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Pretty good selection of classes, engaging teachers, and large campus. Would like to see more classes offered for running start students.
Bellevue College is a great place to continue your education. All the professors I've had so far has been extremely invested in their students learning. There isn't much to do on campus, but as a student who just wants the education it's perfect. The college is transitioning from a community college into a traditional 4-year college. Overall a great college and nothing beats the price of the tuition.
I am currently enrolled at BC and attaining an Associates Degree with the plan to transfer. The teachers and community are great and are prepared to help you in both the classroom and the world.
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Wonderful teachers very small and easy to reach all classes. The LGBTQ room does have some problems and isn't as inclusive as they say they are though.
Overall great school and a great way to start off the road to college at first I was not sure what I wanted to do or in what direction I should head in but there are many great teachers here that have helped me narrow down my search for a job and have also peaked my interest into different subjects
I had a hard time connecting with people but it was an amazing stepping stone in my higher education! I was lucky to learn and grow independently here.
Its a nice school. Nice looking campus, a lot of resources available, professors are very knowledgeable and helpful. Theres a certain vibe here that you dont get in all the other schools, but its a good one so not to worry about. It does feel like lectures here are tougher than what ive gotten in other schools but overall, a good school.
The classes are known for being easy and the students are very nice and there's a lot of choices. Very poor management and the school has put my tuition amount incorrectly twice (overcharging me) and caused me to drop from a class I payed for 5 months prior. First in person class had a horrendous teacher.
I am an online student and have very much enjoyed my experience and learned a lot. This is my 3 quarter and I am excited they have expanded their programs.
Bellevue college is a really great school. They are very welcoming, students are kind and involved in many activities. Most of the professors are wonderful and treat their students well, which makes for enjoyable classes. There is a huge variety of classes available and programs. The campus is easy to navigate. However, there seems to be a lack of street lights at night around parts of the campus, which can be dangerous for students walking to and from their cars. I also think parking passes should be a bit cheaper.
The Professors i encountered were mostly welcoming and encouraging. The campus and message was always open to people of different races, religions, and all backgrounds. Some of the teaching styles did not always reflect the course outcomes, but most of the professors went beyond that and strived to make the learning environment not only welcoming but one that i wanted to be a part of.
I think that Bellevue College is a good college overall. The classes are small and intimate so it's easier to meet and make connections with your professor if you ever need help or need a letter of recommendation. If you aren't doing too well with classes there are a lot of available resources like the Academic Success Center with walk-in tutoring sessions or you can even sign up for one on one sessions. It's easy to make friends and the classrooms are very diverse in age and race.
The campus itself is very clean and classrooms are very clean. Some of the buildings have aesthetic interior. Usually the classes are slow when it comes to teaching. It isn't as social. They let you print 150 pages for free if you are a student and they have a nice library where you could study in a quiet environment. The bathrooms near classrooms tend to have small stalls. Staff are very willing to help especially when you first enroll and attend orientation. A lot of students are able to transfer to University of Washington which is a plus. I take Japanese and the teacher is very thorough with teaching.
My brothers enjoyed this college and look forward to enrolling into this college. My brothers have always come back from school with a smile and knowing that they were in a place were people were valued and in a safe place.
Mostly positive, I rarely face any negativity in school. So far, all my professors are nice. There are some that are boring, but still nice.
The school is diverse, a lot of international students.
Overall the campus is pretty safe. I work in the school's library so I have to watch out for stolen laptops and phones.
A very nice and friendly learning environment. Most instructors are super nice with explaining the class materials after classes and really care about their students. There was no on-campus housing while I was studying there, however, by the time I graduated the school was building a new dorm.
I've been attending Bellevue College for about a year now and I have nothing but good words. It's a fun, energetic, and safe campus to attend. I've taken morning/day classes, night classes, and online/hybrid classes - The teachers are always willing to work with you, their educated, and they enjoy their job. Big shout out to my PSYCH100 teacher Mr. Kiralla! He is awesome. :)
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Best bang for your buck. Bellevue College is a commuter school so it is difficult to make friends that are willing to socialize with you after class. People usually stay here for a few years then transfer to a larger university. The clubs here are small, but a great way to make friends. Barely anyone goes to support the athletics here. Most of the teachers here really know their subjects and are willing to help you succeed. Bellevue College is probably one of the best colleges in the area.
Bellevue College is an up-and-coming school with a lot to offer to its diverse student body. I kept to myself a lot, though, for my two years here and didn't make any friends; nobody was very approachable and I felt a bit unwanted because I am neither diverse nor interested in on-campus activities. Besides that social problem, Bellevue College was rewarding in academics. I felt well-prepared for the UW, and well-guided by my professors. Small class sizes = more attention from the professors. However, the staff members for the library and tutoring center are often students who were often neither friendly nor helpful. All together, my decision to attend BC before the UW was a good one, and I do not regret any of my time spent in the amazing N-building working away at my future.
Bellevue College is amazing! I have been going here for 1 quarter so far and all of my professors I've had the pleasure of being taught by have been awesome! Leo Kiralla in specific who teaches Psychology is very good. By far my favorite professor at Bellevue College. Nick Russ is a wonderful Sociology teacher. All of the professors I have encountered so far have cared for the well being of their students and made sure they had everything necessary to succeed in their classes.

Can't wait for Spring 2017 quarter! As long as you check your professors out on RateMyProfessor you won't have any issues with getting bad ones! However, I didn't even do that and I got some of the greatest professors I have ever had. Period. Keep up the good work guys!

Go Bulldogs!
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