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I am a student at BFIT and it is a great school for Automotive. In terms of affordable and great program, I would rank them number 1 in Massachusetts
Teaching staff is there to help you 100% of the time. Class schedules are flexible. The surrounding area is nice. Plenty of places for lunch. Student life personnel are always around ready to help.
It's a fine and quiet school placed in the backdrop of Back Bay in Boston. Sure it's not as prestigious as the other schools, but this place compensates that with a working staff that will help you every step of the way.
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Classes are alright but they are tough. Schedules depend on workload, personal lives, performance, etc. it can vary from student to student.
Class sizes are small, which allows more one on one time with professors if needed.
I felt welcome when I applied, and everyone knows each other because of the small school environment.
There are really no issues I can come up with. It is a fast paced year with lots of work.
It is a challenging school all around, however it is rewarding to know that you worked hard to do your best. You really need to stay on top of things to do well, otherwise you'll fall behind quickly. Hard work and dedication are required, just like any other college.
I transferred from bfit to Umass Boston and they gave me around 59 out of 70 credit but I can not apply for scholarships and I really need to pay for tution.
Class is always full with students. Professors are so much friendly
My goal is to pursue PH.D. Degree
Three minutes far away from train station.
I finished my study at this college and I applied at Umass Boston and I got accepted. But I did pay any amount when I apply in bfit.
The before I was taking this major at bfit I had no idea how to create android application and any other programming language but after I take my major I learned so many new things from my professor and I really appreciate that.
I just recently graduate from college with an Associate degree in computer science and my professor helped me a lot whenever I needed.
well with online courses there is no hands on, thats a down fall and there is a lot of reading. i guess doing online courses thats what it in-tells.
the career center helps you a lot. they give you places that need work and places that will pay you more for your service
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there are many opportunities dealing with my major. the work is alot but there is alot of things when dealing with cars. most of my major is hands on and im a hands on kind of person.
my school always has events to get the student involved. i would choose my school again because of the teachers. the teachers get to know you and don't judge your character
Despite the school's want for new students they did not take the credits i earned at UMASS Boston, a state school in the immediate area. This was around 20 credits of general education that would have enabled me to graduate about a semester sooner. The registrar was very unclear about why the credits wouldn't transfer but ultimately said that my general education didn't have an equivalent at this new school BFIT. I seriously debated staying at this school after hearing that.
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