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I am a freshman, but I've been on campus a few times these past months. The professors are incredibly helpful with helping me adjust seeing that I'm not from here or the area. They have a wide variety of foods, all heathey and delicious. They even have options for vegans and vegetarians which is great because nobody likes eating plain salad everyday! The dorms are comfortable and it seems like everyone here is super open minded. I have yet to meet someone who discriminates against me or my equals.
I love my school. I have made the most amazing friends and love the area. The classes are challenging but I take advantage of the free tutoring that is offered.I think that this is the best school for me to prepare to apply to veterinary school.
Becker College is very small, and the classrooms are normally less than 20 students, which is very helpful for one on one help and making lasting friendships as well as getting extra help when needed.
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I like the community and that it was close to home but there not much to do for commuters because the activities on and around campus are late at night and I would have huge gaps in between classes. I liked how the had a vet clinic on campus that allows hands on learning with real animals and vets.
Not good for anyone with mental illness problems. They ask for a ton of expensive testing in order to give you accomidations. People are imature and it's hard to make friends if you aren't super social. Pretty much no party scene, pretty damn boring. Professors don't seem to care much, at least for the required classes.
Some professors are very good at helping you get everything out of the class while others don't seem to care and want you to teach yourself
This is a very highly thought of school. People so th degr÷s from here often get jobs easily
I feel safe and if i ever had a problem there is people to go to
A lot of students attend the games and cheer on their school. The facilities are nice and always clean.
They dont run things very well it's get really sloppy trying to keep up with all th classes work and homework and tests and quozzes.some professors are very good and explain thing Avery well and help you as much as they can and others basically want you to teach your self the material but im not paying two grand for a class to have to teach mysef because the professor doesn't feel like doing the work.
Haven't visited the school yet
I do not know anything about the sororities on this campus.
Don't know that much about the sports at this school.
Becker requires all of your information to be uploaded to them via the computer. I have had a hard time with that. I would rather just be able to hand deliver it, but that is not an option. Other than that, my transition has been pretty smmoth thus far.
Classes are great, the housing and classmates are some getting used to.
The classes are geared toward us graduated and being prepared for a career.
They give u several presentations and the campus police are always there for us.
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I really don't know much about the athletic system.
The curriculum is the best part of Becker College it helps us be prepared for life after college.
The courses are great and most of the professor are kind and helpful to students.
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