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I had a good time in the one year I was there. It is a beautiful campus and is definitely a college for the outdoorsman. The college is however extremely small with few clubs to join which makes it hard to get to know people and make friends.
It’s an older campus, special though. It’s a very outdoor orientated school, that’s why I picked it. I wish being a freshman I was forced to meet new people. I am very shy, and just never got out of my comfort zone. I only liked 3 professors that I had my first year. I just didn’t like the fact that I was alone a lot which just impacted my success on schoolwork.
The staff and professors are highly educated and teach in a way that really accomodats it's student's.
Going to Bemidji state University really changed my life and I can't wait to be a BSU graduate.
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I am a freshman in college and so far the experience has been wonderful. Between the upperclassmen and the professors this school really wants you to succeed. It's a very welcoming and open campus for everyone. They are really big on student safety. Their motto is SOS- Save our Students, and are constantly giving out bracelets to push the issue further. I am very happy I decided to start my college journey here.
Bemidji has a beautiful campus right on the lake with a ton of trees. There’s lots to do from hiking, kayaking, good food to eat, and lots of other activities downtown. Everyone is so friendly and helpful in making your time on campus successful. The professors are very thourough and everything is easy to access through E-Services and D2l. I love Bemidji State!
Very cute smaller school in a rural community. Academics are pretty good, would love to see a wider variety of courses or one specific area that puts us on the map.
Great classes and degrees offered at BSU. I love the size of the campus and the proximity to everything. It's been an overall positive experience so far. I even belong to a few clubs.
The best part about attending BSU is the location. Being so close to the lake gives plenty of opportunity to get outside and participate in non-competitive sports like kayaking and paddle boarding. CAs do a good job of trying to get students involved with activities around campus. The food is terrible, besides breakfast. So far, I would say my professors have been 50% amazing and 50% horrible. Check Rate My Professors before signing up for classes! Overall, BSU is a nice place, but there are some cons to attending.
I really like Bemidji State University. It's close to home so it was an easy choice but I do feel like I'm getting my money's worth with my education. The professors and staff have always been kind and helpful. It's a beautiful campus and the underground tunnels are a lifesaver in the winter. They have lots of activities during the year and overall it's a nice atmosphere.
Small scale university that has many opportunities and clubs to fit in with. Beautiful lake view with great professors who are easy to talk to and makes you feel like you are getting the education you deserve!
I have had an amazing experience at Bemidji State University. The college community it so close and you can see that the professors really care about you. They always seem to have events going on, and provide many ways for students to get to meet one another. The only thing I would change is some of the food. Otherwise it is an amazing school and an amazing campus.
The campus is pretty easy to navigate but parking can be a headache. They sell more permits than spots available so most lots fill up. Street parking can be tough too and you can end up walking over 15 blocks to get to class in 20 below weather. The business school is nice and a lot of the teachers are really laid back and willing to help if you ever have questions.
The class sizes are great, and most professors are very helpful and educated. a great majority make it a point to learn everyone's name. The campus is very beautiful, but in the winter it can be kind of dead. if you love hunting/fishing/hiking/other outdoor activities this is a great campus for that. there are also many clubs to join. Sometimes, however, attendance is low for certain events which makes it seem less exciting. This is a smaller town, that is not very close to bigger cities, so if you are used to that it might be a difficult change.
I love that the University is right on the lake. It's a beautiful campus plus if you don't want to walk outside in the winter you can take the tunnels that they offer.
I love BSU. It was my number one choice for higher education. I love the smaller campus and the feel on campus. The teachers and students are such wonderful people. The campus is on the lake, so football games in the spring and summer months are fun and beautiful.
It doesn’t matter if you’re coming in as a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior – if you’re a transfer student, you are now being treated as being less than freshman. You’ve been in college, you know how things work, and yet your undeniable worth is now being degraded as being that of a newbie who doesn’t know the first thing about what’s going on in college.
If you like the outdoors this is the place for you. The campus is beautiful and people are nice. The ratio of instructors to students is such that you feel that the instructors care about your performance in the class. The online options are also great.
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The campus is beautiful. The staff and students overall are nice and really helpful. One of the greatest things are the tunnels that you can take during cold/rainy weather so you hardly have to go outside to get from class to class.
I liked the location of the campus as it is located on Lake Bemidji. I also liked that they offered many different majors and programs to choose from. I would like to see updates made to campus including classrooms and labs.
Bemidji State University is overall a pretty good university. In saying this however, it is way too overpriced for what you get. A lot of updates need to be made to the school in order for the cost to be accurate. The faculty does seem to care about students and one can appreciate that.
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