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what I liked about benedict is all the staff and professor are always their when you need to ask question or you need to know information on certain assignments or activities on campus. Benedict also make sure that we are safe do to the pandemic that is happening. I would want nothing to change Benedict is make sure everyone is staying safe
going to Benedict some of the on campus students like so be in class or some would be on zoom. Our professor make she that our learning is not affected by online classes. they are really concerning
Benedict college was a very supportive and professional environment to learn in. I would like to see more variety of food choices other than that I think everything was great.
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From my experience I'd rather take the classes in person as it is more engaging, however the professors we're very professional and supportive throught out the whole experience.
My online experience was average. The best part was that my professors were able to adapt to the platform, they answered emails on time and tried their best to explain the material. I even had one professor who called me personally to make sure that I understood what was being taught. Benedict is very serious about academics, which is a plus. I also, like the fact that the school was able to transfer online in a timely manner so that we can complete the Sprong semester. I highly recommend this college to anybody.
I loved my first year experience at Benedict. This college has a family environment, the professors are most of the time kind and easy to talk to and want to see you succeed. Also, the class sizes aren't so big, so learning is easier. The down side of Benedict is the cafe. Some days the food is really good, other days its really terrible. Also, the dorms could really use enhancements. Other than that I highly recommend this college. I wouldn't trade my experience here for the world.
I did not attend any online courses. They do need more online options. They did not offer any while I was a student.
Teachers worked with me and showed that they cared. They would have office hours that they would work one on one with you if you needed help.
Amazing love this college to death I’m a junior and I wouldn’t change my decision on going to any other college but my favorite HBCU BENEDICT. Go tigers !!!
Yes I took online class the professors have great communication skills when it came down to emails and video chats. They always ask if we need help understanding something.
Benedict college is like no other college. Amongst its name Benedict College has a historical background. Bring at a HBCU says it all. Great experience, Qualify lectures and creditable degree.
I am currently attending benedict college for the fall 2020 term. I haven't been to the school yet but from other students who are there, they said everything is great and they recommend anybody to the school. The only thing I want them to change is the admissions office. They move very slow.
My experience at Benedict college was a great teaching factor for the real world. I honestly can say going to college helped me grow up gradually with like a push in the back to grow. I am grateful for Benedict college because I was able to leave what was familiar to me and Benedict was my new home and I had to figure it out on my own. Campus life, in my opinion, can make or break someone. If one does not put the effort into making flawless actions and decisions, then problems will always arise because every corner was not checked, every "T" was not crossed, and every "I" was not marked with its dot.
Benedict is an okay college however, the dorm and food needs to improve honestly. I feel like some people there act like they’re still in high school and wanna act immature. The professors are understanding and will work with you.
Benedict College is an okay school that can do much better if they fund the right organizations/programs.
Benedict College is a good college they have some cons but overall it’s still a good school to me. This is my second year attending Benedict and it is going pretty good. I am a Biology major and my class ca be a little challenging but I manage to make it through them. Once I graduate in 2022 I plan on finding a job that I’m qualified for. I want to be a physical therapist assistant because I always had the comfort to help make someone feel much better then they did before. This is a career where I can connect with patients and help them make a change in their life. It is so important for me to graduate and become a Physical Therapist Assistant so all my plans and goals can be achieved.
I love the fact that Benedict is a small school, it has a family like atmospher. The staff genuinely care about the students and take a vested interest in our success.
The only thing I would change is the curfew hours and the rules about male/female door visitations
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Academically the school is incredible. The professors are really invested in your education and make learning exciting. The school provides many opportunities for students in all career fields. On the flip side, the dorms are terrible and the food is trash. The WiFi also sucks and that is bad because most of the assignments are due online. Luckily, the professors are also understanding.
Benedict College is a home away from home. I feel accepted here at this campus. The only let down for me is there is not a lot of activities on campus, so you have to come out-of-pocket for a lot of activities.
Benedict college from the parent point of view. My daughter and I visited Benedict College during the Fall Open house 2019. Benedict College has a lot to offer you if you are ready to follow your our journey in life . Benedict is small and reserved for those students who enjoy their peace of mind and a little excitement here and there. Benedict has a lot of things to upgrade to catch the eye of the blind side. But keep in mind this is a historical black college we what keep our ancestors in mind of their value and vision and the struggle to educate ourselves first before you condemn others. Benedict dorms is where our scholars will spend 70% of there time and it should be a comfortable , clean and safe and friendly environment for our scholars. I will continue pray that every parent, scholar, faculty Member, President and Board of Trustees is in it to win it and we shall unite as one Benedict Family for our first alumni 1870 . A power for good in society!
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