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The classes at Berkeley City College are a hit or miss. I've dropped classes within the first week of the semester, but there's also wonderful teachers I'd take again and again. There are many classes to choose from so that I could get them to work with my work & family's schedules. I just wish some teachers and classmates could be more engaged, so I didn't make many friends here.
It’s my first year studying here in California and I am grateful that I chose Berkeley City College because they are very welcoming, friendly and helpful.
No school is perfect, but attending Berkeley City College has truly been something positive in my life. I have tested the waters of 2 other community college campuses, and Berkeley has been my favorite. It's geographic location a block away from UC Berkeley is significant. Being so close to UC Berkeley gives Berkeley City Collge a similar attitude of academic rigor. There is also easy access to UC Berkeley's public libraries and study spaces. My professors at Berkeley City College have for the most part been engaging, friendly, and very professional. Some of the downsides are lack of cafeteria, field, or pool. Despite this, I have had luck making friends, and finding a supportive community at Berkeley City College.
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I attend Berkeley city college as a concurrent enrollment high school student. It has been very easy for me to get the classes I need (as long as it is scheduled in the evening, which as been a bit of a problem for me). The counseling department has been supportive and helpful, and has made it easy for me to work withing the college. I also like how easy it is to get to the college, since it is really near the BART and there are buses that are close. The professors have been really good and I like that the students come from all over - from freshmen in high school to people much older than me. It's a great college to go to if you need or want to start out at the community college level.
The environment is very relaxed and makes it easy to be able to focus on one's academics. Plus with all the offered tutoring, they really help you succeed. I wouldn't say all teachers but many of the teachers are really concerned with keeping you on track.
Very small community college. That was always a positive for me. Easy to get in and out and take care of business. In downtown close to public transportation and food.
I started at BCC when I was 15 and I am graduating tomorrow at age 18. I think it is a great start! I will be attending UC Berkeley. Since BCC is part of Peralta I got to play water polo and swim at Laney which was one of the best experiences of my life. If you got to BCC, check out the Peralta college sports.
This school is the best one out of all of the Peralta community colleges. The support system from the professors and transfer center shows throughout the students.
I like that the school makes education affordable. You are also more likely to get individual attention from professors due to the small classroom sizes.
It's a great campus with great professors. I would take all my classes there if they were all available. I wish they had more varity when it comes to majors though.
I have had a lot of fun at berkeley city college for the past 2 years. Everyone at berkeley city college is very friendly especially when it comes to helping their students. There are a lot of resources at berkeley city college that college students are fortunate to have.
I've been a student at BCC for over a year, and I appreciate the support from all faculty and staff members I've encountered. There are lots of resources available, and the ability to meet with potential colleges/universities representatives. BCC offers workshops that encourage high education and cultural awareness, which keeps students connected to other communities (as well as their own).
One thing I liked about Berkeley City College was the location it was in, it was about one minute away from public transportation. I also like the teachers that I had most of them seemed to care about the students learning experience. what i did not like was that it was a one building school and did not offer many classes. Another thing I didn't like was the fact that they didn't offer a lot of student activities and food.
Berkeley City College is a very small community college located at Downtown Berkeley. The problem with this college are:
1: Lack of professional resources.
2: Lack of internship.
3: Terrible website.
4: Lack of fitness and health center (this college has no fitness or wellness center).

College is very clean, safe and stable. some of the securities are professional and some of them rude.
It used to be a community college " Vista" college so it's not a new system, but everything seems new in terms of instructors, or professionality of the environment.
What I like most about BCC, the professors and counselors. I feel like they're there to help us no matter the situation; they'll always have a solution for me.
Liked: class sizes, diversity, affordability, convenient location. Did not like: Other students are unmotivated. some teachers are not good and there is not enough oversight to correct problem teachers.
Overall BCC is a great school for those that are looking to stay close to home or even fly across half of the nation to attend. The school offers great financial aid, public transportation is simple and easy. The teachers truly do care about you succeeding in life, the TA's are the exact same way. The housing situation is a hassle, but seeing as you do live in Berkeley it is expected. I personally recommend finding housing outside of the city, yet close enough to BART.
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Good value for media classes, small class size, easy to commute, helpful instructors. Friendly community.
One of 4 Peralta Colleges: Laney, Alameda, Berkeley, Merritt
Great teachers and good preparation for transfer to a four year
Could do more to promote athletics; the only sports team I know of across the four campuses is the women's water polo team.
Berkeley City College is a very good place to study in. It is just a few blocks away from the University of California- Berkeley, so students of Berkeley City College can often go to University of California- Berkeley to hang out and study in the libraries on campus.
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