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They will rob you of any money they can possibly get. The staff are useless. The classes set you up for failure. Worst mistake of my life.
I like the animal hospital that is at the campus! The whole campus is nice, but something I might want to change are the dorms.
Great school. Still working out the 4 year BSN program, but with each semester that passes it gets better and better.
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Becker has been very kind to me. I took a leave of absents from the school of nursing for over a year, then I was welcomed back with much generosity and necessary guidance when I chose to return.
nursing program is a hot mess organizational wise.
but we all became nurses so

areas in worcester was ok, some weird people that walk around but didnt totally feel unsafe.

very expensive school but can't complain because everyone is now
Simply, Becker College is what you make of it. It provides students everything they need in order to succeed in any field they so desire. However, there is no hand holding here. Students need to show initiative in pursuing their degree, and work beyond just the classroom. It sounds harsh, but with all the opportunities Becker College offers it would be hard NOT to get involved.
What I really like about Becker college is that everyone is so nice and helpful. I play soccer there and the people are always looking out for each other and I feel safe here. The nursing program is a lot of fun and teaches me great amount of information I will need to be successful.
I will become an incoming student athlete at Becker this fall. I have been to campus twice, and have met with plenty of student athletes, and general students. They were all very nice. I stayed in the dorms. They were good. The food was ok, but the town provided plenty of good alternatives for food. The city life makes things interesting. I look forward to coming here in the fall. As a student athlete, it should provide me with a college sports life, and a normal general academic life.
Became a student in the spring semester of 2018. Started in January and been loving it ever since. Professors,education,people,campus,food, all great. The residence halls on the Worcester campus could go for some improvement.
It has a very nice environment and good learning atmosphere. The campus is kept up to date and there are many activities for you to do.
Improving but still way expensive. Only game design is worth it and even then you better be at the head of the class. E-sports is getting going so that is good also.
Professors play favorites , the school budgets horribly, and have very little diversity. The previous advisors fail to do their job resulting in people being forced to stay a year or more past anticipated graduation. Resident Life is so strict you feel like you’re in prison, if you laugh to loud someone is knocking on your door talking about “courtesy hours”. There are way better options than this glorified high school. Don’t enroll and save your mental health and pocket health.
I don't think people give Becker College enough credit. As far as the academics go, the professors are very approachable, the classes are easy to register for, and the advising staff is impeccable. Any time there was an issue with my schedule, or there were problems with my classes or concerns about internships my advisor was there to help immediately. The nursing staff specifically has really helped me understand the job, the life, and the tasks of a nurse. I transferred here and would't choose to go anywhere else!
I graduated from Becker in 2015 with a Bachelor's of Science in Criminal Justice. As much as I loved all four years at Becker, I feel as though I was adequately prepared for career life post college. For the amount of money spent (will be paying off student loans for 20+ years), I feel as though there should have been more career ready programs, as well as a stronger curriculum in place. Besides that, I thoroughly enjoyed both campuses, as well as the small classroom environment. Most professors are very helpful, and willing to assist with any questions or issues. I had a great time at Becker and met lifelong friends, but wish I'd been more prepared after graduating.
I am a freshman, but I've been on campus a few times these past months. The professors are incredibly helpful with helping me adjust seeing that I'm not from here or the area. They have a wide variety of foods, all heathey and delicious. They even have options for vegans and vegetarians which is great because nobody likes eating plain salad everyday! The dorms are comfortable and it seems like everyone here is super open minded. I have yet to meet someone who discriminates against me or my equals.
I love my school. I have made the most amazing friends and love the area. The classes are challenging but I take advantage of the free tutoring that is offered.I think that this is the best school for me to prepare to apply to veterinary school.
Becker College is very small, and the classrooms are normally less than 20 students, which is very helpful for one on one help and making lasting friendships as well as getting extra help when needed.
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I like the community and that it was close to home but there not much to do for commuters because the activities on and around campus are late at night and I would have huge gaps in between classes. I liked how the had a vet clinic on campus that allows hands on learning with real animals and vets.
Not good for anyone with mental illness problems. They ask for a ton of expensive testing in order to give you accomidations. People are imature and it's hard to make friends if you aren't super social. Pretty much no party scene, pretty damn boring. Professors don't seem to care much, at least for the required classes.
This is a very highly thought of school. People so th degr÷s from here often get jobs easily
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