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I love the community. it makes you feel at home. I love the size of the campus its not to big nor to small. the lake is also one of the best parts. the thing I would like to see change is for the school to set up more events for people.
The campus is beautiful and right on the lake. It is basically like my small town at home but with a lot more people around. There's a mall and tons of restaurants in the town. There is so much stuff you can do outside and at the lake. School isn't too bad, the professors are all really helpful. The dorms are super fun, they are small but it's cool because your friends are right next door. The food is pretty good. It can get repetitive but it's a buffet every time. There are a bunch of jobs on campus and intramural sports. The gym is pretty nice; we got new equipment this year! You can walk to all your classes and the tuition is one of the lowest in the state. Overall, I wouldn't have picked a different college.
Being a first year student at Bemidji State University has been very good. The student environment is very welcoming. The staff is great, and the overall set up of campus and classrooms is perfect. I love the Bemidji environment, and the home feeling. The only downfall for Bemidji State is the food. The dining center food is not good at all. Having a meal plan is a waste because you never want to go and use your meals, but other than the food I love Bemidji State University and would recommend it to others.
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I have just got accepted and just last Friday filled out my class schedule, I am SOOO EXCITED to become a beaver at BSU!! They help me with anything i have questins with and are always relilable.
My visit to Bemidji State University was amazing. As soon as I stepped on campus I was at home; the students and staff there are all so welcoming and friendly. If you want to go to a smaller college with one of the best environments, in my opinion, then you should take the time to look at Bemidji State.
Things I love about BSU is the whole dynamic and feel of the campus, academic wings and dorm halls. All the academic wings are in one place, most of my classes have lined up between just two buildings which is great. The teachers are amazing and teach very well, whether is be a small 32 student class or lecture hall with 100 plus students. The dorms are nice, decent size rooms and pretty spacious. Its easy to make friends whether it be in classes or in the dorms or just around. Things that could change is the cleanliness of the bathrooms in the dorms, its hard when you share a bathroom with 23 girls and it only gets cleaned once a week. Another thing that would be nice is having more on campus stuff, at the beginning of the year there we dances and stuff going on. Not so much anymore as I am in second semester. BSU is a great school, its right on the lake, full of outdoorsy people.
I really felt welcome and you are in such small classes and groups that if you have a problem you feel like you're able to go to your advisor or some authority figure and talk with them
I'm a freshman at Bemidji State University this year and i have absolutely loved my time here so far. BSU is awesome because of its small class sizes and it's easy to feel like you know a lot of people wherever you go. They are really good about putting together programs to keep you entertained and to help your transition to college life be very smooth.
Great campus and location for those who enjoy the outdoors! Great experience so far, learned lots of things, made amazing friends, and love how close the campus is to the lake.
I would honestly give the instructors a much higher rating, but the financial aid office dropped the rating. They are less than helpful at assisting in finding alternate funding.
I really love this school a lot! wish they did more to lower their rape statistics. They have excellent teachers! They also make you feel very welcome on campus!
I love Bemidji State because of the scenery and the students as well as the professors are all helpful.
What I like about this school is that no matter where you are on the campus, you are always going to be connected to the outdoors. Either just by walking to class, spending time in a study lounge you will always notice the way the school connects with the outdoors. I also enjoy how much the professors want their students to succeed. They are always encouraging their students come to them if they need help or have any questions. You can always find something to major or minor in here and will make it their first priority to get you into the classes you need to succeed and to graduate on time. Overall the school has everything you could ever want to do or learn about and will make it easy for you to get the help you need when you need it.
BSU is a great school. Classes are difficult but Professors try to make even boring information fun. The Campus is beautiful! It is great to sit lakeside working on homework.
I feel there is a lot of opportunities for my course of major.
I haven't started at the University yet, but the community college I went to was profoundly influencing to me. I'd recommend going to a community college prior to a University, since it really sets the foundation in deciding what to do with your life. I feel like a grew up more than if I was to go straight to a University there.
There is possibility of internships and prosperities in any field youre going into here
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I am still a student here and cannot wait to firther my education with bemidji state. The courses offered are designed to enable you to do a specific job path or career once out of college.
I have not yet seen any crime, safety violations, or anything out if the ordinary here
The dorms are the perfect size, depending on how many roommates. Sleeping on loft beds is great to save space but being closer to the ceiling gets a little warm sometimes. The social atmosphere is great, there are common rooms where students can go and relax and hang out
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