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I have yet to attend Berkeley City College but have heard many great things. I like how it is a one building campus, so everything from class to administration is fast & easy to commute to. The campus is just a couple blocks away from UC Berkeley which makes it a very big motivation. Some of the staff I have talked to are very friendly & helpful. People are very welcoming here & kind. Especially some of the professors seem like they are very good at teaching & making sure their students understand the topic. I am very excited to attend Berkeley City College this upcoming fall semester.
Community college is a great experience and stepping stone for individuals pursuing higher education.
Berkeley City College contains many helpful staff and the teachers I have experienced so far tend to be interactive with students and eager to help you understand the subject matter. The counselors, shoutout to Mr.Barton and Denise, are wonderful and go above every means to help you succeed. The campus is not very great for social life or making friends, however. And there is no cafeteria unfortunately, but plenty of good eats around shattuck and telegraph! This is a school to attwnd if you want to transfer from a cc to a 4 year university. Most students have that goal in mind, and the location of uc berkeley right down the street is a strong motivating factor.
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The school is pretty small, which is why you get to see the same people most of the time. It's more of like a small tight community where everyone may know anyone. The professors are super passionate about their field, overall staff are nice and friendly. Only thing is that there is no cafeteria, so you'll have to buy food outside at downtown Berkeley, but they offer good food!
From all the Peralta District colleges, Berkeley City College is by far my number one choice.

Most of the professors there are passionate about their job and care about their students. Aside from the professors and academics, their campus is rather unique and effective. It is literally impossible to get lost there.

For those who like sports, sorry but BCC does not offer any sport. There is also no campus food, however, many restaurants run nearby, walking distance.

It is a diverse college with many different ethnicities and international students.
Berkeley City College is nestled downtown, great access, but away from traffic. The entrance allows for customer service/ security desk to help with logistics and is disability accessible. The staff are well informed as it relates to my experience with the counseling department. Very pleased with my primary campus option.
Berkeley City College encourages diverse community and self-development in an environment where rights are completely supported by everyone such as students who are immigrants and either documented or undocumented. Nothing is impossible when you become a student of Berkeley City College because everyone is treated with privilege. I like that the campus is accessible to everyone who live and don’t live in the city as it is also convenient for students who are differently abled. Security and safety are the number one factors that the college focus on as there has been no campus crime history since the year 1974. I like that the campus is the smallest campus out of all the Peralta Colleges, but I think it would be a lot easier and convenient for students if there is a cafeteria as nearby restaurants around campus can be a little bit pricey. It would help the students a lot if they wouldn't have to go out and pay for high priced meals since the campus is located in the heart of downtown.
conselor is the best among peralta. you get honest advice everytime eventhough it gets busy all the afternoon. but the conselor are willing to work with your schedule and help you to success. I used to be in DVC as a international students, and you will need to wait 2-4weeks to an appointment. and by the time you meet them, you already fall of the class.
teacher whiles it depends. some are the best, and some are not. really goes to both ways.
getting the class you want is alittle hard, since there arent many class in a one type. but is still way better than DVC. in DVC, you need to pray to get the class you want, because students really fight for a class in one minute of their register time. wtf?!!
Berkeley City College is an amazing community college that feels like any other college. Other community colleges lacked this feeling because there really was no "college life". That's very different here. There is a strong sense of community with a focus on education. The diversity on campus is absolutely beautiful. The counselors and professors are really there for you whenever you need them. There are a number of different clubs and groups to get involved with. That surprised me because when I attended other community colleges there were little to no opportunities to get more involved on campus. Berkeley City College is located in the heart of Berkeley. It is surrounded by delicious restaurants. The only thing I would improve on is the size of the campus. I would be awesome if there were more areas to study because the Library fills up pretty quickly.
This a great school especially if you are looking to experience new things and meet different people. The professors support the students greatly and the counselors easily will help you make your transition from high school into college. The only drawback is that we don't have a cafeteria, it is the smallest campus out of all the Peralta colleges, you know? Nearby restaurants can be pricey because of school being located in the heart of downtown and if you're on a budget as well. Definitely if the campus were just a little bit bigger with a cafeteria, it'd be a lot easier for students!
So far its been reasonable, could be easier.
Professors are very interesting as they combine real life experience with their teachings.
It is a community college so networking is not a huge thing just yet, but it does hold alot of possibilities!
ive learned alot of applicable things
flexibility between classes and work schedules were fine! i did not have any trouble.
the flexibility of the classes were good, i could easily schedule work and school without a hassle.
my focus is sports marketing and management and i wish more schools offered that setting but most dont. the amount of courses were good though.
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my overall experience of the school was great! I loved the people, the teachers and the clubs were also a big part of the fun at the school. the location was amazing, the only thing was the pricing!
I took the placement test and for it being my first placement test it went pretty well although i placed in the lowest class for english, which i didnt think was right and i ended up being correct. i passed the class with flying colors and ended the semester with a 4.0 GPA, i knew everything in the class already so it was kind of a waste of time and money.
my first semester at BCC was a great one, i made friends very easily and the teachers were wonderful. The classes i feel were actually i think a bit too easy for me but they were great. My professor really cared about my success as well as the other students. The location of BCC I would say is the best thing about the college, its right in the middle of everything and literally a 1 minute walk from the BART station, so there is no excuse for being late to class!
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