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I would love for more scholarship money to be awarded based on things other than test scores. Other than that, I love the campus, the professors, and the overall community of Belmont.
When I visited Belmont, I fell in love with it. The campus is beautiful, and everyone is as nice as come be. You have to go visit!
I adore Belmont. The most accepting loving school. As a member of the lgbt community I have never felt so loved by other students. I was worried about being accepted but I feel so at home. The teachers are amazing, the classes our amazing, everything about this school feels like it was made for me. Campus is located in the heart of Nashville.
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I am not a student yet but it is a beautiful campus with amazingly talented students that would be an an honour to join in the near future.
When I visited Belmont University, I felt very welcomed by the staff and students. Everyone that I talked to was very helpful and provided useful information about the school.

There are a few other colleges that I have visited and Belmont definitely has the best campus I have seen. The entire campus is beautiful and scenic. It gives off a friendly atmosphere and made my college visit very enjoyable.

I am interested in majoring in Audio Engineering Technology at Belmont and was given the opportunity to sit in on a class. I was nervous to attend the class at first because I was afraid I would be a distraction to some of the students and inhibit their learning. However, everyone was welcoming and made me feel like I was right where I belonged.

I had a wonderful experience at Belmont University and I believe there is something for everyone to like there!
I am a prospective student for Belmont University. I have recently been accepted and it is my dream to pursue my education at this school. I atteneded preview day, and I automatically knew it was where I belonged.
Awesome student community with knowledgeable professors that want you to succeed. What started as a small, private school in Nashville has become one of the best schools to go to in the Southeastern US.

Favorite parts of Belmont: Student community, helpful and knowledgeable professors with real industry experience outside of academia, campus life, the entrepreneurship program, the entertainment and music business programs and all of the industry connections they have to offer.
It has been all sorts of supported. The faculty is amazingly supportive, and the food is well above par.
I love how great the professors are and how nice they are. They always seem to go the extra mile to make sure I am understanding the material given to me. I love the campus, it is gorgeous and they do a good job with its up keeping. I would just like the see the library be updated. Most buildings on the campus are gorgeous and updated, but the library is very old and outdated, which I feel like the library is one of the places students would like to do their work at the most.
I love Belmont!! I have had the best experience with all of the incredible staff at this University. The admissions office has been a dream to work with and the communication to students is incredible. The financial aid office is always willing to hear what the students have to say and are very understandable. I could not ask for a better University to be a part of.
I simply love it here. I am a gay freshman and was so worried about being accepted because of the religious aspects, honestly I feel more accepted here then I ever have before. The only part I can complain about is the food is not amazing but I have never heard of a college where it is. I love Belmont
I love how is within walking distance of many places in Nashville, which opens up many opportunities for students.
Belmont has been beneficial to bettering my career and abilities as an Audio engineer. I have received first hand experience and advice regarding the entertainment industry. I only have positive things to say regarding this school and my program. Anyone perusing a career in audio or video production should heavily consider this school.
Great experience, Great Campus, Great People, Great City, lots of things to do. You will learn alot while at Belmont. Life changing experience
My time at Belmont has overall been great! The campus is beautiful, the curriculum is challenging, and the staff cares a lot for their students. I do have issues with how safe the campus is at night (barely any lights around campus, which is terrifying for the young women walking home at night), as well as how upper administration treats different situations. Our sports teams are doing well this year, and the school just built a state-of-the-art new dorm so it is getting better. This is not a party school at all, we usually put on house shows for our classmates who are up and coming musicians, but we aren't a state school so hard partying doesn't really exist.
Belmont can seem like an intimidating school with the enormous buildings and aesthetic scenery but the people are very welcoming and kind. There is always someone willing to help you there.
I love the community of the campus. Everyone is so friendly and I love how the campus is fairly small because it gives you the opportunity to get to know everyone around you. I also like how class sizes are small because the professors get to actually know your name and know you in general. They're so helpful if you ever need help outside of class. As a con I wish there was more diversity on campus.
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My time at Belmont has challenged me to pursue a career that I am truly passionate in; the academic and creative environment the Belmont University provides is unlike any other, and I will continue to encourage perspective students to look into enrolling here!
I haven't been here long, but I've enjoyed my time so far. As an African American at this school, it is pretty clear on the percentage of those ethnic students to caucasian. It is quite small, and intimidating at first, but everyone is so nice and welcoming, you fit right in. There are many clubs that you can join to help you feel more comfterable. I love the dorms, the food, the campus, the teachers, the students, and more. Its a great environment to be in, and I'll be proud to graduate from here.
Belmont is one of the best schools in Tennessee. It provides several opportunities that allow students to grow and connect with possible career options. Belmont's location in Nashville allows for adventuring and interesting showings. There is always something to do and the food choices outside the cafe are diverse as well.