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Last spring because of covid everything was online and most of the time it was ok at least when the professor showed up. They had many problems getting organized. Maybe this year will be better.
Average is a good way to describe this college. The campus is average (at best), the professors are average, the food is average, the students are average, financial aid is average. The big secret is that the game design program is also just average. As far as I can tell the only great things Becker offers are the horse-riding classes and MassDiGi.
Online is the most draining thing you’ll ever do I was on my computer 7-8 hrs a day every single day it was 10000x more stressful online and so much harder to learn I barely scraped by passing
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It’s alright, education wayyyyyyyyyyyyy overpriced don’t do any hands on, people who work in the vet clinic are complete assholes, they are extremely difficult to contact and don’t care if you need accommodations, along with not telling you what you need for accommodations until you have a day or two left to do it. Food is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING I lost 25 pounds on campus cuz I could not keep any of it down. If you need accommodations don’t come here they don’t care about you or what accommodations you need. Way over priced for everything. Also if you have an ESA people will judge you for one outbreak your animal has. Also don’t let their dogs in the vet clinic outside more than once or twice most students train them while they are inside their kennels still unbelievable!
My favorite thing about Becker is the atmosphere. The class sizes are small which gives Professors the opportunity to bond with students. Two campuses is double the fun, and there is space to do everything from studying to napping. I also love the snacking opportunities on campus and take full advantage of my Becker Bucks that are included in tuition. My major is nursing, but I have also taken interesting classes about animal science and psychology. Everyone is welcomed at Becker, I feel very at home in Worcester and Leicester. Although the classes are challenging, they are gratifying. I am very happy with my decision to attend Becker College.
Unfortunately, our campuses were closed due to COVID-19. The transition was not easy, but Professors were very understanding. Most of my classes removed deadlines to lift stress and final exams turned into essays. I was sad to miss out on sports games and other spring events but appreciate that Becker cared about our health and safety. The College gave updates almost daily on all things COVID-19 and news about the college. I would prefer to return to campus in the fall but online learning is not that bad. Zoom classes are convenient and I still felt connected to my Professors and friends.
Most of the classes I took were either in class or hybrid but for the online portions, the professors use academic sources and engage you through projects and online discussions.
The professors and staff are great and very supportive in helping you exceed to the best of your abilities.
I like the small classes and the athletic community. The food is not very good and the housing isn't either. I enjoy my athletic team and facilities. I am a pre-vet major and so far have enjoyed the program. I wish there were more opportunities to be involved with the vet clinic.
If I could rate this school 0 stars I would. The nursing program is a joke. Many of the professors do not care if you pass or fail. The tutor center is no help. They are overpriced for the appalling education. You would get a better education at home doing your own reading and classwork because that is essentially the kind of education you are getting. They do not care to teach their students. The nursing program is cliquey so it's not easy finding nonjudgemental, caring friends. I am so glad I left. Worst experience of my life.
I liked Becker College because it is very diverse and all the people who attend or work there are very friendly, so it is very easy to have a good experience there.
What I like about Becker is that they offer great supports to students. There are tutors, advisors, and counselors who help students when they are struggling. However, the school would benefit from being more ethnically and culturally diverse.
I went to an open house at Becker and have since applied. They gave me over 30k, basically half of my tuition. I want to study their Interactive Media design program with a concentration in Game Arts. I was impressed with this program because it encompassed different elements of game design, from development to production, instead of just one small major.
Small intimate class setting. If building a relationship with your professors is important then Becker is a great place to obtain that educational quality.
Great community, great support and there’s a lot of resources to succeed. They were very flexible with allowing me to double major and I learned the perfect combination of skills. Some people complain about the school, but you get what you put in honestly. There were a lot of gamers who didn’t do work, but I just ignored them and always did well. There were a few bad apple professors mixed in, but the good ones made it worth it and really contributed towards my success. They actually cared and you aren’t just a number. The tutoring center was great and helped me a lot to succeed. They have some job/internship opportunities that helped boost my resume. I got an interview immediately after graduating and got an amazing, high paying job at a company. When applying to colleges 4 years ago, I was rejected to WPI and was disappointed. Now I’m grateful for it because I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t go to Becker.
I believe they need to work a lot harder on representing diversity at the school. Especially based on where the school is located.
I transferred to Becker College in the spring semester of 2019, I never have or will regret my decision because Becker College is an amazing school that I look forward to attending every day. During my transfer process, the team of people that helped me through the process in Becker's offices were remarkable and made sure I would be all set and covered for attending in the spring. All of the staff is friendly and willing to help out the students in any way possible. 100% an amazing school that I recommend attending.
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I haven't been at becker very long but I absolutely love it here. I am attending becker for their game design program and all of the teachers have a solid background in the gaming industry. The Worcester campus is also a gorgeous mix of newly designed buildings and gorgeous Victorian dorms.
Becker is like no other college. The second you walk onto campus you instantly get this sense of belonging and family. The small classroom sizes make for a more intimate learning experience and the professors remember your name even semesters after you’ve had their class and that honestly makes such a big difference when you’re walking down the hall and your core professor from 3 semesters ago stops you to ask “Hey Caitlyn, how are things going?” Not only are the faculty amazing, but in the classroom, we are taught so much more than calculus and Anatomy and physiology.
Overall, my time so far at Becker has been great. The professors are wonderful, and the academic programs are great. My only complaint would be the pricey tuition. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and look forward to returning in the fall.
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