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Bennington is a really, really special place. I transferred in because I wanted a place without requirements, majors, etc. For that reason, it's perfect--if you're a self-directed, independent thinker who is positive about whatever classes they get and you're able to enjoy a wide variety of topics, the academic environment is awesome. I love the faculty and every course I've taken has been interesting.

Socially, I'm sure you've been told it can be tough if you're not a certain type of person--but if you're like me and you enjoy rich discussion, walking outdoors, house parties, being open, etc., it is a place where you can really thrive.

I give it five stars because it is very literally perfect for me, but Bennington isn't for everyone. It requires flexibility and openness to thrive. But, if you feel attracted to the idea of being self directed and living in an isolated community in rural Vermont, you probably belong here. I think it was truly the best decision I ever made :-)
Online learning has been tough for everyone, but Bennington made the transition really well. However, I think it is tough being a zoom student trying to seamlessly join an in-person class, so unless the entire class is zooming, it doesn't work really well.
Online learning is less than ideal for everyone, however I think Bennington is doing a good job. My professors have taken out feedback and implemented it into the online learning curriculum.
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Overall Bennington has been a dream! I am able to study exactly what I want and professors are excited to help me. I do with that there were more 4000 lvl digital arts classes.
Bennington enables students to pursue their passions, learn and practice professional skills, and create close communities both in and out of classes.
transferred out after Freshman year -- too cliquey and not enough classes to get a well rounded education. Impossible to get the classes you wanted, and they only offered like 50 classes overall. Campus so cold that everyone spends time inside, and if you don't have a group of friends by the first few weeks and it gets cold, you're stuck alone inside your house. Your house is the only good part about Bennington -- its your community like a little fraternity. I miss that part and that part only.
Overall it was pretty enjoyable to be here. It's been great so far for me academically, the teachers are super super friendly and approachable. The resources are adequate. Only major downside is the local area is pretty barren, and it can get pretty lonely here during the winter, which is like most of the school year.
They push you to define and explain your thinking and ideas constantly. At times it's very hard, but the payoff totally worth it. Students design their course of study and must constantly reshape and defend their work.
What I like about Bennington College is the ability to combine different areas of study in order to create a major you are satisfied with. The small student body is also advantageous in the classroom where students receive more attention. What I wish would change about the college is that there would be more sports to participate in.
Bennington is an amazing school when it comes to academics and helping freshmen find their way through school. Not only are the professors understanding, but they are also always open to talk to students when they are having trouble. Also, advisers for first year students know how to help with any situation you have or are there if you just need help choosing classes.
The school administration is deeply out of touch with the student population. I would recommend, if choosing to attend this school, that you do take grades the first semester or year that you attend, because if you do decide that the environment is not for you, it will be difficult to escape(transfer) without any grades on your transcript.
This school is set in beautiful Vermont farmland and has a fun artsy environment much of the time, but a lot of students are depressed and overworked and it shows.
Only welcoming if you fit in - which is VERY difficult based on what "fitting in" is here. People dress like a combination between your grandfather and a wealthy socialite. If you don't look like them good luck. It is really difficult to make friends once the first ten minutes of orientation are over. The food is awful... only okay when parents are visiting. The campus is beautiful but there is nothing going on unless you enjoy going to lectures. The town is boring unless you really enjoy going to Walmart because that is all that is here to do. Parties are people running drunk off their asses, couples making out on the dance floor, and people outside chain smoking cigarettes. If you don't smoke don't bother coming here. If you don't speak enough in class you fail which is tough because the environment in most classes is too overwhelming to get a word in. You either love it here or you hate it there IS NO IN BETWEEN.
No school would be 5 stars for me. I love this school even though sometimes it infuriates me. If you love the city and hate rural places; don't come here. The colonials are the best, so try for those. If you at all want to study business or something very specific, check the curriculum online before you come here before you decide for sure. Even though this school is small, we have crazy opportunities, so don't rule it out.
Bennington is an amazing school and such a special place. The faculty is amazing and they take the students very seriously. One of the best places out there for aspiring artists and writers.
Bennington College is a magical place, the classes are some the best in the world. You get to work with living and working professional artists, scientists, writers, etc. However, the niche of the community is small, it attracts one type of cigarette-smoking, self-impressed, ragged-clothing-wearing, "artists." There is no sense of student life, no school spirit or community.
Campus Safety is very efficient and diligent. I feel very safe on campus at all times.
We aren't voted #1 for campus housing on Princeton Review for nothing! 1st and 2nd street consist of beautiful colonial houses that house around 30-40 people. 3rd street consists of more modern houses with a more dorm-y feel but they are equally as beautiful. It's really a tight-knit community living environment and you get to assimilate with people of every grade, gender, and part of the world.
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The college process was diffficult for me and to be quite honest, I was very close to giving up and not going. Then I found Bennington, a school that sounded too good to be true. Now that I am here, I know that this school is the perfect place for me. From the interesting and unique courses offered each term, to the beautiful houses we live in, to field work term, and to everything in between, this school provides the necessary materials to transform students to well-rounded individuals by graduation.
Not much diversity. Mainly rich white kids.
CAMPUS SAFETY IS AMAZING. The staff really care about the students, and their priority is student safety and not to write students up. The are wonderful people who take the time to get to know you and develop a rapport with students. The will remember your name, major, and will soon have inside jokes with you if you treat them with general respect.
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