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No other school can you park your car on the lake in the winter or study outside in the summer by the lake. The location of campus is serene. For a small town school the athletics are where some of the best started out.
I love the environment on campus! Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. Also the professors and staff on campus really are looking out for you, making sure that you are able to get any help you may need.
It’s a great school with a great atmosphere , on beautiful lake Bemidji ! Love the professors and staff. Excited to be here .
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It’s a good school and great location next to the lake, with nice professors and a variety of services available to help you succeed
I am basing this on my orientation and my first week of school. The three words I can think of is I Love it here. Very welcoming, organized, awesome atmosphere, the city is beautiful and I love the outdoors.

That’s about all I can say since I’ve only been here for almost a week now!
Go Beavers!
Bemidji has a BEAUTIFUL campus during all seasons. There are a lot of activities to do around here too, indoors and outdoors. Although I wish I saw more diversity at the school.
It is an absolutely beautiful campus. Being right on the lake is amazing and there are many activities to do. It is a smaller university but anything is bigger then my hometown! Great programs and even better people.
Bemidji State University is a beautiful campus located right next to lake Bemidji. If you enjoy being outdoors, Bemidji State is definitely the college for you. The college provides multiple classes and activities that allow you to enjoy the northern atmosphere.
I love that Bemidji State is small enough to be more then just a number with the teachers. It makes you feel more like a human and not a number!
Bemidji is a great school that has a small town feel, but is a home away from home. Most of the professors I've had are always there to support and push me to be the best professional. I've also gotten to know and love the Bemidji community which has helped me grow into an adult.
Literally the best experiences so far. I love the view of the lake and being able to walk to my classes because I love on campus. The teachers are pretty great too!
So far it's been ok. I think they should have a better way to post things that are going on on campus and eaiser ways to get ahold of people to join a club.
As a BSU freshman, I have so far loved my experience here in Bemidji at the university. The professors are outstanding and are very helpful if you go to them for any sort of help. The campus itself is beautiful and easy to navigate. There are so many different events such as sporting events, speakers, and entertainment. The only thing I'd change about BSU is possibly adding even more events on weekends like different games. They could add a scavenger hunt or any other related game just to keep students less bored or even do it during the week. OTher than that I honestly don't know what I'd change about BSU.
I had a good time in the one year I was there. It is a beautiful campus and is definitely a college for the outdoorsman. The college is however extremely small with few clubs to join which makes it hard to get to know people and make friends.
It’s an older campus, special though. It’s a very outdoor orientated school, that’s why I picked it. I wish being a freshman I was forced to meet new people. I am very shy, and just never got out of my comfort zone. I only liked 3 professors that I had my first year. I just didn’t like the fact that I was alone a lot which just impacted my success on schoolwork.
The staff and professors are highly educated and teach in a way that really accomodats it's student's.
Going to Bemidji state University really changed my life and I can't wait to be a BSU graduate.
I am a freshman in college and so far the experience has been wonderful. Between the upperclassmen and the professors this school really wants you to succeed. It's a very welcoming and open campus for everyone. They are really big on student safety. Their motto is SOS- Save our Students, and are constantly giving out bracelets to push the issue further. I am very happy I decided to start my college journey here.
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Bemidji has a beautiful campus right on the lake with a ton of trees. There’s lots to do from hiking, kayaking, good food to eat, and lots of other activities downtown. Everyone is so friendly and helpful in making your time on campus successful. The professors are very thourough and everything is easy to access through E-Services and D2l. I love Bemidji State!
Very cute smaller school in a rural community. Academics are pretty good, would love to see a wider variety of courses or one specific area that puts us on the map.
Great classes and degrees offered at BSU. I love the size of the campus and the proximity to everything. It's been an overall positive experience so far. I even belong to a few clubs.
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