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What I love about Benedictine is that you are given so many oppertunities to grow in the community and it is all up to you to take or waste those opportunities.
The community at Benedictine is absolutely amazing... the professors are willing to help whenever you need and are authentically invested in your education.
Benedictine is incredible! As a student pursuing a degree in science, the basis of liberal arts academics equips me to competently communicate knoweldge and understanding with peers and professionals in my field of study.
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Benedictine College is vibrant with the light of Christ while still having strong academics, even in STEM!
I am always amazed at how BC isn't ranked higher in every category--Not only did I love my time at Benedictine as a student, as an athlete, and as a Catholic, I can say that it prepared me very well to succeed in graduate (Law) school. You get from Benedictine what you put into it. Do you want college to be easy? Then you can take easy classes. Do you want college to be challenging? It won't be impossible, but it's worth it to take the harder professors and classes. BC's athletics are supurb compared to the other teams we play--the level of coaching staff, the facilities, the teams--everything. I think a good factor to determine whether a college is suceeding or not is by looking at the student participation at campus events. BC often has more fans at away-games than the home team does. That speaks volumes. The professors are wonderful and will work through anything with you--they are at BC because they want to be, not because they have to be. I'm very proud to be a Raven alumn.
I loved the campus very much. The people I met there are fantastic, and you really feel at home when you're there. The academics are good - challenging, but not impossible. I found the professors to be great. They all want you to succeed and are very friendly and willing to help.
Benedictine College provides the ideal Catholic liberal arts college experience but has lots of small annoyances such as expensive tuition, additional fees, strict dorm rules and options, and mediocre to bad food. The professors are great, knowledgeable, and genuinely care for you. The Catholic presence on the campus is genuine but not too oppressive. It is a small campus. The college has a surprisingly big emphasis on sports. Overall a great school.
I love being a student at BC. The campus culture is fantastic, and everyone here is so welcoming, on top of receiving a great education!
Loved everything about my 4 years a Benedictine except the food service and the town location. The environment is great, and the campus is beautiful, made life long friends here and they honestly have a great Business program that I was not expecting from such a small school. Faith life is wonderful and totally accessible, but not forced down your throat.
Good looking campus with new buildings. Has a super-friendly atmosphere, though you'll have to make your own friends (if that makes sense). Tuition is expensive--that's the con.
Benedictine is what you make it. Some of my peers and friends had a poor experience with the academics or the social life – but they also took the "easy A" classes that didn't require much effort and therefore didn't teach much, didn't push themselves to take harder but more stimulating classes that could have only earned them a B, and didn't seek out supportive friend groups. In my experience, and those of other friends of mine, most of the professors at Benedictine are happy to teach you as much as you want to know, there are many social opportunities for everyone regardless of whether you're Catholic or from the Midwest or in sports or not, and yes, there are real parties if you know where to look! The monks on campus even brew their own beer. So if you're going to college to get the piece of paper and get out...yes, you can do that at Benedictine. But if you're going to learn as much as possible, then also yes. You can definitely do that.
I love Benedictine College, from the professors, to the classes, to the vibrant faith life, to the other students. Benedictine - as a liberal arts college - does not merely focus on preparing each student according to a major, but focuses on giving the student the best of everything, including a well-rounded education.
Attending Benedictine College was the best decision I have ever made. The atmosphere around the entire campus is beautiful and it is fully engrossed in the Catholic faith. Everyone is truly looking out to make your experience the best it can be, and it is easy to find a friendly face anywhere on or off campus.
Benedictine is a place you'll love to call home. The community, education, and general atmosphere is second to none.
Benedictine College is a small liberal arts school, with a population of only a couple thousand. The benefits here are amazing, everyone is kind and helpful, and always willing to study with you. Located in the middle of campus is the student success center which is there as a study space or a space that anyone can go to if they need free tutoring!
Benedictine College is a good small school that has a great community and has a strong Catholic atmosphere. I like the relationship between the students and faculty and that every teacher knows their students. The one thing that is not as good is the price. Benedictine is very expensive and most people should expect to acquire a lot of debt by the time they are done with college. Overall though, the college has a beautiful campus and I would definitely recommend attending if you have the financial means and don't mind being surrounded by a lot of Catholic cultures.
Benedictine College is a great college for anyone to attend. The atmosphere is very friendly. I would recommend anyone to come here. The professors are determined to teach and help the students with anything and everything.
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I really enjoy the sense of community that the give provides through events presented by college and the living environments. Not only is there a good community here but the people here are really welcoming and kind. People will hold doors for one another, use manners, and want to get to know strangers. The down side at this school is that the food is not the best and there are a lot of religious people here who do seem to judge.
The community is fantastic and there is an effort from the faculty and staff to really know the students.
Absolutely amazing school! There are courses for every interest, and you are exposed to so many different courses as a liberal arts college. The pillar of the college are upheld, and even though it may seem strange to live on campus all four years it is a blessing in the long run! Highly recommend Benedictine to everyone!
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