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Beloit College has been a great experience so far. The school itself is small and comfortable for me personally, there is not much around it. Teacher's are very helpful and do they're best to help as best as they can. Social setting is very nice as well people associating with each other, nonjudgmental, and friendly.
Beloit College can be described as a primarily white institution. The admissions office is the nicest building on campus by far and the dining halls have rats in them. There are mold in the dorms and hate crimes every semester, but the academics are incredible. The professors give 100% every day and the classes are great. The students are often not, and the social scene is lacking. Many students develop substance abuse issues here. The cost of Beloit does not even out in terms of benefits. Save your money, don't come to a school like this one.
Beloit loves independent thinkers and independent doers. If you are independent, or wish to become independent, this is the place for you.
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We visited Beloit on a Open House Saturday and came away very impressed. The campus is pretty, the plans for the new student center look incredible, and our tour guide was straightforward and encouraging. My daughter is a vegan and was very pleasantly surprised by the number of tasty and healthful options in the dining hall. We talked to an absolutely lovely, thoughtful, and engaging student who was not part of the admission team to get her take on the school. She said that she had been completely transformed by her experience there--that she has turned into a person who loves to learn. Before Beloit, she was only interested in taking classes as a means of getting to the next step.
Life-changing experience. Beloit taught me to think critically, helped me find my passion, and supported my academic and career trajectory. I'm still good buddies with all my favorite professors. After graduating from Beloit I got graduate school offers from every school I applied to, including Harvard and Oxford.
I love the vibe! From the moment I stepped on to campus I felt at home. It's a very inclusive, it's interactive and it gives you the tools you need to succeed.
Small classes make the learning environment easier. Small classses allow for a good relationship with professors and classmates.
I just got accepted to Beloit College in December, and it is one of my top choices as of now. As far as I have researched, Beloit looks really nice and small, which is the setting I like a lot. I would rather be in a small setting where I can receive much more help from the professors rather than being 1 out of 400 students in the classroom.
Beloit is a place for the individual, it's full of interesting, quirky people with a lot of interesting ideas and the faculty help to facilitate that. It is in a small town so that vibe can throw people off if that's not your thing, but if that's not a problem and you want to be somewhere with excellent people and an even more excellent faculty then Beloit is an excellent choice. beware the administration though, they can be frustrating at best to deal with.
I am friends with the majority of people on campus and I love them all. It is definitely the people who I enjoy the most on campus they make it all worth it.
Beloit College is a place where your professors know you and care about you as more than just a student, and I love that. I love the small class sizes as well. Lots of discussion based classes, which is great, but I do feel that professors tend to rely to heavily on them. The community is close, but can be unforgiving.
i am very interested in attending Beloit and have only heard that it is an amazing school. cannot wait to be enrolled as the school has an amazing scenery.
I love Beloit, I would never dream of attending another school. However, the food in commons is awful and there has been way too little accountability for rapists and people who commit hate crimes.
I really like Beloit's Criminal Justice program. The teachers are really helpful and the football coaches are on there game.
Not only is Beloit a beautiful campus, but it has amazing teachers that both challenge and care about their students. The majority of professors go by their first names in the classrooms and it helps to create an informal, comfortable atmosphere. I am proud and happy to be able to attend this incredible liberal arts college.
I love the atmosphere from the office workers in all buildings. What I don't like is the overfunding of sports programs and the underfunding of high achieving students.
Beloit is really good in the academic field and there are many support systems here on campus. Overall, it is a good campus however they can improve on security, also this campus isn't really a party campus so if you're really into an academic, chill place to go... This place is for you
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I like the people at Beloit- it is a very liberal place. Yet the community is very white and privileged- its surrounding community is a high poverty area and students do not really like to engage with it. The content of courses and readings the college expose you to are high quality in my opinion. Beloit is just lacking on the diversity- but this can be expected from a private institution that charged 55,000 dollars a year for tuition. But I should add that their financial aid is helpful, even though it's still not enough for me to comfortably attend school here.
Came to Beloit for the price (at least 10k cheaper than my next best option), ended up transferring to a private catholic school on the west coast. You can be sober, you can be social on the weekends, but it's very hard to do both. Classes and professors are amazing and are the only reason why I considered staying. This place is amazing if you're looking for a top notch education, but the dorms are far from the best, the food is mediocre, and the administration is frustrating. Some kids here are amazing individuals, others are racist and sexist to no end. If you do end up coming here, make sure you have a high tolerance for that sort of thing. Very clique-y school, very very clique-y school. Athletes tend to be separated from the rest of the school. Local area isn't the best, decent but very small downtown area. Having a car is incredibly useful. Beloit is by no means a "bad" place but it's definitely not for everyone, and my particular experiences may be unique to me.
This is a classic case of a 'little pond' school. You'll grow into a big, weird fish. Beloit is a place that people with avantgarde personality come to get a nice financial aid package and an education to rival the east coast liberal arts schools. I've never had a class larger than 10 students. Those were all fact statements. The value statement that you're looking for is this, "Beloit is a place to go if you've always felt outside of the mainstream, and want to be celebrated for that. Its where honestly passionate and incredibly bright people go to find meaningful things to do with their lives. I'm sure if you're already indoctrinated into the name-brand big school mentality, there's little I can say or do to convince you otherwise, except to say that this school has benefits that you will never understand until you are here. That's coming from someone who's taken classes at 4 separate colleges."
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