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Bergen has given me the opportunity to explore education in terms of a career and personal health. There are multiple opportunities native students and students from different colleges are offered. The professors go the extra mile academic and personal wise. My professors care about my well being and are not afraid to provide resources to help me feel safe and keep me motivated.
If you are a local you are going to see everyone you went to school with. Also if you have to take a high school lever class its a waste of money. They give you 0 credits and don’t count as a requirement.
So Bergen Community College is an enormous campus with many opportunities. As so it’s a place with great service and very acknowledgeable individuals. This campus has similar spots to other colleges such as cafeteria, sports, and many more. As well it’s up to date on current technology and has news on Bergen’s campus. This college has so much potential and is great for any high school students to have an idea of. Hope that if any student wants to come visit Bergen Community College and study then you’ll have a great time.
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I started my experience at a college that did not click well with me, wasting that first year. I just transferred to Bergen County College this semester and I can already feel the difference. This is a quality school with passionate educators.
Just getting started but really helpful with the process. They try everything to help you register. It might get confusing but there are people walking around checking up on you if you need help with anything. Might be long wait for the process of everything but it's worth it in the end.
Great programs there. Great school. Very affordable. incorrect information given to students by employees there. Some employees are knowledgeable and competent though. Still great school.
Paramus, New Jersey's Bergen Community College exceeded what I had anticipated when I elected to earn a cost-effective degree. I expected that because of each course credit is paid for separately, rather than a consolidated tuition price, that I wouldn't receive a quality education; I was wrong. The Computer Science, A.S. program has been both engaging and eye-opening with its boundless resources, collaborative workshops, and rigorous classes. Where there's a lack in housing and night life, it's ultimately a return on investment: I paid to acquire knowledge to transfer to a 4-year university, and to be prepared for the workforce ahead.
My experience in Bergen Community College was long and interesting. I learned alot. As I walked through the halls of BCC, I saw much my way. There was alot of homework and work you had to listen too.
Bergen Community College is a good choice for students who have no ideas what their future will look like. This school will use all the resources to make sure that every student is ready to move into their next chapter in life and that they have all the help they need.
Bergen Community College has provided me with an outstanding level of opportunities. As an international student, it could be very difficult to obtain scholarships or good counseling for my classes and my transferring plans, but BCC has helped mw greatly with plenty of helpful advice and support.
Bergen is not your typical community college if you decide to get involved. Taking classes, joining clubs, volunteering, and working on campus can change your entire experience here as a student. The professors are understanding and supportive. The one thing BCC can improve on is the organization in Financial Aid and paperwork.
The people that work there need to be more educated in their job do they don’t give incorrect information.
There are some really great professors there. If you know what school you want to transfer to and take some of the general education courses at Bergen, it will save you a ton of money.
I love Bergen Community College. Everyone is so friendly. The teachers always go the extra mile to make sure you are learning.
Had a excellent time At Bergen Community College. Made great memories there and teachers and staff were very good. A proud graduate from there and wouldn't change a thing.
Bergen Community College is a great choice. I went straight in after high school not knowing what career was right for me but finally found nursing! Some of the professors are absolute gems and love what they do. Much love for them!
When I started going to Bergen, I thought they would not have the tools necessary to train me to get a good career. I didn't even want to go at first However, as I'm now a current senior student, I can admit that I was proven wrong. I loved most of the teachers and the many activities one needs. Though they do sometimes lack when it comes to those who plan to transfer, they do make the effort to help as best they can. I encourage any student who struggles with finances or are unsure about what major they want to pursue, I suggest you start your future here
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So far, Bergen has been pretty good. I am almost done with my first year, and I do not have many complaints. The professors I have had so far are fair, and very knowledgeable.
It's good. Can't even lie. My experience has been a good one so far. Good professors, a lot of opportunities, and a good place to transfer from. A+ would recommend.
No reason to complain, people are nice the professors know what they are talking about and you end up with a lot of knowledge.
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