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Beloit College has the best professors! They are always willing to help and put their students first. I learned so much, not just academically, but also of different values and backgrounds from my peers. The college provides great financial aid packages and will work around each student to accommodate their needs. They opened the powerhouse recently too, which has been a very exciting feature. The college now has a great recreational facility that has updated gyms, a pool, and study rooms. The local area has also been improving in recent years and now has more dining options as well as cute little boutiques. I loved going to the farmers market on the weekend during the warmer months too. I'm proud to be a Beloit College alumni. I will forever cherish the people that I met there and the undergrad experience I had.
I didn't take any online courses at Beloit, but most professors respond to emails promptly and are very accessible.
Beloit College changed my life! The campus is absolutely magical and enjoyable though all four seasons. The classes prepare you for critical thinking and setting yourself apart from others in the 'real world.' Beloit offered many internship and research opportunities for all majors and departments (even for an English major, like myself) which helped me for my career after Beloit. I made amazing connections with caring professors and amazing people over a nice meal in our dining hall. Campus was always alive with music and students playing frisbee on the quad. There were always lectures, movies and fun student-lead events to attend during the week and weekend. It's like nowhere else!
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I was in my last semester when my classes were transferred to online due the COVID-19 pandemic. It was definitely an adjustment but the professors were extremely understanding and did their best to deliver a "normal" class over zoom. All homework and assignments were completed as always, so it did not feel like more work.
I've been really happy to call Beloit College home for the past three years. The professors are incredible and there are plenty of opportunities to put my Biochemistry major into practice. Not to mention that campus is incredibly beautiful especially in the fall.
Overall I think Beloit College has done a great job with the switch to online learning. Professors are extremely understanding and willing to work with students that may be struggling with it.
I am loving my time here at Beloit! the professors are amazing, and the campus is really pretty. :) Beloit is truly a great community to be in.
going online has been really hard, but Beloit has done such a good job. All my Professors are working really hard to help us succeed.
Did not take any online classes, but professors at Beloit are so passionate about teaching that I have no doubt whatever online course is taught will mirror the excellence of an in-person class.
Excellent college with devoted professors. Really a life-changing experience that benefits all. I had a transformative time at Beloit, and the professors made each class incredible, rich, full of life. I would recommend Beloit to anyone who wants to earn an education that is holistic and purposeful.
I took my second semester of school online due to Covid. It was a unusual and weird change from classroom to online, but the professors prepared very well and made the adjustment very easy. The revised syllabus helped me a lot, and they made sure to set aside enough time for homework, assignments, quizzes, and tests for me with my other classes.
My first year was very exciting and eventful, I enjoy having a diverse campus and I enjoy seeing new faces. The school is nice and the professors are very professional and love doing what they do. Great amount of resources are available throughout the campus, and I'd suggest you use all of them if needed.
I liked everything at Beloit College, people are really nice, and they have good programs. The only exception is that the Tuition is pretty expensive, but besides that, I liked everything in it.
I haven't started classes yet I will be a freshman this upcoming course. I will be start some courses in July, to get some credits, so I appreciate that, the chance they give to get some credits extra to help us out with studies.
All my professors were understanding of different student experiences. They took into account WiFi, living situations, time zone differences, and personal emotions during the pandemic. I am an international student who had a huge time zone difference and unreliable WiFi. Despite taking 5 classes (including labs), I found the online transition to be very smooth. The school also took necessary precautions for next semester and told the students in a timely matter.
The teachers, students, and opportunities for community involvement are great. The small teacher-student ratio improves learning. The food and restaurant options could be better. DKs Cafe breakfast, Java Joint sack lunches, and Warm Cookie Wednesday are campus favorites. The social life is average with Greek life parties, an on-campus bar, music festivals, and special-interest housing. The administration tends to overlook student opinions, but students are passionate enough to make themselves heard. There are great study spaces on campus and even better hangout places. You can walk downtown easily for a haircut, food, or shopping. The school provides cars for field trips, interviews/ internships, and Walmart runs. I would recommend this school for people interested in being involved in student life or people who like to lay low and focus on school work. The school also provides great financial aid and is usually sensitive to learning/ living accommodations.
I love the culture here but the administration is greedy and doesn’t really care about the students as much as their salaries.
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I had to take my classes online and it was hard to engage with them. Some professors were even worse online than in person.
The hypocrisy of the campus community at Beloit was bad 15 years ago, but now it’s out of control. Fair warning, if you are not liberal/left, you will be alienated and harassed by the campus community.

I was also an educational major. The department advisors were all dysfunctional and disliked each other, so communication was horrendous. So bad that they forgot to make my student teaching placement for the following semester. I was forced to drop my education major ( I was a double major) in order to graduate on time. I ended up having to threaten legal action...two years after I graduated, I finally got my teaching certificate.

I grew up around the college and still live near by. As an alumnus, I can’t recommend Beloit College due to my horrible experience, and the terrible campus culture.
Got two degrees from Beloit College, Math and Physics. It's an excellent school. It's well balanced, you can study very well and have some fun. Professors are excellent, intelligent and responsive. I got accepted to all graduate PhD programs I applied to with full financial help. My kids will go to this college for sure.
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