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my experience at Bennett College for Women is very great. I have been enrolled into Bennett since my freshman year and have met great fiends and have had many wonderful opportunities. the professors are great and they really care about you its not like many other colleges where they will drop you from the class, the professors here will make sure you get your work done will check up on you and also make sure you are passing the staff and faculty really is like a second family here i really enjoy being an Bennett Belle and i always will
Though imperfect, as most institutions, Bennett College for Women is a place dedicated to the matriculation of Black women and women of color. Bennett provides good education, supportive faculty, and incredible opportunities.
Amazing sisterhood. Definitely a place to learn who you truly are as a woman and learn sisterhood. Teaches how to adjust to different or rough conditions.
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I am about to go there and I am very excited and intrigued about the experiences coming my way. Being a Bennett Belle will be a huge and significant part of my life. I intend to work hard and smart, but to also grow as a young black woman in this society.
I hope to be a future Bennett Belle, I have been accepted to the school and will possibly be a upcoming freshman. The school gives so much support and love to the students.
What Bennett lacks in funding and prompt administration, they make up for with caring, professors and staff, and a supportive environment. Walking on campus each day fills me with joy. Though there is work to do, I love this school and encourage any young, black woman to consider what this school has to offer.
Bennett is an Institution that makes it their duty to provide their students with the upmost possibilities and opportunities. They mold you into the successful young woman you may aspire to be. You may not be to keen on this college as your first choice, but once you get here you will feel at home.
I love that Bennett is built on sisterhood and follows the traditions it started on from the beginning.
well I like that it is a small campus and they offer so much support for you to do better things , throughout your college years .
Bennett College is an interesting mix of young women who are there to provide themselves with the fundamentals to have a bright future. Bennett is a small HBCU but what it lacks in size it makes up for ten fold. Bennett is very big on sisterhood and that is evident in the way your fellow Bennett Belles greet you every morning. You will always be greeted with a smile when on the campus of the school. I personally love going to Bennett College because there is always something new happening on campus.
My personal experience with Bennett College I would say that it has been a very fair but good experience so far. I am a freshwoman and so far my classes are going very good and smooth. The teachers will work with you, they are very understanding and try their hardest not to let no one fail. But it is also up to you as a student to make sure you stay on top of your work and classes. The students here are very helpful, friendly, and caring. Not only that they treat their incoming class like everyone else. They tell you so many do's and don'ts of college experience that some people may not know about. Its a very small campus but its very welcoming, my RD for my hall is like a second mother away from home. One thing that I would like to change about my school would have to be my resident hall , I would say they have small rooms and upgrade our living conditions.
I have enjoyed living on campus and interacting with students from all over the US; and I feel quite safe in being able to stroll the grounds. The professors/instructors/staff are usually available and quite helpful when needed.
terrific! my professors really showed me that they cared about me. they were willing to met with me after class hours in their office. The courses were tricky but not really hard. only hard if you didn't study.
Bennett belles go on to become doctors,lawyers,writers and so much more. Bennett has provided so much opportunites for african american women.
It was great! I love the sisterhood
I think any school helps students look for a job or internship in their field.
I'm not sure if there are any stories of incidents taking place at Bennett but to me I feel like I would be able to sleep knowing nothing is going to happen to me. I think if there was an issue where something serious of that nature was to come up there will be support and help provided to handle the issue. But with the type of security at the school an issue like that wouldn't take place.
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From what I've heard the room aren't that bad the the college experience is wonderful. Staying on campus is a life learning experience and good for those who are coming into in-dependency. Bennett college dorm life is a great way to obtain structure in the students life and provides safety.
I would say it's the best because to me any greek life is fascinating to me. I like watching others have fun and dance and pledge it's a family once you become apart of the sororities. I think it could be a wonderful experience if a incoming student was interested in greek life.
I can't really say I have had an experience with the athletics at this school but I'm sure they're good at any sport they have to offer to us students.
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