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Belhaven University is a great school overall.Afier attending Hinds Commuity College I decided to attend Belhaven University because of the great atmosphere that I was surrounded by when I took my tour. I learn that the school has the highest academic score rating than any other private school in Mississippi. For students who are looking colleges to attend this school will be the best choice because of the food diversity culture and also the school the school is a great way to chasing dreams.
Belhaven's tight-knit community among students and professors is unparalleled in my experience. Scintillating lectures, brilliant conversations, real Christian fellowship, and incisive art characterized my time at BU. The laughter, warmth, and careful attention in my studies has cast a glow over Belhaven's surroundings, making even the potholes in the neighborhood dear.
When I visited Belhaven University for the first time I was amazed by how beautiful the campus was. Everyone is so nice and friendly. I had no trouble finding any of the buildings, and the overall visit was amazing!
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Belhaven is an amazing, faith-based institution that helps students exceed and go above and beyond their expectations. Being at this university both encourages and challenges me to work hard and most importantly, don't give up. Belhaven University teaches students that life is not always going to be easy, however, with the help of God, anything is possible.
I am currently enrolled at Belhaven's online management program. I am a senior and I have been enrolled at Belhaven for three years now. After trying different online schools, I can honestly say that Belhaven has been the best one. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and truly care for their students. Managing for a Fortune 500 company already; the curriculum for Belhaven's management program is in line with what is encountered in the real world. It effectively prepares students to excel in the challenging business world environment. I have learned a lot from this program, and it has helped me grow tremendously as a professional and a servant of Christ.
I loved the Godly atmosphere and the students and faculty are always available to help you. They make you feel as if they genuinely care for you. The one thing I would want to see change in is the on campus places to eat. You've Got many nights where you just starve because they close the cafe at 7 and there's nothing on campus after that to indulge in.
Belhaven University provides an atmosphere that is welcoming. From the teachers to the students, everyone is friendly. The class sizes are small, and the opportunity to get one-on-one attention from teachers is high. It is strongly Christian-based, so the instructor do not shy away from incorporating the bible into the studies. Overall, my experience has been positive.
Belhaven University has a wonderful, family-like atmosphere. The class sizes are small enough to where the teacher actually know your name and face, and you're not simply a number. The best teacher that you should take is Mrs. Tracy Ford. The only thing I would like to see different about Belhaven is the cafeteria choices!
Belhaven is a great college for the one on one learning and personal level with your professors. Although it is not big as a Division one school it makes up in it academics.
Professors provided prayer, comfort and academic help for me through my grandfather battle with cancer and death. They were also very understanding.
I have never experience or heard of any sexual assaults since being a student at Belhaven.
Very easy to become a student at Belhaven University.
I am not that familiar with the Greek community.
They have a wonderful sports program and even have some to be professional athletes.
Love the school, staff and overall environment!
I love it, everyone is so helpful and cares about you and you succeeding!
Campus housing is pretty good. My dorm is the nicest women's dorm. I do like livng in my dorm. The social atmosphere is pretty good.
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The athletics at my university are pretty good! I love that there is a good amount of school spirit with them. I am a huge fan of sports and my university, so I try to go to as many sports/athletic events as I can.
Belhaven Univeristy is an amazing university. I would definitely choose it again, for sure. One of my favorite experiences was Welcome Week. This week before classes started, we moved in, got settled, and then met our Peer Group and Peer Leaders. I had incredible Peer Leaders that taught me so much about Belhaven, what to look foward to and they also gave me a lot of great advice about starting college. This week we bonded with our group and I met many other freshmen and also made friendships with people that I am still very close with.

Belhaven also has many amazing professors. My first year has been packed with teachers who actually care about me and my education. They want me healthy, happy, and succeeding in my education and life. The teachers I had last semester still check up on now to see how I am doing and how my classes are going. They also always tell me that they are there for me, and that they are always there to help me with anything they can. That even though I am not their student right now, that they still care for me and want the best for me. Also, Belhaven is a true Christan university. All of the professors and staff are truely people of God. I have so many faculty that are mentors for me and who I know will always be there for me. Those are just a few things I absolutely love about my university and what makes it unique.
The security staff care a lot about students safety.
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