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this school was not the best. this school is definitely for you if you don't really care about partying, having a sense of community, or having fun. Also, if you are a commuter this is the perfect place for you because literally nobody lives on campus. I lived out of state so I couldn't go home on weekends, but everyone else did so I was alone most of the time. the administration doesn't care about sexual assault, the police shut down every party because they only happen in one apartment. this school was not good. the only good part was my psychology teacher.
I would highly recommend Benedictine to anyone! There nutrition program is amazing and I learned so much while at this campus!
The campus is up to date and welcoming for all students of all ages and everyone is always opening up opportunities for you to fit in some where that you belong. The campus is beautiful as well and such friendly people
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I love to BenU Mesa branch campus! Such an awesome private school experience. It is a small campus but filled with a great environment for students. Located downtown Mesa, a fun little place. It is a great private school investment, with great programs, majors, clubs, and NAIA athletics.
I love this school. It has a big feeling for such a small campus. Everyone knows everyone and it is so friendly. There is no crime on campus that I have heard, I fell very safe. There is nothing I would change about the campus. If you are looking for safety, good education and want to know your professors know you by name, this is your place.
Benedictine has become my second home and my second family. Despite it's quirks, I fell in love with the school before I even started. Students and staff are always here to be there for you and help you out no matter what. It's a very relaxed and calm atmosphere. There's nothing but support here from the staff and your peers. Yes it's expensive, but it's worth every penny.
Wonderful school with a very hands on education. Most of the teachers really care about you and your education and will be there for you as long as you take the initiative to help yourself first. The only reason I give the school 4 stars out of 5 is because of the financial aid office. They are incredibly slow about adding aid to your account and they never answer the phone which can be a little discouraging. Otherwise this school is a GREAT school and I would recommend it.
Benedictine has amazing academic program. Since it is a private school the classes are harder than normal college schools but it better prepares you for the future. Their on campus living I don’t suggest though because it’s very expensive and not the cleanliness.
What I liked about Benedictine University is the diversity. I also liked how friendly everyone is and how welcoming they are.
I love how close everything in the campus is. Students are friendly, staff is willing to help you whenever you need it. My advisor has been awesome and love the small community.
Benedictine is a great small private school. Great for students who want to ask questions in class and have one on one time with professors!
I really love this school and what it has to offer. The professors are friendly and willing to help and guide you through the course.
The school is small but has a large range of resources. Very friendly staff and qualified professors. There could be more variety in food options.
I love the smaller school atmosphere. The faculty and staff are really invested in the community and really take the opportunity to get to know the students. There is a very strong emphasis on personal growth in all areas- not just education which is what I think really makes Ben U stand out.
I love the size of the school and how involved everyone on campus is with many different activities. Being on a small campus makes it easier to make friends and succeed better in classes due to better communication with professors. So far, I have had many great professors that are willing to help with anything that is needed. Some things I would say that could be fixed here at Benedictine is there are many updates that need to be made to the school including dorm rooms, bathrooms, computers, laundry room, and many things like this.
The only thing I enjoyed from Benedictine University is the diversity of the students and the dedication of the professors. The school is located in a boring neighborhood and there are no entertaining surroundings. Most of the buildings are still old and very antique. The tuition of this school is way to high for the school to look like how it looks. However, the professors really encourage the students and provide all the possible tools in order for the students to succeed.
Benedictine University is a very unique college. From the diversity to the friendliness of others, each day made my experience there better. The staff at BenU are very understanding and helpful to make their students succeed.
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Benedictine University is one of the best small Universities a student can choose to attend. It has a new, state of the art business school, an extremely favorable professor-student ratio and a wide variety of quality academic degree programs. Its close proximity to Chicago gives students an outstanding choice of potential internships. Over 80% of fortune 200 companies employ a Benedictine University alum and that is an impressive statistic by any reasonable measure. I would recommend this fine University to any student seeking a uniquely enriching academic experience.
I transferred to Benedictine my sophomore year and I immediately felt at home. The staff is nice and understanding, classes are enjoyable, and I think I will be staying at this school.
Benedictine University at Mesa, AZ is a university that has what a volleyball player is looking for. For example, scholarships, small classes and great schedules.
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