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At Bel-Rea, when I attended there was no on-line learning offered. This is me filling the text box now because you have to have at least 100 characters in this box.
Bel-Rea Institute was a decent Vet Tech School. The only reason why I did not give the school a 5-star rating is because of the tuition cost. The cost to attend Bel-Rea is outstandingly ridiculous. When you graduate you are going to be making 16 - 22 dollars an hour tops as a veterinary technician. The training and schooling aren't proportionate to the amount of money you make after you graduate to pay that money back to borrowed to go to school to learn the trade in the first place.
So far it’s been really good! I really enjoying going to bel-rea. It’s a really good school. The classes that you take are only the ones you need to get your degree. Not a lot of fluff courses that you don’t need whatsoever
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My advisor is amazing! And so far all the teachers are really nice and good at what they do and really care about their students
Bel-Rea doesn't offer online classes, but most of the learning experience this year has been online due to CO-VID. Considering how much time they had to get everything set up for online teaching and testing, it's not that bad. We use Zoom and ExamBuilder for testing which of course doesn't compare to online learning through a platform like Canvas, but gets the job done.
Important things to know about Bel-Rea

1. It is a very challenging school not for the weak-minded. If you are a student who has just come out of high school, please consider an alternative to this school. I went in with a BA and still find the workload and content to be fairly challenging. If you are an older adult who has worked in the field or has previous college experience, you'll have a better chance of succeeding here.
2. The professors are wonderful. They literally do everything they can to set you up for success and provide you with all the resources you need to make sure you succeed in the program. Anyone who says otherwise either doesn't know the professors well or is crabby because they weren't putting in the effort in their classes.
3. It's a super small school that is not well-funded, so facilities aren't what you'd expect to find at a more well-endowed school. The computers in the library are 2010 Macs. Need I say more? That's the one thing I find fault in with Bel-Rea.
I loved the facilities, and the staff and students are supper nice.
wide range of animal care from large animal's to exotic animal's!
The professors do little to nothing to help their students succeed. The tuition is 2 to 3 times more than other programs in the area. They teach outdated medicine. Fewer and fewer clinics are hiring Bel Rea graduates as the school's reputation is continuing to tank. Professors and other staff members often brag about their low graduation rate as if it is something to be proud of. Not worth the money, effort, or time.
LOVED IT! When I was attending the professors were top of the line and were experts in their fields. The school is very challenging but doable.
I have had a flexible schedule during my 2 years. I was commuting by bus everyday and I only took classes in the mornings and afternoons. But sometimes, I wish that I could have taken evening classes.
I haven't taken an online courses but some English and Math classes are linked with an online course. You'll go to your regularly English or Math class, then you'll upload a homework assignment to the course.
The quality of the career center is very exceptional. They can assist you if you have a question or concern about a career and they'll help you find a career. Class sizes are about 12-20 students.
There are various courses you can chooses from. From art to science, each class is exceptional and worth your money. Plus, the advisors are there to help you navigate your way towards your degree. They'll help you choose the right classes and they'll make sure you make it to graduation. The professors are great and like I said, some of them are boring and some of them will make you feel like you'll want them as a professor again.
Student careers is one of the m ain things the school cares about. They are always planning events for students like career day, college transfer day, job/internship fairs, etc. They also have people that can notify you if an internship is taking place. Also, the school set up a job search website where if you're a student of the college, you can set up an account that allows you to view job postings by the job placement director.
There are different kinds of majors and degrees to choose from at the school. Each study field has their own school. Art has their own school, STEM field majors has their own school, and environmental has their own school. If you are in the science field like me, you have your own dean to go to if you have questions or concerns. Plus, you'll meet a lot of students that are in the same field as you that you can interact with. Plus, you can make a study buddy or a study group. There are always advisors that can assist you in your field if needed.
To me this school was a big step especially entertaining right after high school. I was more prepared and the teachers are very laid back and are willing to help you with what you need.
I haven't attended the school yet.
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clinics love to hire people who have graduated from this school
very small classes, lots of hard work
very good, but its a lot of hard work
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