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Benedictine is a great small private school. Great for students who want to ask questions in class and have one on one time with professors!
I really love this school and what it has to offer. The professors are friendly and willing to help and guide you through the course.
The school is small but has a large range of resources. Very friendly staff and qualified professors. There could be more variety in food options.
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I love the smaller school atmosphere. The faculty and staff are really invested in the community and really take the opportunity to get to know the students. There is a very strong emphasis on personal growth in all areas- not just education which is what I think really makes Ben U stand out.
I love the size of the school and how involved everyone on campus is with many different activities. Being on a small campus makes it easier to make friends and succeed better in classes due to better communication with professors. So far, I have had many great professors that are willing to help with anything that is needed. Some things I would say that could be fixed here at Benedictine is there are many updates that need to be made to the school including dorm rooms, bathrooms, computers, laundry room, and many things like this.
The only thing I enjoyed from Benedictine University is the diversity of the students and the dedication of the professors. The school is located in a boring neighborhood and there are no entertaining surroundings. Most of the buildings are still old and very antique. The tuition of this school is way to high for the school to look like how it looks. However, the professors really encourage the students and provide all the possible tools in order for the students to succeed.
Benedictine University is a very unique college. From the diversity to the friendliness of others, each day made my experience there better. The staff at BenU are very understanding and helpful to make their students succeed.
Benedictine University is one of the best small Universities a student can choose to attend. It has a new, state of the art business school, an extremely favorable professor-student ratio and a wide variety of quality academic degree programs. Its close proximity to Chicago gives students an outstanding choice of potential internships. Over 80% of fortune 200 companies employ a Benedictine University alum and that is an impressive statistic by any reasonable measure. I would recommend this fine University to any student seeking a uniquely enriching academic experience.
I transferred to Benedictine my sophomore year and I immediately felt at home. The staff is nice and understanding, classes are enjoyable, and I think I will be staying at this school.
Benedictine University at Mesa, AZ is a university that has what a volleyball player is looking for. For example, scholarships, small classes and great schedules.
I like Benedictine University because of how small the class sizes are. Every professor knows me by name, and it's easy to get a hold of them. The campus is beautiful, and everyone here is so friendly.
Very good professors, dorms are fairly rundown/haunted. Food is very hit/miss, but you'll meet some of the most loving, caring, and sweetest people in the world here.
I love the size of the campus. Everything is easily accessible and convenient. The overall campus vibe is cool and releaxed, very great place to be.
Online program for graduate school is very manageable while working full time. Requires balancing and plan but only focusing on one class at a time is helpful.
I really like Benedictine but the tuition is a lot. I find that discouraging for students. I'm in my junior year and have been very involved with the school. I have been on the Men's XC and track teams for the past three years. I also have been working at the museum since my Freshman year where I am the Chair on the student advisory board. I have been on the Deans list all four semesters. I apply every year for scholarships under my major and get denied.
The Hallmarks at Benedictine represents the morals and values that the University reinforces through each course, which are all great in every aspect of a persons life. Socially, psychologically, spiritually, and physically helps with the development of a healthy way of life and well-being for students.
Benedictine University at Mesa is great, it's is a nice small school and the professors are amazing. The faculty and staff ensure your success is high and help any way possible. All around great school.
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Very small college but a very close community; also, working on improvements to come. Many great programs to study here, but the size of the school has it's limitations.
BenU is a good university. Certain classes are harder than they are suppose to be. People are friendly. Lots of clubs and organization. Many helpful professors.
Benedictine University is known for their diversity. All of their students are respectful and treat others with respect no matter of their race. The professors are well educated and very professional. It is great school to develop yourself as a better person because everyone around are great. It will definitely change you as a person and as a student.
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