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I love attending Berkeley College as I feel comfortable and more-focused; attending classes that are small and almost a high-school like setting.
Over priced and no help with an actual career! I had financial Aid while attending and told them I wasn't going to be attending anymore so they messed up my financial aid and are now expecting me to pay $500 before I can get my transcripts! So now I cant continue my education! HORRIBLE SCHOOL THAT DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THEIR STUDENTS ONLY ABOUT MONEY!
Great school and great staff. The education curriculum is diverse and they will accommodate you according to your work schedule. Very flexible and reliable professors. The library has so many resources to choose from and the librarians easily can assist with the proper direction in a fast manner. The education I believe isn't just from the book but the experiences of the Professors seeing they were or are in their field of study they are teaching in.
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It is good overall, but expensive. Many people get frustrated in class, and online classes are slow. They need to improve online classes, you still need to go occasionally, for things that can be done, over the phone.
i love this school the professor really care about your education. they check up on you. you can reach out if you need help with assignments,work employment. etc etc.
Berkeley College has given me a way to better myself by learning new things about business and how things are different now then in the past. Due to the rise of technology, which is growing by the years. Furthermore Berkeley College has made me a better person with the knowledge I have gained since being enrolled. My life has changed for the better because of Berkeley.
Great Advisers, they know what a student needs to succeed and provide the correct resources for them to do so.
I would like to see more involvement within faculty and students. Interactions within students are limited. Professors, however, are very knowledgable.
In overall the college is perfect in everything. For example, the professors always have time for their students 24/7. The college makes you feel like home. Berkeley College is like my second house. If I had the chance to go back in time and apply for college again, my first choice would be Berkeley College.
I like the location of the school as well as educational programs they offer. The professors are great very knowledgeable and educated. All of them have a huge amount of experience in their field. There are a lot of campus activities that connect students all over the world
The interface is great and easy to use. I feel like I am part of the school despite being a distance learner. My advisor is very involved with me and always there to help if I need it. I've had a wonderful experience at Berkeley and am proud to be graduating soon!
The classes are available all day. Since it is in the city center it is very convenient for a working individual. From work to school with ease.
What I like most is that the faculty is warm and welcoming, they're very knowledgeable and are willing to help. As a student I feel very comfortable approaching faculty members with any questions. The only thing I would change are the dorms, I am an adult student and some of the students who reside on campus can be very immature.
Attending berkeley has help me learn how to manage my own business and also i learn how to be very professional with interviews. this school has prepare me well with coming into the real world of business.
Berkeley College has been very helpful in my last 3 years that I have been attending it. There is a lot of diversity in this college and it's also a very safe place to be. The professors are available to help the students before, during and after class. The professors are also flexible because if the students are not understanding the material they have an office hour, in which they can give a one to one meeting and help the students.
The College has 2 buildings in New York. One of them I go to take classes. The other building I go for student services. The college has this atmosphere of feeling welcomed. Everyone including staff and students are very kind. They will help you with any need, they are talkative, have a good sense of humor and are generally down to earth people. I usually spend time in the library when waiting for the next class so I can take some time to study. They have up to date computers, it is pretty peaceful there, and they even have study rooms for when you want to study your material in silence. The classes themselves are engaging. You can tell in an instant that the teachers really love to teach. My first teacher in Berkeley taught Marketing. He was fantastic in his lectures. He was funny, and sincere. He knew how to keep our attention and the students were into those lectures. Much can be said about the other teachers I've had.
Berkeley is an okay school academic wise. They offer some great programs although I do feel like there is a gap between some of the classes offered and the majors. A major problem for this campus is the overall campus life. There are no on campus parities or activities that would be appealing for a college student to attend. The campus activities are usually boring and seem to be thought of last minute and unorganized. The kitchens in the dorms can be remodeled and more accommodating being that we don't have a meal plan. I am aware that we have a school basketball team as well as other sports but it is not known well to the student body because in my opinion, there is no school spirit. There is no hype when there are games, matches, scrimmages of any kind because their is no communication about them or any hype to get the students involved and excited.
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I love Berkeley in the 3 years I've been at berkeley I've grown as a person. Worked And gained experience while working federal work study. I'm so glad I picked berkeley as my college it was an amazing experience honestly!
The Rigor of the assignments is very low. It's not much of a challenge, its really easy to get a high GPA as long as you complete the assignments. If you're looking to learn and gain valuable experience I wouldn't suggest attending this school
It is too expensive and it takes more than forever to finish. But they have good teachers and very good advisers.
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