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I like the people at Beloit- it is a very liberal place. Yet the community is very white and privileged- its surrounding community is a high poverty area and students do not really like to engage with it. The content of courses and readings the college expose you to are high quality in my opinion. Beloit is just lacking on the diversity- but this can be expected from a private institution that charged 55,000 dollars a year for tuition. But I should add that their financial aid is helpful, even though it's still not enough for me to comfortably attend school here.
Came to Beloit for the price (at least 10k cheaper than my next best option), ended up transferring to a private catholic school on the west coast. You can be sober, you can be social on the weekends, but it's very hard to do both. Classes and professors are amazing and are the only reason why I considered staying. This place is amazing if you're looking for a top notch education, but the dorms are far from the best, the food is mediocre, and the administration is frustrating. Some kids here are amazing individuals, others are racist and sexist to no end. If you do end up coming here, make sure you have a high tolerance for that sort of thing. Very clique-y school, very very clique-y school. Athletes tend to be separated from the rest of the school. Local area isn't the best, decent but very small downtown area. Having a car is incredibly useful. Beloit is by no means a "bad" place but it's definitely not for everyone, and my particular experiences may be unique to me.
This is a classic case of a 'little pond' school. You'll grow into a big, weird fish. Beloit is a place that people with avantgarde personality come to get a nice financial aid package and an education to rival the east coast liberal arts schools. I've never had a class larger than 10 students. Those were all fact statements. The value statement that you're looking for is this, "Beloit is a place to go if you've always felt outside of the mainstream, and want to be celebrated for that. Its where honestly passionate and incredibly bright people go to find meaningful things to do with their lives. I'm sure if you're already indoctrinated into the name-brand big school mentality, there's little I can say or do to convince you otherwise, except to say that this school has benefits that you will never understand until you are here. That's coming from someone who's taken classes at 4 separate colleges."
Best parties are at the special interest houses and at the wall. There are usually parties hosted by some campus organization or house just about every weekend.
Parties are generally small but fun. The on-campus bar is usually hopping, as is the "wall". Downtown is extremely close, and there are a few pretty decent bars down there as well.
Academics here are comprehensive and rigorous. You will work hard, but it pays off.
Lots of students from a lot of different backgrounds. This makes for an interesting campus culture and some challenging moments as well (we have students who are very liberal, and also some who are quite conservative).
Administration is relatively lenient about alcohol usage, provided that you're drinking responsibly and acting like an adult. They're much stricter regarding drug usage.
The Liberal Arts in Practice Center helps students to find internships and jobs. They have huge amounts of money available for students wishing to do independent research projects. I've been to Washington, DC on a networking trip paid for by the LAPC, and it was awesome. Nearly all students find jobs or higher education opportunities after graduating.
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I've loved just about every course that I've taken here. Beloit's quality of instruction is frequently rated very highly on national reviews, and it shows. Professors here are the best.
Beloit Security is very friendly and approachable. The student RAs are well trained and responsible. Administration takes sexual assault on campus very seriously, and all incoming students are required to learn about and discuss issues surrounding sexual harassment and assault upon arriving at campus. Downtown Beloit is generally safe as well.
Special interest houses are quirky and awesome, and host a ton of cool social events. Townhouses and apartments are very comfy options for upperclassmen. Regular residence halls are good as well - relatively small, and with good community vibe. Each Res hall has its own unique kind of feel, so be sure to ask a current student which halls they've liked living in the best. I personally enjoyed Aldrich.
Greek life here isn't like you'd imagine it at larger institutions. Most of their events are open to the entire campus without any cover charge or anything like that. Most organizations are very welcoming to the student body. The fraternities here are making impressive efforts to be leaders in combatting sexual assault both on our campus and across the country.
The athletic programs here are relatively small, but have really developed and become competitive in the three years that I've been here. There are usually a good amount of students attending every game. The homecoming games are quite popular. I play intramural and club sports at Beloit, which are very popular options with both students and faculty members! Sports facilities are good enough.
I'm a current student at Beloit, and it's been fantastic so far. Outstanding quality of instruction from the professors, really interesting/unique research opportunities available for students, and a huge emphasis on collaboration and putting a liberal arts education to good use. I've met many awesome and interesting people here, and definitely would choose to go here again given the opportunity.
For me, I think that our Liberal Arts in Practice office (Career Center) is very helpful. They do a great job of helping to point you in the right direction to find jobs and internships.
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  • 7 months ago
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I am positive that I was supposed to come to Beloit and that I have chosen the right school for me. I love the classes, professors, and people that I have met here. I have done everything that I imagined myself doing in college and more. I have been able to pursue my passions, goals, and dreams with the support of friends, faculty, and staff here. Going to a small liberal arts college is a great experience, and going to Beloit has been the best.
I think that we definitely have more work to do in terms of how we handle sexual assault on our campus, but in terms of our security officers they are very friendly and approachable.
We have 37 different housing options which include special interest houses for different clubs and organizations that are actual houses, and three apartment style living choices. We also have a wide variety of different dorm style living as well, and each I like to say has their own special personality. We have buildings that were built more recently and ones built in 1964, so it's not easy to sort of rank them all the same or talk about them all together in a general sort of way.
I am in a sorority and have really enjoyed being a part of it on this campus. The experience is very different then what you would have at a larger school. We are a lot more community, campus, and academically focused here. We also have to sign a no hazing form so we can't make people do, ingest, or participate in anything that they don't want to. The "rush" process is pretty laid back and I would describe it as a series of open houses with different activities to see if you want to spend four years hanging out with us. The parties we throw are different than at other schools too, because all parties have to be registered with security and are alcohol free. So they are just a really great time to go out and dance, socialize, and hang out with your friends.
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