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The school is not that bad but unless your a upper class man it’s not that fun or exciting. From what I experienced the maturity is absolutely there. It’s very drama free but there’s a lot of unnecessary rules and a lot of your freedom is taking away such as the things you wear, the places you go, the time you have to be inside. It’s some things at Benedict I truly do not agree with but overall it’s not that bad as far as education.
I like that it's very diverse and the programs you get in are very helpful. I would change the food plan and wifi plan.
They are an ok school actives are ok not to much to do here. As for the classes the teachers help you get to where you need to be. They will take the time to help you with anything you need it. You have there number and where there office is and you can sent up meetings with them. Classes are not so big to where you can spend time on something you don't know what you don understand.
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Teachers do not put in grades on time, food is horrible, there’s nothing to do in your free time there unless you have a car. The dorms are very old with mold and mildew.
As a parent whose son went there for 4 years and is graduating ON TIME I can say my overall experience has been satisfactory. Still, there are are some underlining problems that BC needs to improve... hopefully they’ll work on it. I did noticed that they started doing a better job communicating with parents thru social media this last school year and they seem to welcome parents advice. 🤫 Management and staff are excellent and they address parents concerns immediately... Dealing with parents can be difficult and they prefer the students handle their business but they will help you respectfully 😬. Thx Benedict College for showing my child the way❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. He did we did and HE IS DONE 🙏🏾 💂🏾‍♀️👨🏾‍🎓🥳😁.
I went to Benedict during the college tour and the campus is beautiful. They even have the program that can benefit you on what career and internships you desire to follow. I like it very quiet and not noise in the city.
So far at Benedict college I am enjoying my field of study . The professors I cane across in my freshman year are excellent and they help to assure that I’m getting the nessacary Work needed . In the future I can see a change in the food being served .
I was offered on site acceptance at a HBCU college fair held at my local community center. The I received a full ride scholarship. I only need to submit my updated transcript before I can get my welcome package.
The education at Benedict College is unmatched. A few things that could be better are the choices of food, the way the administration communicates about financial issues and more social activities to build student involvement.
My experience at Benedict College is very different from what I thought it would be. My freshman year was my first time out of the state I live in more than 2 weeks and away from my parents I thought my experience would be bad and I would want to move back home but I have had a great time. There are no changes I want to see at Benedict College that they are not already making on their own.
Its a small campus and vert family oriented. I've met some great people here. The professors and staff help you when you need it. There are always opportunities to get involved with the campus and within the community.
My experience has been good! I have 2 sons who attended Benedict College. My oldest son graduated a few years ago after graduation he move back to Atlanta in currently working a great job! My other son transferred from Alabama A&M which was a bad experience after coming to Benedict his college experience has been a positive one. Staff support is great, dorm life could improve but I think that’s all college dorms. The police department has been very visible as a parent my two sons have had a great experience.
I didn't appreciate the fact that when I arrived on campus I had nowhere to go for 2 days.I am an incoming freshmen from Sacramento CA.I flew way out here by myself and didn't have any extra money for an hotel.I understand that i'm now 18 and considered grown, meaning I have to do my part and be professional as well.Mind you this is my first year of being grown,i did my best.I called ahead and asked if the registration office will be open on the weekend and will I be able to get my dorm, or should I just wait until Monday.They said yes the registration office is open until 2pm come.Therefore I booked my flight to arrive in Columbia SC at 11am.when i got off the plane in ATL I had 1 more flight to catch but the plane I was supposed to get on wouldn't let me on. they told me that it was not my fought but I had to get on a later plane and I would not arrive on campus until around 6pm.I emailed my councilor and explained my situation,asked what should I do and she said oh wow.
I was recruited to play Collegiate Baseball with and also received an academic scholarship for my 3.97 GPA from graduating High school. This was the best thing that good of happened to me as well as a dream. This help myself as well as my parents with paying for college. I will continue to strive and do my best so I can continue recieving the help I need with furthering my education. Thank you Benedict for believing in me.
Benedict College is a welcoming campus that makes you feel at home and free to express yourself. Since, I've been there I learned new study skills, how to manage my time, budget, and expand my communication skills.
My overall experience at Benedict so far is good but i would change many things to make it better. The dorms are livable but for someone who is used to having there own room it would be an adjustment and that comes with college, however when you share a room with one person and a bathroom with a whole hallway its different. There should be more then one bathroom on the hall for each floor and it should be clean. The school also has classrooms that sometimes have no desks or not enough chairs for students, some of the professors have to bring there own markers and computers to class and that makes starting class hard for them and takes away from our learning. The school is good overall but it could be better if they just do a little work to improve it
The campus, dorms, and food could be so much better. The new president is currently working on these changes.
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My overall experience at Benedict College has been nothing but great. The learning environment is amazing and the professors are extremely helpful. Going back to school I was able to conquer a lot of what I feared in the past. My educational concerns I don't doubt anymore, thanks to the professors and the staff at Benedict. I always wondered how it would feel to be able to go to school and love it instead of dreading each day, and here at Benedict, I'm experiencing the joys of being in school and loving it.
I love being at Benedict. The campus is amazing. Reminds me very much of living at the high school I graduated from.
I've had, overall a fairly good experience at Benedict College. Nothing is perfect and with that respect in mind. I have no complaints. Particularly with respect to professor, some good, a maybe one or two not so good. Housing is the same, but in the respect of my actual boarding experience; it's a pretty old school some issues have been resolve but for the most part, and as a whole; this would be one of my only complaints. They need to renovate and that's the bottom line. As far as the Cafe, much upgrades are needed as far as the different or lack of steady choice to choose from need to exist and on a daily consistent basis.
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