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It was so awful. During COVID 3/5 of my teachers just stopped teaching. We’d get a 20-min long assignment every couple of weeks and that would be it. I probably did a total of three hours of schoolwork in the two months of quarantine and got a 4.00 average for the semester.
My high school GPA was very low, and Beacon was the only school I was able to get into. Originally I was only planning to go for a few semesters and then transfer, but I’ve connected really well with the faculty here and am now planning on staying for the full 4 years.
My main criticism would be that the staff tends to infantilize the students. The freshman classes are a joke, assignments are graded super leniently, and the assignments themselves are not challenging at all.
It is the best school for students who learn differently. We learn not only to be successful in college, but in life.
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this school is small and having a small class size i can get that one on one feeling and not be lost in the crowd and feel comfortable of asking my instructor a good question.
I visited this college this past summer. I took a tour of the campus. I thought that it was very organized and nice. The buildings are not together, they are separated out between each other.
Excellent school for people that learn differently. It is a fully accredited college with many majors and minors you can choose from. It teaches you different ways to apply different technologies available that match your own way of learning and becoming more independent and a better contributor to society.
I liked how they helped kids with Learning Disabilities succeed. Nothing needs to change here because everything is awesome here. The professors are very nice, there food is great, they are all very nice people and the dorms there are nice and clean.
Beacon College is a very good place to attend college. The staff is very equipped to handle most students attending with learning differences. They have smaller classes and you always feel like you Are learning without feeling inadequate.
I have made some awesome friendships that will last a lifetime! This is my last year and they have been very helpful in my growing and learning how to fit into the upcoming workforce.
Beacon college is a great college if you have learning disabilities. Therapy is also included in the tuition.
I had a good college experience. The Town that the college was located was not great but otherwise. It had no buses or cabs like my home town in DC area.
i really like Beacon College. My grades have been excellent. I have so much more confidence in myself. The school i know is working on the internal side of the college. focusing on the mental health and wellness of the students. i would like to see more pride in the school and unity.
When I first arrived at Beacon College, I immediately felt myself being at home with the people I will be surrounded by. Throughout my freshman year, I felt myself having a lot more confidence and independence. I also found the faculty and the staff being reasonable and very attentive with the wellbeing of the students. I am only glad to find a place that can support my needs, as well as accept me for who I am.
This school is amazing. They have a great Disabilty program. The kids are all treated equal. They have a happy environment and they also offer students jobs year round. The food is awesome. There’s tons of choices. The dorms are clean and nice and in great areas. The kids here and staff all have good hearts. The new RAP hall they opened is great. They also have a Starbucks open during the day! It’s so good
I like Beacon College. I am second semester Freshman. I would say that the professors and the education offered at beacon is excellent. One thing i personally don't think is amazing about the school is the social activities.
I feel lonely in Leesburg at times. It somewhat feels isolated, and sectioned off from the real world. I know Orlando is around the corner, but if you're a student without a car or a full time student, it is not so easy. There is a-lot of walking.
Good relationship with professors with small classroom settings that is ideal for my personal college experience. I only wish their were more shops/eateries around in the local area that is easily accessible to students. Campus life is very nice especially since it is only made up of apartment complexes compared to traditional dorms. It does add a lot more personality to the living style as not many other colleges obtain apartment complexes. The food is pretty good with a decent selection to choose from in a small cafeteria but i only wish they stayed open later with more flexible hours during the day. Recreation is pretty decent with a gym very close to one of the complexes available during the day with very flexible hours. Student center is a nice place to hang with friends or do some work as i use it the most for playing pool with friends. Overall, i do think it is a good fit for me especially since i personally have a disability being ADD.
I love everything about Beacon. Although I’m a former student I am considering going back in the Fall Of 2018. I am suppose to be a Senior but Because transfered to The University Of Tennessee, Knoxville and but I withdrew from English 1102 once and a Math Class twice so I had three semesters as a freshman and one as a sophomore and also because of credits. But besides that I loved every day of the two and a half years i spent there.
Beacon college is amazing. It’s my home and the people there have become my family. Beacon has changed my life. Academically and spiritually it’s changed me. I’ve become a better me because of beacon and I’ve learned so much. The people are great and the teaching is incredible.
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Beacon College is great. The support services are fantastic, the professors are fair, and they are committed to constantly improving what they offer.
They help with my special disabilities and is a great place to go to school. Books weren't expensive! Great place
It is great! Have grown from being here! I was a different person at 18, but from going here I have grown leadership skills and have done things like public speaking and have grown a drive to achieve what I want in life. I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't gone here.
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