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Bellarmine was my first choice to attend and it met and exceeded every expectation that I had. Oh yes it was expensive. (very) But it was worth. every. penny.

My time here was transformational and absolutely wonderful.
Took only a few classes online. They were good! It was missing a little something compared to in person but still effective and I learned a lot.
During COVID-19 in Spring of 2020, Bellarmine was one of the first universities to move online. Although I was frustrated by this as it was my Senior year, my professors worked to ensure that the quality of our classes did not decrease. I remained challenged, passionate and engaged. Professors were more lenient than normal to adjust for COVID19, but they still successfully completed their jobs.
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I absolutely adored my time at Bellarmine and miss it tremendously. I felt valued and I grew both academically and personally. I graduated in May of 2020, in the midst of COVID19. Although it was an ugly situation, my professors and the BU staff worked to give me as much support as possible during that time. Bellarmine truly is my home away from home. On this campus, I found a family within both Residence Life and with the international student community. My classes challenged and inspired me. As a first generation student, I found dreams here that I never thought would be possible for me.
Bellarmine has a long way to go with campus diversity, although I do feel like they are realizing this and working to improve. There have been multiple cases of active racism on campus that were not handled properly, however I am hopefully that BU has learned from their mistakes and that they are actively fighting to ensure equality on campus, but it is important to be aware of this before coming.
I will begin my journey with Bellarmine in the fall so I can only speak from a selection process standard. I toured several universities and Bellarmine by far had the best tour. There were few questions that I have had since attending this tour. I chose Bellarmine because I want to be more than just a number. With Bellarmine's small classroom ratio (often 12:1 or 15:1), I feel confident that I will have the opportunity to ask questions without feeling like a room of 200 random strangers are looking at me. Bellarmine has a 95% success rate of graduating students and I feel that says something about their curriculumn and staff. Don't let the price tag deter you from applying. The Financial Aide department will go above and beyond to find a financial awards package that will assist you with your journey. The campus is BEAUTIFUL and is located in one of the safest neighborhoods in Louisville, KY. Plus, this year Bellarmine is moving up to be a D-1 School!
I can not rate this area because I have not yet started classes. I am hoping that the COVID does not prevent me from having a first year college experience.
Since I'm a rising freshman, I really liked how they can adjust some ways to stay connected during these difficult times. The virtual student orientation was awesome and a great experience.
During these uncertain times and being a rising freshman, I so far don't have any online learning experience at Bellarmine University. They have really great summer classes deals however I'm not interested as of right now.
It’s a great place if you like to know everyone! The staff cares about each and every one of their students. They are always willing to help when you need them help.
Bellarmine has handled this pandemic well and making the transition from face to face classes to online classes easy!
Bellarmine is a lovely, warm University with an inclusive community. The small class sizes create a great student-teacher relationship. Many professors work with students to provide help outside of class. The community at Bellarmine is nice as the student body is relatively small. You hardly ever go somewhere on campus without someone saying hello! The placement of the university is also a plus as it is close to downtown Louisville Kentucky. An exciting city with a warm and welcome university.
During COVID-19 Bellarmine was one of the first schools in Kentucky to switch to online classes. As the teachers are already phenomenal, they made the switch to online classes pretty much flawlessly. They were flexible with students who had internet problems and tried to keep tabs on their students. Even the older, less technology inclined teachers found ways to keep class work engaging.
Bellarmine offers such a well-rounded education with many different degree options. I am forever grateful for my experience here.
I really enjoy the small class sizes and the attention given by professors to students. They really seem to care for us, beyond their classroom.
Bellarmine is a great school for academics. With small class sizes professors get to know each student individually and want to see them succeed.
Overall excellent university which tends to the needs of its students and staff, also extremely inclusive. The only improvements which I personally believe need to be made at the ones dealing with campus food, especially regarding the "meal swipes" and "flex dollars".
I felt safe on campus and there are plenty of places to shop nearby. There are also many things to get involved in. I wish they had more sports teams and better/cheaper food. But overall great.
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The professors are good at what they do. I do wish that academics received as much funding as athletics do. The food needs improvement.
I have chosen Bellarmine as my college for the fall of 2020. The campus is a beautiful place with its tight-knit community. And the people there are very kind and welcoming.
I am on the field hockey team and I am loving the student athlete life. There is so much excitement about the move to D1 and it is amazing to see all of the coaching working extra hard to make this a smooth transition.
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