. I highly recommend.
What I love most about this college is the extraordinary opportunity to be completed immersed in the musical environment and surrounded by the most talented and enthusiastic musicians in the world. Every week we have a lot of rehearsals and performances, many concerts and recordings created by the students, outside the lessons and the school activities. I also love the support of the different centers, such as the career center, job opportunities and internships, the large number of master classes with exceptional musicians who come every week to listen to our music and share their stories and advice with us.
What I would change is probably to diminish the separation between the various departments. I would like to have more opportunities to collaborate with the Boston Conservatory at Berklee Dance department, with the recording studios of the Music Production and Engeneering department, or even have the opportunity to participate in the performances of Electronic Music and Design.
I love going here! So far, all my classes have been helpful in improving my practice and understanding of music. Its also great to be able to meet musicians from all over with all different kinds of backgrounds. I also love how easy it is to go see a great show whenever you have the opportunity.
I enjoy my experience at Berklee. Overall, I learn a lot and am exposed to many new things. The faculty and instructors are very helpful and help students to continuously progress and improve. The campus and facilities are very nice and well equipped. I feel that, when I complete my four years at Berklee, I will be well equipped for the professional music world.
The school has Opened me up to a lot of different ways to expand my understanding of music. Through history, learning about the early americas and how this country takes it genres so seriously through a melting pot of the cultures, and through struggle and hardship. Each major is offered like no other school. And I think that if you are here to study Jazz, Film Scoring (my major) or a crazy study like Music Therapy, you are in the right hands. Berklee doesn't have a connected campus; it really teaches ya that you must make connections and make resources with what is out there FOR YOU. I plan to move to LA with my degree and Score Film and media content with my Film Scoring Major , Video Game Scoring Minor. Good Call.
Very positive and enthusiastic environment delivered by the faculty a great learning experience to get an education by far!
Berklee is an incredible resource for young musicians looking to start their careers in an industry that is constantly growing and changing. The people are unlike any I have met anywhere else, and I have already made some of the most meaningful friendships in my life. To be successful at Berklee you need to be willing to put in a lot of effort and advocate for yourself. If you give yourself a bad name at the school by putting others down, having an ego, etc. (believe me, plenty of people do it), it will be a lot harder for you to find opportunities. It is so easy to make connections and find opportunities, but you need to be willing to put in the work to do so.
When I first came to Berklee, everything made sense. From day one, the professors have been so welcoming and encouraging. I feel like I belong here at Berklee. Some professors act as mentors to me and push me beyond my comfort zone. They make me feel that I am more than what I see myself to be and they see my potential. Berklee is also a great place to try so many new things. Coming into school, I thought all I wanted to do is perform for a living, but that has since changed. I have been exposed to music business, songwriting, arranging, and so many more things that I have now taken an interest in. Berklee is where you find out who you really are, what your sound is, and what you want your life to become (both personally and professionally).
It's my 3rd semester here at Berklee College of Music and I can say it changed me a lot both as a musician and a person. The diversity at Berklee is something that I'm really proud of, because we all come from different backgrounds, speak different languages, and it's really fascinating how much we are actually connected when we play music together. I would suggest to take ensemble classes every semester because that's where you can learn so much things musically and other life skill things like how to deal with players with different music styles, exchanging ideas, and testing your courage with recital performances once every semester.
I completed the Five-Week Summer Program which included college-level classes tailored to my levels of understanding in various aspects of music.
I would advise upcoming students to really think about what they are doing before they enroll into Berklee.

This school is crazy expensive and if you are just going to party and not learn, please don't go. The money isn't worth it.

The education is something you can get from somewhere cheaper, the people there seem fake. Go here if you'd like to study Film Scoring. Other than that, stay away. I'm just trying to finish because I've already put myself down the rabbit hole with debt.

On the bright side, you can meet a few good people here who might have your similar taste in music.. Just please be smart about your money because I wasn't and now I'm regretting it.
There are students from all around the world and they offer so many resources for when you need help. They make you feel important and not just "another student".
I've just completed my freshman year and am about to start my sophomore year. The professors/teachers are amazing, knowledgeable in their field. I love the diversity with plenty of international students attending. While I don't live in the dorms, I've visited them. All very new and clean. There are lots of practice rooms with pianos, amps and various musical instruments to be used any time a student wants to practice their craft. Can't wait to start in September!!
Definitely one of the best universities in music of the country. The level of education is very high. Teachers are experts in the subjects they are teaching and dedicate the necessary time for each student. They prepare you to face the reality of today's musical world. Berklee College of Music, has the most modern tools that allow you to face the current trends of the music and entertainment industry. If I had to contribute something to the improvement of teaching in Berklee, it could be to implement other languages to reach more students around the world.
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Berklee has so many incredible resources to offer. I love that we are given and informed of so many opportunities, and we're surrounded by so many other talented musicians that continue to inspire. In order to get the most out of Berklee, you have to make it work for you, and take advantage of everything you can. I think that Berklee needs to improve their communication with students on an administrative level. Students should have a say as to where our tuition money is going, or at least be aware of it. Communication between faculty and staff with students is also poor, and some of the teachers couldn't care less about their students, which is fine in a large university, but we are a small tight knit college, and I think teachers should improve.
I did the five week summer program at Berklee College Of Music, and it was an incredible experience! I made friends from all over the world who loved music just as much as I did. I learned so much from the professors, and I felt at home in the musically creative environment. I will be attending Berklee in Boston this year, and I am beyond excited.
Classes have been fulfilling so far, and I'm excited to begin working on my major and minor next semester.
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