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It is a wonderful place to get connected with other people. It is truly a safe haven here in the middle of Jackson, Ms. not to mention it’s just a great school overall.
I am a freshman at Belhaven and it is a pretty good school overall! I am a social work major and my professors are amazing no lie. They really care about me as a person and a student and want to help me succeed! They definitely are part of the reason why I became a more open--minded person, which I am so grateful for.
Great administration very supportive and helpful. The professors are very inspiring and demonstrate true Christ-like character. I look forward to every moment in class. Belhaven University is irreplaceable.
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Worst Theatre Department I've seen. The play looked as if it was in a middle school Cafe. Boo00o0o0oo0ooo0o0o00ooooo000oo0o000o0o0o00o0o0o!
Belhaven University is an amazing school. It has definitely helped me grow as a person spiritually and emotionally. Everyone on campus is friendly and willing to help others. I would definitely recommend applying if you want a smaller school that focuses on academics, the fine arts, loving the Lord, and above all, serving others.
Great Teachers that make sure you understand assignments. There is a cafe in the student center, I have yet to try it. I love the fact that we pray before every class.
They are kind and interested in your education. They are well organized and proficient in financial aid. The online advisors are the best. They make sure you are aware of what you need.
My experience in Belhaven University has been great. I enrolled as an Online Student and I am almost done with my Bachelor's Degree in Phycology . It can be a little bit challenging when you are taking online courses but throughout the journey all the professors have been very helpful, provided useful feedback so we can do better on our writing assignments. The support that we get from the professors is outstanding, when they see a student that is struggling they reach out and help. Overall excellent experience.
So far I like the college. It is small classes so you are able to feel welcomed and not just another number listed on the school website. I have enjoyed connecting with a diversity of students.
A close-knit community that includes not just the students, but the staff and professors as well, Belhaven was an amazing experience with top-notch classes.
I feel like Belhaven is an excellent college. They help you succeed in multiple ways. The staff along with the students will make you feel beyond welcomed. I was nervous at first about coming to a school like Belhaven but once I got there I felt like I was at home. The school itself vibe makes you feel welcomed. I wouldn't rather be anywhere else but at Belhaven. I enjoy all the campus activities and all.
The atmosphere is so genuine and I can tell that Belhaven University truly does enter their expectations around the Lord! They are not just a "Christian college", but they truly run their school in a way that puts God first, and I can tell that they love and encourage their students to do the same.
I love the people, the professors, and the academics. Coming here was definitely life changing. It's an amazing school to go to.
Great school! I have been online with the school for the past two years. I enjoy how easy and accessible my courses are. I find that school is no longer a burden while attending Belhaven.
This experience has been one of the best in my life! I get to pursue my chosen career, the people here are so nice, and the Christian atmosphere is amazing. Belhaven is a place where anyone and everyone can fit in and feel welcome, and I am glad to be a part of this amazing family. Never change, Belhaven, because you are perfect already!
I like Belhaven University quite a bit. I like the small campus and size of the school. Although i am very new to Belhaven they offer a wide variety of classes and majors that excite me. Belhaven is known for fine arts, they also have good sports programs. My only concern about Belhaven is its surroundings. The city of Jackson does look kind if sketchy, but i know there are some good people around Jackson. There are also other neighboring colleges around Belhaven, such as Millsaps college and Jackson state university. Both schools are 4 year colleges but, Jackson State is a HBCU. I plan on majoring in exercise science and minor in business. Belhaven also has a wonderful kinseiology program which is what i am excited for
Overall, I absolutely loved my time at Belhaven. I got a really solid education in my major and made a huge network of professional connections and lifelong friends through my professors and classmates. I couldn't recommend it highly enough, especially for arts students.
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Belhaven University has a school motto that describes it perfectly and that is , "Not to be served but to serve". The Professors are accessible and shares a wealth of knowledge with their students. My experience as a student at Belhaven has been very positive and I am excited about continuing my education there.
A wonderful community. If you are a looking for a small university that excels in academics and the arts this is the school for you. Professors are kind, knowledgable and readily available for help.
I enjoy Belhaven University. The atmosphere is so different from other colleges. I can literally feel the love. They boldly express their love for Jesus and it is amazing, no wonder the campus is so bless. I feel so connected with the administration. I can tell they really are dedicated and adore their students. I recommend anybody to Belhaven. I feel like every student should experience what happens when you align yourself with the plans that Jesus have for you.
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