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Beacon College is great. The support services are fantastic, the professors are fair, and they are committed to constantly improving what they offer.
They help with my special disabilities and is a great place to go to school. Books weren't expensive! Great place
It is great! Have grown from being here! I was a different person at 18, but from going here I have grown leadership skills and have done things like public speaking and have grown a drive to achieve what I want in life. I wouldn't be who I am today if I hadn't gone here.
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I am quite satisfied with Beacon College, for the most part. The professors are generally understanding of my processing disorder and take time to explain the directions to me in depth, instead of just giving me the assignment with no explanation.
Beacon College is a great school for people who have learning disabilities. This school offers great help especially when it comes to academic work. The classes are fairly easy and each classroom has about 15 or less people which in my opinion makes it easier to learn.
I enjoy the housing options. I like that there are different places to live and that the rooms are not to small.
I have no idea because I am not part of the program. I also do not have any interest in it.
I would not know much about sports. I am not a big sports fan and do not pay much attention to it.
I enjoy all the different that are offered. The teachers are also very helpful to all students. I think it is very helpful that it s a small school as well.
You can eat as much as you want. It's like a cafe
The school only has intramural sports
All dining within walking distance of campus gives student discount
The schools policies academic and social are design to develop and support the total student body
I wish they had more scholarship options , but the school needs more financial support
there is not many parties on campus
Most of the housing on campus or like apartment complex. With full kitchen, washers and dryers in each apartment.
There is a Zero tolerance for freshman pranks
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College has a very supportive academic environment.
You can never have enough
College only has intramural and club sports
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