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I haven't had too many negative experiences with BTC. I originally attended back in 2010 and enjoyed every minute of it.
It's changed a lot now that I'm going back, but not necessarily in a negative way. Somehow everything works swimmingly and I've had some hiccups along the way, but everyone has been very accommodating and things have been falling into place. I'm very excited to attend the Dental Assisting program and am looking forward to getting my certification and going into the workforce. I am thankful Bellingham Technical College is here to help me and get me in the right direction.
Bellingham technical college is a great place to study. The teachers give you the tools you need to succeed and help where they can when students are willing to put in the effort. The campus is gorgeous especially in the fall season when the leave are changing color causeing the student made are to pop out in various areas of the campus.
It is amazing all the teachers have been really nice and helpful. I couldn't ask for a better place for me to learn my degree at my own pace.
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The staff was very pleasant. They were informative, they helped me with all my questions and concerns. It needs to be bigger
Bellingham Technical College is one of the five colleges in the Bellingham area and it is the only technical college. The instructors and staff are extremely knowledgeable and will afford you every opportunity to succeed.
Choosing to attend BTC was a decision that I will never regret doing. Being a student at BTC allowed me to become a Work Study Student where I work on campus as a grounds worker. We also have great faculty and staff that have helped me and guided me to become a more successful student. I am 100% positive that once I get my AA degree I will have a fruitful future.
Best experience I have had with professors and staff. They are all super friendly and so willing to help you. I really love the class sizes, too. The classes I've had so far have ranged from 12-28 students. This is the perfect size to really get to know the material and your classmates. Also, I think it is amazing that the school tries to cut the costs of textbooks as much as they can. They made my education much more affordable by doing so.
All classes are spaced out very well making it easy to go to work
My teachers are very helpful
Haven't gotten into my program yet, still doing prerequisites
Don't know why I need all the math
I am thankful for the help in the tutoring center. Couldn't of passed math without them
The classes I needed for both my first quarter and the upcoming fall quarter were all flexible and worked perfectly around my family and employment obligations. It has all been very hassle free. I do not need or have not needed to transfer credits.
The quality of the professors and the courses they teach are superb. I especially admire my Math 90 instructor who made math not only easy to understand, but understood my life experiences and offered to work with me. She was incredible and I'm ever so slightly saddened that I no longer need a math class that I can take from her.
My decision to go back to Bellingham Technical College was specifically to switch careers. Up to this point, I have a lot of confidence in my ability to ear the education I need to get a job in a field in which I have very limited experience. That is all I can speak to at this point in my education.
Spring 2016 was my first quarter at Bellingham Technical College. My classes were all prerequisites and the workload was enough to keep me engaged, but not overwhelming. My plan is to obtain certificates then progress to an associates degree in Administrative Assistant. Bellingham Technical College's facilities are perfect for students who don't have many resources. I found their library especially useful when I was waiting for the resources to cover internet access, a new laptop, and textbooks.
I often recommend Bellingham Technical College to my friends that are considering going back to school. The campus is beautiful, the schedules are flexible for those with families and employment responsibilities, and they have supported me at every step of the process.
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Taking online classes allowed me to complete my prerequisites while still working.
Class sizes are small and the professors are able to give individual attention to the students.
There is a great amount of focus not only in helping students succeed academically, but showing them real job opportunities after graduation. They were very helpful in showing how the program would correlate to jobs in the industry in my state and whether there were current job opportunities and demand for employment.
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