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Berea does not normally offer online classes, however with the state of education right now, the college has learned to take everything tot he web and done so very effectively.
Berea college offers you work experience while getting a high quality education. It allowed me to meet so many great people and introduced me to futures i never thought possible for myself.
No net connections at all. Not only that, most professors take "no connections" as "excuses". Some get failed for this.
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It was horrible. Net connection is sporadic. It's not because of anyone, but the department is incompetent. It usually takes days to get everything back online. But the time, assignments were missed. Despite knowing all this, most professors won't accommodate you. I have seen some people get failed based on this: completely out of their control.
Being online at Berea college is a struggle to say the least. Considering this is a on campus school with no online classes offered before this pandemic, switching to online is very different. The school is still handling it as best as they know how.
This is a great school with many oppurtunities. It's small but has a big reputation with its No Tution Promise Scholarship which helps low-income students have a chance at an education. With everything going on with this "pandemic" they are having a hard time answering and getting info out to students. Nonetheless, this school overall is one of the best out there.
Berea does not offer online learning so I did not have to worry about that. We did, however, get switched to online because of COVID-19. I did not learn anything during that time.
The only thing this college has going for them is the no-tuition promise. The professors are okay; the dorm life is terrible. There is not much to do since they do not allow cars on campus unless there is a particular circumstance. If I am honest, the only reason I decided to attend was that I am poor and could not afford anywhere else.
Berea College, while I wasn't the most enthusiastic about it as a freshman has really come through for me. The people there are amazing and have been invested in seeing me become successful after my time there. Going to Berea has taught me that just because I come from a poor back ground that doesn't mean I shouldn't have nice things and be successful.
I've learned so many things at Berea. Not just academically but in religion and how I view the world and country I live in. I've learned about people, responsibility, diversity, and a lot about U.S-Japan foreign relations.
Great professors! The campus is beautiful and has a variety of spaces for students to study. I miss it!
Challenging at times. Some students do not have the same resources at home as they do on campus. This could've been considered.
Great college, a remarkable environment to grow and learn. I received a quality education at no cost and all four years, I made life-long friendships and memories. The only drawback I can think of is how major recruiters ignore Berea College.
Like all students, Berea Students love to complain about Berea, it's one of our favorite things to do. Berea is in the middle of nowhere, the nearest mall being 40 minutes away, and because parking is so limited almost no-one has a car to get anywhere. Berea has no party scene and alcohol isn't allowed on campus. The food in the lunchroom isn't great and we all have to work on top of our crazy hard school work.
But despite how much we complain about the school, we all love it. Berea is the place that had hope in us, that saw us as more than poor sad kids doomed for nothing, they took a risk and with their help, we are going to succeed.
I am a senior currently. Berea has definetly tried me with my mental health but overall its a good place to be. I've never been out of the U.S. until Berea so I definetly will cherish this college and all the amazing opportunities they give you ❤
I like that it is diverse and it is small which I like a lot. I wish they had more food options on campus.
This college is a blessing for those unable to afford higher education. Berea college offers a no tuition promise to students who come from lower income households. They offer a ton of financial aid in forms of scholarships, loans, and grants. Berea is extremely helpful in any way they can be. However, communication on campus and between departments is nonexistent, in order to obtain any help they offer you often must jump through several hoops to get to where you need to be.
My favorite part about Berea College is the academic opportunities provided. The professors who work at Berea are extremely qualified and are incredible instructors. I have yet to meet a professor who has not been extremely helpful and friendly.
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Definitely not your average college. It's a great bang for your buck and education is great for the most part, but they force you to take classes that go against christianity and tell lies about history such as saying black people were the only ones to ever be enslaved, which is a lie. If you're white, male, and a conservative Christian they will try so hard to kick you out. Their Christian center is not at all Christian. The college itself is very occultish and harasses people with beliefs contrary to the ones they push on you. From the outside it looks great, but the hierarchy of the college doesn't care about its students. Much corruption. Please take my warning and don't come here
Worst school ever! We trusted these people with our daughter and several bad experiences took place on campus! Daughter has not been the same since she attended there!
The small campus allows for intimate and genuine relationships to form between the students with each other and with the professors, faculty, and staff. It offers an abundant variety of resources to aid students develop and strengthen their skills and experience.
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