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It's a beautiful place, filled with godly people who want to make a difference in the world through the training and educating of young individuals. I only visited, but it was a great experience in terms of the friendliness of the people, and the rigor of the education.
I am working on teaching certification. I will choose another institution for the MAT program. Students and non students can use the on-campus library. They have great hours.
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It is amazing going to school at Belhaven University. My perception has grown due to learning about the Christan view and putting it in play. Looking at things from a Christian view made it easier for me to really understand the material my professors teach.
Belhaven University is a unique, private Christian university in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi, that extends a warm welcome to any and all. My mother is an example of this courtesy. She returned to Belhaven at the age of 45 as a full-time student, pursuing her Bachelor's in English. Her experience was nothing short of fantastical and inspired my own choice to attend Belhaven in the fall of 2018. I have been inspired to branch out and explore different fields of interests, all bearing a Christian influence. Overall, Belhaven's focus on Christianity shines through each course you take, even math courses. The structured community around you evokes a sense of pride and encourages a growth in faith.
Belhaven is a great college program for working adults. I haven't been in school for a long time and I just finished my first semester with a 3.78 GPA. I am excited about my grades and what I am learning. I am looking forward to finishing my degree.
Belhaven really cares about their students, receiving a good quality education. They are very considerate and understanding and they provide teachers who care about their students academic success.
This is one of the most amazing college families I have ever been a member of.
Belhaven is well know for its academic success and family atmosphere.
Welcome to the family.
Great place to attend college and further your education. The teachers and counselors will work with you if you need assistance with your schedules, financial situations.
Belhaven faculty has gone out of their way to help me find the program that I needed to be successful in my career. The staff is probably the most helpful I have come accross in my academic career.
Great Dance department and arts. Smaller class sizes and help from instructors. Great campus with lots available for students to participate in and resources to study.
Belhaven has a community that is unlike many others in the nation: it is genuinely welcoming, characterized by true Southern hospitality. The faculty on campus care about students, and the small campus allows for unique opportunities to invest in students and foster their growth. Plus, the campus is beautiful.
LOVE THIS UNIVERSITY! This is a Christian university based on Christian values. The professors are awesome, helpful and always communicative. Every course involves scripture that relates to each lesson.
This University is perfectly small!! It centers it’s curriculum around God and the food is amazing!!
Belhaven University is growing and full of life. Belhaven staff not only helps you achieve your dreams but is a positive influence in your life. The faculty in staff will take time out of their day to pray for you and to help you achieve those excellent grades.
I have a great experience in the chemistry field at Belhaven. The professors have the passion to teach students and show compassion for them as long as they see effort.
It is a wonderful place to get connected with other people. It is truly a safe haven here in the middle of Jackson, Ms. not to mention it’s just a great school overall.
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I am a freshman at Belhaven and it is a pretty good school overall! I am a social work major and my professors are amazing no lie. They really care about me as a person and a student and want to help me succeed! They definitely are part of the reason why I became a more open--minded person, which I am so grateful for.
Great administration very supportive and helpful. The professors are very inspiring and demonstrate true Christ-like character. I look forward to every moment in class. Belhaven University is irreplaceable.
Worst Theatre Department I've seen. The play looked as if it was in a middle school Cafe. Boo00o0o0oo0ooo0o0o00ooooo000oo0o000o0o0o00o0o0o!
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