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Beckfield College - Florence Reviews

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Im hoping to start at beckfield next month in September in their nursing program. So far they have been great and very helpful.
I haven't yet started but im hoping to by next month and am very excited. They seem to work all classes in and put them perfectly ordered. I think im going to love learning my nursing skills there.
Professors make it easy to learn online with multiple learning tools, and are very willing to help when need be.
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Very nice and welcoming staff, easy to get in and to apply and you dive right into the curriculum. Nice all around
Such a good school. Just finished my first quarter and was amazed at how the teachers were willing to work with you to help you succeed. Its been great so far.
So far my experience has bee good. The on line teachers are great and are always available.
My on line classes are great. The biggest struggle is putting off the work til the last minute which is easy to do compared to if you were to attend class.
I have not had the opportunity to use the post-grad services at this time.
I never had an issue of a teacher not willing to help. I receive emails all the time regarding if anyone needs additional help they are always available.
Many students are place din a job before they graduate or on hands on during the classes
So far the classes have been very informative with what my field of study is
I have nothing but positive things to say about the school and the professsor's. Everyone is always willing to assist with any issue that might arise
They are doing a great job.
I love my online classes but they take forever to enter grades into online systems.
I am not sure I have not interacted with them.
The are very smart down to earth but very slow at entering grades into online stuff.
I do not know yet
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Great program Instructors who care about you succeeding instead of using classes as weeding out tools.
So far so good. They are very nice and very through about who they let into what programs.
Online classes usually have a higher workload and require students to respond to each other on various topics. Most of the time there really is not a student/professor relationship. Sometimes you never will see or even communicate with the professor teaching the course. Students you will keep in contact with weekly because it's required. The registration process is the same for online courses as courses taken on campus, which is a fairly simple process.
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