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I love the fact that professors are so helpful and know what they are talking about. The school genuinely cares about the students and their success. One time I had a terrible professor and enough people complained and he got fired and replaced. Just wish they had more activities.
I did not always understand why this school follows the curriculum and tatics that it does but now being in my last semester i understand. This school prepares you for the future. This is has an amazing graduation rate of those students who finish thier degree or program of choice. I love this school
Berkeley College is an outstanding educational institute for those individuals looking to run through their college careers at a much faster pace, and with the support of many faculty members around them. The campus is extremely easy to navigate, the class sizes are small and give individuals an opportunity to sand out, as well as be recognized by name, and Berkeley College is dedicated to helping all of their students succeed with a lifetime of help finding a career.
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The College works with you closely. The professors and administration want you to succeed and graduate with a good job. It is an affordable school and offers a lot of flexibility with your schedule.
The student life was amazing. you get to meet different people. But the some teacher didn't care. If you are failing its your fault and when you ask for help they tell you to get a tutor.
I absolutely love Berkeley college. It’s an amazing school, it’s very diversified and the teachers are amazing! Most of all I love the fact that the professor have actually had a career in what they are teaching. Which means the knowledge is coming from experience.
Thus far my experience here at Berkeley College has been wonderful. Comparing it to my high school, I can say for sure that my professors actually know the material either through hands on experience in their fields or by pushing themselves to understand and educate themselves. The tuition is a little bit hard to pay. It seems as is the fafsa says our income is good, however sometimes I find it hard to even afford lunch or food for the entire day. I even have to put off dentist or doctors visits because we simply cannot afford that on top of the next tuition payment
The classes fit my schedule, the campus is very beautiful and well kept. The down side to this campus is the travel time and the location itself. I was not too comfortable sitting in the traffic that route 80 has the closer one gets to Downtown Paterson. Granted I do come up to the college a different way then most but I prefer the scenery on the other end of the campus.
I like overall everything the teachers the classrooms the library it's not to big I feel like I fit right in ,
Berkeley college - Woodland Park is a competent, efficient and professional college. The staff and faculty make sure that the student has all the benefits as a student in this institution. The faculty and the professor are professionals and understandable in all the situations. The educational formation in this institution is great, they implement real-life scenarios in order to make it more compatible with our starting knowledge. The staff provides all the facilities need to be success in the determinate time of the college life. Also, the faculty helps you to clarify any complication that you might have during the process of approaching the degree.
I completed my Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies and decided to return for a Bachelors in Justice Studies. The staff is extremely helpful and welcoming. They have services available to address any challenge you may face. I would highly recommend this school to anyone.
My overall experience here so far has been so-so. I am currently in the process of transfer as I was not completely happy with my time at Berkeley. One of the biggest downfalls is the administration. I constantly find myself reaching out to a representative repeatedly just to get a response to an e-mail. Selecting classes has also become a pain, as you must now sit down with a consoler to do so. And many of the administrators in different departments are quite rude. However, do note that the majority of the professors are great. Most of my professors for these courses were outstanding. Each had an excellent knowledge of the field from experience and had a passion for the classes they teach. But also keep in mind, if you're a commuter who is still looking for a more fulfilling college experience Berkeley may not be the place. Make sure to keep your options open and look into other school, as there are other colleges who offer similar programs for a much lower cost!
My overall experience at this college has been nothing but positivity. From the moment that I enrolled the staff has been very supportive and accessible for students. I have had the most attentive professors and have been fortunate to have classmates that are just as enthusiastic and I am about the educational journey at Berkeley.
The professors are very knowledgeable and add value to our discussion conversations.
There is an internship course in the final semester and there are career boards sent to our emails to let us know of upcoming job openings and career fairs.
The workload is manageable and the teachers want and help you to understand the material you are learning. The teachers and others are always available to talk to.
Compared to the community college I've went to and the University my other half has went to, Berkeley is extremely helpful and is geared toward helping you excel and achieve your goals.
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I'm returning to school after three years to make a better future for my daughter and waiting to see how this upcoming semester tests me. My advisors have been great so far but so far I have no opinion on classes and teachers but will once classes start.
I LOVE online classes mainly because I don't have to even worry about leaving my house.
The career center is great. I believe the people at the center will help me find a job after I complete the program.
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Berkeley College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, 267-284-5000. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation. For more information about Berkeley College graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed programs, and other important disclosures, please visit For additional information regarding prospective students, please click here.