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Beau Monde College of Hair Design-Beau Monde Academy of Cosmetology Reviews

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I personally did not have to transfer credits
At Beau Monde we use Artist access and the great thing about artist access is we can watch videos that we have watched in class and we are able to take practice tests for any course. The use of the website could have been a lot more convenient if it showed our grades, test scores, attendance, etc.
There is no alumni program or post-grad services offered through my school after you complete the course and graduate.
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The three different courses had different teachers who had their own style of teaching which was nice because everyone has their own way of learning. Student to teacher ratio was approximately 25:1 in most cases, on the clinic floor however the school could have had more than one instructor helping out. More than half of the time that instructor was responsible for 35 students making it a stressful atmosphere.
The good thing about attending beauty school is getting the certificate of completion knowing the next step is to take the state boards and soon become licensed in your profession. Most of the on campus recruiters came maybe once every couple of months and were shop owners/employees mostly on the hunt for barbers or anyone wanting to work for a salon.
When I was on the search for a Beauty school that best suited me I was looking for one that was fashion forward and creatively driven. Once I stepped foot into Beau Monde I wasn't sure what to expect, I spoke with the recruiter and he had mentioned all of the fashion show events, photoshoots, competitions, and MUD make up the school had to offer. During my time enrolled I had experienced all of what he had sold me from the beginning. I even went across the country to experience and be apart of the Wella 2016 TrendVision competition and for that I am so thankful for the opportunity. But granted, those experiences and all of the knowledge most instructors had shared with me was definitely worth it and if I had to chose to go back and do it all over I would, except I would do it different the second time around. There were quite a handful of things the school could improve on to make it a more smooth journey for the student and the staff.
I think this was the best choice for me by far - lots of hands on and I can constantly try new things and work on any area of my field. The students and instructors interact constantly and I feel like I have a lot of opportunities and options to pursue once I graduate. Like all schools, you get out of it what you put in. There are some minor complaints, like with all things - night students can miss out on some info from day classes and the time clock has some issues - but overall I love it. The instructors know so much, you constantly learn
Its great. The teachers give us time to do our book work and also get us caught up with everything we are missing.
The school is fair with everyone and is willing to work with any schedule. Also they know you have a life outside of school and are very supportive of it all.
Besides the teachers confusing students they are a joy to have in class. They interact with everyone and have relationships with every student.
Its an academy so we really don't have all that but when we need to see an advisor or finical aid teacher, the doors are always open.
The system goes done but pivot point has this online teaching skills to allow us to see step by step instructions on all different things we have learned or are going to.
My experience at the school is memorable. I have met so many teachers that have shared the same passion as myself. I have made friends that have become my family. The eduction is good and all the things I have already learned is amazing.
I have made many friends and the education is very good. I have learned so much. I do recommend this school to people with the same passion as myself but I so also give them a heads up of the flaws the school does have. Honestly I wouldn't know whether I would pick this school after seeing it and actually attending the school.
This is a school where the average sex is females. Their are some disagreement and bulling that go on here and their but it has never gotten out of hand and the teachers do take a stand when it does get a little out of line.
Beau Monde is a Pivot Point school and it allows us to further our career. When students are ready to be on the salon floor and take clients they would like us to also build our cliental while we are still in school. This gives us a boost when we really go into the industry and help us become salon ready.
I pay $25,000 to go to beauty school yet we have broken mahicans, tools, and we are short on so many supplies. If I pay that much for my education I do deserve usable supplies and help my education to further my career.
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Beau Monde does give a lot of opportunities out and helps any student that is willing to give that extra effort. There are a couple things I would change about the school. For one thing I dislike the whole dress code rules and regulation. A lot of teachers do not enforce them. Another is the lack of communication towards teachers. Student get confused when all the teachers teach us differently. Students do not need that confusion.
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