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Bergen Community College provides great general education courses that will help undecided students take time to decide on their career pathway. The school is affordable, and it provides Associates in Arts and Associates in Science.
Bergen Community College is extremely affordable, close to where I work/live, and they offer a great education for the price you pay. They also offer great resources for transfer students. Very helpful with students who need guidance towards their degree.
Being a student at BCC was an amazing experience. I got my Paralegal degree in two years and right after graduation I was ready to get into the market. The program were amazing and complete. All the professors and staffs are very helpful in any kind of matter, they are always willing to help you with your problems. Also, the big difference in my case was the price, BCC is very affordable which make it possible for me to earn my degree.
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Nice smaller campus atmosphere. The staff could be more helpful and nicer. When needing help with filling out stuff for class registration they arent the most helpful. The smaller classes are nice tho, for the most part all of the teachers are nice and willing to work with you when you need help. Nice, safe campus.
The teachers are wonderful. The guidance counselors were not as helpful as I would have hoped for, but overall great experience.
I'm very appreciative of my time at BCC - some professors I've had are brilliant. This is a great place to take basic courses before transferring.
very good professors, but make sure you check their ratings online first. good food. wish cafeteria was open past 2:30, and the dunkin doesn't accept coupons for some reason
Great Community College! It has the level of a college but with a reduced tuition. The transferring is smooth and it has so many partnerships with many universities when you decide to go to a four-year college. The academic staff is very prepared and the admissions office very helpful. Also many opportunities for scholarships.
Bergen Community College has a homey feeling. the professors are highly educated as well. It motivates you to find passions you never knew you had.They make learning fun, as well they provide you with so much information. You are also being surrounded by like minded people or other with positive outcomes. Most importantly they have hope in you that everything you want to achieve , you can and will do it.
I am going into my second year at Bergen Community College as a nursing student. There are incredible professors and amazing resources available to students who are looking into studying any of the offered health professional majors. From general education to nursing specific, I can't say that I have had a complaint about my classes. I came across one professor that I butted heads with, but, other than that, my academic experience has been better than I could have imagined.
I am a nursing student at Bergen Community College. Overall, I love it. I transferred here and I must say, I love the environment of Bergen so much better. I love the people, everyone is so friendly, with plenty of options when it comes to eating. MOST of my professors have been amazing.
Bergen Community College has enabled me to be ready for next level courses at a university. Specifically, my professor, Albert J Cupo really had me engaged in the three business classes that I took with him and i appreciated his eagerness in the subject and his willingness to help struggling students.
Bergen Community College has more resources than most private colleges. The school provides a tremendous amount of help for all types of students; whether struggling in classes or emotionally. Most of the guidance counselors are well trained and even sometimes reach out to you. Recently they've even been making class scheduling much easier, along with adding many improvements around the school, including a new science building. There are many clubs to attend. Most of the professors are great, and actually care about your education.
One of New Jersey's Best Community Colleges. There are various different career choices and many different programs to choose from.
I loved Bergen Community College. The professors were great, the material was taught very clearly and the atmosphere was welcoming.
This school has a wonderful sense of community. Everyone that I have come into contact with has been awesome in their own way.
Like many community colleges, I assume, BCC lacks the unity among students that most institutions have. The quality of the education provided is only as good as the professors. If you do not take the time to research the best professors a certain field has to offer, then chances are you will be stuck with relatively unwanted classes. Even so, this is one of the best decisions a student can make in order to save money. It cuts the costs of college by a lot if you intend to transfer to a four year institution.
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A great college. Full of great students and also professors. everyone is willing to help if you need it all you have to do is ask.
It is literally High school part 2. so if you enjoyed the immature, high school atmosphere, clueless counselors and sometimes unprofessional professors, this is the school for you!
I felt that the other students weren't very friendly and didn't take the courses seriously. I had a very average experience and I feel like I was not pushed to my fullest potential. I feel like i would do better in a more serious academic setting.
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