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The admission people from this college is very helpful in person and thorough email. The only thing I would change is the transportation system, many people has a car but if you are like me. You feel struggling waiting for the nj transit bus.
When I first decided to attend Bergen Community College, I had a very negative perception of what my experience would be like. I have only been at this school for a short time but it has already changed my attitude. There are plenty of things for students to do and the advisors are very welcoming. The staff is friendly and very informative. My professors are intriguing and seem to have their student's best interest at heart. They are straight to the point and do not mess around but they do that so their students can learn.
as long as you are willing to pretty much handle all your own affairs(financial aid, class scheduling, etc) and can function well as an independent student, then you should have no problem here. You can simply breeze through and receive your degree for very cheap. Definitely a good stepping stone to ease the blow of real college tuition and you get your foot in the door to some universities by getting general courses out of the way.
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The overall experience at Bergen is pretty good for a community college, however they lack in the area of student services. It takes hours if not all day to talk to someone about financial aid or scheduling or whatever issue a student may need help with. They often send you from office to office, and at the end of the day you realize you haven't accomplished anything.
I just started here last year, and compared to the other community colleges I've attended this is the best. It feels like a four year college and is safe. It is also a clean college and surrounded by transportation and shopping centers.
I appreciated that there was an option to start Honors courses right away. Bergen has great transfer opportunities, you just have to be proactive in furthering your education to attain them.
I'd like to see better food, a wider selection of online classes, and online honors classes. Most of the classrooms in the Pitkin Education Center have no windows, and the building can be difficult to navigate.
Bergen Community College is an excellent school for perspective students. Attending for the minimum of two years will save students unfathomable amounts of money before transferring to a 4-year college. Earning my Associates degree at Bergen was an enjoyable and challenging ride. However, while most professors love helping their students learn, others are unaware of the material being taught in their own courses.
I very much enjoy Bergen Community College. There are so many resources on campus compared to high school; there are comfortable lounges, computer labs, an abundance of food (particularly at the Paramus campus), and even a pool and meditation room. Most of the professors are so caring and nice. I think the coursework is pretty easy, too.
The only school where the staff acts like they are bothering you. Not enough parking for the students, where you have to park on the grass. As for the education, some teachers are absolutely amazing where others won't speak in lecture and you're on your own.
I attended the nursing program at Bergen. I thought it was an excellent program that prepared me for a nursing profession. Also prepared me for the nursing board exam.
I started going to Bergen Community College this past fall (2016) and so far it has been really nice. I never was the kind of person to want to go to a big party school far from my home, so commuting 20 minutes is really nice. My classes have been fairly easy and my professors have been really nice and helpful.
It is a great school with good professors and bad professors, but overall its a good place as a stepping stone to go to a four year school.
Bergen has a lot to offer in terms of both academics and extracurricular activities, as long as you actively look for clubs to join. Everyone is relatively nice and accepting, and there is so much diversity here in both age and nationality. However, something noticeable is the high quality of teachers. There is a lot of freedom in high school and unexpected respect from teachers, who don’t expect you to be rich and often try to keep materials cheap so you don’t have to buy so much useless stuff. Classes are pretty easy but there are so many resources to help you, from the teachers to the free tutoring center.
Great school but administration slow with processing students and registering students
Teachers are easy and accommodating
The school so very diverse but has little to encourage sports and activities
I loved my academic, social, and extracurricular experiences at Bergen Community College! I would do it all over again if I could go back. The only thing I would love to see change is the stigma around community colleges. I received a degree debt-free!
The campus seems to be in good shape, with renovations taking place. Students receive great education to be prepared for transferring and/or career.
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As a student in my first semester can't really say much about my program but I am enjoying my classes in social sciences. The school is equipped with the new technology and they have a lot of resources for students .
It's a great school. It's diverse, the location is beautiful and my professors so far have shown to be very into their job although I would say some of the staff especially the ones in charge of financial aid don't seem to be interested in helping you it's like they are tired of their job.
Most courses were easy and a few above average but there were no classes that a student wouldnt be able to handle
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