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Belmont has a beautiful campus. The Professors really care about your success. The small class sizes pose as an amazing work environment.
I enjoy Belmont college. It is safe, practical, affordable. Teachers are friendly and want to see you succeed
I loved going to this college! Its staff was so kind and helpful to me. They asked all my questions that I asked.
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Everyone knows everyone. Small campus, with invested teachers. Affordable and new health science center built!
This is a wonderful college. Staff and professors are always glad to help. They offer great programs that students are really passionate about. I've always loved the laid-back atmosphere in the hallways too.
The SIM lab is up to date. Very helpful in learning new skills. Most of the instructors are fantastic. Although there are a few power point queens. I first obtained my LPN certificate and I am now in the transition program. I don't feel that 2 year programs offer enough time to get a good understanding of nursing. The 4 week rotation period of peds, ob, geriatrics's and psych does not truly prepare you for these areas. I am not at all impressed with the financial aid dept. This is my 4th year as a student and I have never had my financial aid available on time to obtain my books prior to the start of classes. It's quite frustrating having to prepare for class without books or necessary supplies.
I got my Associate's Degree at Belmont College and I enjoyed my experience there very much. I like all of my professor. They worked with you to understand the lessons and to achieve the best education they can give you.
Many opportunities are opened up for students after graduating, but many want further their education.
At Belmont College, they want one to succeed. The students come first. Many that attend are hard working individuals who have jobs and families outside of their school life. One comes to Belmont College to better the lives for themselves and their families on their own time/terms. It is a great place for the older generation to go back to school, and a good start for the new student who isn't sure what they want to achieve yet academically.
While I don't use many of the resources on campus, those I do use are fantastic. The library especially is wonderful for studying and resources. They have numerous online and physical resources to help you write papers or find books for research, and the librarians are almost always available to answer your questions.

Belmont holds many events, and there's usually something for everyone. There are events within the dorms, for the entire campus, and even convocations that can be fun and interesting. Going to events is a great way to meet new people, even if you aren't very social or you're a little shy.
Belmont is an expensive school. My family did not and still does not have the money to send me here without scholarships. I received not only scholarships from Belmont specifically, but from the TN Hope Scholarship and a couple of outside scholarships. As this still wasn't enough, my parents and I also borrowed loans, and the Belmont Financial Aid department was extremely helpful with that process. (Recommending loans, what the best options were if my parents were denied, etc.)

I absolutely feel like the trouble and money is worth it. I came from a public school where I was bored to death and A's were easy. I'm finally enjoying learning again. The work is challenging, but it's very satisfying as a student to feel like you're getting what you paid for.

My only complaint is Belmont scholarships specifically can be a little difficult to get. Even if your GPA is a 4.00, if your ACT and SAT scores aren't a certain number, some scholarships are completely and immediately out of reach. This is also true if you aren't active in any programs or clubs. Some scholarships are specified to majors and clubs, and those without don't get as much help.
The faculty is very flexible. Most teachers have numerous available office hours in which to set up meetings or appointments if you want to, and are happy to speak to you about any concerns otherwise through e-mail. I haven't dealt much with the administration, but from what I understand, it's about the same way. If you set up a meeting, they'll follow through.
My only complaint is the wifi doesn't always connect right away.
It's a nice community college
It's a small community college. Not my cup of tea but it's a nice start to my education for nearly no debt.
A great school with a great reputation for providing internships in your area of study which was very important to me.
They have some teachers that are the only ones that teach certain classes, like the STNA classes. They are only available at certain times and days, and that makes it difficult for scheduling those classes.
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I love the library. They do not charge for printing like most colleges do. This is wonderful when you are trying to stretch a buck!! The library staff is always friendly and very helpful!
It needs some work but they are improving it with every semester.
For the most part students are either adults with full-time jobs going back to school to continue their education or kids straight out of high school who have little to no idea what they want to do. Belmont Ohio is a small area so for those students who went to Belmont College right out of high school it feels like high school all over again because you are going to school with the same group of people you knew in high school.
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