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Bergen community college is a top community college. This past semester I have had two of the best professors. One of my professors worked in his field for 20 years and even worked on the cure for cancer before deciding he wanted to teach. The other is so in love with what he does he makes the entire class love the subject as well. This experience has made me really sure I want to be a biology major by seeing how happy and excited they are.
Very good college if you know the system. Bergen will try to suck as much money out of you as possible if you aren't vigilant. You can easily get stuck there for more than two years. Other than that, teachers are decent. The clubs and diversity there is amazing.
i really enjoyed my time at bergen. the one thing that was a little difficult was the lack of motivation most of the students displayed.
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The thing I loved most about Bergen Community College was that the classes were a decent size. Enough students to have great discussions, but still the opportunity to have one-on-one time with your professors.
I've been studying here as a computer science student here for one year now and from my experience it was a lot better than expected. Tuition is very cheap and the transfer programs are very good. This school also a good reputation with 4 year schools making the transfer process much easier.
It's right here in town so it is easy to get to. Parking is hard though, lots fill up quickly. Easy to find your way around campus. Lines can be very long at registration.
Tutoring center in Bergen Community College is a great opportunity for students . You can simply make an appointment for free and take advantage of it. Professors are very helpful inside and outside the classroom. They are available to answer your questions anytime.
If you look for good teachers, you will find them. Staff isn't the best in the Counseling Office. School is clean and provides many activities for students and much more.
Bergen community college is a great place to start off and figure out what you want to do in college. I highly recommend Bergen because it has well qualified teachers that care about the class and teaching the material, as well as qualified staff.
Bergen Community College is a great alternative to a four year school if you looking to save money or are undecided. All of my professors are great because they don't treat you like just another student in their class they are attentive and understanding.
I love how diverse, it is. people are friendly and most professors care about your success. I love the walk in tutoring, services. They offer other tutoring services as well and it's all free. The book store is a nice size and prices are average. Registration get's crazy and they could be more organized but overall it's a busy campus. There is plenty of parking and campus feels safe.
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I have attended this school for about 2 years and have had a great experience. The teacher really know how to teach. The online courses are really easy to and the program for the online course noodle is really easy to navigate. Overall really good school
I think its a great community college in terms of earning an Associate Degree and also if you are undecided about your career it is a best place to start and figure out what you want to do. The main thing about this community college is that you save money and it is actually cheap compared to other places, especially when thinking about college money plays a big role in it
I can't speak for all but the professors I have had the privilege to meet have all been very passionate about the courses they teach. I've noticed that many of the professors also teach in colleges and Universities in the area such as Montclair, William Patterson, etc. If you live in Bergen County, it is the absolute best place you can go to at half the price while still getting a quality education. My only advice is that just because its a community college doesn't mean you should slack off.
Overall I believe that the school offers a lot for the price. My experience at Bergen Community College was very enjoyable. My only problem was that if there was an issue concerning a professor or anything at a higher level, it was difficult to get the problem solved. Otherwise, everything else went very smoothly and there are advisors and tutors to help you along the way.
This was a great stepping stool to the next part of my life. Affording my first two years of school debt free was amazing! Only debt I will have now is where I go next.
So far my time as a typical freshmen at Bergen Community College has been really great. Every professor I've had so far is very fun to be around while maintaining an academic attitude. The campus itself is very large for a community college and has a lot of things to do when you have any down time between classes.
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I loved my experience at Bergen Community college. I had many amazing professors who inspired me. I learned a lot. Also good food, safe and very nice campus.
BCC is a great institution, especially for international students and residents of US. It has good programs and is a perfect opportunity for students that have the English a second labguage.
The admission people from this college is very helpful in person and thorough email. The only thing I would change is the transportation system, many people has a car but if you are like me. You feel struggling waiting for the nj transit bus.
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