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I have several relatives that attended Bennett College for Women and they are very successful and only say great things about Bennett. I was on the campus at a graduation and the campus and the dorms are beautiful.
I was one of the "Bennett Chose Me" girls. I will admit I had a hatred towards the school (especially going during #StandWithBennett). I was pretty involved too. Nevertheless, it was not for me. The only good thing about Bennett is some students &alumnae. However, I should mention that while I was there some buildings ceilings started falling, I passed a lot of classes with little effort,& the school needs more transparency there is a lot going on behind the scenes. I was sad when I left Bennett because I am leaving my start and friends... I hope that Bennett survives this battles but I do not know if that is possible
I liked that Bennett College is a small school and the sisterhood that is formed on campus is unbeatable. I would have loved to see more advanced equipment in the science labs and more focus on giving students majoring in STEM better resources.
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Bennett College is a good school or a student who wants to be on a close net campus. and get personal times with professors to make your grades and education experience better.
I have seen first hand the dedication from our esteemed President, faculty and those that work so tirelessly to ensure that everyone that comes here is afforded the opportunity to thrive. The legacy on which I stand is phenomenal. I am excited to follow in the footsteps of great women that have already paved the way. There is no other place that I wish to make my make as a college student. I am honored to be at this establishment.
Before coming to Bennett they stress the sisterhood. It wasn't until I actually attended until I realized that's all they had. Bennett College is a small, traditional College for Women full of potential. But it doesn't contain the administration, or teachers to ever reach it's full potential. Between the lost of accreditation and the terrible food, I can't say too many good things about this school.
It's almost sad, when you get into an uber and the speak of how great Bennett use to be. My freshmen year at Bennett was far from normal, but because of the people and that strong sisterhood I don't fully regret it.
My experience at Bennett College was overall average. It did help me with evolving into a hard working woman but some of the teachers are not doing their job the way they are suppose too. There is nothing around campus if anything you will need a car or know someone with a car to freely more about. There is a bus but you will have to work that also into a busy schedule. Overall Bennett needs some work redone not alone to its campus but to the staff and administration.
I love my school! Sisterhood 4 Life! Bennett is a really good college, at first I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. But overtime I grew to love it. Bennett has some room for improvement in some areas and needs to work some problems out. Overall, I think Bennett is great and every women should experience the Sisterhood of Bennett College.
Bennett is at times hard...but you will leave out if it feeling like you won a Grammy. You have to deal with alit but it will make you appreciate the history and Sisterhood of the college and alumni. Some of my best memories are in this school and I pray that it will be here forevermore.
I liked the classes. The classes were relatively small and the professor for the most part are good. Bennet needs to work on the housing, food, communication and organization in funding. And the traditions need to be updated.
Bennett College is an excellent school, especially for academics. I wish that the school had a campus life and more activities for the students. Also, the staff is somewhat strict, especially when it comes to ACES.
I'd give my school a 2/5 overall simply because it is very unorganized. A lot of the activities would have better outcomes if they were better organized. I also feel it needs to be more modernized. A lot of the requirements and standards are from the past. I believe there is a way to keep tradition but perform these tasks in a more modern way. I do like the unity and sisterhood here at Bennett. Everyone truly does look out for one another. If you prefer a small school, this isn't a bad idea. I also like that it's fairly easy to make friends here. Most people are open and there aren't really any clicks. My main concern is that I feel I don't get my money's worth. Maybe if this school was private and less money it would attract more people.
My experience at Bennett College was totally unexpected. There are no food options other than the cafe which the food there is not very good, and Sandella's Flatbread and Starbucks. The staff is not trained properly to make coffee at Starbucks its full off milk with no coffee. The dorms need major reservations other than the newest dorm "Honors Hall". The rest of the dorms need remodeling. They ignore the mold in some of the rooms and the bathroom. My overall experience at Bennett College is not so great.
my experience at Bennett College for Women is very great. I have been enrolled into Bennett since my freshman year and have met great fiends and have had many wonderful opportunities. the professors are great and they really care about you its not like many other colleges where they will drop you from the class, the professors here will make sure you get your work done will check up on you and also make sure you are passing the staff and faculty really is like a second family here i really enjoy being an Bennett Belle and i always will
Though imperfect, as most institutions, Bennett College for Women is a place dedicated to the matriculation of Black women and women of color. Bennett provides good education, supportive faculty, and incredible opportunities.
Amazing sisterhood. Definitely a place to learn who you truly are as a woman and learn sisterhood. Teaches how to adjust to different or rough conditions.
I am about to go there and I am very excited and intrigued about the experiences coming my way. Being a Bennett Belle will be a huge and significant part of my life. I intend to work hard and smart, but to also grow as a young black woman in this society.
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I hope to be a future Bennett Belle, I have been accepted to the school and will possibly be a upcoming freshman. The school gives so much support and love to the students.
What Bennett lacks in funding and prompt administration, they make up for with caring, professors and staff, and a supportive environment. Walking on campus each day fills me with joy. Though there is work to do, I love this school and encourage any young, black woman to consider what this school has to offer.
Bennett is an Institution that makes it their duty to provide their students with the upmost possibilities and opportunities. They mold you into the successful young woman you may aspire to be. You may not be to keen on this college as your first choice, but once you get here you will feel at home.
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