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When I walked into Bergen Community College for the first time, I knew this was the school I was meant to go to. From the counselors to the professors, everyone is super supportive and helpful. They made my interest in nursing grow even more as I attended class. I also love the diversity of the school and I have met some of my best friends there.
Yes, for the remainder of spring semester Bergen Community College transferred all of our classes online due to the Covid-19 closures. I ended up taking the remainder of my Psychology, Writing, and Anatomy and Physiology classes online. The teachers all adapted very well and I was able to zoom classes with all of them. I was extremely pleased with all of my teachers.
The faculty are very kind and helpful. The professors are amazing, understanding, and professional. The students are so friendly. I went to a 4-year college after I graduated high school and I felt out of place. Once I transferred to Bergen Community, I finally felt I was where I needed to be. My only wish is that I would have attended Bergen Community right after high school. But I am definitely happy with my experience in Bergen Community College.
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Since the transition to online courses due to COVID-19, classes have been very great. Staff has worked hard to shift students to online teaching. Everything this year has been stressful, but Bergen Community really connects with the students and tries to make the change simpler and comfortable. I was worried I would not do well in my classes since I have always preferred in-person courses. However, my professors for the semester really did well in helping students cope with what has been happening. Online classes were very organized.
I have not taken any online classes yet, but from what I've heard it's not a stellar experience. I can only assume that professors are struggling with the transition from in-person learning to solely online learning.
I understand that the pandemic has thrown everyone through a loop, and that's why I'm not giving them any lower of a rating. The financial aid department is an absolute mess and I'm surprised their graduation rate isn't lower than it already is because I've heard terrible things from peers.
My campus experience is excellent. The reason is : you have everything at campus. If you need help, every student has rights to go: to the tutoring center, library , or to your advisor, sport, entreatment , which I think it is a big help for any student. Professors for my opinion are great, maybe I grow up in socialist country and I was afraid to ask professors. Here in US any school or college they give you opportunity to be yourself, not to be afraid for any think and student get a lot of help, depends on their needs. For me, my favorite is the theater and exhibition ,which students play , create and express them selfs.
I did take some classes online, because of Covid -19- Pandemic. I think for me it is a first time experience, but really I was satisfying with my professors, how they communicating , answering the questions I had for them. More papers, to write and to explain. Professors make sure I got everything on Moodle, they explaining every week by email and the Moodle homework's, test, papers . I was surprise, because some professor make an online appointment with students.It was benefit for me because, I am second learning language and adult student.They make an appointment the time it was good for me , because I work at hospital and I was working with Covid-19 patient. Meanwhile , everything has Pro and Con effect . Personally, I do not like so much online classes. I like more reaction at class, asking direct my professors for any concerned I had after the class; to stay at library ...
Online courses were very organized but lacked the same amount of attention as in person studies. Although it may seem like a bad thing, in person is widely regarded as better than online courses, so I don’t blame Bergen community at all.
The environment was very welcoming and entertaining. The many clubs available have students the opportunity to branch into new hobbies or experiences. As well as the sports offered there were contests or fundraisers held weekly. Furthermore, the professors I had were very professional and effective in teaching the material as well as helping us improve.
I liked the fact that it is near my brother's and grandmother's houses so I can just go there after school, the teachers and classes are also pretty good.
My online experience was alright, it was hard contacting people but the classes were good and the teachers were teaching good material online as if I am in class.
I honestly felt like this school was my second home (although i did spend most of my time there). The staff and faculty makes it their mission to make everyone feel accepted, any race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc. The clubs that they provide are endless and have a vast amount of resources to help their students with anything they're looking for.
Classes online are very simple! The professors have their course set up for the semester, it is up to them if they let you see all the work at the beginning or just go week by week. I prefer week by week because it forces me to stay on top of my work, instead of waiting until the end. They are easy to get in contact with since you won't be able to see them in person. I recommend it if you're not able to constantly travel to campus!
Very diverse student population, Bergen is great if you would like to find out what you like to study there are many great people staff and students at bergen. It's affordable and the classes are great. The only problem if you can call it that is that there aren't really many places for students to gather comfortably and find things to do in between classes if you are stuck at the campus.
It was kind of diffcult to learn online however the professors did their best to adapt to thier current sitation and made the overall experience good.
I personally believe that since many professors were already proficient in providing an online learning experience, the transition was very easy and smooth. Bergen offers a high volume of online classes, so it was no surprise that many professors were able to accommodate to the new environment and switch gears. They were understanding, engaging, and handled it very well.
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Bergen Community College was a life saver for me. I have saved thousands of dollars and was able to get an associates degree over two years, while discovering my passions. There is a great community waiting to support you. Amazing programs like AMPUP, the honors program, the tutoring center and other like programs are eager to help you. The professors are amongst the best and most educated, as well as the most dedicated to you.
There’s is a lot of options when it comes to major. The professors are great. The school in general is good.
It’s great and the professor are very helpful. There’s always help from counselor to classes. Definitely a good online experience.
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