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Baylor provides a strong education along with several extra curricular options to produce well rounded students. I was a part of the Golden Wave band and note that as a highlight in my education. I was able to represent the school as well as to have fun. This was an outlet during my studies and allowed my creative side to flourish while my scientific side studied hard. I appreciate all I learned and am thankful for my time at Baylor.
Baylor is a good school. The teachers really care about you and want to see you succeed. The only negative thing about Baylor is its location, Waco. It is a pretty small town, but with the great community at Baylor, there's always things to do.
Baylor University has a wonderful campus. The students and staff are all so kind and helpful. It is a Division 1 school, but small compared to other D1 schools. Above all, it provides a Christian atmosphere.
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Great University to attend to get closer to God at the same time! The campus is amzaingly beautiful.
Very conservative in everything. They use the baptism name to make money. however, the people are very conservative in their actions and socially. they deem normally dress code and social norms too crazy. they are not political involved.
Baylor is an excellent school. It gives a lot of support to students, with excellent counselors, free tutoring, and many other opportunities outside of school, such as clubs, an excellent gym, and much more.
I love this school! Campus is gorgeous and provides a safe environment for students to learn and become a well versed student in the community.
Baylor is an excellent school with great faculty, facilities, and resources. It is one of the only schools in the country in the protestant tradition that is committedly Christian and high research activity.
Nice teachers good students diversity small cafeteria and I nice door people are kind it’s expensive
I love the Spiritual feel on the campus. I love that professors know you by name and the classes are small
I love the campus in all seasons. As a Christian I appreciate the Christian environment of the campus. Although I would change the no-drinking policy on campus, I feel that my time at Baylor has been a good investment of my time and money.
Wonderful college tour. Fun tour guides and making it lively and informative. it was worththe visit. i hope to go back and get a tour of the athletic facility and meet a defensive line coach. I would love to play football for Baylor. It would be a dream come true.
Every interaction that I have had with the undergraduate admissions team has been wonderful. The campus is stunning and is located in an area that is to die for. There is a rich culture that goes with the university that makes it stand out amongst a crowd.
The business building is really cool. The only criticism I have concerns the dorms. The Dawson Dorms are okay but look somewhat run down. And they make you take a leadership class which costs extra. They do give an extra scholarship but that doesn't even cover the cost of the class.
Otherwise a great university!
Baylor's campus was so beautiful! The architecture of Baylor was old yet clean and the school spirit was very heart warming!
I once took a tour at University Of Baylor . The staff and people are really nice and also really understanding . They have a lot to choose from when it comes to majors , sports , academies and etc . The food is also good since they have chikfila and other restaurants .
Excellent school, wonderful environment, everyone is very nice to you and really awesome school. The food is really good, the only bad thing would be the twin sized beds.
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The overall environment is good but the stereotypes of preppy stuck up kids and boys who think they own the world and everyone should do everything for them are pretty true. The teachers are polite unless you're dumb, then they feel like they're wasting their time. The campus is pretty and easy to navigate. Very competitive school. Not a large party scene but it is definitely still there. Not your typical college experience but you will learn a lot.
A very strong University. Baylor recently went trough a relatively rough Title IX scandal that rocked the University. It can be said however that major reforms took place in the wake of the scandal and I personally believe that these reforms will put the university in a better position in regards to how to handle reports.
Very Great experience really good school. Very good programs, i have never seen such a diverse school. really amazing big campus great professors. Great administrators team.
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