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Good school and education. Bentley has top of the line professors who are all well accomplished. Social life and party scene is a complete joke. Friday and Saturday nights there are only 1-2 big frat parties going on and you need a 2 to 1 girl to guy ratio to get in and the schools ratio is 70% guys 30% girls. If you don't just want to sit in your room and study all week then go somewhere else. For a school in Boston the party scene is laughable not to mention every hot girl has 5 guys right next to her.
I've met some special and amazing people at Bentley. I have also met others who are apathetic and selfish. Like any school, it is challenging and rewarding. Professors are a bright spot, and it isnt to hard to avoid GPA landmines. Sometimes it is easy to feel isolated at Bentley, but with a little proactivity and effort you can forge a strong social life and still do well academically.
The only thing I do not like about Bentley is the lack of diversity. Also the food is not appetizing at all.
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Bentley is an inclusive community for the most part and has a beautiful campus. The four years I spent there I fell more and more in love with the campus.
This school is extremely racist. From administration to students, students of color are targeted on the larger scheme. The administration will have it out for you, even if you have never been written up. Many students of color DO NOT feel safe attending this college. There is almost no diversity and the administration and professors will target those who are not Caucasian. Also it is too far away from Boston and the food sucks you will starve.
Bentley University does a great job of preparing the students for their careers in business. This University offers rigorous academic courses that challenge the students to think creatively and work in groups to collaborate on ideas and expand each other's knowledge. Additionally, the professors are very knowledgable and are able to offer students with applicable advice for their future careers in business. Overall, Bentley University is a great business school and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a career in business.
Very strong career services and very strong academics. Students are all awesome however the party scene isn't nearly as good as a lot of other schools. The proximity to Boston is awesome and the professors are phenomenal. The new rink is an incredible addition as well!
The professors, staff, and administration take really good care of their students. I feel welcome, safe, and heard on campus.
There's a vibrant student body with plenty of social, academic, and cultural opportunities to learn and grow and share as a community.
Bentley feels like one giant high school. The academics are overrated but the buildings and technology are nice.
Great career service but not a very diverse campus. Not so much school spirit like I hoped. Very cliquey and self-interested.
Bentley's reputation in Boston is just another school in the area. The school hypes about itself way too much. A lot of busy work too.
The professors are great.
It is like going to high school all over again. The students are driven, but usually focus on resume patting.
Summary: Rich people wanting to get rich
Self interested, apathetic, and lack of interest in the arts.

The professors are great though, they really do care about your success.
Bentley's atmosphere consists of a giant high school, not very fond of it. The campus also lacks diversity. The online homework (LearnSmart) required in some classes consists of busy work.
However, the professors really do care about about your success so take advantage of them.
Left this school to pursue my academic passions at a different institution.
Bentley is a very great campus, that has a great atmosphere. The people are friendly, and the professors care about you. Overall, a very underrated small business school and is definitely worth it!
I love all of the things avalible at Bentley. There are so many ways to get involved and ways to learn even more. The staff and professors genuinly care about the students' wellbeing.
I love my school! The academics are incredible; the professors truly care about their students and how they're doing. The social life is great as well! Bentley is small enough where you see many friendly faces throughout the day yet large enough that you see people you don't know very often as well.
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The career services is very good and they really try to give students many opportunities to find jobs. The academic focus is narrow and any student not majoring in accounting or finance is at a disadvantage.
Bentley university has great programs, professors, and location! I will be an incoming freshman in the fall, and can not wait to get started on my path to law school!
Good academics; if you major in Accounting or Finance the school resources are very helpful starting freshman year; not much diversity; situated in a suburban area and hard to get anywhere without a car
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