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It is hard to review just because I feel that over the last few years my financial aid has been non existent since I could only take 1 or 2 classes
Some classes are only offered in the fall or spring.
Very mediocre. There are clubs but a lot of these clubs don't have much depth. I feel like the people who create these clubs don't really put much effort into them other than having the ability to write it in their resumes.
Review Benedictine University - Springfield
Nothing great or bad, it is just ok. They offer basic services regarding resume help and somewhat help out with career options.
Some professors are amazing and others are brilliant but just horrible to relate with students. My academic counselor has just been the worst for me. Sometimes I am really in need of just good guidance but he always points either a chart or paper. Other than that, the school is quite good.
The major is good and I have actually applied so much to what I have learned to my job and my hobbies.
I just feel so helpless with my counselor and just the direction I was trying to head in trying to graduate but nobody would really help me. I even paid the audit fees which to me are just so much money and I find out super late what classes I needed. Unfortunately I have had to drop out of school due to the high fees I have, and I am just so close to graduating but I still owe so much money.
we're a friendly school we have all types of race.
your able to get a job right after
everything is great in the resource center
i think its kind of expensive
Everyone is very cliquey, it's like being in high school all over again
Basically the same as most places. If you're middle class it just hurts you more than helps you.
Adonis is super helpful, probably the most helpful person at the school
Professors are usually accommodating, pretty much there to learn then leave.
For the students that live on campus they seem to interact a lot. Living off campus I feel so disconnected to every one on campus.
they try to give students what they need to succeed. The resources really only help traditional students that live on campus.
Review Benedictine University - Springfield
All my credits transferred in as electives. None fulfilled any other requirements. The teachers really weren't able to work around my schedule. I either had to work around theirs or not get the extra help.
Administration is really nice. They will try and acknowledge you when you're around. The campus is not open during hours that are good for me to go to the library or work in a computer lab there. The library is never quite. It is extremely hard to study and focus on campus.
The only reason I am going to this school is the convenience of the location.
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