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The admissions office is awesome to work with on financing your education. The facilities are incredible and offer students many great opportunities to develop their skills. The staff is highly qualified and helpful. The professors really help students prepare for their careers.
There are a lot of really good professors at Bentley, although if you come here be prepared to have a large group project in every class. While the academics side of Bentley is strong, there is quite a bit lacking in terms of student life. It is hard to get involved in groups that don't involve partying, and if you try and attend athletics games (which I do recommend), you find there are very few people interested in going. The residential life is problematic, I personally have had multiple problems that were never really addressed, and it is very unfortunate that the staff never seemed to care that I was unhappy and struggling with my living situation.
Bentley is great especially if you are a focus driven individual. The environment is that of Harvard, Yale, Cornell or any other of the Ivy Leagues! Students are gravely concerned about their grades mostly. It is very intense academically but can be a special place once you can balance and maintain as well as have control and restraint. If you are into getting the best return on your investment, this is the place for you. Bentley is very well known in the Northeast region and has a lot of prestige behind its name. You are more than certain to obtain a job once it's on your resume!
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As a student of color at Bentley University, it is very hard to say that I see many people that look like me and that the university is diverse, because it truly isn't. While that may be the case, the college sets up great programs and clubs for students of color to connect with people similar to them, a great way to make up for the lack of diversity.

While academics at Bentley is tough, it is very appreciated, as the school sets you for post-college, with the additional help of job recruiters on campus, that help with finding a summer internship or post-grad, a concern that many students have.

In terms of everyday life at Bentley, the food isn't so good. While one or two days of the week are filled with many delicious food options, the rest of the week can be barely edible. In terms of late night dining, no food options are open after 1 AM, which sucks after a weekend of staying in due to the campus poor party life
I like the way everything is organised. From Open House to starting classes. The staff is very helpful.
I love how Bentley University has a closed off campus feel but is also so close and connected to the city of Boston. The faculty are always there for you whenever you may be having difficulty in a class and the schools Career Development Program do an amazing job of preparing students for Internships and how to enter the workforce. Additionally, when it comes time for graduation and finding a job, the Professors are all very well connected, and if you have a strong relationship with them, can help you get an interview at a company you love.
Really good business school. Food in the dining hall needs to be better, especially since the majority of students live in dorms and are required to have a meal plan.
Bentley is a school that trains very good employees. If you want to end up as an upper-middle class manager at an insurance or software sales company, go here. There is no emphasis on critical thinking, interdisciplinary studies across liberal arts, or freedom of thought and expression in general. If you do not fit the mold, you will not be supported, and you will not excel.

There is very little room for 'exceptional' students to come out of Bentley due to the lack of thinking ability demonstrated by students. They can hardly write, read, or articulate themselves. Students are NOT well-rounded, grounded, kind, empathetic, thoughtful, or considerate. There is a culture of selfishness, the desire for money above all else, and a lack of basic morals and ethical thoughts. Graduates are exceptional at doing exactly what they are supposed to do when operating within large enterprise organizations. Outside of this,
I went to Bentley for a year, but the college didn't really fit with my personality/ interests. The social atmosphere is very difficult to get into, you have to actively search for good people. If you love accounting and finance this is your school.
SO expensive
bad food
good academics
campus is so pretty
small classes are great
not much diversity
the center for women and business is amazing
career services is amazing
not a big party school
not big on athletics or school spirit
When touring Bentley University I felt like I was at home. The students smiled at you and the faculty made you feel welcome. I felt like I could comfortably ask students and employees questions about the campus. Since that tour I have not found another college that had the same effect on me, no other colleges have had the same welcoming atmosphere when you are on campus. Bentley is an amazing school and I would highly suggest it to anyone that is interested in studying business.
Bentley University has exceeded my expectations thus far. I'm only a Freshman at the school, however I have met some amazing friends, and everyone on campus is very friendly. The academics are challenging but I know I am getting a great education. The food choices could be better and the social scene is average, but if you have a good group of friends it can make for an unforgettable experience
The academics are great, the campus is nice, the professors and staff are amazing, the party life is ok but not always perfect.
This was such a bad decision! There is a very unsaid culture here that is so toxic. Living with reslife is the absolute worst part. Administrators are all on a power trip. GBs, which are core classes DO NOT TRANSFER TO OTHER INSTITUTIONS. If you are on edge about this school make sure you know that! It is so boring on weekends, you legit have to pray for a party. If you're a rich white kid you'll have a great time though.
Overall I could not be happier with my choice. The opportunities are great here. If you take advantage of all the clubs, talks, and activities you will learn a lot. The food is not amazing but you can use discretionary funds. The campus is very nice. Dorms are good. If you are interested in business and are highly motivated this is the school for you! Even if you are not interested in business the skills you learn here will apply to whatever you do in the future.
Bentley was the best decision I ever made. As a current Senior, Bentley has 100% prepared me for my future career endeavors. Although I am sad to Graduate, I will forever cherish the friends I made, the experiences I had, and the knowledge I gained .
I love that Bentley challenges you. It puts you in an environment where everyone is driven to succeed and everyone supports one another.
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Good school and education. Bentley has top of the line professors who are all well accomplished. Social life and party scene is a complete joke. Friday and Saturday nights there are only 1-2 big frat parties going on and you need a 2 to 1 girl to guy ratio to get in and the schools ratio is 70% guys 30% girls. If you don't just want to sit in your room and study all week then go somewhere else. For a school in Boston the party scene is laughable not to mention every hot girl has 5 guys right next to her.
I've met some special and amazing people at Bentley. I have also met others who are apathetic and selfish. Like any school, it is challenging and rewarding. Professors are a bright spot, and it isnt to hard to avoid GPA landmines. Sometimes it is easy to feel isolated at Bentley, but with a little proactivity and effort you can forge a strong social life and still do well academically.
The only thing I do not like about Bentley is the lack of diversity. Also the food is not appetizing at all.
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