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Belmont Abbey College is my home away from home. The professors and all staff on campus work so hard to make this place like no other. Belmont Abbey is the place to be and I cannot wait to spend the next three and a half years here! #RaiseTheRed!
I am a freshman wrestler at this school and so far it is average school. You would like this school if you are just an normal student, but if you want big sport games, nice party's, and a huge fun student life the Abbey might not be for you. On the good side this is a very peaceful and safe place. You will also see monks walking around on campus, also the teachers are very nice.
During my years at the Abbey, I have grown in my academics. I share a love of learning with my peers. The Professors greatly impact our appreciate for the subjects. You can tell that the professors truly love what they teach, and care for their students' success.
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Belmont Abbey have a very unique campus and I really liked their campus religion affiliation, i loved the monuments that were in the school as well at the chapel.
Belmont Abbey is a small community where everyone has a purpose! You are not just a number, you are a person with a name. The faculty and staff truly care about the success and well-being of each student. The student involvement here on campus is also really great, there's usually a lot going on all the time. Also, with being so close to Charlotte, you can always go explore the big city that's right in our backyard.
I really enjoyed the campus. It is very small and has a lot of character. It is kept up with well and the maintenance is very neat. The people who work there are like no other, they always have a smile on their faces and are willing to help.
Belmont Abbey felt like home from the first time I set foot on campus my junior year of high school. It's a very Catholic school that adheres to the church teachings. Even though it is a Catholic campus, Belmont Abbey is very welcoming to everyone. It's really easy to make friends on such a small campus and you get back what you put in. There are ways to socialize and meet new people almost every night but if you don't go you'll never make friends. Many of the professors are amazing and care not only about your academics but your whole life. Everyone here is apart of a massive family and it's amazing. If you're wondering about the food on campus it's not the worst, it's proabably to the better end of food you'll find on a college campus. If there is one thing I recommend it's bringing a car if possible, it can be a little tedious being stuck on campus. Overall Belmont Abbey has been an amazing experience for me and I am loving every minute of it!
I wouldn't want to be anywhere else for my undergraduate degree! Everyone here is so friendly and kind. I love the fact that when you walk to class you see friendly faces. Here, you are not just a number. You are a person with a name. The professors actually care about you. I love that there are monks actually living on campus. I love how everyone is involved in everything. I genuinely love this place and would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
During my time here at the Abbey, it has truly been remarkable. The college really does live up to it's motto: In all things God may be Glorified. The college also lives up to the vision by fulfilling the mind, spirit and body of the student by making them better people in life through excellence and virtue. The college has lived up to the vision by having excellent: athletics, and professors. Did I mention we have small class sizes? The professors really do care about you. We also have a great Student Life. They are responsible for all activities that happen on campus. They also coordinate activities that are off campus as the college is located just 5 minutes from Charlotte.
I love the academics in this school because the professors really care about you and also your peers in the classroom are very helpful and friendly. I am involve with so many activities in the school. it gives me an opportunity to meet new people everyday and able to get to know them. It is a small campus, but at the same time it is really nice to know everyone on campus. The campus is close to Downtown Charlotte, I spend my free time in that area with my friends to go on the plays, eat at the local restaurants and coffee places and just be adventurous. I love the school immensely because the people are just friendly and it is definitely my 2nd home. #abbeyislife.
I am a sophomore at the Abbey and I could not be happier with my experience here! The classes are interesting and the teachers really care about each student. Very happy with my college choice!
You can have a great experience at the Abbey. The best thing about Belmont abbey is its central location and beautiful campus. And if you are going into biology this school has a top program.
The little time I have spent at this college has been amazing. Every single class is extremely engaging. And all the professors are here to serve and help you to truly learn and understand yourself and the work. One of the perks of the Abbey is the great community within it. One of my personal favorite things about the Abbey is that it is directly connected with the monastery on campus. Any time you can just walk up to a monk and have an insightful talk.
I love all the varied opportuinties to get involved in campus life. I needed an atmosphere of a small Catholic school that challenges me to become the best version of myself. I feel at home though I am ten hours away from my parents. I definitely look forward to coming back after each break.
Coming from a small high school, Belmont Abbey is a great place to be. The college is not too big where you don't know people, but small enough where you have a variety of different friends. The dorms are nice and the people are welcoming. The class sizes are not too big so you have the one-on-one with your professor. The sports teams are also a great way to get to know more people as well. I love this school!
It is a small Catholic college on a very nice campus. If you wish to take part in it, there are plenty of opportunities to grow in your Faith, daily Mass and confession, etc. The monks are great and the academics are amazing. GREAT Honors fellowship and a good mix of extracurricular activities. A+ theatre department. They could work on the housing situation, especially the res life office. My dorm is great, but I know others have pretty bad housing situations. That is my biggest complaint. But overall I'm glad to be here and enjoy the school.
I am a freshman at Belmont Abbey College, so far so good. I'm feeling safe all the time no matter what time of the day. Faculties and students are all friendly and nice. I love the campus and the ambiance.
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Great working environment, very small and close community. Love the location being so close to Charlotte!
BAC is a great place to work! Excellent community and co-workers. I love the small town of Belmont and how close to Charlotte we are.
The life at Belmont Abbey is absolutely wonderful. The professors are top of the line they are very interested in everything you are doing. They are the first to offer help if you are struggling with a class but put it on the student to ask for help. The coaches really care and make sure that the athletes have the best care. The dorm was not the cleanest when I moved in but no other complaints.