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I have only toured it so far however, I absolutely LOVED the campus and loved everyone I met. Every single person I met what so sweet and helpful. I also met the softball coach and some of the girls on the team and it heightened my experience and it made me love it even more. 10/10 experience!!!!
Beloit is a nice, small school located in southern Wisconsin. Students are really friendly here, food is decent, diversity is pretty high, and professors are great!
Beloit is a very cozy school and has become a home to me over the past year. I think that the relationship between professors and athletes could be improved as well as the divide between athletes and non athletes but besides that it has been one of the best experiences of my life.
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I went to school for Anthropology, it was a great program one of the only ones I found in the midwest with a lab for studying bio-anthropology. There was also quite a collection of artifacts for the archeology and museum studies majors. However when I graduated there wasn't much to help me find a professional job in the "real world" there were no job aids to help you become a working professional, you were shoved out on your own.
The Beloit college is the best college I have heard and it is in the best colleges that provides excellent qualifications and I like it very much.
While I have not attended the college yet, I went to visit for student admissions day and I absolutely loved it. I was able to attend a class and the teacher was so interactive with the students and made sure everyone was doing well. I really enjoyed the environment and the weather was beautiful. I talked to students who attend Beloit and I got a lot of good responses from them. I had such a great time that I actually plan on attending this college.
As a first year, it has been hard to get used to a different atmosphere. It is very hard to find a job that fits my schedule. But other than that Beloit has been a great transition.
Definitely not the school for everyone, but for me, it was perfect. I graduated as a philosophy major and the small class sizes and the tight-nit academic community was exactly what I needed to succeed. The thing I loved most about going here was that the learning didn’t stop after class was over. In the dorms, at commons, on walks in between classes, students discussed and debated the class material non-stop. Such a wonderful academic environment. If you’re looking for a good party scene or fun local culture, don’t go to Beloit. But for me, my friends and academics made it worth it.
Beloit is an excellent college although it feels less like a college and more like a community. The atmosphere at Beloit is second to none, the students are very welcoming and you are completely taken care of here.
Beloit served me very well. I loved the friends I made and the professors who inspired me. The administration seems to be making solid investments in infrastructure, and downtown Beloit is finally picking up and becoming a real destination for beers and late night food. It's a beautiful campus with professors who truly care about the lives and success of their students and community. Beloit is the ideal place to broaden your mind, study abroad, and create a platform for a strong and successful life.
The professors were knowledgeable and approachable. It was a very diverse student body, which I enjoyed. It is a small town and I enjoyed it. I would have picked a different major, but that was my decision. Everything about Beloit was good.
Decent academics, bad campus culture, atomized social life, food makes you sick. I think this college could be revitalized by its students but no one is willing to collaborate or mobilize, the administration is noncommunicative and currently gutting the amenities and facilities, constantly building vanity projects (which are conveniently built by a board-member owned construction firm). The food is so bad that you might as well not eat during finals bc you'll get sick and it'll make working harder. This school would work better if it were to just make incremental improvements and attempt to involve the student body.
Pros about Beloit:
Small campus, really get to know people.
Fairly large dorm rooms.
Small classes.

Cons about Beloit:
The city of Beloit is boring, need a car and to drive a while to do anything fun
Because of this most students spend free time drinking or smoking (could be pro...)
The school if having financial issues, laying off teachers and staff
If you're not part of a sport you may feel left out socially
Really really bad food
Expensive school , especially considering location and average income of graduates
Very singular mindset on campus, if you appear to be a little ignorance of anything you may be called not "woke enough" instead of being taught...
Beloit College is in a really small town where there isn't much to do. Beloit has a somewhat toxic atmosphere where a lot of people are depressed and upset with the administration. Admin often fails to act promptly when it comes to hate crimes, dorm quality and fails to listen to the voice of the students. The food at commons is subpar. If you're looking for a party school this is not it. Beloit is a laid back school. Most parties consist of small kickbacks and occasionally there are greek life parties but they aren't huge.

The only other great thing about Beloit are the professors. With small classes sizes, you get the chance to build a close relationship.

Overall Beloit is the place for you're ok with the following
-Small town's
-No school spirit
-Bad food
-C+ party scene
-Ok with the occasional hate crime
-Mediocre athletics
-Small greek presence
My experience at Beloit College was Amazing. I was able to double major in two unreladed fields, as well as play a varsity sport. My only regret, not having gotten involved more on campus.
Beloit College has been a great experience so far. The school itself is small and comfortable for me personally, there is not much around it. Teacher's are very helpful and do they're best to help as best as they can. Social setting is very nice as well people associating with each other, nonjudgmental, and friendly.
Beloit College can be described as a primarily white institution. The admissions office is the nicest building on campus by far and the dining halls have rats in them. There are mold in the dorms and hate crimes every semester, but the academics are incredible. The professors give 100% every day and the classes are great. The students are often not, and the social scene is lacking. Many students develop substance abuse issues here. The cost of Beloit does not even out in terms of benefits. Save your money, don't come to a school like this one.
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Beloit loves independent thinkers and independent doers. If you are independent, or wish to become independent, this is the place for you.
We visited Beloit on a Open House Saturday and came away very impressed. The campus is pretty, the plans for the new student center look incredible, and our tour guide was straightforward and encouraging. My daughter is a vegan and was very pleasantly surprised by the number of tasty and healthful options in the dining hall. We talked to an absolutely lovely, thoughtful, and engaging student who was not part of the admission team to get her take on the school. She said that she had been completely transformed by her experience there--that she has turned into a person who loves to learn. Before Beloit, she was only interested in taking classes as a means of getting to the next step.
Life-changing experience. Beloit taught me to think critically, helped me find my passion, and supported my academic and career trajectory. I'm still good buddies with all my favorite professors. After graduating from Beloit I got graduate school offers from every school I applied to, including Harvard and Oxford.
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