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I have truly enjoyed my experience at Belmont Abbey College! Although it is expensive, the college has both met and exceeded my expectations. First and foremost, this is a college founded by Catholic Benedictine monks, and thus it is a Catholic college; however, the student body is only about 50% Catholic, so a variety other faiths are present. The classes I have taken are all very engaging and interesting; each class is infused with the core Benedictine values and virtues, and the professors are truly wonderful men and women who are excited about what they teach and want you to enjoy learning. The campus itself is small but absolutely gorgeous; many of the buildings were constructed in the 1800s, so they are very old but also very beautiful.
This is my third year in College, two of which I spent at Belmont Abbey. My experience reminds me of the credit union slogan of which my mother is a member...big enough to serve; small enough to care.

Belmont Abbey College is beautifully situated in Belmont North Carolina and is perhaps the most diverse catholic institution anyone can imagine. Its faculty and staff are warm and caring and always accessible. The environment is picturesque and neatly nestled in a small town but yet only minutes away from some of your more large scale conveniences...Walmart, Target, shopping malls, etc.

The "raise the red" sporting mantra is one that gets everyone excited and involved even if you are not a student athlete. I am glad I chose the "Abbey".
I love going to a small school! BAC is a great place to find lifelong friends and find a major you love. The professors are super helpful and easy to contact. Everyone knows everyone at BAC, from the president of the college, to the kid you pass everyday on the way to your T/Th classes.
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The professors are really helpful and the community is tight. The campus is beautiful. They have daily Mass & Confession and an Adoration Chapel.
l love going to a small school! The classes are so small, and I feel like more than just a number at this school. The professors genuinely care about your success. The courses are a good difficulty. They require you to do your work if you want to get an A. Catholic views are incorporated into each class in some way or another, but that is because it is a Catholic school.
The campus is generally crime free. I feel safe walking across campus by myself at night. The campus police are easily reachable, as well as Resident Life.
The housing is very old and definitely needs updating. They plus side is that each living spaces are no more than a ten minute walk to class. There is free laundry around campus, and the social atmosphere is standard. The housing process is a hassle, but only because the school is growing and there isn't enough room for everyone.
Greek life is very minimal here. There are three not-national sororities and two fraternities. The social atmosphere is generally unaffected by Greek life. No one really cares if one is a part of Greek life or not. There are no sorts of Greek housing.
The athletic facilities could be improved, and they are being improved. As for athletics in general, they are great! All teams are great at what they do. Most are nationally ranked teams. The fan support varies by sport, but most have a good sized crowd. The school spirit is incredible. Everyone loves it. When something good happens in a game or match, the fans go crazy. I've never seen so much spirit and excitement.
At first, I hated it. I'm not going to lie, but now, I couldn't see myself anywhere else. It is a place like no other. Anytime you walk to class or the dining hall, or for athletes the athletic center, you will know someone, and they will say hi. Everyone on campus is so friendly, from the professors to the cooks in the dining halls. The friends I have made so far are forever friends. The professors are so caring and compassionate. They are willing to do anything it takes for you to pass their class. Everyone is so approachable, and I love it. There are loads of student activities; everyone supports the athletic teams, and everyone simply wants the best for one another. Now the small school scene isn't for everyone, but it sure is for me. If I could do it all over, I wouldn't change a thing.
The old freshman dorms are horrendous
Its okay, many people look to transfer.
Being a part of a sport is a huge contribution to the college experience for me. If I didn't have my sport, the school would be so boring.
I originally came because of Athletics but fell in love with the professors and the small school community that is alluded all throughout campus!
The professors are great! You can easily speak to them after class or at their office. The curriculum seems dull until you get into your major.
I do not know a lot about off-campus housing because most people live on campus.
Because it's a Catholic school, it is very strict. This however, does not affect me.
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We have active campus police. Because BAC is fairly safe, there is not a lot to worry about. However, there are many unlit stairs, which I have fallen off of a lot.
I haven't started on my major yet because I'm only a freshman. But so far, first semester has been great. There isn't homework, but a ton of reading and papers.
The food is better than high school. However, it is not open 24/7. The cafeteria is a buffet style. There are many options. If you don't like anything you could always go with a salad, sandwich, or cereal. (THE PIZZA IS NOT GOOD). There is also Holy Grounds which has a fast-food burger service. There are not many options. There is also a coffee shop in Holy Grounds. The coffee is good. You can use your Flex Dollars in Holy Grounds as well.