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I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. Belmont has helped me grow, learn, and expand my interests and faith and I still have three years left there.
Belmont University has brought me my closest friends, my favorite city, and helped me discover my passion. I have loved every minute at Belmont, including having a very connected relationship with my professors, attending classes that interest me and further my knowledge for my career path, and seeing smiling faces through the halls that I know. The closeness and size of Belmont really helped me open up my shell and make this city my home!
The opportunities at Belmont are fantastic - put yourself out there, join clubs, get involved, and you will prosper. I've made wonderful friends and everyone there is so welcoming and sweet. Wish the school was a little more diverse, but I think within the next few years, Belmont will be a very diverse school - which will only make it better!
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I am so thankful that I study at Belmont University. I love the location; being in Nashville is so advantageous since I study music. The professors push me toward excellence, and my friends provide me with the support I while I strive for excellence. The community at Belmont University is my favorite thing about being on campus. It is so easy to talk to almost everyone, and there are always new friends waiting to be made.
Belmont University is a private institution that was founded in 1890. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 5,983, its setting is urban, and the campus size is 75 acres. Belmont University is a Christian school just two miles southwest of Nashville. Because Belmont students are so close to "Music City," it's no surprise that many of them have focused their studies and activities on the entertainment industry. Students can study in the Curb College of Entertainment & Music Business, participate in the annual Christmas at Belmont concert that's featured on PBS, or even major in songwriting. Belmont, however, isn't all about music. Belmont offers more than 80 undergraduate degrees and more than 20 graduate programs.
I love Belmont! I have had nothing but a really great experience. The community is unlike any other, and the genuinely amazing people are what have made my experience so great. Overall it is a very special school in a very cool city!
Belmont is a very unique and inclusive university. My first year was beyond expectations and I thoroughly appreciated the effort Belmont puts into making the college experience one of growth and learning not just about one's degree but the world. My only complaint is that our president tends to take some extreme measure to ensure "inclusiveness", such as the recent and highly-controversial decision to force a 100% bid distribution rate for Greek organizations. While not being a member of these organizations, I feel this defeats the purpose of bids in the first place.
Although I was unable to attend Belmont this year of college, I did have the opportunity to tour the University. I was accepted and had never been happier in my life. The campus was amazing and everyone was so welcoming. It will always be my dream university and I hope I'll be able to actually call it home one day.
Belmont is an amazing school, with an even better atmosphere. Everyone is extremely friendly, and there's always stuff going on around campus to do. The professors are extremely credible, and they make it fun to learn by including experiences they've had in the music industry, nursing, etc. The only thing I don't like is the food served. Since we're paying so much money to the school each year, me and other students I've talked to would like to see better food options!
Belmont University is a very welcoming community. Its Music Business and Music colleges are incredibly strong, as well as their nursing program. Set in the heart of Nashville right on Music Row, there are many opportunities to network and learn about the music industry. Academics are above average, but nothing exceptional, given that this is a more music-oriented university. It is a Christian school, so while there is diversity among students, there have been issues in the past with the administration discriminating against the GSA on campus, Bridge Builders. Only other issue is that it is expensive, but you definitely get your money's worth. The campus is gorgeous and you are given tons of opportunities to improve in your field, both in class and the real world.
I ended up transferring from Belmont after my freshman year, along with many other students I personally knew. My experience was not at all what I was expecting. The music business program is why I chose to attend, and while there are many opportunities, the other shortfalls of the school were simply too much to counteract that program. Don't come to Belmont if you are looking for a true "college experience." It is too expensive for what it is really worth and my main problem is that I believe the administration was only concerned with making money, not actually paying attention to the needs of the students.
First off, when you visit they assure you that although they are a christian university, you do not have to be a christian to attend and fit it. WRONG. There are required bible courses and most of the professors led a prayer at the beginning of class. I was a christian who had taken a step back before arriving and I felt like religion and God were being shoved down my throat.

Further, my counseling department experience was such a horrible experience that I can't begin to even put it in to words. Thank God I am level-headed and not in a life-threatening situation because my experience was the opposite of helpful.

I didn't find the classes to be too rigorous or stimulating. I ultimately left Belmont and the majority of my classes didn't transfer and I ended up having to change my major.
It is an amazing school. The Christian environment is exactly what I was looking for. All of my teachers and my adviors have shown genuine care and interest in my education and success. The only thing that has been hard for me to adapt to is the lack of the "big state school" environment, but this has all been made up for by everything that Belmont does well and all of the amazing people that I have met in my time here.
I will be attending Belmont soon. As far as I can tell through many visits and interviews and resources. It seems wonderful!!
Belmont University is a place that inspires creativity, individuality, and love!! Not only have a learned so much about my craft and myself this past year, but I have made life long friends. Nashville is an incredible city to explore with loved ones, and a great environment to gain a degree! All of the professors really do wish for your success and help to inspire you to indeed succeed!
Belmont University is a great place to grow. The college is accredited in several areas for good reason. Belmont sits in the middle of Nashville, however, its campus will make you feel like you're safe and not in a city at all. Its rules and policies can be a bit restrictive, but they are there for a reason and are a reassurance to parents that their child will be taken care of by the college. There is a lack of diversity on the campus, but they try to implement beneficial programs to help more diverse people find their way to campus. There is a lot of talent at Belmont, but there are also those who have just been told they have talent when they do not. There are a lot of very smart individuals at Belmont, but there are also those who have a false sense of their intellectual abilities. There are some devout Christians at Belmont, but there are many who have been told what to believe without exploring any further.
I love Belmont! It's a beautiful campus, with a short distance to both 12 South and 21st Ave, which is where you can find great food. The classes are a good size, not too many people in each class which is great! The dorms are in good condition for the most part, but the older dorms could use a little updating. Also, the caf food could also use a slight upgrade, because most of the options are served quite often, but there is always a decent variety of foods to eat.
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Belmont University is a great and diverse school. Having completed my undergraduate degree there, I wholeheartedly recommend Belmont to others. If I had it to do over with, I would attend in a heartbeat.
Beautiful campus! The tour guides were all so nice and made me feel welcome and comfortable. I have met my admissions counselor many times and makes me feel valued. It is also in a wonderful city where there is lots to do.
I love Belmont University! The size of the campus and student ratio is perfect. All of the classes are easy to get to and the community is very friendly. The teachers are very understanding and will help you if you are having trouble. The food is pretty good. It's a lot better than other universities, however the only downside is they serve the same stuff everyday. They change it up every now and then but its pretty much the same stuff. One of the best things about Belmont is there programs. They get some of the greatest speakers to come and give lectures about different topics. Belmont is truly a great school, and I am proud to call myself a Bruin.
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