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Although this school teaches English, GED, and Nursing-they also have a class that helped me get my US Citizenship. The teacher was really great and she helped me fill out all the paperwork and practice for my interview. This whole class was FREE!
Everyone around campus i helpful. there isn't someone who won't help.
Financial aid helps a lot. You will need loans but they help.
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They help you find a job after you finish all your classes.
everything you need is on campus. Even tutoring if you need it.
You get your own laptop with the LVN program. Overall it's great.
Classes are only a few days a week. not very time consuming.
It was pretty easy. And very helpful. Basically like a real classroom.
Everyone wants to be there. Everyone is helpful and they want you to succeed just as much as they want too.
I had a great time at this school. They made sure I understood what I was doing and I was very comfortable in the classroom.
There are minimum choices. But if you want to be a nurse I would recommend this school.
It's a great school. They provide you with everything you need and they are concerned for your education. They want to help you succeed.
classes are small and students stay together for the length of the program so we become like a big family teachers are willing to answer question and explain in detail
We get our own computers included in the program cost for LVN. 1computer lab that ppl dont use very much, no printing on campus, network is liked to the jr high network so a lot of stuff is blocked
School is very small. Not may resource needed because staff is always willing to answer questions
They want the best nurses to graduate from the school. They believe in great theory and clinical, no mediocre work or you will not advance.
I like online because it gives you a chance to learn on your own time without the loudness of the class or other students.
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resources on campus include the lab with computers. A library with plenty of books tables and chairs. The campus is a little small but it is nice to be close with other people interested in the same topic.
computers are available in the resource center. as for copies the instructors usually print them off. For the lvn program laptops are included in tuition.
the lvn program is very professional and focused. Also there is a cna program on campus. Many students to converse with about the medical field and healthcare.
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