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I absolutely love Bellarmine and everything about it! The campus is beautiful, and staff really look to help each and every student who comes through their doors.
The professors are extremely helpful and will do everything they can to make sure you succeed. All of the students on campus are very friendly and you never feel lonely. Bellarmine offers many classes that are interesting and diverse. There will always be something that you will be interested in and there's plenty of new things to try. There are tons of varying activities you can participate in and no one will judge you if you are not wonderful at something right away. Bellarmine University has a very welcoming environment.
So far, Bellarmine has been nothing but a great school! I love the teachers and the community! Small class sizes makes the teacher-student relationship more personal which I love. Nothing but great things to say about Bellarmine.
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My time at Bellarmine University has been everything I wanted for my college experience and more! The professors and staff are welcoming and personable. The class sizes are similar to that of a high school to give a more personal education. There are a variety of resources on campus, too, to aid in almost everything one may need. The only recommendation is to expand the diversity on campus, and the acceptance of it.
Bellarmine offers a liberal arts education, which is unique just like many other aspects of the college. For example, the school hosts many activities such as Easter Egg hunts, student concerts, late night bingo, roller skating, hot air balloon ride, concert each year with prominent artists, and free food. It is easy to have a diverse experience at the school with the interdisciplinary liberal arts classes and wide range of activities on campus.
I really like the inclusiveness and how friendly everyone is. They're big on diversity and broadening peoples horizons and I like that about this University.
Bellarmine University places emphasis on finding your "true self". Students always remember the phrase "be you at BU"!
Being a student here at Bellarmine University has definitely prepared me for working in the real world. I feel that I have been able to grow so much after being at Bellarmine for three years so far. Bellarmine has taught me to grow in leadership and has brought me 'out of my shell' and I have learned to become more independent.
I love the campus... it’s such a small and older-looking area. The professors are very open with office hours and are always willing to help. They even give out personal cell phone numbers in case the students need any help. The classrooms are small so that more help is available. Everyone there is really helpful and nice.
I love the community feeling at Bellarmine and how noce everything is but it’s weekend life is dead. More events that are on weekdays when most people are busy could be on the weekends.
Bellarmine is a great college, academically. Excellent teachers, majors, and education. However, socially, I find it hard to relate to my upper class peers, who seem to have no interest in making friends outside of their cliques or social bubbles.
Fantastic institution for growing inside, and outside, the classroom. Top-notch professors know their stuff. Beautiful campus with quite nice dorms. The place will position you for a successful career and life. Excellent law, med, and other grad school placement (I got into the law school of my choice).
The second I arrived on campus it felt like home and a place where I could make numerous memories that will last a lifetime! The college visit was so personal and informative. The professors and the staff provide tremendous support and guidance.
university expects new students to understand the steps to enroll and get funding with little to no help from faculty.
I did not enjoy my experience at BU. I was not fond the over-exaggeration of the quality of its education and facilities. I was picked on by my peers because I was different and wasn't afraid to ask questions when necessary. The professor turned a blind eye many times. The professor wanted to protect their reputation at the cost of integrity. There is also a lack of privacy security. There were multiple instances where students would share information about other students as student workers.
I've had peers who tried to transfer out but many of BU's credits are not recognized at other universities. They're finally having better experiences elsewhere.
The reason I chose Bellarmine University is the fact it felt like a second home. I didn't feel overwhelmed in my classes, and the small campus gave me the chance to do one-on-one with all my professors, who actually cared about my grades and showed me how to stay on the right path to graduate. It is a beautiful campus surrounding by so much to do! The whole community around Bellarmine is welcoming and supportive.
Bellarmine University has a great reputation for the business school. The professors are the best! Bellarmine is like a home for all, the people here are always there to give a helping hand regardless of your ethnicity or religion. Bellarmine is a university that is genuinely interested to make their students excel in their lives. They provide mentoring programs to assist you to your future academic life. I love my experience here at Bellarmine, and there is absolutely nothing i would like to change. "There's no place like home". Go knights!
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Bellarmine is a smaller university which allows for a good teacher to student ratio. The academics are quite challenging but in a way that is meaningful. The campus is clean, friendly, and quiet. Amenities and activities are abundant and the campus is close to many amenities and attractions.
I really love Bellarmine. The classes and professors are great and the community is very inclusive and awesome.
Bellarmine is a great school that responds quickly, has great financial aid and an excellent physical therapy program.
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