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Online is overall completely different but it's going very good. I'm currently taking American Sign Language 2 and the way my professor have it set up is so perfect to where I still understand the work as if I was back on campus. It is hard to catch up on work since it based on your time, but the way the teacher have it set up it's really helpful.
I attended BCC as a High School student taking courses to get my high school credentials in order to graduate. I highly recommend any high school student who school provide college classes at this school should go and take advantage. This school is great Berkeley have so many little shops and food places for you and friends to go eat. The school itself is really nice, the people there are so nice and down to earth, the education is taught well here and the professors are amazing. The school is so close to Cal Berkeley so you and other can go check it out and site see if your unfamiliar with the school. Overall I highly recommend and high school students please take advantage it's such a nice school in a beautiful area
Berkeley city college has good instructors with good learning environment and facilities. Labs for science courses are equipped with good tools.
Teacher’s office hours are very effective and also easy to reach out with very good responds.
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Berkeley city college is right in the heart of downtown Berkeley, and have very easy commute. Bart is just 1 minute walk distance. It is near UC Berkeley so you can visit some of their libraries. Berkeley city college is very diverse and celebrates many cultural festivals. It’s one 5 stories building so finding class rooms and other facility rooms is super convenient. Parking lot is the building next to it and there is also a new parking lot opposite to it.
Staffs are super friendly and will help you through any problem. You have easy access to counselor’s appointment. Every Tuesday you get free fruits and vegetables. And every once a week or month a rep from UC or any other university will be available to have a session with.
Jobs in the campus is available. There are students and TA available to help you with classes in learning area room for free. There is also food court to chill and eat lunches in between classes.
Over all Berkeley city college is best community college .
Berkeley City College provides me an ideal environment to reach my full potential. At Berkeley City College, I have the chance to explore my interests passionately and fully through various campus activities. The college has the most wonderful and friendly staff that will support students unconditionally and guide them through successful pathways in education. Choosing Berkeley City College, I have had the most worth-spending experience ever.
The eruption of COVID-19 pandemic has made me feel so grateful to be a part of Berkeley City College. Their late actions with the pandemic; however, did not disappointed me. The stigma that online classes won't be helpful has totally disappeared. My only worry while taking online classes is the difficulty to communicate with professors; however, the reality was so different. Quick response to students emails, flexible grading options as well as online resources have proved how professional they are. After one semester taking online classes, I feel extremely enjoyable and motivated to learn more. I can't wait to have my next semester full of online classes.
I enjoy all of the services provided here but I wish there were more areas to sit and converse with other students.
Most of the professors already conduct some of their classes online so the transition to full online instruction went by a lot smoother.
It could be better organized. I have had good experiences with some arts and humanities courses. However the English is a little too text heavy to do online, unless your are accustomed to it.
If you have the right teacher, the class can be engaging and informative. If you have the wrong teacher, it will make it seem as though you are wasting your time.
I have taken some online classes through BCC, all the courses were satisfactory and the professors followed up really well on me, even though it was an online formula.
The teachers are all very in tuned with your education. Almost every teacher I have had has encouraged me to strive harder and work for myself. Coming from a lower-class minority background, I have been scared of higher education. BCC has really allowed me to work my best and hardest for my academics.
BCC's online classes could use a bit more work, the canvas platform allows for a lot of discussion and posts to be made, as with most schools I imagine, the teacher really sets the tone for online engagement and varies greatly.
Berkeley City College is a fairly decent school within the Peralta Community College District. Campus life is active and the education you receive feels unique.
Berkeley city college is a nice place to start building up your career pathway, however, some classes and professors lack professionalism. My interests are all in the scientific file and I do not think I have received an amazing education in subjects such as chemistry or math. I think the college overfocuses in arty stuff too much and it doesn't put enough effort into scientific development.
Great professors but the counselors need to work better on helping with the process of transferring. I was told the wrong information by some counselors which was worrisome.
I love it here! Although it seems like i have been here forever. I would not have wanted to be anywhere else this long.
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Berkeley City College is an easily accessible one-building campus located in Downtown Berkeley. The campus provides a wide array of courses, certificates and associate's degrees. With research you can find amazing professors that not only teach well but challenge students to perform and produce university level work.
I would change a few things about Berkeley City College. For one, there is no student parking which is very inconvenient as the campus neighbors various schools and businesses in the heart of Downtown Berkeley. Also as a business major the classes I was enrolled in often lacked diversity considering how diverse the demographics of the campus are.
The classes at Berkeley City College are a hit or miss. I've dropped classes within the first week of the semester, but there's also wonderful teachers I'd take again and again. There are many classes to choose from so that I could get them to work with my work & family's schedules. I just wish some teachers and classmates could be more engaged, so I didn't make many friends here.
It’s my first year studying here in California and I am grateful that I chose Berkeley City College because they are very welcoming, friendly and helpful.
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