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I love Baylor University and its Christian atmosphere. The professors are willing to help all of their students excel in their classrooms and they are willing to accommodate to different office hours.
What I like about Baylor University is the History and Well Known people who attended Baylor such as Gov. Ann Richards and other Famous Players. Thats what makes Baylor a great place, but most importantly, a better teaching. The change I will want to see is more people to get accepted in Baylor.
The campus is huge and beautiful. Their mission is to helping student succeed and graduate. Orientation day was informative about the college goal,mission, expectation, safety rules and policies. People here are very helpful and friendly.
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Baylor is a University at which both my mother and grandfather graduated from. they've enjoyed their experienced and encouraged me to follow in their footsteps to experience the great education and social activities Baylor has to offer.
Baylor is a great school with great people. I have NEVER been disappointed with Baylor. The schools values are shown in everything that they do and in their staff. Great school!
I'm going to start in the fall, but every time I have visited and toured the campus I have felt welcomed. Baylor already feels like a second home to me and I haven't even started classes yet! The atmosphere around campus is very warm and inviting and it seems like everyone you meet cares about you and your future.
I enjoy life at Baylor University. The university has excellent academics with teachers that truly care for your well-being and your success. However, I would like to see the campus grow in its diversity as a majority of the student population is caucasian.
Baylor University is a school like no other. The students and professors are incredible and no where else could seem like home the way Baylor does. The people there go out of there way to give the incoming freshman the most help and the best experience possible.
Very friendly teachers all around. School is very clean and comforting. Overall a very amazing school.
Baylor is a great academic institution, with nice facilities and a world-class staff. It is not the most diverse of schools, and while there are a lot of international students the vast majority of students are the same. While this can be good if you match the "Baylor type", it can be really hard if you don't. The tuition is high but Baylor is very gracious with scholarships and your money helps buy great resources and small class sizes. My only real complaint is with its location, Waco just isn't the best. But it is between Austin and Dallas which is nice
I loved the school community, campus, wonderful faculty. The small class sizes were ideal and we had a lot of real-world projects in my upper-classman courses. The campus is beautiful and feels very safe. The outside community is small but great and growing.
I love the campus. The administration is constantly trying to improve the campus with new buildings and improvements. Everyone is really nice here and it’s really easy to make friends. The party scene is also really good, but you have to know where to look (Greek life). The campus is very safe and anyone that says otherwise is blind. Everywhere you go, you see Baylor PD and virtually the whole campus is monitored through cameras. The professors go out of their way to help you and most of them really care. The resources that they put forward are above and beyond other universities. If I could change a few things, it would be the lack of Greek houses and the transfer policy. Once you enroll in Baylor, even if you withdraw, you can only transfer in 15 credit hours. Personally, I think this is ridiculous.
The school is great, professors are wonderful, and the environment is great overall. Students are welcomed into the family at Line Camp, and the school has many other traditions that continue on throughout a student's four years.
Baylor is an amazing family oriented university! They really reach out to make their students feel welcomed. I believe that anyone who chooses this school will love it!!!
One thing i enjoyed of Baylor was the diversity it also focused on what i wanted which was entrepreneurship and business.
I love the open, friendly atmosphere that Baylor gives it's students. Not only are your fellow classmates diverse, enthusiastic, and kindhearted people, but all professors are also devoted to teaching you the material you need to learn and providing a wonderful undergraduate academic experience. Baylor did a fantastic job at providing events and opportunities for freshman especially to connect and get to know each other. In addition, the campus is beautiful, well kept, and a pleasure to spend time on. Overall, it provides each student with a unique and valuable college experience.
Baylor University is one of those Universities with an absolutely stunning campus, great professors, and a great student experience, but with a cost. Due to Baylor being a private institution, unless you're getting a full ride, one year could drive you from $10k-40k, which is quite a steep slope to climb. If you're looking for a great education regardless of the cost, Baylor definitely will be a fit, especially if you're going into the medical field. Just be wise with expenses.
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I adore the people at Baylor, I have built good relationships with both my professors and peers. However, the aggressively competitive academic environment has made my college experience much different than what I expected.
I love going to Baylor. There is a constant friendly atmosphere around campus, and everyone is very nice and social.
I love Baylor because of academics. The professors want to get to know you and they are willing to spend time with you outside of class, which any struggling student can appreciate. There are so many helpful advisors available, and I love my degree program. Plus, Baylor just has a great reputation which makes searching for jobs after graduation a little easier. Baylor thinks that there are many options for social events and meeting people, but as a spring transfer student, I had a very hard time meeting people like me and making friends. I wish that there were more resources out there for "non-traditional" students.
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