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I love everything about bentley! They really do prepare you to be successful. There's so many resources and connections available.
My experience with Bentley has been a positive one. The class sizes are small, so you have close relationships with your professors and they are able to help you immensely. The Career Services is one of the best in the nation, and you can almost guarantee a job after your four years.
I love Bentley University. I have gained so many career and aspirational opportunities through my three years here and I am confident that I will leave Bentley prepared to be in the work force.
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The Bentley campus is ideal. There is plenty of green spaces and nature all around campus. The campus is in a nice area away from the city. Bentley runs a shuttle service from the campus to Harvard Square which is quite convenient and a great option for every student. The academics at Bentley are through and enjoyable. This definitely is a top notch business school.
Bentley is a really good school that provides a lot of connections and possibilities to succeed in the future.
The job placement is in the top
Bentley Alumni are great because they will go to great lengths to help out current bentley students, and I believe bentley has a great network with them and also other recruiters.
There are a wide variety of courses to take and the quality of the courses is great as well. Professors really care about your education too, even when you take a course completely unrelated to business.
The campus it pretty safe, and the campus police do a good job making sure they're around and visible.
The dorms are really nice, although the process of choosing a room might be a tad difficult. The dorm rooms are very spacious, and depending on where on campus you want to live, there's always some major facility or academic building near it.
I haven't personally rushed any greek life, but from what I've heard, it's pretty difficult and pretty time consuming.
This school doesn't have the best athletic atmosphere. It's not what people generally go to Bentley for. With that said, Bentley itself is a very fit school, and people typically try to keep themselves healthy and in shape.
Academically, it is one of the best schools you can go to for business education.
Don't come here for sports
Students arent the most engaged, but the professors and classes generally make up for it
The school talks a lot about people getting internships but I have yet to see this in action. As for jobs I think these are easier to find on campus with available resources.
Professors are either very knowledgeable in that they will have actually done what it is that they teach or have even written the book you learn from, or they are adjuncts and do not care. Usually,the it is a combination of the two.
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Ehhh, I'm not a fan, it's just not for me as it has a very large focus on business.
I am not worried about being prepared for future
Tough because they know everything, but very nice
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