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Benedictine University is a very diverse school with an average sized campus. Everyone knows everyone, everyone is very nice and the professors are very helpful most of the time.
Benedictine University is a good school if you are looking into the science/pre med field as well as business field. they are very well known for there pre med programs and they also have a 4+1 program which helps you to obtain a masters in 5 years. The people there are very welcoming and really care a bout community. With that being said however, the campus is relatively small, so some people might feel suffocated here and it is harder to have the full college experience because it is a catholic university. It also extremely expensive to attend this school and the dorms are not worth staying in. Overall this is a decent university and if you don't small quiet environments and are only focused on academics solely then, it may be the university for you. However, if your are looking for a full college experience with more people, parties, nice living, etc, then it probably isn't for you and you should save your money.
I enjoy the atmosphere of Ben U, instantly I felt welcomed by all staff, and the students I have met throughout my first year at Benedictine University. I enjoy the atmosphere of the classes as well because they tend to be small, and you are able to have a one on one relationship with the professor.
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Benedictine University in Mesa is very helpful and close to home but in my opinion the housing is more on the expensive side. Majority of the staff are very friendly and have no problem helping you out when you have questions.
Benedictine University does a great job at providing a safe space for its students and the community surrounding it.
Benedictine is a 4 year university that caters to all the individual needs of their students. At benedictine I felt that I could be my own individual and still succeed in my education.
I love Benedictine University! The neighborhood is nice and quiet. Also downtown Naperville is a couple minutes away with many stores and restaurants. I play lacrosse there and know the athletic department is helpful and friendly to everyone. The campus is small but beautiful with clean, chemical free landscapes and a quad for everyone to use. Some teachers are better than others (like every campus), but it’s easy to learn about each professor through students or even rate my professor.
Mediocrity is the word to describe this school. There are a handful of excellent professors, but that is the extent of the school's excellence. The few professors that I have had are the only redeeming qualities of this school. There is nothing unique about this school, so they compensate with diversity as their only outstanding feature.
It's been a pretty good experience so far as the faculty are mostly caring and can make a great number of friends.
What I thoroughly enjoy about Ben U is that because its a smaller school it is easier to obtain help in each of your classes. Also because it is smaller it seems you know everyone. What I would change about this school is the living facilities as well as the food this school is lacking significantly in both of these areas.
I was interested in this institution because it offered and excellent dual degree: Master of Science in Nursing /Masters In Business Administration program. The admissions staff members were very knowledgeable about the program curriculum offered. They were very committed to working with me to ensure that the correct documentation was submitted and were readily accessible when I had questions or concerns related to working and pursuing my advanced degrees.
A little pricey, very nice and knowledgeable faculty and staff. The campus is clean and safe. Overall a good school with good programs.
The subject matter was diverse which allowed you to explore various avenues of public health but looking back on it I think this made it harder for me to realize what area of public health was a good path for me. I recommend taking the opportunity to talk with your professors and advisors as they are often working on very inspiring projects and can offer you some advice. If I were to improve one thing about this program, it would be to incorporate more service learning opportunities for students so they can network and get experience prior to graduating.
The campus was nice and small. Benedictine is easy to get around because all the buildings are connected. The majors offered are great to choose from.
this school was not the best. this school is definitely for you if you don't really care about partying, having a sense of community, or having fun. Also, if you are a commuter this is the perfect place for you because literally nobody lives on campus. I lived out of state so I couldn't go home on weekends, but everyone else did so I was alone most of the time. the administration doesn't care about sexual assault, the police shut down every party because they only happen in one apartment. this school was not good. the only good part was my psychology teacher.
I would highly recommend Benedictine to anyone! There nutrition program is amazing and I learned so much while at this campus!
The campus is up to date and welcoming for all students of all ages and everyone is always opening up opportunities for you to fit in some where that you belong. The campus is beautiful as well and such friendly people
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I love to BenU Mesa branch campus! Such an awesome private school experience. It is a small campus but filled with a great environment for students. Located downtown Mesa, a fun little place. It is a great private school investment, with great programs, majors, clubs, and NAIA athletics.
I love this school. It has a big feeling for such a small campus. Everyone knows everyone and it is so friendly. There is no crime on campus that I have heard, I fell very safe. There is nothing I would change about the campus. If you are looking for safety, good education and want to know your professors know you by name, this is your place.
Benedictine has become my second home and my second family. Despite it's quirks, I fell in love with the school before I even started. Students and staff are always here to be there for you and help you out no matter what. It's a very relaxed and calm atmosphere. There's nothing but support here from the staff and your peers. Yes it's expensive, but it's worth every penny.
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