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Since I am an older student I have enjoyed this college because it is fast pace. You get plenty of experience speaking in front of others by presenting what you have learned. This also makes me feel extra motivated to do well since I have to present the information I've learned and gathered to others.
The cost however is high.
There are many things to say. I have had kind teachers who help you any way they can; they have many activities to get students together (though I am a commuter and did not participate in many), and the only thing is the finances. You have to pay each semester before you can start another, but they do offer loans. Of course, the loan without interest, only lets you use so much, then you have to use the loan with interest. The fact that the teachers help you so much, makes up for the financial issues. I selected N/A because I do not know much about those areas.
I love that Belhaven includes the Christian World view on majority of the assignments given. The professors are also very helpful.
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I like the deep learning that goes on in my classes and the fact that the professors truly care about their students.
If you are seeking a small, warm environment full of Christian influence, Belhaven is for you. Most departments have amazing faculty who are committed to keeping students from slipping through the cracks and getting lost. There are multiple resources available on campus — plenty of student events throughout the semester. There are Campus ministry and small groups available throughout the week. As a dance major, I have found the faculty are well-informed, passionate, and at the end of the day, care about you as a person. I have personally never experienced a more healthy dance environment.
My initial experience with Admissions person was great. She was caring and patient however Belhaven needs to work on the rest of the registration process. A lot of the correspondence by email wasn't available at the time I received it. It was very frustrating and when calling for help certain individuals gave you limited information and seem reluctant to tell you certain things that were important before making a decision.
The school culture is fairly diverse. The educational and campus life experience overall could be improved by adding more diverse degree offerings and with the addition of greek life across all campuses.
Great place to prepare you for your future, and teachers who really care about you. Starting from my first visit to orientation day I knew this is where I was suppose to be at. The campus is beautiful and centered in the Belhaven historic district which really brings the campus to life.
The school has a beautiful campus and is tailored to art majors. It specializes in all 4 areas of art and is an overall great school.
Belhaven is an incredible institution that I am blessed to be a part of! The faculty is kind, encouraging, and supportive- while also influential! The atmosphere is so loving and welcoming, and it almost feels as though you're stepping into the 1950's where everyone was friendly with each other, no matter what!
Belhaven's campus is beautiful. The people are so nice and welcoming. I instantly felt like I belonged.
I have never seen a college quite like Belhaven. The academics are well-tailored to people's interests and the faculty have a genuine love and concern for students. My entire experience college experience has been filled with encouragement and motivation from my professors. I have made true friends and found a place with people who are as passionate as I am about what I am studying.
Belhaven is a great school. Good variety of majors with very involved teachers that care about your success even if you are not in their field.
Great school with great people and staff. Everyone is nice and so are the teachers. The food is good and I love the ice cream. quiet neighborhood but also bad roads.
I like the Christian mission statement that Belhaven is affiliated with. During each class, we are also taught about the love of God and how it is applied throughout our daily lives. Classes are not stressful because we are reminded that God will not leave us nor let us fail.
It's a beautiful place, filled with godly people who want to make a difference in the world through the training and educating of young individuals. I only visited, but it was a great experience in terms of the friendliness of the people, and the rigor of the education.
I am working on teaching certification. I will choose another institution for the MAT program. Students and non students can use the on-campus library. They have great hours.
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It is amazing going to school at Belhaven University. My perception has grown due to learning about the Christan view and putting it in play. Looking at things from a Christian view made it easier for me to really understand the material my professors teach.
Belhaven University is a unique, private Christian university in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi, that extends a warm welcome to any and all. My mother is an example of this courtesy. She returned to Belhaven at the age of 45 as a full-time student, pursuing her Bachelor's in English. Her experience was nothing short of fantastical and inspired my own choice to attend Belhaven in the fall of 2018. I have been inspired to branch out and explore different fields of interests, all bearing a Christian influence. Overall, Belhaven's focus on Christianity shines through each course you take, even math courses. The structured community around you evokes a sense of pride and encourages a growth in faith.
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