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Overall, Belmont Abbey College is an amazing school that sets you up to succeed. The academics can be challenging but the facility, staff, and students all rally together to help in any way possible. The faculty especially, always make themselves available to anyone who asks. While the campus is gorgeous and currently being updated and expanded, the older dorms do show their age. There is a great theater community on campus that welcomes everyone to get away from the everyday grind of school. The college is perfectly situated between the quaint old town of Belmont and the excitement of Charlotte. It is also very close to the Charlotte airport, several hiking trails, and a Walmart. Belmont Abbey is a charming college packed with amazing people who truly want you to succeed.
The professors adapted well to online classes. While the syllabus was tweaked throughout the semester, it was never at the expense of the students. More time was available for the completion of projects and papers. Professors were very forgiving when it came to technical difficulties. While online classes did require more effort on the students’ part, the faculty was very understanding and helpful.
While the academic aspect of the Abbey experience is pretty decent, especially in the Honors College program, certain student amenities and dining services are lacking. The wifi is awful. There are limited common areas for commuters to study or wait between classes with decent wifi connections. The food in the dining hall is severely lacking and some of the dorms are quite old. The architecture and history are really unique and beautiful however on the front half of the campus if you can ignore the back half.
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Most teachers were super flexible and understanding during the shift to online classes during 2020. However, there was the occasional rogue teacher who refused to connect to students online if they didn't show up to in-person classes unless some other student was willing to video call them in despite the school's policy regarding students in quarantine or those who opted for online classes still being able to access live classes.
I would not recommend going to this school if you are serious about academics. Multiple professors I’ve had were absolutely horrible.
The online classes were horrible. Some of the professors were completely unresponsive the entire course. Multiple things were never graded until the course was over. Every time I reached out they simply wouldn’t respond.
Belmont Abbey College has an outstanding and professional professor. Playing a sport at Belmont Abbey College was pretty fun too. The campus is also beautiful. There are also a lot of negatives about this college, though. Cafeteria food is horrific. One time my friend found a bandaid on pasta. There are only two places to go when you want to eat. Cafeteria and Holy Ground where they sell coffees and drinks. Also, the dorm for freshman and sophomore is terrible.
this school is literally terrible. if i could give it no stars i would. if you think you're going to a real college run away as fast as you can. dont even think about doing normal college things on campus bc they'll write u up, fine you, and make you go to AA meetings. the dorms are disgusting and filled with mold that'll make you extremely sick. the cafeteria food is probably all a health violation bc they serve raw meats and have very few options that dont look like they'll run off your plate. some professors HATE athletes and essentially make u fail the class by not excusing absences for games/travel. unless ur an extreme catholic that enjoys religion shoved down ur throat is basically every class you'll probably hate your life. dont even think about transferring either bc those credits will not
Belmont Abbey is a really good school the staff, faculty, and students create such a warm atmosphere. I am so glad I came here, it changed my life for the better!!
My time here at Belmont Abbey has flown by and it has been a wonderful experience. BAC has felt like home away from home these last 4 years. Everyone is so welcoming when you step on campus your freshman year. I played on the soccer team here and have made lifelong friends. We have made many memories together that we won't forget. The psychology department the professors are very helpful, knowledgable, and always there when you need them. Overall, I am glad I chose Belmont Abbey College to further my education and soccer career.
I have had a wonderful time here at Belmont Abbey College. I graduate May of this year and I'm not ready to leave yet!
During my time here, I have formed lifelong friendships with my teammates on the cheer team and those outside of cheer. After college I plan to room with my some of girlfriends from here and I'm so excited! My fiancé and I currently planning to get married at Belmont Abbey of next spring too! Since we met at Belmont Abbey it only felt right to get married at the place we call our home! :) Through Belmont Abbey's amazing business department, I have found the career path that I plan to take in Event Planning and Marketing and that makes me extremely excited for my future. Since my first day here, I have been welcomed with open arms and there's not a doubt in my mind that I was supposed to go to Belmont Abbey! I've had an amazing experience here!
Belmont abbey is such a wonderful school from its academics to the student life. The small class size allows students to be one on one teachers and get more out of their academics then they would at a bigger school. The professors really care about your success at this school while still challenging the students.
School is way to small, the people are all so negative and two faced. I’m a Sophomore and yet to have A good experience. Some professors are good some are just not useful.m, but you find that at every school.
Belmont Abbey has a lot to offer; from great academics in the classroom to championships in athletics. The Abbey welcomes everyone and truly feels like a home away from home. Something that would be nice to see changed is more options for food, but that may be it!
This campus is charming I guess, but the social aspects leave much to be desired. The school is overrun by the athletes. They take up at least 60% of the student body. The students that don't play sports are either extremely religious Catholics, socially inept homeschoolers, or airheads that are only there because it has a 99% acceptance rate. Cliques are formed by default from all of the different sports (which have JV and varsity teams). On top of all that, the rules can be extremely strict, as birth control is considered contraband here. There are almost no real parties, there is high school- like drama, and it's impossible to find a genuine person that you can trust as a friend.
I feel like I met some of my lifelong friends here at Belmont Abbey. It is easy to get involved on campus, and there is always something to do.
It's an okay school if you like a small tight grip community. The campus itself is actually pretty stunning but there isn't much to do there unless you have a car or play a sport. The classes are easy and simple, having the feel of a normal high school class due to the fact that there aren't a lot of people, so because of that, you have a lot more one-on-one time with the professors. If you're looking for a party you'll be disappointed as most of the parties there are basically just a bunch of guys and one girl sitting down in a room while a couple of others play beer pong
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Everything about this school sucked. Only a handful of students actually stay all 4 years. At first the school was great after a year. Worst decision of my life
Belmont Abbey College is your typical small private school. If you socialize enough, you will always see someone you know around campus. This can be a good or bad thing, you have to keep up a good reputation of yourself, or people will talk. But always knowing that there will be someone you know in every class eases the tension of college. This school is literally what you make of it so if you go out and participate in school activities, you will have a good time, but if you bum around and don't try to have a good time, you won't.
The strengths of the school are the handful of world-class teachers, the quality of friendships among students, theatre, and the Benedictine/liberal arts atmosphere of the school. All of my close friends are from the Abbey, and I'll treasure them forever. The biggest weaknesses of the school are safety (that's a lawsuit waiting to happen), transparency, declining standards, and prioritization of athletics.
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