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I loved touring Belmont they actually care for their undergraduate and graduate students. The classes are not too big so you get plenty of time with the professors. It's a large campus and you can get involved in a ton of things.
I feel very at home here. When I go to eat lunch I see at least one person I know. The professors really care about you and want you to succeed. I feel very safe and secure.
I really appreciate that so many of my professors have real Music Industry experience. However, I wish that it could be a more diverse school. Or that it would cost less money, because it is crazy expensive.
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The campus was amazing; the people were friendly and welcoming. I would love to attend this university.
When I toured the campus everything seemed great. Everyone acted super nice and accepting of all sorts of different people and I became interested in the music business and audio engineering majors. When I actually arrived on campus, I realized how wrong I was. Unless you act, look, and think like everyone else, come from similar backgrounds and do greek life, you are not accepted. I had several instances where people looked down on me because I didn't come from a rich family and didn't join a sorority. The majors I was interested in ended up being very boring and and the professors, while experienced, were not the best teachers. I also had a problem with mold growing in my dorm. I was having allergic reactions and complained several times and never got it fixed. The food was horrible and also gave me allergic reactions. I did always feel safe on campus but I was so unhappy that I decided to transfer after my first year. Many people love it but it was not the place for me
I have really enjoyed the time I have spent here, and I look forward to spending much more time here! I've had some ups, downs, and turnarounds, but there was always someone there to help, not JUST provide comfort. That is what I really appreciate the most about the school, they want you to be your best and it shows.
Belmont University is a place for connections and community. It is constantly growing, and each program encourages the students to get connected with each other and reach out into Nashville. They offer many seminars with famous influencers of our society that helps every student expand there horizons if they so wish to do so. I would love to see even more teachers on campus in various fields of study that need the attention, but the teachers that are already there are devoted and fantastic.
I love the Professors and the mood of the whole campus. When I was visiting the campus when I was still in high school I walked on campus and all of a sudden I felt the warmth of the people and felt like I belonged
My experience at Belmont University is amazing! I really love the professors, the campus, and the organizations and clubs that you can be a part of!
Belmont is a wonderful environment. The people are kind, the teachers care, and the connections and access
to the music industry are invaluable. My only complaint is the lack of diversity. Belmont claims diversity when in reality, the campus is wildly caucasian and I have experienced some negative effects of being a Jewish member of the LGBTQ community on a Christian campus.
I loved the diversity and the way in which they brought everyone together. One thing I loved is the integration of the Nashville seen on their campus
A lot of the time it felt very superficial and like a performance. I am a science student, but I also love art and music, but since much of the school is comprised of artists then it feels like a lot of them are always too focused on their image and brand.
Great school. Lots of helpful professors and plenty of great students who are ambitious and are willing to work towards their goals.
I cannot think of any other school I would ever want to attend. Belmont was the best choice I could have made as far as school goes. I love everything about the school and am grateful to be enrolled for another year.
I really, really love Belmont. I've had a great experience here as a student so far. I am a woman in STEM and have found a great, supportive community here among my peers and the faculty here. It is academically rigorous and I know that I'm getting an education that's worth the tuition.
I took a look around Belmont University, and I was amazed at how beautiful the school looked. This university is also a Christian school which drew my attention as well.
Belmont has a unique way of creating a community-feel in the large city of Nashville, Tn. Through its unique offerings of personal development programs, I give credit to Belmont for who I am today!
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Belmont University has enlightened me not in only in my area of study, but in the world around me. In just a year I have learned so much, felt so accepted, and become extremely involved. It is a fabulous university.
I think that Belmont is a beautiful school with amazing programs, especially for the entertainment and nursing industries. However, there are some fundamental problems with class availability, for which I would recommend opening more classes for majors with a higher percentage of students taking those courses.
I love Belmont and everyone there! The professors, classes, students, and the campus it all feels like a far off dream. It is incredibly expensive though and I am struggling to pay for it all. So make sure you can afford it before you fall in love with it.