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After three years of attending Benedict College, what I love most about it is, the small class sizes. That gives students more hands on learning and, more one on one time with the professors. What I would like to see change, more varieties of majors, and more things to be involved in and with on campus.
My experience at Benedict was pretty good especially in my 3rd and last year. What I like about Benedict is that the professor will work with you and help as much as possible to make sure you pass there class. What I would like to change at Benedict College is more security , lighting and upgraded dorms
What i like at Benedict College is that there are some teachers and even students out there trying ti help us succeed and graduate without any problems, but some things could have a changr to it for meal planning and campus safety amd security.
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I would like to see a change in choices of food and dorms. Also, Benedict College is an experience it's self because going to college is a big responsibility for yourself especially being a freshman and living on campus.
I like that the school has the Freshman Institute which is in place for freshman to have an easy transition from the high school setting to college life. Many things on campus can be updated which in my opinion needs to start with the dorm rooms. The professors are all about the students it's a small campus with less than 2,000 students which makes it easier to have a great relationship with advisors, deans, and professors.
I like that is all majority black school and that it's always someone helping and events going on to keep the students focus from all the distractions in the world
I haven't been there yet, but come next fall I will be, but so far from what others haven been telling me its a pretty good college. Its a HBCU and i love HBCU's.
This the main thing I am very displeased about.The rooms are too small.Bathrooms are always nasty.AC doesn't work and its very hot.And it just needs a overall remodel.And i dnt feel that we should be forced to room with anybody if don't want to personally.
I have yet to join a sorority but if i was i wouldnt know where to go or who to talk to.
Overall the school altogether is run down and not up to date and i feel that the school is in need of a significant remodel.
I love this school.It was actually my choice to go back to school and i chose this institution.The only thing I would say is for the amount of money we are paying to attend they could update the school more and fix the the AC situation.
It will be easy to make your career after leaving here
The police is always around
I dont live on campus
I believe the Greek life here is very good an i am interested in join a Greek fraternity real soon
The coaches are the best and really care about the students and the athletes
This year has been something already. We have had many events, speakers and activities with in the school i love my school and like how this year is taking off
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I'm a legacy of the greatest sorority that could ever exists, Delta Sigma Theta. I haven't pledged yet but I don't plan on pledging at Benedict.
I don't know much about the sports at my school I don't attend most games but I attended the very last home basketball game and it was worth it.
Benedict College overall is a great school. Life living on campus is honestly what you make it. Opportunities aren't really handed to you in the world and Benedict College makes sure you understand that.
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