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Had a great experience all four years. Friendly, inclusive people. Memorable traditions. Solid in Christian faith with several on-campus faith-based organizations. Overall quite challenging pre-med courses. Helpful faculty. Great sports teams.
Did not take any classes online, although what I heard and read was that others that did were overall pleased.
The classes were really easy and I could still do whatever I wanted with my time. I could work at any time and still be flexible enough for work
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The classes were really easy and I could still do whatever I wanted with my time. I could work at any time and still be flexible enough for work
The school is amazing and is equipped with the best teachers, resources, faculty, etc. The campus is kept safe regularly and has a very exciting party scene. The food is great and is of the highest quality.
The online experience was great. I learned a great deal from stellar teachers. There were very little technical difficulties.
Most of my courses are in person, however the courses online are easy to understand and well put together.
Baylor University has done a lot to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, and for that I am extremely thankful. This campus also provides a wonderful faith-based community that allows me to feel at home.
Didn’t take any online but I still have to fill out this portion of the review process. I’m sure classes were fine idk.
Horrible horrible horrible. Money hungry and so cold hearted. I worked as a student fundraiser and talked to the most vile alumni and still managed to raise thousands despite the job being literally soul sucking. I was charged a bogus $300 fee after transferring that I have been in an 8 month battle with the university over. The president’s office thanked me for my service but refused to take away the charge. The professors here are not here for you in any way and will refuse to work around your schedule under the guise of teaching you responsibility. Having a job you needed to go to to pay for school wasn’t a good enough excuse for missing SI meetings that happened at the same time. The environment is cut throat and the professors will pit students against one another. Not religiously tolerant or very accepting. Checkout @dearbaylor on instagram for more. Not the place for you unless you’re a white trust fund baby who is planning to be a business major.
amazing campus, clean and friendly, the cafeteria is above average and the staff is very accomodating
amazing school that offers a wide range of classes so there is something for everyone, very diverse for the area
Baylor has a strong, loving community that truly cares about students growing and achieving their goals.
The professors go to great efforts to interact and effectively teach students despite the challenge from doing so online.
I mean of course it sucked, but professors were very accommodating and kind. I'm grateful to them for being so compassionate during such a difficult time.
Professors are amazing and very passionate about contributing to the community and helping students. The campus is beautiful and people are generally very friendly and courteous. Things can get a little boring on the weekends if you're not into partying, but once you enter sophomore or junior year and people live off campus, it gets a lot better. I loved Baylor and I'm incredibly grateful that I am now an alumna. I wish I could've spent even more time there. I have made so many incredible memories, from football games to studying with friends in Moody to Sundown Sessions to just hanging around playing games with friends. I have made lifelong friends and many connections. I love Baylor.
Supported online learning through various teaching platforms. The professors exceeded my expectations of online learning!
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Very helpful and informative during college searches! The community on the campus is very welcoming and supportive of each other!
N/A - Did not have any online courses while at Baylor. When I was going those were few and far between, although technology is used a great deal in class (in person).
Baylor has the best of both worlds in regards to large state schools vs smaller institutions. Has the resources, alumni network, and sports that a larger university would have while also being small enough to know your professors personally, decent class sizes, and community feel when you step on campus. The only complaint I have is the close-minded views that you will occasionally run into (as you would expect going to a Baptist school). And the student body could stand to be more diverse, of course.
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