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I love the atmosphere when you walk onto their campus. Although they are a Christian college, they don't push religion on you. They always have a great athletic program that's really great to watch. I love that the campus isn't really big. You can make you're way around fairly easy and its lot's of campus parking. Lastly the campus is visually stunning to everyone who sees it.
Blackboard is their online platform that they use with every student whether you are online or not. It tracks all of your classes for that semester and you are able to interact with other students and your teacher as well. It also tells you all of your upcoming assignments that are due so that you won't miss a deadline, and it lets you track you grades as well.
I definitely prefer classes in person, but the online class experience at Belmont was overall a good experience.
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I attended Belmont University from 2010-2014 graduating as a Songwriting major and Sociology minor. I had such an incredible experience! I am looking forward to returning to Belmont in the spring as an architect major. Since graduating Belmont I have start two successful companies in the music industry, Roscolusa Music Festival and What It Is Collective. After the pandemic and an immediate halt to the entertainment industry, I have decided to go back to school and pursue my love for architecture.
I love Belmont. It has been a great experience so far. It is expensive and they need to offer more scholarships to music students, but other than that, I love it here.
I took online classes last semester. Both the students and professors had to give grace to each other as this was something unexpected, but for the most part, my professors did a good job with the transition.
I love the atmosphere at Belmont and the opportunities that you get out of going there. Everyone there has been so friendly and helpful no matter what.
I was worried about doing classes online at first because in the past I was not able to succeed, but the set up this time around has been very easy smooth.
The teachers were very accommodating but it was difficult to stay on track with technical difficulties and the different time zones.
It is a very loving and welcoming environment with great students and teachers. There is also an immense amount of talented people.
My online learning experience with Belmont has been good! I have been able to balance my classes with my daily life and my professors have been very flexible!
Belmont University was the college of my dreams, and from the very moment that I stepped foot on campus I knew it would be my home for the next 4 years. I have gotten so many leadership opportunities, internships, and research opportunities. Though the school is known for its music, the science program is top notch and should be considered!!
My experience is so far is just with the regristering produre of starting school in August 2020. My experience had been good with the interacting of the staff their emails or some phone calls.
have not start school yet, so hard to rate my learning experience when the classes not started. I will be starting a nursing program in August 2020, which is a 2 year program
Belmont is a great place to be surrounded by not only creative peers, but a creative staff and amazing teachers. Going to Belmont University means you have a beautiful home to come to every night after exploring and enjoying the bustling city of Nashville. Belmont helps you find plenty of networking options within the city, nationally, or globally, and equips you to handle the career of your choice through hands-on classes.
The online transition because of Covid was tough, but our teachers were extremely accommodating, making the online experience great. When you take a class from Belmont, whether that be in-person, hybrid, or online, you are always guaranteed a great experience no matter what, because the teachers are absolutely amazing and so qualified in what they teach.
I like how small class sizes are, allowing students to develop strong relationships with professors. I wish the school would work towards more clarification on finances.
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I took a PR class online, but I found it difficult to know exactly what the professor expected from the class. We would record our screens and ourselves talking for presentations, so we could watch everyone.
Very manageable with direct interaction and feedback from your professors. You also get to interact with your classmates through group discussion boards, which is nice.
I love this school! It's in a great location, has a beautiful campus with new dorms, and the professors are generally very well-educated and helpful. I wouldn't give up my experience at Belmont for anything!
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