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At Berea, you engage in the labor program and have the opportunity to gain 4 years of work experience- a unique model of gaining academic and field experience. Berea's community is a place where you can celebrate all aspects of diversity and engage in growth-promoting social justice dialogues. Great for students who are willing to work hard for a meaningful undergraduate college experience. Very convenient for international students who are looking for a tight-knit community to live and learn in. In brief Berea not only extremely affordable, but also full of opportunities to grow, serve and receive life-changing mentorship and training.
There has been a lot of opportunities come to me just from being college. However, one of the best things about Berea is that students have the option to apply to study abroad. Also, since I am in the music department (music minor), I get to see amazing professionals perform in front of my very eyes! I am so blessed by this and encouraged by these talented people every day to improve at the piano and singing. I suppose one thing that I would like to see change here at Berea is everyone taking advantage of what they have. Berea College has a lot to offer, and it would do my heart well if people could really understand how blessed they are. Other than that, I have enjoyed being a student here and being a part of this community very much.
Compared to any other school in the Appalachian region, Berea would be a fine choice and one that you would not regret choosing if college tuition presents an unbearable financial challenge for you. However, "free tuition" does not come without other consequences. It is made free because they don't pay a lot for the faculty. Consequently, the STEM field here is lackluster since there are not many capable professors who can teach well and inspire. However, if you listened to my advice and went to another place, say UC Berkeley, I can guarantee that you will pay back your loans in 2-3 years.
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Berea has been absolutely amazing. My favorite thing about the school is the care that the professors have for the students and their availability. If a student is struggling the professor will notice and try to engage and try to help as best they can because the professors genuinely want to see all of us succeed.
Considering it's free, it doesn't get much better than that. The professors are hard on you but will also help you if you are willing to help yourself. You're pushed to the best of your abilities.
I absolutely LOVE Berea College! I love the campus, I love the diversity, I love my international friends (I mean I never would have imagined to best friends with a Somalian, Iranian, Nepali, and Texan, let alone be in the same breath all at once), I love my roommate, I love my classes, I love my professors, and I love myself even more than I did before I came to college! It's hard, but it is worth the tears!
It is a very welcoming school. If you are a potential athlete things may get a little tough because it is also a working school. You will have to work a minimum of 10 hours weekly, attend classes, and on top of that go to practice and study! Berea is really demanding and although the professors there care for the students, anyone can easily fall a little off course.
Berea College is an amazing college that cares about it's students and is an amazing community. I would definitely recommend going there because you will learn a lot.
Very good experience. Academically challenging. Professors really care about the students. There is a big push for diversity, but only from a liberal viewpoint... it seems to be hard to be a conservative here on campus. There are lots of opportunities for social engagement, but this is not the school to go to if you want to party.
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Berea is not for the faint of heart. It is very rigorous. Although academics and facilities are wonderful, the school greatly lacks in the area of student safety. There is a serious problem regarding rape on this campus.
Welcome to Berea College. I am an alum of this school. I am tremendously surprised by the overall experience I had while attending this institution. This is one place where it's very difficult to survive academically, financially, and socially. Everyone expects you to be yourself but no one really cares. There is a high tension between student diversity: color students don't hang out with Whites and vice-versa. Professors have no power to regulate their classrooms. Hatred and homophobia are wide opened even though the school has a strong campaign against these forms of occurrences. After graduation, many may feel happy to be debt-free but the anxiety and stress the students experience while they are on this campus may undo the joy of graduating debt free. Overall, I rate this school as average.
The College has done nothing to create an inclusive environment where various thoughts and beliefs are tolerated. The College from the administrators to students has a strong progressive leaning that it does not tolerate other political thoughts and religious beliefs. My friends and I were fiercely attacked by students who disagreed with our political and religious views. It is hard to freely exchange ideas and thoughts at Berea, as most of the progressives only value diversity in terms of skin color, but not thoughts and ideas. Berea is a very difficult place for free-thinkers and anyone who is not a leftist.
Berea College is a pretty and the diversity here makes everything much nicer. The class sizes and the overall college size is small which makes it easier to get one-on-one help from professors.
Everyone at this college truly cares about your success and if they see that you are struggling they will provide any extra attention that you need in order to suceed
Very prestigious institution. Not a party school but you can still have fun. If you get into this school you are a special person.
I love all of the professors I know here. They are always available to help students no matter what trouble students might have. The only thing I do not really enjoy in my college is food from dining services
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Caring, engaging professors; beautiful campus in the middle of the quaint town; college community involvement; and no tuition!
I appreciate Berea for giving me an opportunity to higher education at very little cost, and I respect Berea's mission. However, I applied to Berea on a whim, didn't realize that academics here is lousy and is not real learning. Most of the students here only strive hard in their classes for the grade, not the desire to actually learn. While there are a few good professors here, most of the professors received their PhDs from University of Kentucky, EKU, or other second to third tier schools. Classes are extremely boring; I barely learned anything new here despite having excelled in most of my classes. A degree from Berea is not worthy of four years of your life because the average income of Berea grads is around $30,000 or less. Unless you want to have a minimum wage job after graduation, I strongly don't recommend you to apply and attend Berea College. I am transferring after this semester.
Berea College is strenuous but very supportive. They are strict which can be aggravating but there are various helpful resources on campus that well make up for that. From the vast library to the free Campus Counseling, Berea College is a beautiful and structured environment for learning.
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