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Great community, great support and there’s a lot of resources to succeed. They were very flexible with allowing me to double major and I learned the perfect combination of skills. Some people complain about the school, but you get what you put in honestly. There were a lot of gamers who didn’t do work, but I just ignored them and always did well. There were a few bad apple professors mixed in, but the good ones made it worth it and really contributed towards my success. They actually cared and you aren’t just a number. The tutoring center was great and helped me a lot to succeed. They have some job/internship opportunities that helped boost my resume. I got an interview immediately after graduating and got an amazing, high paying job at a company. When applying to colleges 4 years ago, I was rejected to WPI and was disappointed. Now I’m grateful for it because I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t go to Becker.
I believe they need to work a lot harder on representing diversity at the school. Especially based on where the school is located.
I transferred to Becker College in the spring semester of 2019, I never have or will regret my decision because Becker College is an amazing school that I look forward to attending every day. During my transfer process, the team of people that helped me through the process in Becker's offices were remarkable and made sure I would be all set and covered for attending in the spring. All of the staff is friendly and willing to help out the students in any way possible. 100% an amazing school that I recommend attending.
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I haven't been at becker very long but I absolutely love it here. I am attending becker for their game design program and all of the teachers have a solid background in the gaming industry. The Worcester campus is also a gorgeous mix of newly designed buildings and gorgeous Victorian dorms.
Becker is like no other college. The second you walk onto campus you instantly get this sense of belonging and family. The small classroom sizes make for a more intimate learning experience and the professors remember your name even semesters after you’ve had their class and that honestly makes such a big difference when you’re walking down the hall and your core professor from 3 semesters ago stops you to ask “Hey Caitlyn, how are things going?” Not only are the faculty amazing, but in the classroom, we are taught so much more than calculus and Anatomy and physiology.
Overall, my time so far at Becker has been great. The professors are wonderful, and the academic programs are great. My only complaint would be the pricey tuition. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here and look forward to returning in the fall.
Becker College is a great school for any animal science major. They have a lot of programs and clubs to help students gain experience. Plus, the school is close to many shops like a Super Walmart. The community is small, but everyone is friendly and close-knit.
Becker is an amazing school for those looking for leadership roles and learning a whole new way of thinking. Becker teaches us a way of thinking that will help us in the future. The professors are amazing and always there to help. Becker feels like a community, a good one to be a part of. It's expensive, but it's worth it.
Overall, my experience with Becker has been great. They have answered all of my questions and I love how they work. The atmosphere of the school was fantastic.
They are very disrespectful. I was emailing the financial aid office in regards to whether or not I would be able to receive financial aid because I am an independent. The woman was rude the entire conversation and proceeded to say, "If you have nobody to help you financially pay for college, then you wouldn’t be able to afford to come to Becker." as though I could not afford to pay for it myself. Now don't get me wrong the price of Becker is quite a lotconsidering you'd think it would show in their academics but of course that isn't something that they hold to high value. After that I ended up switching to another college that was less costly and a lot better academically. Would not recommend.
It's a great school educational wise but if you're an upcoming student starting from freshman the buildings are a little unusual. They're on the whole the higher grade level the better buildings you get ideal so the freshman buildings look nice overall but I wouldn't get your hopes up. The newer buildings are great and so are the upperclassmen. The food is to be desired in better for a lack of a better word. They do what they can but I'm part of the population who wishes they have a better variety and taste.
Becker is a small school, so it is a great opportunity to get involved and have professors get to know you to. The class sizes are great. Around becker also has a variety of things to do, if you ever do not know what to do
Becker College is a place that has helped me find out who I am as a person. I have gained connections and have been exposed to situations that I would have never thought I'd be a part of before. Not only has it provided me with lifelong friendships, it has provided me an unwavering level of support that has allowed me to take chances, try new things and become the man that I am today. I most certainly not be where I am at today without the help of Becker College.
They will rob you of any money they can possibly get. The staff are useless. The classes set you up for failure. Worst mistake of my life.
I like the animal hospital that is at the campus! The whole campus is nice, but something I might want to change are the dorms.
Great school. Still working out the 4 year BSN program, but with each semester that passes it gets better and better.
Becker has been very kind to me. I took a leave of absents from the school of nursing for over a year, then I was welcomed back with much generosity and necessary guidance when I chose to return.
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nursing program is a hot mess organizational wise.
but we all became nurses so

areas in worcester was ok, some weird people that walk around but didnt totally feel unsafe.

very expensive school but can't complain because everyone is now
Simply, Becker College is what you make of it. It provides students everything they need in order to succeed in any field they so desire. However, there is no hand holding here. Students need to show initiative in pursuing their degree, and work beyond just the classroom. It sounds harsh, but with all the opportunities Becker College offers it would be hard NOT to get involved.
What I really like about Becker college is that everyone is so nice and helpful. I play soccer there and the people are always looking out for each other and I feel safe here. The nursing program is a lot of fun and teaches me great amount of information I will need to be successful.
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