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Good school. Small classes, welcoming environment. Very safe and close knit. Would recommend! Visit campus if you attend.
Pretty smooth and lots of resources. Zoom is the main platform, but everything is working well. Office hours still available!
I just became a student at Benedictine, so my first semester is during the pandemic. I can't rate much of the campus life, but I can rate the administration. My enrollment process was super easy and everyone I communicated with during the process was very helpful.
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During this time (the pandemic), almost all classes are online. I think the professors are doing a great job adjusting to this circumstances and transitioning all their materials to online.
During my spring semester at benedictine, half of the semester was moved to online class. This was such a different aspect to work in. I personally don't have a lot of resources at home, and I had plenty of distractions with four other kids living in the household. Making this transition a very difficult. Overtime it became easier to do online. Thankfully to the amazing professors who put in a bunch of work for us students to work around a schedule that fits us best. I felt like being at the university working with the professor. They were very patient and understandable with our limited resource, and worked their hardest to make us succeed in their course.
I felt like benedictine allowed me to express myself with feeling judged. I'm used to feeling so much pressure on every aspect in my life. But benedictine has brought comfort in my life. It They offer so many resources to succeed at the school. Hence, when I feel at lost I have someone like the staff and students who are willing to take the time to get through tough situations. One of the advisors that worked at benedictine always had the right information for me to flourish my career in school and out of school. These close connection had left me with a weight lift off my shoulders because I will never feel alone when I have questions about classes, technology, school loans, books, and career option in and out of the school.
A great learning experience overall. There's great professors and the campus feels like a second home.
The online experience was very good. The professors managed to coordinate the classes very professionally.
I’m actually about to transfer to BenU from MacMurray college. MacMurray closed this year due to financial problems and the current pandemic did not help the situation either. Im applying for as many scholarships as I can to help make tuition a little more affordable. The tuition price from Macmurray to Benedictine is a little out of my price range but I’m hoping to be able to bring that down even more. I’m super excited to transfer to BenU, everyone has made me feel so welcomed even though I haven’t been on campus yet. BenU really stood out to a lot of my friends from Macmurray which is why I would really like to attend in the fall. I’m still debating whether or not I will play basketball this year, that all just depends on how much I have to work to pay tuition
I have not had to take any classes online at BenU yet, but trying to transfer during a pandemic has not been easy but the staff at BenU has made it possible. The professors and counselors have helped me so much to create my schedule, answering any questions I have and always being there to help you when you need it. It’s he’s not visiting a campus before deciding but the staff at BenU have worked really hard to provide video campus tours, they will join you on Zoom if you have any questions and they have all around made this transfer process a lot smoother
During the pandemic it was a smooth transition with e-Learning. We used different apps, the teachers & IT were very helpful and hands on
Need more options for class times & more teachers but overall a good school. I think tutoring center needs more tutors. I like the campus atmosphere, I like how hands on teachers are. I like student activities. I like how school gives the students opportunities to see what can be improved in the campus. I enjoy small class setting.
I really like the school environment beaucse it gives you the college feel without making you feel over whelmed. I personally prefer smaller school environments where I’m able to have class sizes that range from 15-30 people and i enjoy being able to have one on one interaction with my professors. Also i enjoy that they have a cafe that provides Starbucks drinks for students as they are able to enjoy a drink! Some improvements the school can change as a whole i better space for studying areas. There isn’t much space for students to find a quite and spacious area where there able to study. It is pretty limited to kindlon center and if they expanded or created more areas for studying it would benefit the students greatly. Also i believe that they should open more food centers within the school so students are able to pick up snacks or a lunch in between classes. Lastly another improvement they can make is parking. I feel that there is a definite need for more parking spaces.
Benedictine University is an amazing university that is full of opportunities, great professors, and staff that are always ready to help.
Benedictine University is an amazing school for business and healthcare professionals. There are many things to do, and the school is a very fun environment. The dorms do need a little bit of work especially the boys' dorm. It is by Downtown Naperville so ordering food is accessible. The cafeteria food is not the best, but there are many different options. It is a very diverse environment to be in, and it is a great school. There are small class sizes which is one of the biggest things I love. The professors are all PhD's so they are very experienced.
Benedictine University is a very diverse school with an average sized campus. Everyone knows everyone, everyone is very nice and the professors are very helpful most of the time.
Benedictine University is a good school if you are looking into the science/pre med field as well as business field. they are very well known for there pre med programs and they also have a 4+1 program which helps you to obtain a masters in 5 years. The people there are very welcoming and really care a bout community. With that being said however, the campus is relatively small, so some people might feel suffocated here and it is harder to have the full college experience because it is a catholic university. It also extremely expensive to attend this school and the dorms are not worth staying in. Overall this is a decent university and if you don't small quiet environments and are only focused on academics solely then, it may be the university for you. However, if your are looking for a full college experience with more people, parties, nice living, etc, then it probably isn't for you and you should save your money.
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I enjoy the atmosphere of Ben U, instantly I felt welcomed by all staff, and the students I have met throughout my first year at Benedictine University. I enjoy the atmosphere of the classes as well because they tend to be small, and you are able to have a one on one relationship with the professor.
Benedictine University in Mesa is very helpful and close to home but in my opinion the housing is more on the expensive side. Majority of the staff are very friendly and have no problem helping you out when you have questions.
Benedictine University does a great job at providing a safe space for its students and the community surrounding it.
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