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School is way to small, the people are all so negative and two faced. I’m a Sophomore and yet to have A good experience. Some professors are good some are just not useful.m, but you find that at every school.
Belmont Abbey has a lot to offer; from great academics in the classroom to championships in athletics. The Abbey welcomes everyone and truly feels like a home away from home. Something that would be nice to see changed is more options for food, but that may be it!
This campus is charming I guess, but the social aspects leave much to be desired. The school is overrun by the athletes. They take up at least 60% of the student body. The students that don't play sports are either extremely religious Catholics, socially inept homeschoolers, or airheads that are only there because it has a 99% acceptance rate. Cliques are formed by default from all of the different sports (which have JV and varsity teams). On top of all that, the rules can be extremely strict, as birth control is considered contraband here. There are almost no real parties, there is high school- like drama, and it's impossible to find a genuine person that you can trust as a friend.
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I feel like I met some of my lifelong friends here at Belmont Abbey. It is easy to get involved on campus, and there is always something to do.
It's an okay school if you like a small tight grip community. The campus itself is actually pretty stunning but there isn't much to do there unless you have a car or play a sport. The classes are easy and simple, having the feel of a normal high school class due to the fact that there aren't a lot of people, so because of that, you have a lot more one-on-one time with the professors. If you're looking for a party you'll be disappointed as most of the parties there are basically just a bunch of guys and one girl sitting down in a room while a couple of others play beer pong
Everything about this school sucked. Only a handful of students actually stay all 4 years. At first the school was great after a year. Worst decision of my life
Belmont Abbey College is your typical small private school. If you socialize enough, you will always see someone you know around campus. This can be a good or bad thing, you have to keep up a good reputation of yourself, or people will talk. But always knowing that there will be someone you know in every class eases the tension of college. This school is literally what you make of it so if you go out and participate in school activities, you will have a good time, but if you bum around and don't try to have a good time, you won't.
The strengths of the school are the handful of world-class teachers, the quality of friendships among students, theatre, and the Benedictine/liberal arts atmosphere of the school. All of my close friends are from the Abbey, and I'll treasure them forever. The biggest weaknesses of the school are safety (that's a lawsuit waiting to happen), transparency, declining standards, and prioritization of athletics.
BAC is a spiritual academic experience that virtually changed my life. I entered the Abbey as an adult degree student and honestly was scared I wouldn't succeed. But after my first semester and engaging faculty and my peers I found the Abbey to be inviting and sensitive to my concerns. The campus provided me a spiritual outlet where I could meditate and sort out my concerns. I found my professors to be of the highest quality and character. There were so many activities I was able to participate in and I know that God placed me at the Abbey at the right time in my life journey.
I will always cherish the friendship, guidance, and academics that I received at Belmont Abbey. It’s a great institution and am a proud alumnus.
Belmont Abbey College is a great school for an athlete who loves a sport so much that they want to play at the next level of competition. It is also an amazing school for anyone who wants to further their knowledge and love in their Catholic faith. Even though one does not have to be Catholic or an athlete to attend, but it sure helps. Just being a freshman, one can already tell that I am going to build relationships with the people here that I will have the rest of my life. Because most people are athletes, everyone is from different places so there is a lot of diversity brought here for such a small school. I also am able to pursue my faith and learn more about it each day. After only being there for such short time, I know that it will teach me so many important things in my life.
My experience is with the evening program, majority of professors have other day time jobs (not real professors) poor academics.
The college is catholic but it doesn’t mean that the faculty is or that they represent those values. In years, I have not experience those values from the faculty staff. “With the exception of the Theology instructors”, other than that I mean just “business” to them.
The Monks don’t run the college or the Theology professors because you will then truly live the mission statement. The school promises to you at the time of enrollment and during your firs year, doesn’t exist after you have enrolled. The choices for classes are one, two or none, I was forced to be flexible with them, when they offered flexibility. When I encounter a problem caused by the school, there is no accountability, it becomes my problem. If I were to do it again I will not chose this school to invest.
The good: I enjoyed the Theology professors...
I am an athlete and member of the Honors College. So far, my experience hasn't been that great. Athletes make up about 50-60% of the student population because every sport has a varsity and a JV team. *MAJOR WARNING* the athletic department supposedly won't release transferring athletes to play sports at their new school, so be wary of that.
-small classes and personable professors
-Charlotte is nearby with lots of things to do
-potential to meet lifelong friends
-hardly any funding so many of the buildings are rundown and the resources are outdated
-drama runs rampant, especially on the sports teams
-student body consists of 2 extremes: either Catholic homeschoolers or partying athletes. It's a combination that doesn't really work, and it's nearly impossible for them to coexist peacefully
-doesn't have name recognition or prestige of any sort
-a feeling of confinement can easily arise, especially if you don't have a car
What I like about Belmont Abbey College is their Adult Degree Program. At the time I enrolled the schedule and classes were ready available. Over the course of a year the classes are getting harder to come by and high turn over on teachers.
I love the small class sizes and individualized attention from professors who are experts in their field and truly dedicated to the success of the student. The campus is beautiful and perfectly located for all the entertainment and employ opportunities a college student needs in order to find his niche.
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Also there are no parties and if you drink in your dorm the RA's will write you up. It's not really a college experience and the women are kinda stuck up and think they are too good so they aren't fun at all. Although I have had some good times with the boys it's hard to do because how strict they are. As far as sports go the trainers are awful and are not helpful at all, they treat you like crap when you ask for help. Also this school makes you hate your own sport which sucks because I didn't even know that was possible. I'm being completely honest and not exaggerating, I'm a normal kid and I'm telling you if you wanna hate your life come here but if you don't go somewhere else. Even limestone(our rivals) is better than here!
Part 1
The school is pretty religious. You have to take a bunch of pointless classes as a freshmen and even if you decide to transfer after your freshmen year none of your credits transfer to other school so you basically have to start all over. The cafe is awful and it's a very boring school. It is also having accreditation problems and is on probation. You can look that up if you type in Belmont abbey probation on google, first thing that pops up.
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Belmont Abbey College is my home away from home. The professors and all staff on campus work so hard to make this place like no other. Belmont Abbey is the place to be and I cannot wait to spend the next three and a half years here! #RaiseTheRed!
I am a freshman wrestler at this school and so far it is average school. You would like this school if you are just an normal student, but if you want big sport games, nice party's, and a huge fun student life the Abbey might not be for you. On the good side this is a very peaceful and safe place. You will also see monks walking around on campus, also the teachers are very nice.
During my years at the Abbey, I have grown in my academics. I share a love of learning with my peers. The Professors greatly impact our appreciate for the subjects. You can tell that the professors truly love what they teach, and care for their students' success.
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