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I love the competitive nature of Bentley. It pushes me to be a better person and student. The students here that I have met here have changed my perspective on different aspects to trying something new in business
One of the best business schools in the state and country. The faculty is extremely knowledgable. Most importantly, the school will help you get an internship and you will find a great job after you graduate. My friends and I all had at least 3 job offers in our field at graduation time.
I think Bentley has incredible resources and has a great Career Services staff. They are committed to helping students find opportunities for internships/full-time offers after graduation and ensure students are prepared for interviews. Academically, professors care a lot and are always willing to help!
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Academics are alright but feel overrated. Feels basically like high school pt 2 with a worse sports atmosphere and less girls
This school is amazing. Professors in many departments are super dedicated to their field and their students. The gen-ed teachers are definitely worse but still manageable. Econ department especially is amazing.
Select programs and professors are excellent! Some professors are very knowledgeable and give great insight into your area of study. HOWEVER caution with contact with administration - anything contact with IT services, Health services, or other departments is a MISERABLE experience. Some workers have terrible customer service and act snotty back to you when you ask a question. Their website provides incorrect information all the time, with broken links all over the place. It is completely unorganized. If you can stomach the bad service - and only care about the academics this college is a great! If you can find a school that offers you the same academic experience with a better, streamlined and organized admin and website then stay away from Bentley! Bentley is a major headache when it comes to getting clear answers to tuition, registration, services, etc.
Bentley University is the best college! Not only do the professors prepare you for the working world, they are also great connections to have. Most of them have made great names for themselves in the business world and are more than willing to guide you in the direction you choose. Being on the track & field team is also a great experience because everyone is dedicated and helps each other with everyday activities to personal issues.
Coming to Bentley has shown to be the best decision I could've made for my future. They are one of the best in career services and i'm highly confident in the bright future Bentley is preparing me for.
Bentley University is well known for its education in business management. Its reputation lies in the education standard, world class technology.
The university is a great place for one to find what they want in life... as well as don't want. You must take the initiative to make the school your own. The more your put into your academics and social life, the better your experience will be.
I though Bentley University provided an atmosphere that highlighted education yet never forgets that school is not all consuming. I enjoyed the style of classes as well as the placement. Overall, I felt the campus was welcoming and a place where I could learn.
I am a rising senior at Bentley University and as far as overall value goes I couldn't be happier with my decision to attend. The professors are intelligent men and women with real world business experience who want to help you achieve your goals. Bentley invests in its students by giving them all the tools they need to be prepared for the real world.

The one thing Bentley lacks is the "traditional college experience" you would get from going to a larger state school. Athletics are not closely followed, and most student are more concerned with getting ahead than having a good time.
I like the environment at Bentley University, even though it is a small university composed of 4,000 students you will always get to meet new people while seeing familiar faces around. Something the they could improve on is the cafeteria food. Overall Bentley is a great university.
I love everything about bentley! They really do prepare you to be successful. There's so many resources and connections available.
My experience with Bentley has been a positive one. The class sizes are small, so you have close relationships with your professors and they are able to help you immensely. The Career Services is one of the best in the nation, and you can almost guarantee a job after your four years.
I love Bentley University. I have gained so many career and aspirational opportunities through my three years here and I am confident that I will leave Bentley prepared to be in the work force.
The Bentley campus is ideal. There is plenty of green spaces and nature all around campus. The campus is in a nice area away from the city. Bentley runs a shuttle service from the campus to Harvard Square which is quite convenient and a great option for every student. The academics at Bentley are through and enjoyable. This definitely is a top notch business school.
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Bentley is a really good school that provides a lot of connections and possibilities to succeed in the future.
The job placement is in the top
Bentley Alumni are great because they will go to great lengths to help out current bentley students, and I believe bentley has a great network with them and also other recruiters.
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