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The small campus allows for intimate and genuine relationships to form between the students with each other and with the professors, faculty, and staff. It offers an abundant variety of resources to aid students develop and strengthen their skills and experience.
I'm going into my fourth semester here, and I can say I absolutely love it! I admire how Berea provides free tuition for low-income students who would otherwise not have the funds to pay for college. Attending Berea has helped me understand the world better and learn more about myself. I would recommend anyone to attend, however I suggest they be very determined because Berea is very academic driven.
You're looking at free college. You're looking at debt-free graduation. You're getting an education that doesn't cripple you for the next 20 years.

Diversity is amazing.

That said, there are no real parties aside from the ones you put on with your friends. At Berea, you make your own fun (we're working on being more fun though).

We have a Walmart. The local area is small and freshmen cannot have cars on campus. Be prepared to walk everywhere for at least a semester or two.

As part of the work-study program, students are responsible for much of the work on campus. That includes dining. The students, who have no idea how to season eggs, are responsible for your nutritional intake. Not good.

Don't expect anything special related to athletics.

But hey, free college.
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Berea College has a great tuition free scholarship that pays dividends in the long run. Students are friendly and the professors are more available due to the low student to teacher ratio.
Berea College is a very nice college. Here I feel lie I fit in very well and the community is really nice. I enjoy the small amount of students in classes because you develop great relationships with the Professors. I also enjoy the variety of classes that Berea has to offer.
Berea College has a tuition free promise, which is kind of amazing, but it is not very transparent the fact that even if your financial circumstances do not increase, your term bill does.
Also, they try to accommodate for some disabilities and mental health issues, but some of the policies are more detrimental to some students than helpful, and some accommodations get forgotten about, such as many handicapped doors not working.
However, the people and the culture of the students is a wonderful fit that you seem find a place to belong, no matter who you are. You will be loved and supported through all the stress the college causes.
Berea College was rank as one most leading private liberal arts college in the United States, fact that I personally love. This college also support students with financial problems and give them the opportunity to continue their education. There are numerous clubs and organizations to join, students of Berea College are really involve with the institution. The teacher have a good relationships with students. They also have a beautiful Campus, small but spectacular.
Everyone is kind. You would think after living with my parents my whole life and loving them immensely would make me sad, but Berea is a second home. Your professors all help you and you supervisors are all there for you. The fresh air and warm enviroment helps fill any void. I also made many great friends.
Berea College is absolutely amazing. It is truly a special place. I don't know where I would be without Berea and all that it has given me. From the full tuition scholarship that I received, to being able to study abroad with 33% of the cost being covered by Berea, to my fully funded internship in my field of study , and last but not least graduating from an accredited institute of higher education with no debt I could not be more grateful for my experience at Berea.
The best opportunity for any student of color, has great professors that love to see students succeed, great centers for students of any intersection to relax, and also teaches students about cultural issues and gives students tools on how to use them.
Berea College is a wonderful place to obtain your education. With the wide variety of majors and educational opportunities, it is impossible to not have a worthwhile experience while making many friends along the way. I would definitely recommend Berea College to anyone looking for a valuable education.
I like learning for the sake of learning. Berea provides many opportunities with its tuition free promise and diverse student body. While Berea's dorms are not great, and food service is awful (and required) I have received funding to travel abroad and take an 8 week internship. I have had to take out loans for 6,000 dollars, but it is worth it for my two abroad experiences and the funding for my internship.
I enjoy having a small classroom setting so I am able to meet with my professor one on one if I am struggling with the material.
At Berea, you engage in the labor program and have the opportunity to gain 4 years of work experience- a unique model of gaining academic and field experience. Berea's community is a place where you can celebrate all aspects of diversity and engage in growth-promoting social justice dialogues. Great for students who are willing to work hard for a meaningful undergraduate college experience. Very convenient for international students who are looking for a tight-knit community to live and learn in. In brief Berea not only extremely affordable, but also full of opportunities to grow, serve and receive life-changing mentorship and training.
There has been a lot of opportunities come to me just from being college. However, one of the best things about Berea is that students have the option to apply to study abroad. Also, since I am in the music department (music minor), I get to see amazing professionals perform in front of my very eyes! I am so blessed by this and encouraged by these talented people every day to improve at the piano and singing. I suppose one thing that I would like to see change here at Berea is everyone taking advantage of what they have. Berea College has a lot to offer, and it would do my heart well if people could really understand how blessed they are. Other than that, I have enjoyed being a student here and being a part of this community very much.
Compared to any other school in the Appalachian region, Berea would be a fine choice and one that you would not regret choosing if college tuition presents an unbearable financial challenge for you. However, "free tuition" does not come without other consequences. It is made free because they don't pay a lot for the faculty. Consequently, the STEM field here is lackluster since there are not many capable professors who can teach well and inspire. However, if you listened to my advice and went to another place, say UC Berkeley, I can guarantee that you will pay back your loans in 2-3 years.
Berea has been absolutely amazing. My favorite thing about the school is the care that the professors have for the students and their availability. If a student is struggling the professor will notice and try to engage and try to help as best they can because the professors genuinely want to see all of us succeed.
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Considering it's free, it doesn't get much better than that. The professors are hard on you but will also help you if you are willing to help yourself. You're pushed to the best of your abilities.
I absolutely LOVE Berea College! I love the campus, I love the diversity, I love my international friends (I mean I never would have imagined to best friends with a Somalian, Iranian, Nepali, and Texan, let alone be in the same breath all at once), I love my roommate, I love my classes, I love my professors, and I love myself even more than I did before I came to college! It's hard, but it is worth the tears!
It is a very welcoming school. If you are a potential athlete things may get a little tough because it is also a working school. You will have to work a minimum of 10 hours weekly, attend classes, and on top of that go to practice and study! Berea is really demanding and although the professors there care for the students, anyone can easily fall a little off course.
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