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My experience has been good! I have 2 sons who attended Benedict College. My oldest son graduated a few years ago after graduation he move back to Atlanta in currently working a great job! My other son transferred from Alabama A&M which was a bad experience after coming to Benedict his college experience has been a positive one. Staff support is great, dorm life could improve but I think that’s all college dorms. The police department has been very visible as a parent my two sons have had a great experience.
I didn't appreciate the fact that when I arrived on campus I had nowhere to go for 2 days.I am an incoming freshmen from Sacramento CA.I flew way out here by myself and didn't have any extra money for an hotel.I understand that i'm now 18 and considered grown, meaning I have to do my part and be professional as well.Mind you this is my first year of being grown,i did my best.I called ahead and asked if the registration office will be open on the weekend and will I be able to get my dorm, or should I just wait until Monday.They said yes the registration office is open until 2pm come.Therefore I booked my flight to arrive in Columbia SC at 11am.when i got off the plane in ATL I had 1 more flight to catch but the plane I was supposed to get on wouldn't let me on. they told me that it was not my fought but I had to get on a later plane and I would not arrive on campus until around 6pm.I emailed my councilor and explained my situation,asked what should I do and she said oh wow.
I was recruited to play Collegiate Baseball with and also received an academic scholarship for my 3.97 GPA from graduating High school. This was the best thing that good of happened to me as well as a dream. This help myself as well as my parents with paying for college. I will continue to strive and do my best so I can continue recieving the help I need with furthering my education. Thank you Benedict for believing in me.
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Benedict College is a welcoming campus that makes you feel at home and free to express yourself. Since, I've been there I learned new study skills, how to manage my time, budget, and expand my communication skills.
My overall experience at Benedict so far is good but i would change many things to make it better. The dorms are livable but for someone who is used to having there own room it would be an adjustment and that comes with college, however when you share a room with one person and a bathroom with a whole hallway its different. There should be more then one bathroom on the hall for each floor and it should be clean. The school also has classrooms that sometimes have no desks or not enough chairs for students, some of the professors have to bring there own markers and computers to class and that makes starting class hard for them and takes away from our learning. The school is good overall but it could be better if they just do a little work to improve it
The campus, dorms, and food could be so much better. The new president is currently working on these changes.
My overall experience at Benedict College has been nothing but great. The learning environment is amazing and the professors are extremely helpful. Going back to school I was able to conquer a lot of what I feared in the past. My educational concerns I don't doubt anymore, thanks to the professors and the staff at Benedict. I always wondered how it would feel to be able to go to school and love it instead of dreading each day, and here at Benedict, I'm experiencing the joys of being in school and loving it.
I love being at Benedict. The campus is amazing. Reminds me very much of living at the high school I graduated from.
I've had, overall a fairly good experience at Benedict College. Nothing is perfect and with that respect in mind. I have no complaints. Particularly with respect to professor, some good, a maybe one or two not so good. Housing is the same, but in the respect of my actual boarding experience; it's a pretty old school some issues have been resolve but for the most part, and as a whole; this would be one of my only complaints. They need to renovate and that's the bottom line. As far as the Cafe, much upgrades are needed as far as the different or lack of steady choice to choose from need to exist and on a daily consistent basis.
My experience is Awesome! I really like my Professors, they are down to earth,the food is good,also the football & basketball games are awesome college life is going well.
This is the beginning of my second year at Benedict College and I have been excited about attending here. I am thinking about transferring to another college because of the cost of attending. The quality of the dorms, food and over-all appearance of the campus does not match the cost of the tuition as well as the graduation rate of students and the ability to transfer credits from classes taken.
My experience at Benedict College is overall pleasing to me in my opinion. i met a lot of people, and enjoyed their vibe. I'm apart of an organization called the Benedict College Band of Distinction. I'm a dancer of Sweet Sensation, and without my band brothers and sisters my experience in college wouldn't be as relaxing at it is right now.
I love my Benedict experience so far. As a freshman, I’ve learned that’s everyone puts their work before partying! It’s great . Everyone comes together when and help who ever in need of something .
I like is because of its educational programs excellent faculties ,well equipped, safety measures all aspects are good .
I transferred here from Francis Marion University and I personally think the professors here care more about their students. Which makes me love it here.
I am an international student at benedict college. first of all benedict college is an HBCU (historycally black colleges and universities). Benedict College is seen as a poor performance school due to the african-american student culture. But there is a lot of opportunity for those who are looking for it and are passionate enough about their studies. The single best advantage of Benedict College is that due to being small in both size and population, classes are smaller and interactions with professors are closer building a tighter student-professor relation which can eventually lead to your professor helping you get to the grad school of your choice or the job you want.
Benedict College has been very challenging but an overall great college. It has a lot of activities that you can get involve with. I like the peace and quiet, they serve good food. One thing I would like to change is getting our refund checks on time and use their money wisely when it comes to our refunds.
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Benedict College has improved and will continue to do that with the new president we've received. Don't be ready to ignore an HBCU like BC because of past experiences from others or rumors. Benedict has potential.
Benedict college is an excellent school! The teachers and students are very friendly and respectful. The environment around school is safe and makes you feel like you are right at home. Benedict has many organizations that you can join. for example, I am on the Gospel Choir and I absolutely love it! We get to praise God during practice and learn songs , we also interact with the members on the choir and we are all like family.
One thing about Benedict College that I like is that they have such an amazing educational department .
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