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The classes at Bergen are great if you take the time and study. The professors really care and want to see you succeed and move forward in your academic career. The library is also well equipped with any resource a college student would need to do well in a class. Most of the classroom and pretty good technology in the classrooms, and he professor take advantage of that by having many ways to display the material in class. Parking is also good on campus.
My experience education wise has been great. I have had incredible professors and the nursing program is wonderful. It is challenging yet there are opportunities for the students to widen their understanding with the help of faculty and resources. However, the school's financial aid office could use some work. The phone never gets picked up. You have to go in person, when that is sometimes not easy to do for many students. I just wish they were more proactive when it came to answering phones.
Even though it is a community college, there are so many opportunites at this school compared to the other 18 community colleges out there in New Jersey. Very friendly, great teachers, staff, advisors. Highly recommend!
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Bergen Community College is one of the best community colleges in New Jersey. Professors are awesome! Everyone is so helpful there. You get so many opportunities, for instance, I got my first job because of the job fair they have every semester. I improved so many skills not just by attending classes, but participating in many events, like ted talk. Learned The American Sign Language by going to the ASL club. If you are someone who is looking to study in a community college, BCC is your best choice.
A Really good college to start your professional education. Good transfer programs and excellent ALP or ESL programs.
bergen community college was a good place to go to get an associate can go for a community college for two years take an associate degree and then transfer to any other college ( 4 years plan) to take your bachelor degree from it.
I wish the cost was more affordable per credit. You do get a quality education here and the professors want to see you succeed.
I’ve had a great experience overall at BCC. Great campus, clean, awesome teachers and parking! This college gave me a chance to up my grades to get into a 4 year school in the future.
Good experience in school setings, like the diversity, enjoy class with some professional professor that will alway remember them for thier unique teaching and caring for student. Diversity in staff and in student life! 🔥🙏🏻❤️💙🌎🇵🇷🇺🇸💪🏻
Went to the Lyndhurst campus more often than Paramus campus. Lyndurst campus was very clean and peaceful. There are computer labs in addition to the library. Plenty of places to sit, and relax and it's more quiet than Paramus. Cons are that the food in the cafeteria is expensive, they took away the bookstore, and the hours in the cafeteria/library are more limited. So if you take evening classes you won't be able to use the library and you'll have to bring your own food. Not a lot of events go on here like in Paramus.
Bergen Community College provides great general education courses that will help undecided students take time to decide on their career pathway. The school is affordable, and it provides Associates in Arts and Associates in Science.
Bergen Community College is extremely affordable, close to where I work/live, and they offer a great education for the price you pay. They also offer great resources for transfer students. Very helpful with students who need guidance towards their degree.
Being a student at BCC was an amazing experience. I got my Paralegal degree in two years and right after graduation I was ready to get into the market. The program were amazing and complete. All the professors and staffs are very helpful in any kind of matter, they are always willing to help you with your problems. Also, the big difference in my case was the price, BCC is very affordable which make it possible for me to earn my degree.
Nice smaller campus atmosphere. The staff could be more helpful and nicer. When needing help with filling out stuff for class registration they arent the most helpful. The smaller classes are nice tho, for the most part all of the teachers are nice and willing to work with you when you need help. Nice, safe campus.
The teachers are wonderful. The guidance counselors were not as helpful as I would have hoped for, but overall great experience.
I'm very appreciative of my time at BCC - some professors I've had are brilliant. This is a great place to take basic courses before transferring.
very good professors, but make sure you check their ratings online first. good food. wish cafeteria was open past 2:30, and the dunkin doesn't accept coupons for some reason
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Great Community College! It has the level of a college but with a reduced tuition. The transferring is smooth and it has so many partnerships with many universities when you decide to go to a four-year college. The academic staff is very prepared and the admissions office very helpful. Also many opportunities for scholarships.
Bergen Community College has a homey feeling. the professors are highly educated as well. It motivates you to find passions you never knew you had.They make learning fun, as well they provide you with so much information. You are also being surrounded by like minded people or other with positive outcomes. Most importantly they have hope in you that everything you want to achieve , you can and will do it.
I am going into my second year at Bergen Community College as a nursing student. There are incredible professors and amazing resources available to students who are looking into studying any of the offered health professional majors. From general education to nursing specific, I can't say that I have had a complaint about my classes. I came across one professor that I butted heads with, but, other than that, my academic experience has been better than I could have imagined.
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