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The online courses at Bellevue University are easy to manage. The portal and blackboard are self service and enable one to complete coursework with ease.
It is an interesting university, that offers multiple courses. The staff and professors are friendly. I love it.
I like most the supportive staff, the real world knowledge of my professors as well as the diverse student population. I also like the accelerated cohorts which allow students to complete their studies slight early. I would love to see more scholarships offered for working adults attending the university. Paying for classes can be a huge hindrance to working adults especially those who have families and household responsibilities.
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Great college and caring professors. Can't expect a great scene in the middle of Nebraska. The work is challenging but not too difficult to accomplish. Flexible options for going to school such as online or hybrid classes.
I am an online out of state student. I have had an overall good experience with Bellevue. The advisors and professors are very helpful. The intial regestration process is easy you have an assigned person to help you get started. Could use more online club opportunities but I think that is the case with many online colleges
I'm am an online transfer student. Bellevue has accepted all of my community college credits and it has been an easy transition.
I like that everyone at Bellevue is Really Nice and always tries to help. The Professors are all nice thats what is making class so easy.
I am new to Bellevue, but have had nothing but a positive and easy experience so far. The counselors and relationship managers are extremely connected to you and respond quickly with solutions.
This is my first year of school here at Bellevue & I am extremely happy so far. I am most impressed by how helpful the faculty is ; and how much the professors are willing to go out of their way to help you get the best education possible. There is a lot of resources and facilities available for free not to mention how much money they give in scholarships on top of how affordable it is already. If you are looking for a school that provides the best experience or opportunity Bellevue University is the school. GO BRUINS!
I like how helpful the professors are. They are really willing to help you through your journey. The online courses are challenging for a first timer, but I'm sure with each semester I will get more used to it. Overall, the staff from enrollment to professors are extremely helpful.
I tried to accomplish my college goals through another university prior to going through Bellevue. My first choice let me down when they refused to help me out with my application and trying to get in to my major. I almost didn't go through with college until I looked in to Bellevue. Right from the start I felt like I was the only student attending and everybody went out of their way to make me feel important. Whenever I have a problem I can always get an immediate answer or a call back that same day. They also check up on me through the school year and see how things are going. I also like my professor as he's knowledgeable and is easily accessible to answer any questions I may have. Bellevue is one of the best colleges in Omaha to attend, especially if you are doing online courses like me. I recommend Bellevue University to friends and coworkers all the time.
My experience at Bellevue University have been very good. Being a disabled student allow me to participate in the cohort program. I enjoyed the classes and professors were easy to work with. Having a student coach was very helpful throughout my degree program.
It is a great school and everyone is always willing to help you if you have questions. It is very easy to take online courses as well as in school. They work with you so well to get the most of your education. Teachers are always helpful when you have questions as well as office staff.
This school offers an Online Cohort (Accelerated) classes and I am an AA transfer student. I only have 1.5 years to finish my bachelors and then I will be moving on to a certification. Through the process, they have communicated well and continue to strive for excellence and constantly looking to improve their college experience for students.
I do not participate in the athletic portion of my school because I am a full-time member of the United States Air Force.
At Bellevue University the teachers are very caring and the environment is conducive to your needs. Being a student there I feel safe and I'm confident that the education I'm getting will prepare me fully for a career on the outside.
The admissions and advising team was super helpful and basically did the work for me.
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I've never gone to a school that's been so incredibly involved in helping me succeed. Quality people work here.
The program offers a variety of courses that will help with job opportunities because of the diversity. Whether it is working within the sociology department at the school or working out in the world. There is great resources with Alumni and faculty members willing to help students and the career days offered are always useful.
While the Greeks do a great deal of positive things for the community and the average person does not feel left out around them there is sometimes a superiority complex. Overall, they are a positive force on campus but can sometimes come across as pretentious.
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