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The campus is beautiful and the basketball coaches are so great. I'm on a basketball scholarship and I feel part of a family.
They quickly adjusted to online learning and provided resources to us to help us stay in-touch with updates.
Transferred after two years even though I was on the Deans list. Academically good but everything thing else was marginal. No school spirit. Weekend parties were lame and food quality was terrible. The teachers were not really excited to teach here. And school diversity consists of NY NJ MA and ME. So culturally not very energizing. Unless you are there because you couldn’t afford elsewhere. Select a better university with a better overall experience. My view is pretty consistent with all my friends. The only difference is they are there on half price tuition.
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Heard that it’s about the same as Uphoenix. Save your money take accounting classes online at 30% the cost
I decided to attend Bentley because it offered me the best. A great sports environment and a scholarship that will help me a lot.
Bentley is a great school to call home. Wonderful classroom environment, responsive administration, strong community, exciting athletics and great academic reputation.
It seemed like a nice school with a great education program. The school did not show me too much of what the inside of the buildings looked like when I took a tour, but I am sure it can not be too bad
Mediocre school that costs too much. Students are very insecure. The school’s career services are overrated, unless you are an accounting major. Food is poor at best. Athletic facilities are not particularly outstanding. About 70% of professors are pretty terrible teachers, and about 50% genuinely could not care less about the average student. You can make the best of the education, but employers and graduate schools will still look at “Bentley” on your resume and think it’s nothing special. Having a good GPA from an Ivy is better than a perfect GPA from Bentley.
Great place to get educated! Now approaching the end of my career and Bentley absolutely set me up for success!
Bentley University has the best internship programs and the opportunities students receive there is phenomenal. The only thing I wish for them to change is to offer better food.
I liked how the college was big enough to see a new face everywhere but not too big where you would get lost. I also like how it is a business specific school, I want to go for marketing so Bentley will definitely help me in this major.
Great for Business. You'll do amazing after graduation as long as you're utilizing resources while you are here.
I could only stand being here for half a year. It's clear when you step on campus that administration doesn't care about their students. They don't prepare you for the real world with their classes. The housing situation is awful (bugs and mice in the walls). The food (Sudexo) is worse than prison food. There were multiple occasions of finding rats in the salad bar and there was a whole colony of rats living in the dining area. I would not waste your money here.
I am a female 18 years old international student who got accepted to Bentley for Fall 2019
1 Academic advisors are always absent
2 tutors are unwilling to help
3 The campus is beautiful but boring except if you like drugs & alcohol
4 The food is dangerous and unhealthy.
5 As a female student in a campus of more than 50% male population I was agressively approached
6 Being homesick on the first month I visited the center of psychological support.
I was transferred to psychiatric clinic because the school personnel was absent at the moment.
I have never ever been diagnosed with any mental disorder maybe the Bentley nurse should !
7 In December 2019 a senior student and chief of Lacrosse team was found dead
Conclusion: I transfered elsewhere by the end of the semester .
just a BIG NO
College is a value proposition. You go there and work hard, pay for it and then see what it brings you. Bentley is an amazing place if you are smart enough to take advantage of what it has to offer. If you are going to college for good food, the arts, parties, big sports and's probably not a fit for you. There are plenty of other schools that will give you that. However, if you want to start life with a salary that can comfortably pay off your student loans, and/or give yourself a nice start in life....Bentley is hard to beat!
The small classroom setting allows the student to create a better bond with the professor. The buildings and campus are very clean.
What I experienced first hand was how organized the structure is. And also the warm gesture I received from the admission office. The office was always ready to give nice response to my request. Although I couldn't secure an admission last year I am persuaded to reapply this year.
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My experience so far at Bentley University has been excellent. All of my professors so far have been very good and usually will go out of their way for students to succeed. The worst part is the cost of attending.
If you are looking for a career in accounting or finance, definitely put Bentley on your list. However, here are some things that lead me to dislike Bentley. First, the types of students you will encounter are very entitled, rich, white kids looking to stay rich. I would say more than half of the student body is money focused and walks around with a sense of entitlement. Next, the party scene/social scene is lacking. Obviously you don't come to Bentley because you want to party but if you want to party on a weekend, good luck finding one. Lastly, you will run out of things to do on campus- you can't walk off campus, Waltham isn't that great of an area, and Boston is a lot farther than they say it is.
The admissions office is awesome to work with on financing your education. The facilities are incredible and offer students many great opportunities to develop their skills. The staff is highly qualified and helpful. The professors really help students prepare for their careers.
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