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I'm currently a sophomore at Bellarmine in the Education program, and I feel like I made the right decision in choosing my college. Bellarmine is a smaller school, so students and professors share more of an opportunity to share a connection which would not be present otherwise. The only issue I have is that, as a commuter, there isn't a lot of commuter engagement - most activities are late and hard for commuters like myself to attend.
The campus is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone is nice, and there is so much to learn from the professors. That being said, I wish that some departments are larger than what they are. If you are looking for a place to find who you are, to find what you are passionate for, Bellarmine is the place to be. It’s a small school so you really get to know your professors. There’s also a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus.
I love thw campus and the small class sizes. But i would like it if they improved the available food on campus.
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The campus is amazing. Bellarmine has very small class sizes and it is great to know that all your professors care about you. Only thing I would change would be price of tuition, it is so expensive.
Bellarmine University is a very good school. Academically your are guaranteed a good education, socially it can be better.
From the arches at the front entrance to the endless array of scenic views on campus, Bellarmine University is easy to fall in love with at first glance. A closer look will show the interconnected community created by a standard set by the warm, hospitality of the faculty. Bellarmine allows each student to expand their horizons on areas of study outside their comfort zone. In addition, there is always an organization one can create lasting friendships in.
Bellarmine has a wonderful campus and all faculty and professors are awesome and really care for your success.
Bellarmine is great university. My freshmen year was a blast. Their main goal is to see you grow not only in academics but into a young adult. They challenge you but have many ways to assist and go out of their way through freshmen programs such as Pioneer Scholars to help make the transition from high school easier. It was the best choice I could have made for college.
I have not yet started bellarmine but I am very excited to! They are very welcoming and I can’t wait to start in the fall!
I love Bellarmine because of the amazing people and opportunities there. The professors truly care about me personally and academically, both when I am doing well in class and when I am struggling. This is incredible because I feel that I can connect better to them and learn more. They are willing to share their own life stories with the class, explain their struggles, and give us advice on how to improve our college experience.
Bellarmine sits on a beautiful campus. Which was the first thing I loved about it. It is a close knit campus. It is an academic forward school, with athletics being division II. Sometimes it can seem bland. But the culture of Louisville is able to compensate where Bellarmine lacks. Diversity is lacking severely, but hopefully that will change in years to come.
I absolutely love Bellarmine and everything about it! The campus is beautiful, and staff really look to help each and every student who comes through their doors.
The professors are extremely helpful and will do everything they can to make sure you succeed. All of the students on campus are very friendly and you never feel lonely. Bellarmine offers many classes that are interesting and diverse. There will always be something that you will be interested in and there's plenty of new things to try. There are tons of varying activities you can participate in and no one will judge you if you are not wonderful at something right away. Bellarmine University has a very welcoming environment.
So far, Bellarmine has been nothing but a great school! I love the teachers and the community! Small class sizes makes the teacher-student relationship more personal which I love. Nothing but great things to say about Bellarmine.
My time at Bellarmine University has been everything I wanted for my college experience and more! The professors and staff are welcoming and personable. The class sizes are similar to that of a high school to give a more personal education. There are a variety of resources on campus, too, to aid in almost everything one may need. The only recommendation is to expand the diversity on campus, and the acceptance of it.
Bellarmine offers a liberal arts education, which is unique just like many other aspects of the college. For example, the school hosts many activities such as Easter Egg hunts, student concerts, late night bingo, roller skating, hot air balloon ride, concert each year with prominent artists, and free food. It is easy to have a diverse experience at the school with the interdisciplinary liberal arts classes and wide range of activities on campus.
I really like the inclusiveness and how friendly everyone is. They're big on diversity and broadening peoples horizons and I like that about this University.
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Bellarmine University places emphasis on finding your "true self". Students always remember the phrase "be you at BU"!
Being a student here at Bellarmine University has definitely prepared me for working in the real world. I feel that I have been able to grow so much after being at Bellarmine for three years so far. Bellarmine has taught me to grow in leadership and has brought me 'out of my shell' and I have learned to become more independent.
I love the campus... it’s such a small and older-looking area. The professors are very open with office hours and are always willing to help. They even give out personal cell phone numbers in case the students need any help. The classrooms are small so that more help is available. Everyone there is really helpful and nice.
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