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I'm a freshman in Berkeley and everyone in the school is super helpful and nice. The admission office made the applying situation easy to apply plus they were super understanding situations about the situation I was in.
I haven't been a students that long but the online learning its very easy and understanding its very informative on what work should be done
Great Considering the circumstances. Covid-19 has made a mark on schools overall. The best thing as students now, is to focus on the important things, which is health.
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Overall the experience has been great coming in as a new student in 2020 class year. The year started so well until the mass spread of covid-19, which didn't stop the motivation.
I am currently a college sophomore at Berkeley College. I always took on site classes and they were terrific, teachers are engaging, they work with you pretty well, their goal is for you to learn and not just get a diploma. At Berkeley College, you not a number, they know your name and help you many ways to succeed. They have patience for you and even during this pandemic, which I am currently in my third semester and taking my first online classes, the most scary part is that this is also my first time taking 6 classes in a semester. Challenging right! I love the Berkeley Family they are really supportive. They always keep you updated on opportunities and the most wonderful thing that they helped me with a payment plan that goes pretty well on what I can afford monthly. The best thing is that I was originally graduating on 2023 but I am a year ahead now so, soon will be a graduate. A big shoutout to class of 2022 and class of 2023! THANK YOU BERKELEY COLLEGE WOODLAND PARK !!!!
This is my third semester, but it's my first time taking online classes and the scary part is my first time taking 6 classes in a semester. They are patient with you and work with you. Yes, it's somewhat difficult because some classes weren't supposed to be online such as Public Speaking class. However, we as students and professors are communicating and working things out.
Online classes at Berkeley College Woodland campus is by far one of the best I have ever known about, and gladly, I took a leap of faith enroll in their program and I was not disappointed to say the least. Lectures are with you all the way to ensure no student is left behind and give extra help for those who need it. The weekly coursework are very understandable and interesting. Great online program.
What I like about Berkeley College Woodland Park campus is that, the lecturers are always there and ready to help you with any issues you may have with assignments. They make learning not as stressing and difficult especially for online students who may at times feel like they’re alone. In the end it is always worth the hard work because the lecturers and staff are there to help. Speaking of staff, the in office staff members are easy to talk to and very understanding, couldn’t have asked for better campus to enroll in.
It was a small campus which was good. The professor I got for my class was very much concerned when students would be absent and or had to leave class early which was nice. They also had the library available which was good and even allowed me to print my papers which was very helpful.
One thing I liked about Berkeley college was that the campus was small. I prefers a smaller campus as well as smaller classrooms this way you can learn better as well as the professors knowing who you are. Also I enjoy the soccer team because they are a very well soccer team.
The small classes and the campus locations because the classes are small, the teachers are able to pay attention to individual students as opposed to just being a number. The campus is clean and the library hours are broad and flexible for the working adult.
I love the fact that professors are so helpful and know what they are talking about. The school genuinely cares about the students and their success. One time I had a terrible professor and enough people complained and he got fired and replaced. Just wish they had more activities.
I did not always understand why this school follows the curriculum and tatics that it does but now being in my last semester i understand. This school prepares you for the future. This is has an amazing graduation rate of those students who finish thier degree or program of choice. I love this school
Berkeley College is an outstanding educational institute for those individuals looking to run through their college careers at a much faster pace, and with the support of many faculty members around them. The campus is extremely easy to navigate, the class sizes are small and give individuals an opportunity to sand out, as well as be recognized by name, and Berkeley College is dedicated to helping all of their students succeed with a lifetime of help finding a career.
The College works with you closely. The professors and administration want you to succeed and graduate with a good job. It is an affordable school and offers a lot of flexibility with your schedule.
The student life was amazing. you get to meet different people. But the some teacher didn't care. If you are failing its your fault and when you ask for help they tell you to get a tutor.
I absolutely love Berkeley college. It’s an amazing school, it’s very diversified and the teachers are amazing! Most of all I love the fact that the professor have actually had a career in what they are teaching. Which means the knowledge is coming from experience.
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Thus far my experience here at Berkeley College has been wonderful. Comparing it to my high school, I can say for sure that my professors actually know the material either through hands on experience in their fields or by pushing themselves to understand and educate themselves. The tuition is a little bit hard to pay. It seems as is the fafsa says our income is good, however sometimes I find it hard to even afford lunch or food for the entire day. I even have to put off dentist or doctors visits because we simply cannot afford that on top of the next tuition payment
The classes fit my schedule, the campus is very beautiful and well kept. The down side to this campus is the travel time and the location itself. I was not too comfortable sitting in the traffic that route 80 has the closer one gets to Downtown Paterson. Granted I do come up to the college a different way then most but I prefer the scenery on the other end of the campus.
I like overall everything the teachers the classrooms the library it's not to big I feel like I fit right in ,
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