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I love Belmont so much, I cannot wait to attend. It is a beautiful campus that makes you feel right at home. Its small enough to be cozy yet large enough to have your own space. The food is diverse and fresh. The dorms are large and beautiful.
The main frustration I have with Belmont is the lowered standards to increase enrollment and tuition profits to build more extravagant buildings. The scheme is to beautify the campus and market the school well to attract more upper-middle class applicants and thus continue the revenue stream. To my understanding, this is mainly the work of President Bob Fisher in an effort to grow this shady university. A student a few years back tried to find transparency in Dr. Fisher and was met with repression and punishment. Dr. Fisher takes home an annual salary, including benefits, of over a million dollars. Belmont is for sure a private entity with their own agenda; the aggravating part is their antics are devaluing my degree.
Choose a school that values you as a person and not for your money.
So far Belmont is a great school for academics. They have one of the best music programs in the country.
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Belmont is my dream school. Not only is the campus absolutely beautiful and the area amazing, but the professors genuinely care about your success after graduation.

I can't say there is a single thing I would change.
I love how specific the majors are to the music industries. The teachers have real experience and can really teach you what to expect.
This school is actually dead during the day. The only time people are outside is at 2 in the morning on a strange week day. No one is on the lawns and no one goes outside. Although this may seem like a good time, it is not.
Only have been here a couple of weeks at Belmont University I already love it! People are so welcoming and the campus is beautiful.
Belmont is a school packed full of experiences inside and outside the classroom. The professors allow room for creativity in almost every subject. It's a great place to grow.
Friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Talented teachers, caring staff. Move in day was a great experience.
I am so happy with Belmont and I cannot wait to attend this current semester! I currently just moved to TN to attend belmont at the ripe age of 26!
I love being at Belmont! It's such an amazing environment to be in academically, spiritually, and musically. The students here are so inclusive and incredibly diverse.
I absolutely love this school with all my heart. There is no college that I would rather be at. It is so small and the teachers really care about their students. The school is all about giving back to the community and finding out your purpose, and incorporates a Christian attitude very nicely. It is located right in the heart of music city for all your musical needs. Perfect if you are an aspiring musician, or just really love music! Belmont has it all for you, and will welcome you with open arms. The only thing that I wish would change is the price. It is a pretty pricy private school, and I have known some people who have had to transfer due to costs. I would love to see prices come down a bit. But over all, I absolutely love Belmont.
Belmont is an incredible school with incredible professors and an incredible community. The honors program especially has given me a place to meet people who are kind and driven. I love this school.
I LOVE Belmont. The environment and community that they facilitate at Belmont is unlike any other. They do a great job at facilitating safe space to learn, to live and to lead. They believe in in other at Belmont, and everyone works together to see our individual gifts, talents, and goals come to fruition. The teachers are amazing as well.
I love the small campus environment and how nice all the students are. I would definitely change how the "higher ups" really do not listen to students. And the biggest thing I would change is the fact that they give NO money to their students for scholarships. They love to brag about how much money is collected each year from their donors, but I will be the first to tell you that I never saw any of it.
It's expensive, but definitely worth it for the connections you can gain in Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York City. Friendly people, and a beautiful campus. I love Belmont!
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Belmont has helped me grow, learn, and expand my interests and faith and I still have three years left there.
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Belmont University has brought me my closest friends, my favorite city, and helped me discover my passion. I have loved every minute at Belmont, including having a very connected relationship with my professors, attending classes that interest me and further my knowledge for my career path, and seeing smiling faces through the halls that I know. The closeness and size of Belmont really helped me open up my shell and make this city my home!
The opportunities at Belmont are fantastic - put yourself out there, join clubs, get involved, and you will prosper. I've made wonderful friends and everyone there is so welcoming and sweet. Wish the school was a little more diverse, but I think within the next few years, Belmont will be a very diverse school - which will only make it better!
I am so thankful that I study at Belmont University. I love the location; being in Nashville is so advantageous since I study music. The professors push me toward excellence, and my friends provide me with the support I while I strive for excellence. The community at Belmont University is my favorite thing about being on campus. It is so easy to talk to almost everyone, and there are always new friends waiting to be made.
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