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I didn't take any classes online, but I've heard nothing but good about them! They don't have the community that regular classes do but from an academic standpoint they're still very good.
The Community here is absolutely amazing, the people are very friendly, welcoming, and very helpful. The amount of faculty also means you are never short of help and often have very personal relationships with your professors.
Overall Benedictine is great! However, some things I wish had been different was the obvious catering towards athletes simply because they were athletes
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The professors did really well with meeting the students needs as we all tried to adjust to the new situation
I did not take any online classes from this school, but I heard from friends that they were sufficiently well taught.
I was hoping to major in art, and then graphic design when it became a major, and whereas there is a lot happening in development and growth in those academic departments right now, I found it was insufficient to fuel my development as an artist and I felt unprepared for a professional career. The general education courses I took were excellent. The campus and academic facilities are lovely and well kept. However there was something left to be desired in student care and wellfare, and I think the school could benefit in offering student care in student guidance, nursing, and therapy. The faith life on campus was also a major part of my positive experience there.
Lovely little school, very unique vibe and promising future. You have to be catholic or you're not very welcome. There's two types of students there: an athlete or a jesus freak , not much in between. Parties only on Sunday (by that I mean at mass) which is cool if you like classical organ music or only like red wine. The dorms were cool, I liked the 70s architecture (1870s i mean). The food was alright, reminded me of middle school lunch because it's always pizza or nuggets and no one uses the salad bar. Love life there is kind of hit or miss, you gotta know some bible verses on the ladies or talk about winning high school states to get some. For a good time I recommend car pooling to Walmart or staying on campus with the monks (which i refer to as the black klansman, no difference I could see). Be sure to brush up on your philosophy and know your religious beliefs before you come because buckle kiddo you're in for some Ora et Labora brah.
Benedictine College has a wonderful community aspect to it. The campus is beautiful and the professors are generally warm and helpful. The dorms are decent and the food perhaps less so. If you are looking for a vibrant Catholic experience for college, Benedictine should be the go-to. Just make sure you apply for scholarships.
The teachers are very knowledgeable, the campus is beautiful and it is a very Catholic place. You can pray the rosary at the grotto, go to mass every day as there are many chapels and time choices. There are always activities available on campus. so you don't really need to leave.
Benedictine College is a very prestigious catholic college. Benedictines academics are top-notch and the professors are very helpful.
I love Benedictine College for its many opportunities. I have made many friends here. I love the community we all have here with each other. The professors and classmates are great and I am always having fun. I wish the campus food was a little better.
It is a place where you can get into your catholic faith. The people are very nice. My teacers were great and they really cared about the students.
Benedictine College is a great community environment. Where ever you go on campus people know your name. You truly get an at-home feeling when you are on campus. The connections that are made with the professors are ones that will help you excel in life when it comes to letters of recommendation for graduate school and beyond. The friends that I have made are now my closest friends. There are such strong bonds that are formed between us because the campus is so small. But it is a good and comfortable small. It is small enough to know everyone but it still feels big walking around campus. Overall it is an amazing school highly recommend.
I have had an overall very good experience so far at Benedictine College. My professors have done a good job teaching me the material and helping me when I need it. I have excelled in my classes and there is a great community here. The main thing I would like to see changed is the food.
An overall excellent School, great academics and excellent professors who are invested in each student. Administration can be difficult to work with, residents life office is very bad at their job, which is unacceptable considering it is a resident school, and cafeteria food is awful.
Very unprofessional RAs and administration when dealing with situations. They are more concerned about money than student safety. They do not investigate situations properly. Wouldn't dare return to this school. Worst experience ever.
As only a freshman, I can only speak from a small pool of experience. But so far the professors seem genuinely interested in students and happy to help. The dining hall food is absolutely atrocious.
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Hi, My name is Tj and I'm a Sophmore at Benedictine College. I'm pretty involved on campus and also participate in a varsity sport, football. I think Benedictine provides a great education and many opportunities and majors for any prospective student. Benedictine is also a religious-affiliated school but doesn't push a student to convert in any way or form. The school is very open-minded and gives welcoming arms to all students. Since I've been at benedictine, I've had the chance to create great relationships with friends, teachers, and coaches; relationships that I don't think would compare anywhere else. If a student wants a smaller college community, close relationships with their professors, and a place to grow. Benedictine is the perfect place to stop.
What I love about Benedictine is that you are given so many oppertunities to grow in the community and it is all up to you to take or waste those opportunities.
The community at Benedictine is absolutely amazing... the professors are willing to help whenever you need and are authentically invested in your education.
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