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Bellarmine is a very diverse place that it is easy to feel at home. Every one is friendly. You definitely get out of the experience what you put into it, so be sure to put the most into your time here.
Financial aid could use some help. The class sizes are small and the professors are wonderful.the food on campus is a bit overpriced though and the freshmen are forced through tons of unnecessary orientation activities and a freshman focus class that no one enjoys. Theology is also a required course and people are extremely judgemental if you're not Christian or some similar branch.
I'm addressing students who already have an undergrad and are looking at Bellarmine. Bellarmine has several different BSN paces to choose from. They have an accelerated 1 year, a 2 year and a 4 year. Also, a few students who already have a bachelor complete the program in a 3 year time span. If you are looking at doing the 1 year, I wouldnt consider it unless you're a straight A student and dont mind self neglect and neglecting your family and friends. If this sounds like you, sign up for the 1 year BSN at Bellarmine. I personally am doing the 2 year. Bellarmine's nursing program is rigorous and some would call it cutthroat. However, it is a great education with a rich clinical experience. Bellarmine is expensive, beautiful and safe. Expect to pay a little extra for a degree here.
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I start school in the fall at Bellarmine but I am extremely excited. Throughout my search for colleges this past year, something stood out about Bellarmine. I was set on going out of state for college to get closer with family, but that all changed when I visited Bellarmine. The students and staff are incredible. I am always excited to be on campus for events. When I went to registration back in April, there wasn't a single student ambassador or professor that I did not love. They're all so nice and inviting and super helpful with any questions you have.I will be a commuter student when I attend, but that hasn't changed how involved I will be. It doesn't matter if you're a commuter student or if you live on campus, everyone is involved with everything. I felt like I was already at home when I was walking around on campus. I can't wait to make this my home for the next four years.
wayyyy to small and I am transferring from Bellarmine after the end of my Freshman year. I liked some parts but others were not so good. Everything is small community and family feel which is nice but then it has its downsides as well. All my classes were tiny and I did not like that one bit!
Oh my goodness, this place is the absolute best place to go for college. They are just amazing. A teacher would come back to a lab to help the kids succeed. They would help us study till 2-3-4 a.m. They really care about you succeeding and knowing that you succeeded. They are just a great program, love the food and staff and sports just all around they are a great program.
I have not yet attended Bellarmine but, the aid and guidance they have provided for setting up my first year has been wonderful. It seems to be a wonderful university with a great population for people to flourish. I am excited.
I have loved my time as a Bellarmine student. The campus is incredibly inviting and really feels like one big, happy family. There is something to do for everyone, no matter what your interests are. There are over 100 different clubs, and if someone wishes to start a new one, they have the ability to do so! In addition to to Bellarmine having something to do for everyone, the professors are incredibly helpful and very engaging. I have yet to have had a professor that did not go out of their way to help me succeed. All of my professors challenge me to think in ways I did not before and to go outside of my comfort zone. I have made so many life long friends here and I know that after I finish college, I will have no trouble finding a job, purely because Bellarmine is so prestigious.
Bellarmine University is a great private university where you can go and be with other people like you. The Universities great when it comes to someone needing accommodations for anything and I haven't seen any University like that. Bellarmine offers so many great things like free tutoring and writing help. I chose Bellarmine because I knew it was a place where I could thrive. You meet incredible new people, the food is alright, they have awesome professors, the campus is amazing and even is in the city of Louisville which has many amazing things.
I love that the class sizes are so small. By having fewer people in the class it allows a teacher to better connect with his or her students. Most of the programs are very competitive which inspires students to get above average grades. They even offer free tutoring! Bellarmine is a great place to get connected with the people both on and off campus.
I like that the professors are willing to work with you and many of them seem to care about your success. Many of the other students are very friendly.
The campus is small so you don't have to walk super far from your car or dorm to get to class. The class sizes are also small, which gives you a one on one learning experience with your professors. I have had so far at Bellarmine and I am glad I made the choice to go to college here.
My college experience so far has been great. The people here are really nice and helpful. The professors are extremely helpful and are always willing to answer your questions to help you learn. I love the small class sizes and I love having a specific major because I actually get to learn what I want to learn about. Freshman orientation was fun and very helpful when it came to meeting people. However, I think we should have been put into groups based on our major because those are the people we would be more likely to have a class with. Other than that orientation was fun and I hope to be a leader next year.
The campus is beautiful and in a good location in Louisville with great resources to help students succeed in college, but this school is really really expensive! I wish it was cheaper so that I could continue attending this university but it's way too much for me to pay for.
This college is absolutely amazing. The professors are awesome, class sizes are small, food is great, comfortable are dorms, and they have such great programs. I would recommend this college to someone who likes one on one interaction with professors, and who desires personal teaching.
Class sizes are great. Almost 12:1 usually except in Gen Ed classes where there may be a maximum of 30 students in the class. There are a variety of courses offered, even an IDC course on fandoms (which I hear is extremely difficult). Professors care and are easy to approach.
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You're almost garunteed a job in your field when you graduate.
They make us take classes on sexual assault and alcohol and they also made it a part of our orientation experience. Sexual assault is no joke on campus and is not tolerated at all by anyone.
They provide you with a fridge and a microwave and the rooms are relatively spacious. They smell weird at first but they are clean and they have carpet. I'm in Kennedy and we have air conditioners and heaters we can adjust ourselves to make our room the perfect temperature for us. Provided a desk and a chair and a bed and a closet with 2 drawers. Communal bathroom with clean showers and working facilities.
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