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Benedictine University Reviews

394 reviews
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This school is really for me. I love the faculty, students, and the amount of people ready to assist me in my studies or finance. I am having a great college experience, thanks to Benedictine!
I don't visit the campus very often so I don't have knowledge of what occurs.
My experience has been good. The instructors are passionate about what they are teaching. The online students have access to various learning tools to gain a better understanding of the course material. Benedictine University is a great university because of the many opportunities that are made available to help students get the best education.
My math class ended at 10pm and I sometimes had to walk to my vehicle in the parking lot. I did feel safe because an officers were lose by watching the students ensuring that they got to their vehicles safely.
The student prospects vary depending on the field that you are in. For example the business has a variety of different areas of study. I am pleased with my field because it offers options that I can utilize when I have completed this course of study.
  • College Senior
  • 6 months ago
  • Value
The rate of the campus describes the values and beliefs of the school. When's new student arrives on the campus they look for indicators that describe the values and beliefs of the school. This demonstrates how and what the schools motto is.
Most students that enroll in college that want to be inclusive and be involved socially they join a sorority. Many colleges support theGreek life because it enhances leadership skills, and helps students to find their niche. I don't feel that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a part of the group if that is where your interest lies. The characteristics of being a sorority member involves a student that is confident and or willing to be a risk taker.
When observing the sports and activities the students seem to engage in sports which speaks volume for the school. In my opinion if students can feel comfortable enough to not only take classes but involve themselves in sports to show support of the school is clearly a good indication that the students can build up the morale of the university.
My overall experience with the school is good. I currently take online classes so I have not had much face to face contact with a professor my interaction and communicate is through student engage. I enrolled in a math class last year that required me to go on campus and that experience was good. The instructor explained the work assignments I detail, and showed examples giving step by step instructions. She was very passionate I carrying out the mission to assure that students understood the work and also that each student would accomplish his or her goal to understand the work and pass the class with a greater understanding of the work concepts. So I would say based on my experience Benedictine University is a good school to attend.
There is no Greek life at my school.
Sports at my school are relatively new so there is a lot of hype around them, but the teams aren't very good in their division.
If i could choose all over again I would have chosen a different university. Although i am very grateful I am receiving an education i know i could be getting a better one at a different university. All i wanted was to receive a higher education after high school. now that i look back i think that i should have seen which school was better.
I feel like this school will help you get prepared for life.
  • College Sophomore
  • 7 months ago
  • Value
Like I said earlier, the academics are good but the social life is not that great.
Very safe and no violence.
Not the newest facilities, but it will do.
  • College Sophomore
  • 7 months ago
  • Housing
I was on the Benedictine Men's Basketball Team that made the Final Four and reached the National Championship game. It was a great experience.
Very good school for the sciences, very challenging and makes you work hard. Professors are very helpful. However, the social life at this school is not the best.
The classes are convenient, but challenging. I wish that some of the online instructors were more available, but I still do well. I'm am in the nursing program and I enjoy
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