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I'm attending the college as part of a dual enrollment program. So as a high school student trying to balance many other extracurriculars along with education, I tend to choose online classes. Over half of the classes I've taken at Bellevue College have been online and I love it. Most online teachers are asynchronous meaning they lay out your work for you and the resources needed but you can work on your own time. That being said, the professors are amazing in the sense they're always available for help and accomodating with learning being online. They offer many resources and make the classes an easy process. I've taken all different types of online classes from Economics and Accounting to English and Poli Sci and they've all been great experiences!
The first thing you notice about the campus is the amount of diversity. The student population is so diverse. Along with that, the professors in each department are very supportive. I can guarantee that you will find at least one stellar professor for each subject. They make learning at the college easy and fun, especially if college is not the only thing going on in life for you. It's a great college to attend when you're balancing many other priorities in life as well but it's still credible.
All asynchronous. The courseload is basically nothing. I'm a little concerned about whether or not the full scope of the course is actually being covered with this minimal workload.
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Horrific! I seriously cannot believe that the administrative personnel are being paid to do these jobs!

I've been ping-ponged back and forth between various office departments for two and a half months now just trying to get a single damn form processed so that they don't make me pay THREE TIMES THE TUITION I OWE THEM!

Nobody seems to know what they're doing. The issue isn't even that the attention being paid to my issue is impersonal. I could care less if the staff want to be best friends or complete strangers. But if anyone could just ACTUALLY READ THE EMAILS I AM SENDING AND NOT COMPLETELY GLOSS OVER MY CONCERN LEAVING ME HELPLESS, THAT WOULD BE GREAT.

Go to this school if you're dual-enrollment or if your endgame is a bigger school. If it's the best option for your wallet, then fine. But be damn careful not to let yourself get screwed over by the lazy admin.
Bellevue College is a great school. The people and staff are really easy going. I've never felt uncomfortable asking questions. So far even with the COVID-19 pandemic, BC staff has been pretty responsive and available virtually. Also, considering the location of the school, it has a somewhat diverse community.
Haven't started yet, but I will be taking online courses in the Fall. So far it has been a decent experience getting set up and getting in contact with the schools reps virtually.
Excellent classes and lovely faculty. Community is diverse, welcoming, and I had a great experience as a Running Start student.
Professors were either hit or miss with online learning. STEM professors, specifically math, struggled to adapt to the online setting. However, my art prof adjusted well and I enjoyed the class. Teachers who traditionally taught online handled the change better.
Online teaching is excellent. Great use of Softchalk lessons. Teachers are easy to get ahold of and engaged in student discussions
Admissions process was smooth and easy to get ahold of departments. Financial aid was correctly implemented and used. Many programs available both online and on campus.
I've had a pretty positive experience with online learning at BC, but I think it depends on alot on the prof!
Really great school for running start students. Lots of class options and opportunities to explore interests outside of the restraints of high school courses.
I've been at Bellevue College for over two years now, I enjoy being on campus because there is always some fun activities going on. The staff is always friendly and advisors are always helpful. I would like Bellevue college to have more classes available especially if it is popular classes.
Online learning is made easy through Zoom, some professors do get technical difficulties. Science labs are not held at all, professors will send out a video of someone creating the lab so you cannot do labs yourself wish I enjoy most about science classes. Professors are easily accessible online.
All Bellevue College courses use Canvas platform for both hybrid and online classes. They are very organized and easy to direct. The way the online class is designed depends on the professor.
Bellevue College has welcoming professors and friendly staff. Some campus buildings are new and clean. I had a good overall experience at Bellevue College.
The online learning is okay but you must pay close attention to deadlines and ask questions as soon as you have them
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My experience with the school overall was excellent. There are many resources within the school that are there to aid. As a first generation college student I found college very hard to navigate through because early on you get many details thrown your way it is good to have a few people on your side that are able to steer you in the right direction. The academic advising is phenomenal. They are there to assist with any academic regards. My best piece of advice is use the resources that are provided to you as a student.
I enjoyed Bellevue immensely! It provided me with great education, friends, and fellowship. It was an easy way to receive credits and I can safely say that I recommend it to anybody who is considering going.
Due to Coronavirus, I did online schooling towards the end of my winter quarter and the rest of spring quarter. I, personally, am not fond of online, due to the fact that self taught assignments can be a bit challenging, but my professors made it amazing! They were so willing to help in more ways than usual, they were lenient to misunderstandings, and provided the best assignments for my learning. To my surprise, online school wasn’t as bad as I anticipated.
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