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The recruiters for the HIM program at Beal College will tell you there are a plethora of career paths and tons of medical billing jobs in our area. This is may look true if you do a quick Google search on medical coding jobs in the area. Although the degree that Beal offers, without 3 plus years of coding experience, will get you nowhere. The were a limited few that were hand selected by the coding instructor to code for her company, but thats not quite high job placement as promised by recruiters. Some of the career paths they advertise as options really dont require the degree at all. You can work in patient access at the local hospital with a high school deploma. Plus there credits are very hard to transfer to othe local schools UMA, OMO and EMCC will not except your credits.
Everyone is very nice and welcoming to help get you started. They are willing to be there and take you step by step in order to get you started or keep you going in their programs. As an incoming freshman I am thrilled to say that I have been able to talk to many different people, who not only have helped me but have been encouraging for me to attend. I'm looking forward to attending this school with all of the helpful staff that awaits for me. Everyone seems to want to help at that school.
Beal needs to be more organized. It is October and we still don't know what the nursing curriculum is going to look like in January. The staff is incredible though. They are nice, helpful and patient.
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Beal is a local college that has helped me in a positive way in my life. I feel there could it could be more beneficial to students with administration staff being more positive and more accessible with communication when students need help with administration questions.
Beal college is small and supportive. Perfect if you require more one on one time with your instructor.
Everyone who works at Beal is truly invested in the students. They work tirelessly to make me succeed. They are available whenever needed and go above and beyond all the time.
I'm able to go to school and fulfill other duties because of scheduling flexibility not only with class times but instructors working with us to ensure we complete what needs to be done
Again Beal student services will do everything they can do help you write a resume, look for job placement and just provide support.
Beal has great externship placement and job placement especially for medical assisting.
So far I have completed 4 classes here. Out of that I've only had 1 bad teacher which was reported not only by me but others in the class. Class size varies but isn't large by any means, diverse set of students from different age groups to ethnicity.
I love medical assisting it fascinates me! I'm just beginning core classes but so far it's awesome.
The mods have flown by which is nice! Had a few bad encounters with a delinquent teacher but have moved on thankfully. Is a great school for someone that wants to be career oriented asap!
Overall the school and programs is amazing, but some teachers that are allowed to teach, could be better selected. I feel like I'm getting a good quality education, but there could be more regulations of the teachers and how they are allowed to teach required material.
More hands on interaction rather then big lectures
speed could be faster, but overall no issues
very career orientated classes coordinate with major

wide variety of academics offered
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great placement rates after graduation
I like the convenience of online courses
you have great access to computers in any computer labs, or the library. You have wireless access throughout the whole campus. and the access can be used on your own personal computers.
You also have access to printing from 3 rooms on the campus
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