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Belmont University is an intimate university where everyone feels apart of the close-knit community and is welcomed by all.
Belmont was a great place! It was small but not too small, and the campus is beautiful. All the professors that I experienced were great teachers, some of them experts in their field. It's on the expensive side, but I felt like I had a great college experience here. It's not a great school for partying, so if that's what you're looking for, then you should try elsewhere.
Beautiful and safe campus. Great communication between school, students and parents. It is a Christian university and they promote students supporting each other’s majors. Excellent professors that are extremely relatable.
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Belmont has the power to create top-notch young adults to send into the workforce. They strive to make sure all of their students have an interdisciplinary approach to their learning to ensure the versatility that is required in this everchanging environment.
I love Belmont because of how welcoming everyone is. The community here is amazing and I know I could not get this kind of community at any other school.
Belmont is one of the college that I am exteremely interested to attend because it provides excellent education in Music and also numorous of activities that I can choose to participate.
I'm a freshmen at Belmont currently and so far I have made a lot of connections and friends. The classes I have had been useful in making me a better student and I feel like I have learned a lot. The amount of possibilities and opportunities Belmont offers is incredible and makes it nearly impossible to not be getting involved with something or experiencing some kind of event that will help you evolve with in your major and become the exceptional kind of student you seek out to be.
I loved my time at Belmont. I lived on campus all four years and was heavily involved with several organizations and music ensembles.
I came to Belmont hoping to get a normal, fun college experience. What I got instead was an overly strict school that has no parties and only cares about its music majors.
I was happy to attend Belmont! Sadly the joy I felt to be a part of a friendly community was a let down before the first week. If you don't have money don't waste your time coming here. Everyone there is "made" of money so you will fell out of place. If you are wanting to come for a small campus and thats all this is a good fit. Please do yourself a favor and do not come if you are not in a music program or strong in religion!!!!!!!!!
I Love the happy medium environment of it feeling like a cozy home, but 5 minutes away is a big city to have fun in. You get the best of both worlds. I ah huge into the Christian lifestyle and Belmont's Younglife is amazing.
This school has been amazing and challenging all at the same time.
Academics are not easy, so don't go here if you think you're going to get by without doing work. But it's so worth it!
Very friendly atmosphere. Helpful professors. Easy to get around campus and beautiful grounds. Campus is very safe with a 30 secs response time.
I have only completed one semester at Belmont but I am absolutely in love with this school! I knew from the minute I toured it that I would love it. The professors and faculty are so kind and really care about your education. My fellow students are some of the best and kindest people I've ever met and the Belmont community is amazing! The dorms are much nicer than many schools and for that I am thankful! Please at least tour Belmont, it's an amazing school!
I definitely think I couldn't have had a better fit out there college-wise than Belmont University. It is big enough that I feel like there are a lot of opportunities available for everyone but also small enough that you will see the same friends around often and be able to get to know your professors. There are a lot of ways to get involved on campus, especially as a music business student and for having only been here 2 years, I feel I've gained an immense amount of professional and career advice that I had never anticipated going into this. The faculty here are more than willing to help students with absolutely anything and the school brings in so many speakers and professionals to learn from and network with. I wake up everyday feeling incredibly grateful to be here because the campus is beautiful and the people here are all so genuinely nice. My classes thus far have been informative and I feel like Belmont has enough majors to suit a lot of different career paths
Belmont has some wonderful professors and opportunities for work study and aspiring musicians. I wish that it were better about financial aid and diversity.
Belmont is a school that offers such a unique and welcoming experience. It is filled with creative and open minded people that push one another academically, socially, and artistically. The size of Belmont University creates a wonderful teacher to student ratio that allows most classes to be intimate and personable. Likewise, it’s wide array of majors and schools allows people to find a well tailored academic course that will fuel a strong and passionate future.
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I love Belmont so much, I cannot wait to attend. It is a beautiful campus that makes you feel right at home. Its small enough to be cozy yet large enough to have your own space. The food is diverse and fresh. The dorms are large and beautiful.
The main frustration I have with Belmont is the lowered standards to increase enrollment and tuition profits to build more extravagant buildings. The scheme is to beautify the campus and market the school well to attract more upper-middle class applicants and thus continue the revenue stream. To my understanding, this is mainly the work of President Bob Fisher in an effort to grow this shady university. A student a few years back tried to find transparency in Dr. Fisher and was met with repression and punishment. Dr. Fisher takes home an annual salary, including benefits, of over a million dollars. Belmont is for sure a private entity with their own agenda; the aggravating part is their antics are devaluing my degree.
Choose a school that values you as a person and not for your money.
So far Belmont is a great school for academics. They have one of the best music programs in the country.
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