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Great staff who care about your education! When first applying to Bellevue this was simple easy and they made it fun and exciting to be continuing my education! Bellevue also offers online course, this was very easy to work full time and also work towards my degree!
I will be a new student at Bellevue University starting this winter term. I haven't been a full-time student in almost 10 years and the transition that I made was easy and effortless thanks to the advisors and enrollment specialists at Bellevue! I was hesitant at first to do my degree online, and I wasn't sure my credits I had done from 10 years ago would have been accepted, but my enrollment specialist worked with me for several weeks to make sure that everything went smoothly and that I got as much out of my previous classes as possible. I am looking forward to starting the new term and thanks to everyone that has helped me out, I'm looking forward to starting my college career again!
This is my last year of bachelors program and I have a great academic adviser. She is really there for all my needs and steps during this process. Transferring can always be challenging but she is making it a smooth transitions.
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Bellevue is a great school to attend as they offer multiple programs online and on campus. As I chose this school because it is easy to work around my own schedule and everyone was friendly and easy to work with!
Very knowledgeable professors. The support system is very quick to help. The financial aid office responds quickly to requests and questions. My student adviser stays in contact and responds quickly to my needs. The workload is very doable. With the app and online resourses, you have everything you need to be successful right at your fingertips. With you can buy and sell items, see the activities happening on campus, see job openings, check your email, have quick access to financial aid or any other college business you may need to attend to. This makes having time to get things completed in a timely manner very easy. The app is very easy to navigate also.
Bellevue University is extremely flexible and convenient. It is the perfect school for parents, full time employees, and really just anyone. I have found it very easy to pass my courses and get the support and help I need at any time.
I am in my second class at Bellevue University and so far my experience has been good. The enrollment counselors were really informative and knowledgeable on pointing me in the right direction. What I love most is that my program is accelerated and the classroom size is small.
It's one of the easiest programs I have done. The professors are helpful and always available. It's mostly an online school but, the campus is beautiful and worth a visit. The building is modern and is in an amazing part of town. Near Omaha the largest city in Nebraska. So many places to eat and visit.
So far the enrollment process has been good and the advisers are super patient and kind and will go above and beyond to help you.
Great for working adults. Tons of online degrees offered. Online environment is easy to use and navigate. Professors are always willing to talk to you and help if you need it. Classrooms on campus are very nice and new. Lots of state of the art technology in science labs and everywhere else. The university is clearly making an effort to keep up with the times despite having been around for 50 years.
So far I have had an absolutely wonderful experience with the faculty at Bellevue University who have gone out of their way to ensure my experience is as easy as can be for an out of state student moving across the country to attend class in person. I cannot wait to start next month.
Just a few more credits until I get my degree and they have been very easy to work with and very responsive.
Bellevue University is great for adult students. There are many night and online classes to chose from. Not only do they have flexible hours, they have many courses of study. The campus is small so you won’t feel overwhelmed when you attend classes. Not only is the campus small but so are the classes. This way you’ll get the personal attention from your professor and they’ll even know your name!
I really loved Bellevue. I took my classes mostly online but the campus is beautiful. My professors were amazing and my class schedule was really flexible. By far one of the best decisions I ever made was going to Bellevue.
Bellevue University has play a significant role in me achieving my academic goals. There are very military friendly and supportive.
This school has some of the best professors I have seen as a college student. If you are looking for a flexible option for a balanced school and work life, this college is for you. I love the feel of this small town college and you will not be disappointed if you are from out of state!
I take online classes and have been with Bellevue for two years now. Because I worked in corporate, my job had a corporate partnership with Bellevue, My student advisor has been amazing in staying in contact with me, going over the curriculum layout and making sure I'm keeping my head above water.
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I love the International Security program at Bellevue. The professors are knowledgeable and the course work is interesting and challenging.
I was deciding on a degree, general but specific. Does that really exist? Yes it does! While I was leaning toward one program, that didn't completely fill my needs, my advisor suggested another program that is a perfect fit and I am excited about the curriculum! I've not had that great of an experience. I really appreciate that thoughtfulness. I'm a student, not a number.
I am an online student returning to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies. I learned about Bellevue University after the company I work for announced that they were offering financial assistance to any employee who wanted to return to school. My admissions experience was both fast and informative. My advisors were extremely thorough with my admittance and registration. Although my classes are all online, I still find them to be engaging and interactive. Every one of my professors were attentive, willing to answer questions, and quick to correspond with either issues or praise. So far I have had an excellent experience in just a semester and a half.
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