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I have enjoyed living on campus and interacting with students from all over the US; and I feel quite safe in being able to stroll the grounds. The professors/instructors/staff are usually available and quite helpful when needed.
Bennett belles go on to become doctors,lawyers,writers and so much more. Bennett has provided so much opportunites for african american women.
terrific! my professors really showed me that they cared about me. they were willing to met with me after class hours in their office. The courses were tricky but not really hard. only hard if you didn't study.
Review Bennett College for Women
It was great! I love the sisterhood
I think any school helps students look for a job or internship in their field.
I'm not sure if there are any stories of incidents taking place at Bennett but to me I feel like I would be able to sleep knowing nothing is going to happen to me. I think if there was an issue where something serious of that nature was to come up there will be support and help provided to handle the issue. But with the type of security at the school an issue like that wouldn't take place.
From what I've heard the room aren't that bad the the college experience is wonderful. Staying on campus is a life learning experience and good for those who are coming into in-dependency. Bennett college dorm life is a great way to obtain structure in the students life and provides safety.
I would say it's the best because to me any greek life is fascinating to me. I like watching others have fun and dance and pledge it's a family once you become apart of the sororities. I think it could be a wonderful experience if a incoming student was interested in greek life.
I can't really say I have had an experience with the athletics at this school but I'm sure they're good at any sport they have to offer to us students.
So far I like the school, it hasn't given me a reason not to like it or enjoy my time at the university
It's okay living arrangement are not the best
The school is a average joe. The education is very good but the living is not at all good except one building.
There are more house parties than clubs.
There could be more options when it comes to majors and sometimes the teachers aren't very lively.
There are more house parties than clubs.
My classes have been great, I sat in front of all my classes. I think it's important that the professors are aware that some students are here to be attentive and respectful. However sittibg in the front can be annoying when others are talking out of turn, but overall professors are equally respectful. The class sizes are great, makes class very engaging & brings in more effort from the students. Courses offered could be better because I know many students that have to go else where for something Bennett doesn't offer.
I applause career services because they are consistent and willing to help everyone if students are willing to be consistent too. There are employers recruiting opportunities which I like, spot on interviews. The quality of alumni network could be amazing, I've met a few alumni and they really have influence me to maintain goals and keep moving forward through my journey. I think alumni advice is so important.
Review Bennett College for Women
I feel very safe on campus nothing has happened from my knowledge. From my experiences of walking when it's late I've been safe, but I think more lighting around the campus would be good too.
Another thing that has been okay with me, honors hall is my favorite and probably everyones',it's just nice more up to date. As for the others they have the proper space but a new design would be really nice. However, the outside of the buildings are fine it's just the inside of them.
So far everything has been okay all I feel about Bennett is we need more effort and support socially.
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