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I've been attending Bellevue College for about a year now and I have nothing but good words. It's a fun, energetic, and safe campus to attend. I've taken morning/day classes, night classes, and online/hybrid classes - The teachers are always willing to work with you, their educated, and they enjoy their job. Big shout out to my PSYCH100 teacher Mr. Kiralla! He is awesome. :)
Best bang for your buck. Bellevue College is a commuter school so it is difficult to make friends that are willing to socialize with you after class. People usually stay here for a few years then transfer to a larger university. The clubs here are small, but a great way to make friends. Barely anyone goes to support the athletics here. Most of the teachers here really know their subjects and are willing to help you succeed. Bellevue College is probably one of the best colleges in the area.
Bellevue College is an up-and-coming school with a lot to offer to its diverse student body. I kept to myself a lot, though, for my two years here and didn't make any friends; nobody was very approachable and I felt a bit unwanted because I am neither diverse nor interested in on-campus activities. Besides that social problem, Bellevue College was rewarding in academics. I felt well-prepared for the UW, and well-guided by my professors. Small class sizes = more attention from the professors. However, the staff members for the library and tutoring center are often students who were often neither friendly nor helpful. All together, my decision to attend BC before the UW was a good one, and I do not regret any of my time spent in the amazing N-building working away at my future.
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Bellevue College is amazing! I have been going here for 1 quarter so far and all of my professors I've had the pleasure of being taught by have been awesome! Leo Kiralla in specific who teaches Psychology is very good. By far my favorite professor at Bellevue College. Nick Russ is a wonderful Sociology teacher. All of the professors I have encountered so far have cared for the well being of their students and made sure they had everything necessary to succeed in their classes.

Can't wait for Spring 2017 quarter! As long as you check your professors out on RateMyProfessor you won't have any issues with getting bad ones! However, I didn't even do that and I got some of the greatest professors I have ever had. Period. Keep up the good work guys!

Go Bulldogs!
Bellevue Collège has a beautiful campus! It is open and well-landscaped. There are many clubs, such as Smash Bros club and Intervarsity. There are always fun activities going on. The Student Government is great and there are lots of opportunities to be involved. The professors are well-educated and care about their students. They invest in you and make sure you are successful. Textbooks can be expensive, so I recommend getting them used or buying them online. The gym is great. There are a wide variety of classes. I love this college!
I enjoyed Bellevue college during the completion of my associates degree. The teachers do a good job of preparing you for higher education. The math teachers are really bad, but all the other subjects I haven't had any trouble with.
Bellevue College was a great experience. The faculty that taught my classes were all knowledgeable in both the material and its application towards future careers, the courses were taught with efficiency and purpose in their content, and were of the same quality that anyone could find at any other educational institution. However, the class sizes were far smaller and focused then larger colleges, and the costs for tuition were far more preferable. I learned almost everything I felt I needed to know to transfer into my primary college and still be ahead of the rest of my classmates, and those skills learned are still helping me today.
The teachers I interacted with were all highly qualified and genuinely cared about student successes and educational goals. If anything, I would say all that might be improved is teacher transparency with students. Overall, an excellent experience at BC
Bellevue College is a very easy-to-access college with decent professors. Anyone in the Western Washington area that doesn't know which college to go to should choose BC. It is a harmless option and it's for the most part very lenient on tuition costs and the cost of classes. Books can be expensive. The campus is not very diverse however and I wish they encouraged enrollment from a variety of races and nationalities.
So far being at Bellevue is a great experience I received a lot of help when I started. My friends went to Bellevue and they had nothing but good things to say!
Friendly staff, better-than-average tools and webpage design. The school faculty are incredibly friendly and patient with you. The facility itself has clear maps and signage to assist with your first few days visiting.
The teachers have been so helpful and all seem like they really care! I've met some great people at BC and the admin has been very helpful.
I think that Bellevue college has a lot of interesting selections of programs. Although most of the programs and certificates are medical related, they have classes that you can take to lead you to your preferable choice of degree. I don't like the work of the main office though. They are not as professional as they should be nor efficient. It takes them way to long to process things that students should know writhing a months time.
I am a first year student at Bellevue College and my experience has been great overall. The teachers are amazing! They really listen to you and want you to succeed. Some are more flexible and understanding than others, just like any other college. The campus is beautiful and they have a large variety of classes to choose from. The only trouble I've had so far is with the advising staff. They seem to be in a hurry every time I have gone to visit them.
Some classes were interesting and liked them alot, but some classes that are required to take weren't.
Teachers seem to be interested when teaching us but more when they talk about their personal life. Also, not able to see any TAs except for 1 biology class.
I think the schedule accessibility was decent, but some classes only had one or two classes available for intro course, economy for example.
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It was okay. decent level needed for using the online courses with canvas.
If i want to make reservation through phone or online, it's pretty difficult to make one because of that long auto answering machine.
Location was good, pretty much in front of bus station, and near local places.
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