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Im very fond it online courses. I haven't taken a full course online but I have taken some things online.
Haven't started yet. Heard good things and know if people attending
iTS FINE, BE VAUSE IT dont bother me
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it would be great to take an online course.
i love my program of criminal justice
my first expeirence at BTI was amazing and cant waiy to attend
When I begin schooling at BTI, it will not interfere with my work schedule or personal agenda.
Again, I do not start college here until July 2016, but so far my experience with all the teachers and staff/workers has been nothing but pleasant and enjoyable. They are all very friendly and make you feel good about yourself and like you belong there. They offer very great courses, one which I am happy to be taking!
As of the past few weeks visiting and applying at Berks Technical Institute, my experience has been nothing but inspiring and a big motivation for my future. The staff/workers are very welcoming and friendly and know how to make you feel important and not just another college student. One of my favorite experiences was after my evaluation test to see if I tested high enough to get into the school I was told I tested so high that if I stay in the top 20% of the seniors who will be joining BTI the summer of 2016 I may be able to have a $25,000 scholarship, but only if I remain in the top 20%, write an essay, be interviewed and possibly be chosen for the scholarship! Berks Technical Institute is very unique in my diverse ways. First of all, it is very welcoming. The moment you step in the building you get an "at-home" kind of atmosphere. Everyone is friendly and make you feel like you're apart of a family. The school is smaller compared to a lot of bigger colleges, so it will be easier to be more involved in class, and getting help if you need it. There's many opportunities for advancement such as they offer part time jobs, when you graduate they help you search for a career. BTI strives to give their students a future and it is very breathtaking and amazing. I never really thought about college until my sister who currently attends Berks Technical Institute inspired me to take hold of my life and do what's best for me, which is continue my education at an amazing school.
Help with finding part-time jobs, career center, etc
Variety of courses, small class sizes
Like I said before we have a wide range of a student body ; for a small school. For the most part we are a very accepting school and haven't had any incidents while I have been there .
I really enjoy the academics offered at the school and the small class size. I really makes for better teacher student interaction. The registration process was really easy . The work load is what you make of it and how you discipline your self.
I am a licensed EMT and have been in the medical field for 15+yrs. I really enjoy my classes and what I am learning and hope to learn.
At this time I haven't taken an online classes , I am in the process signing for some in the future.
The classes are good and the curriculum about the same. I work at night and my classes are before my job.
We don't have an athletic school , and our library is really small, and doesn't have a lot of book resources . What we lack in books we make up for in our computers. Since in todays world everything is on the internet.
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I think we have 2 - 3 computer labs , one being in the library. It is hard sometimes to print when the printers brake down, and so many people at the same time using it via the internet.
I am not sure of all of the post graduate classes available , but one that I have considered is BSN RN.
When I was in school many years ago ; I wasn't the best student. I had some issues that I hindered me from achieving my best for myself. I sometime feel like some of the problem feel to the schools not trying to help as well. I am really glad to be back in school after all these years. To say if I would change and go to the school I am at now ; I didn't grow up in this area and probably wouldn't have . I will say this I wish I had a school like BTI when I went to school.
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