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I liked that Bellevue College offered a wide variety of resources, including free tutoring, academic advising, degree audits, and the availability of both online and on campus courses. I am enrolled as a Running Start student and it has been extremely beneficial for my future academic plans.
I took classes here since I haven't had really much money to go to university. I took some good and interesting classes like nutrition, philosophy, math. Some teachers were excellent but I did make sure to check them on "rate my professor". Always check and don't get stuck with a bad teacher. I heard some of the teachers were really bad, from my friends. Honestly, I don't think it's fair to expect too much from this kind of college. They give you what you signed up for but there's definitely a lack of social experience (many people are high school students doing running start or adults) although I did make some good international friends.It's almost smaller than my high school but so far I'm enjoying my experience.
I spent two years at Bellevue College through the Running Start program which allows you to take college classes in high school. I completed my AA degree there and was given so much help. All of my teachers were kind, helpful, but also pushed me to try my hardest.
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Campus is open and clean. Dealing with tuition and registration is what you would expect. Instructors are knowledgeable.
Bellevue College is the best! I attended via the Washington State Running Start program. The school is very diverse and there are many different points of view to learn from. Teachers are available outside of class and very helpful. The bookstore is great and buying textbooks is easy.
Bellevue college is accesible and affordable, but with the science course prerequisites it adds on a whole year of courses just to finish a two year degree.
I love Bellevue College so far but I haven't had much to go off of as I have taken one class on campus and two online. What I have been exposed to has been excellent.
This college did a wonderful job so far of preparing me to transfer to a 4-year school. Lots of resources are provided for students, it is very clear that Bellevue College wants to see their students succeed in their future endeavors. I have met so many teachers that were very passionate about what they were teaching and got to expand my horizons a lot in the two years I attended here.
I had a great experience here. Was able to get my degree completely online which allowed me to continue my education while pursuing my dream of dancing as a professional ballerina! Professors were helpful and staff is amazing!
Bellevue College is a great school! The professors I've had have been very good and I've learned a lot here so far. There are a wide variety of subjects to take a well as days/times of day to take classes.

The campus is nice and spacious and everything is easy to find. All the buildings are easily marketed. The campus has plenty of parking and easy access from the freeways.
I really liked my experience in the music department! I had a great time and worked a lot. I also enjoyed taking foreign languages like French and Spanish. I only wish there was more student networking and resources for disabled students. The cafeteria left some to be desired.
I have enjoyed most of my professors, and the campus is very nice. I just do not like how we have paper textbooks that the school will not buy back in the end. The "textbooks" are very pricey.
There are many options for classes including online and the professors are nice and approachable. I am in Running Start and love the program.
I am currently on my second year as a Running Start student (Sophomore in college; senior in high school) and I'm planning on continuing as an official student next year, once I graduate high school. The reason for that is because I personally love the environment in this school and how safe it can feel. I do not have a big preference for large campuses and classes, so being here is great because there aren't a lot of students in a class (30 students or so) and it is not hard to get from class to class. Although, I have bias towards this college, one thing I would like to see change are spreading out more on printing stations.
I have enjoyed the past two years so much that I am actually hesitant to ever transfer; however, I will have to transfer to pursue my path in pre-medicine. Bellevue College has amazing professors who have both challenged me and inspired me. I have learned a great amount these past two years and feel well prepared for my future studies. While I spent most of my time in the science building, I often wandered to other parts of the campus and found Bellevue College has a lot of resources to offer. BC has a great library with many resources, a great cafeteria, a great music department with piano rooms to practice in, and much more.
I really enjoyed my time at the college. The classes are very good. I really felt like I gained knowledge.
Bellevue College offers a variety of subjects and classes, and most of its teachers really care about their students. The campus is very nice and peaceful.
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I really liked about Bellevue College.The professor at Bellevue College are super nice and patient.They are always here to help if you needed.I would like Bellevue College add more online class,That will be great.
I commute with a motorcycle to school and work so I like how Bellevue college provides motorcycle parking so I never have trouble looking for a parking spot. I recently re-registered after being out of school for 5 years. All of the instructors that I've encountered were great. Close to the end of the quarter- instructors encourage students to complete an anonymous review about the class and the instructor. Tuition is still expensive- I'm paying around $1500 for three 5-credit classes. Although tuition is expensive, there are still other resources you can use like financial aid, student loans, or occupation reimbursement. Student Central has a convenient way to make appointments to see advisors, through computer or smartphone. I like how they incorporated that because I wouldn't have to wait that long to see an advisor if needed.
Pretty good selection of classes, engaging teachers, and large campus. Would like to see more classes offered for running start students.
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