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Bellin College has the best reputation in the area for nursing for good reason. Friendly staff and an excellent curriculum sets this college above the rest.
Great school. Extremely high standards but everyone knows it, including employers, so it pays off. Graduating with a Bellin College diploma works wonders for students planning on working in the area. Very much a commuter school.
Bellin College has honestly been a complete miracle in my life. This is the first year of their Diagnostic Medical Sonography program and still my program is more organized than previous colleges I have attended. Plus, this sonography program offers way more than any other program I have seen: direct admission into the program, bachelor degree in three years, ergonomics personal training, and four board exams. Also, everyone at Bellin is friendly, sincere, and helpful. All my teachers are readily available to me, and due to the small class sizes, I feel that I get the one on one attention that I need.
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As I said before small school=lots of one on one if you need extra help. All the students are really close.
Bellin college makes sure that you will be successful. They set you up for success through portfolios and volunteering and campus groups
There is always a security guard and you have to badge in doors
Because Bellin is a private school, every one is tight knit and helps one another. We have advanced skills labs and and professors that are more than willing to help out and put in extra time.
The safety on campus is prime and there are security guards that are here in case if you need help.
There are plenty of job prospects with nursing and radiology, especially if you work at the hospital before graduating.
The classes are very informative and the professors are very helpful and friendly.
So far my time here at Bellin college has been excellent. The professors are very caring and the work is challenging. I love that the Nursing professors tell us stories about their times in the health field. Recently we have gotten a new simulation device that helps provide different situations that might come up during a nursing career. If I had to pick a school to go to this would be the place to go.
Everything about this school is amazing
They help all students find a career after school
Feel very safe and comfortable
They want you to succeed and they will help you if you are willing to be helped and do what you need to do
So far my experience with Bellin College has been extremely positive and I look forward to earning my BNS with them.
Although I have just started here at Bellin College, I have found my experience to be amazing. I have been able to take what I've known in the past and use it in my current classes. The professors are very knowledgeable and make sure that every student can understand what is going on in class.
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Green bay is a safe place to live, and the cost of living is on the lower end of the scale. The process to obtain housing here is somewhat of a struggle, but once you are through all the paper work... The places here are nice and homie.
You might have to do some searching because a lot of the places that are good, do not appear as thought they would be good from the outside. But a lot of family owned business in the Green Bay area, and once you find that homemade cooking... It's hard to stay away. Cost is always reasonable in Northeast Wisconsin.
They are fairly strict on the way you present yourself outside of school. It is important that you remain professional, and social life that inhibits your ability to perform will not bet tolerated.
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