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I love how Bellarmine has small class sizes. Since this is a small school, this place is like a close community.
The campus is lovely and the people here all want to help you succeed and to see you reach your goals. The institution could be more diverse and less conservative in its ways of operations.
Professors do not care. One of the main reason I chose to go to Bellarmine was that they had professors who cared about you. If you have a learning disability, it becomes a major issue for professors who do not want to let you have accommodations.
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When I first thought about college I was scared of being independent. The community environment at Bellarmine made it easier to assimilate into college life. The campus is small enough that everyone there are peers.
Bellarmine University is on a beautiful campus and in a wonderful location in Louisville. Not too far from downtown, but far enough to not be in the big city. There is such a nice and friendly atmosphere and plenty big for the number of students enrolled.
The faculty at Bellarmine are approachable and almost always willing and ready to help their students. They present challenges that they know you and your fellow students can achieve through hard work.
Bellarmine is a great college for young adult who wants to pursue their dreams. Bellarmine has one of the nicest campuses in the country and the staff is just beyond excellence.
So far, my first year at Bellarmine has been amazing. The people are great, food is good, buildings are clean and class is enjoyable.
I am a junior in the nursing program at Bellarmine University. I have felt truly cared fro by the instructors and professors at this school. The class sizes are small. Instructors have the opportunity to learn students name and students have the chance to build relationships with their professors because of the small class sizes. The university cares about students mental and physical well-being and promote self care in many ways. The reputation Bellarmine has in Kentucky and Indiana make me proud to attend here. My experience has made me very grateful that I chose this school.
Bellarmine University is a campus that encourages inclusivity and strives to ensure that each individual is given an excellent education. All of the professors in my experience work to meet individual students need and really get to know their students on a level not normally found on bigger campuses. The only downside is that Bellarmine needs to encourage diversity on its campus and needs to have staff that are able to work with low-income students in a way that shows that they care about students who are not as privileged as the majority of the student body.
Bellarmine lives its Catholic identity of being open and welcoming to all people, regardless of sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, socioeconomic status, and the like. Bellarmine challenges its students by being a liberal arts institution and encouraging students to study topics outside of their major(s).

I lived at Bellarmine for three years, two of which I worked on Residence Life. The Residence Life team's comprised of highly qualified professional staff and students who assist students in all aspects of on-campus living. In addition to the Student Activities Center, the Residence Life office provides many great experiences and events for students to attend and enjoy.

The teachers are friendly and very knowledgeable of their material. Students receive better attention in class than larger schools because of the small class size. The school is near shops and restaurants, as well as the mall and downtown within 10-15 minutes from the campus.

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The campus itself is very nice and feels very safe at all times. The class sizes are small enough that I feel like I can ask the professor for the extra help I could need. Most of the professors are very good at teaching. The dorms are decent and everyone on campus is always very friendly.
I'm currently a sophomore at Bellarmine in the Education program, and I feel like I made the right decision in choosing my college. Bellarmine is a smaller school, so students and professors share more of an opportunity to share a connection which would not be present otherwise. The only issue I have is that, as a commuter, there isn't a lot of commuter engagement - most activities are late and hard for commuters like myself to attend.
The campus is absolutely gorgeous. Everyone is nice, and there is so much to learn from the professors. That being said, I wish that some departments are larger than what they are. If you are looking for a place to find who you are, to find what you are passionate for, Bellarmine is the place to be. It’s a small school so you really get to know your professors. There’s also a lot of opportunities to get involved on campus.
I love thw campus and the small class sizes. But i would like it if they improved the available food on campus.
The campus is amazing. Bellarmine has very small class sizes and it is great to know that all your professors care about you. Only thing I would change would be price of tuition, it is so expensive.
Bellarmine University is a very good school. Academically your are guaranteed a good education, socially it can be better.
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From the arches at the front entrance to the endless array of scenic views on campus, Bellarmine University is easy to fall in love with at first glance. A closer look will show the interconnected community created by a standard set by the warm, hospitality of the faculty. Bellarmine allows each student to expand their horizons on areas of study outside their comfort zone. In addition, there is always an organization one can create lasting friendships in.
Bellarmine has a wonderful campus and all faculty and professors are awesome and really care for your success.
Bellarmine is great university. My freshmen year was a blast. Their main goal is to see you grow not only in academics but into a young adult. They challenge you but have many ways to assist and go out of their way through freshmen programs such as Pioneer Scholars to help make the transition from high school easier. It was the best choice I could have made for college.
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