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I love BCCC! The teachers are excellent and always have time for each student! It is such a close knit school community.
I really like that atmosphere of everyone being a family and everyone want the best for you. There is a lot of support at the school from instructors to TRIO. I like how the classrooms are small so it's better one on one learning. However, there are things that I didn't like. I didn't like that there are so many pre requisite classes to take because it eats up you financial aid. I don't like that every semester a class gets drop or added to your major so it puts you behind in your major. I felt like communication was terrible between the financial aid headquarters and the students. Also, I wish that there was more diversity within the students and programs held at the school.
The have a variety of class times. Very convenient
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Online was very convenient for my hectic schedule
I'm not sure of any post grad services
The teachers are awesome. They have lots of knowledge and experience.
Clinical settings help prepare student for the real world
I love the entire span staff, they push you in a good way. They support you and help in any way they can.
Not being able to get loans for school make its hard to finish. Being a self pay student, it's very stressful.
So far all staff so a genuine interest in my success
Over all, I have really enjoyed my experience at BCCC thus far. I still have two more years to go, praying I get accepted into the nursing program this go around. The teachers I have had have been friendly and really know their stuff. The administrative staff are fairly friendly as well.
I have taken quite a few seated courses that are called "hybrid" and most of the work is done online on Blackboard. Its fairly simple to operate but it does freeze up sometimes. The way the teacher has the page organized makes a huge difference as well. I had to drop a class last semester because the teacher didn't have his page organized well and would not help me when I asked for help. There really is not a registration process the student has to do - the college has that done for us. Peer-to-peer interaction is done through email and discussion boards in an online class.
The experience I have had at BCCC thus far has been good. The best part is the school is only 15 minutes from my home and it is somewhat cheaper than a university (but still hard to pay the bill). I believe most of the curriculum I have studied so far has been pretty good. The only frustration I have had was in my anatomy and physiology class last semester. My study group and I had a time with that teacher. I have not had to transfer credits: I have only gone to Beaufort for two years and do not plan to go anywhere else.
The only thing that can set apart is that the faulty will actually sit and work with you through concerns.
The services have been very helpful throughout my school.
Students on campus are very diverse, not only in race, but in personality. The few classes I have taken on campus has been filled with very interesting people from all walks of life. Some of them I wonder why they are in college for their lack of motivation, but for the most part I have enjoyed getting to know the student body at BCCC.
There is awesome resources for anything you need really. There is NClive that is awesome for doing research for your classes or just for general knowledge. The best thing about NClive is that if BCCC doesn't have the hard copy of what you are looking for, IE a book, then they can find it and get it for you within just a few days.
They are always having some sort of activities going on at cam[pus, wither it is dances, social gatherings, carnivals, or appreciations, there is something for everyone.
The campus security is also a very excellent resource, I don't think I have been to campus once without seeing campus police at least 2 or 3 times walking around. Not to mention they, to me, go above and beyond to keep all the students safe and are very helpful when you need them. I needed them to jump my car a few times and they were always very nice and didn't act as though I was bothering them to do it.
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I am an older student; therefore most students are younger than me. The students are fairly friendly and there are older students such as myself. The young students are not as friendly as my generation. The diversity is fairly open to any student. We have hispanic, african/american and white caucasian. The male and female ratio is good with a lot of females attending.
There is a small fitness center. I wish they had a basketball court outside. There are no pool tables or other rooms where recreation is available. There are great academic resources however.
Fairly easy to access computers through learning resource center or student support services. There could be more rooms that allow free printing of work related assignments, etc.
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