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I like the diversity, safety, campus, and surrounding area. The professors are pretty average; I have had a few awesome professors as well as some pretty bad professors. But, for the most part, the professors were average. I like the average class size of 33 students; it makes for a close-knit learning environment.
BC is a budding university which recently upgraded from being a Community College, and it shows. Everywhere I go I get the feeling that something good is germinating but hasn't yet come to fruition. Administrators are planning student events, clubs and communities are growing, and increasingly motivated and serious students and faculty are flowing in. But, about half of the population is the unfiltered and lackadaisical crowd that you'd find at a typical Community College. I figure that five years down the road the place will be pretty unrecognizable and the complaints I have about deadbeat pupils and incompetent instructors will be much less relevant.
Bellevue College has some excellent professors and a wide range of programs and classes available. However, the majority of instructors are average or well below at teaching. The campus is large, and has many helpful resources for students. Because of the large number of students, there's not much of a community and its often difficult to form meaningful, lasting connections with students.
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This is a great college with an amazing commute. The class sizes are very nice and the professors really know what they are teaching.
I have had an overall good experience with Bellevue College. I am just about to start my second year and haven’t had any problems with any professors or any administrative issues. There are a lot of students, I think around 30,000 so if you just want to keep to yourself and go about your business you totally can.
Teachers are either really great or pretty horrible, the the good ones are dedicated enough to their work.
Bellevue overall is a great place to start off your college career! I believe that it is a necessity to get involved in college groups and teams. I joined the cheer leading team which helped me find my core group of friends as well as connections that will help me grow in my career. Since the school and classes are on the smaller side compared to a typical university, it helps creates better relationships with professors.
Really amazing teachers. They are kind, approachable and openly communicative. I've had nothing but good experiences with the staff there as well. The school can be a bit confusing to navigate at first, but there are always people around to help you out. I've never had to wait a long time to talk with a financial aid or registration advisor. Teachers are usually pretty quick to respond to messages and I've never thought the content being taught was overwhelming or too difficult to understand. I believe this is because most of the professors at Bellevue College have been teaching for quite a long time and have learned the best ways to relay information to students. I'm very grateful for this experience and I couldn't have chosen a better school to attend.
As a Running Start Student at Bellevue College, I have thoroughly enjoyed being a student at college and working towards my associates degree.
This school has some of the most amazing professors and faculty that I have ever met. This school is a very welcoming and open school, they are very heavy on diversity. the people here are very friendly and welcoming to help anyone they can. Over all it is an amazing school.
Bellevue College has a great atmosphere. It is super diverse in both ethnicities and ages. There are a lot of High School students who take part in the Running Start (Dual-Enrollment) programs at BC. No running start student is treated any differently than the other students. There are lots of clubs and groups to join and their class selection is super broad. They offer a great variety of classes and it is super easy to graduate with an Associates Degree in two years or less.
What I like about Bellevue College is that it's a very good school for people that want to go the cheap route through college and that people go to this college to save money and eventually transfer to a 4 year degree school. What i think should change in this school is the graduation rate is low and it's because people take advantage of a college that costs less than a university and they waste there time.
I enjoyed taking classes in Bellevue College. Students get great one on one chances with instructors. They offer online, campus and hybrid classes. Students can still balance their lives while taking classes in Bellevue College.
I attended Bellevue College from 2014 to 2018. Bellevue College has given me experiences I will never forget. I've had some bad professors and experiences, but also many positive ones that involved me to grow and force myself out of my comfort zone.
I really enjoy going to this school. The class sizes are small, and the teachers seem to actually give a shit about the students. I lived my classes that I took here. Also, I had an amazing adviser in the TRiO program. I would highly recommend this school to anyone living in the area.
My experience at Bellevue College has varied. The teachers are very hit and miss and it seems like the school is still in the process of transferring from a community college to a state school. However, in recent years they have made many improvements to their campus and their academic programs.
As I have attended this college for three years now, I feel like it can improve a lot more on making a culture among students because when I go there everyday for classes, people just do their thing then leave. There needs to be more activities and social gathering for students to attend at more convenient times.
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Bellevue college was the saving grace for my academic career. The one to one with the teachers is super important and was very strong at bellevue college. The amount of classes for this type of school was good and the parking was good as-well. I would recommend bellevue college to anyone who is not sure what they want to study and if they have money issues because bellevue college is extremely cheap.
Prior to attending college I had no idea of what I wanted to achieve. After attending Bellevue College for two years, I not only have ambitions to become the best academic student I can be but have developed a passion for multiple fields of study. Bellevue College has prepared me academically, and professionally to become a well rounded individual in and out of the classroom with the skills and abilities to succeed regardless of my profession.
Bellevue College is a place where everyone feels welcome to gain their higher education and to excel in general.
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