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I think Benedictine is a very mediocre education for what you are paying, hence my decision to find a better option with a greater education.
I think Benedictine is an amazing school that provides multiple opportunities for students to flourish and succeed.
Benedictine is an amazing school with a great community and awesome professors! It's a small school so it's very easy to get to know people and get involved with things! There are always events going on that are a lot of fun and are also a great way to get to know people! Also the Catholic community here is amazing! Mass and confession at so many times you have to try to miss it!
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Benedictine College is a place where faith and learning are the fundamentals of their teachings. The faith is showed by almost everyone on campus from the monks who live in the abbey to the professors teaching all of the classes. The campus is beautiful and has a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing attributes as well as almost always having activities on campus for everyone to participate in.
Beautiful campus, wonderful faith-life integrated in the education, hopeful to be a student there soon!
Benedictine College is a wonderful small college. It has such a strong and great community. The relationship between the professors and students is exceptional. The classes are small so the professor gets to know every student on a personal level.
I Love Benedictine College. There are many positives and negatives throughout the campus but the experience here is unlike any other. There is never a day that goes by, or even really an hour, that you do not see happy people and smiling faces ready to talk. Yes, there are a lot of Friday night Parties. Yes, Whiskey Wednesday's are a thing. The people at Benedictine College though are unbeatable. Anyone that goes here will truly be touched
Benedictine College is a great experience for me. I love the community and faith there. It's a small community, so I get to know people as well as the professors get to know students better. I can ask professors questions and get a lot of help from them. They know our names well, and it truly feels like a family. I have made great friends there who have supported me a lot. And the faith is so strong that I have grown up so much spiritually.
Professors really care about students, and classes are small that there is plenty of one on one opportunities with professors.
It's good but also small and lacking amenities.
It's decent but could be better.
Athletic programs greatly add to the community and the environment of the school but don't provide much excitement and entertainment.
Housing differs from building to building, but overall it is good.
Athletes have a huge role on campus and are just as involved and dedicated as other students. They help the whole school get excited about supporting our teams.
I cannot imagine myself anywhere other than Benedictine College. It is a place that challenges everyone to be the best versions of themselves. We have great school pride, and our community is truly like family.
A liberal arts degree is a good thing to have when looking for jobs because it shows that you are a well rounded individual. Benedictine does have a very good alumni network, with many alumni in high ranking corporate positions in a variety of companies. However, it isn't very easy to find internships or entry level jobs during the school year because Atchison is a small town in the middle of nowhere. It's about a 30-45 minute drive to Kansas City, where there are some prospects, but that isn't an easy commitment to make.
The professors at BC are great and they truly care about the education we are receiving. Class sizes are very small and personal, and the professors are very knowledgeable about the subjects they teach.
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I feel really safe on campus and I'm fine walking across campus alone at night. There have been a couple lockdowns due to a shooting in town and a threat, but the res life staff did a good job to make sure we were safe, and the issues were resolved quickly.
For the most part you are required to live on campus since we are a residential college. I feel like there are a decent amount of living options available, but only if room draw works in your favor. Some of the buildings are a little old and run down, but nothing you can't live with (except the flooding in first floor McDonald). The sense of community you get from living on campus is great and I would take that over a nice off campus apartment any day (not that they have those in Atchison).
Students are fairly supportive of athletics, but the school makes a much bigger deal of them. I feel like the recruited athletes get a little more special treatment and scholarship money than they should, especially with how small the school is. There is almost a division between some of the athletes and the rest of the students because a few of the athletes are only there because of their scholarships, and not because they are interested in what the school has to offer as a Catholic liberal arts institution.
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