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I really like all the opportunities they have on campus to get students involved. Professors care about their students and have plenty of office hours.
My experience with Baylor University has been good. They are active reminders and always inviting me to go visit their campus.
I love the campus. It has a good sense of community, which most colleges don't have. The classes are small which can allow great interactions with professors.
I wish chapel and religion would not be a required course to take.
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Not only was the campus full of diversity among students, but the campus also offered a wide variety of courses and activities. I was involved in on-campus groups as well as off-campus events. Baylor's professors are great teachers, encouragers, and supporters.
I have visited Baylor University twice now, and each time I surprise myself by discovering new things to be fascinated by! There is an abundance of student activities on campus; you can even watch as people prance across Fountain Mall playing a game of Quidditch. Day in and day out, there are a multitude of franchises to dine in or out at. In the "Grease Pit", on the opposite side of the high way lining campus, there are more fast-food restaurants than you could even count on all your fingers and toes. In addition to the campus life and eateries, Baylor is the only university also certified as a zoo. With the two live bears, Joy and Lady, the campus is lit up by their presence as true mascots. Overall, Baylor is a University that provides all who visit with an experience they can never forget.
Baylor has overall been an up and down experience for me. Although the school has great qualities, it never seemed like "home" to me and I see a lot of flaws within the university that I didn't expect.
I went to Baylor university last year during the avid program i was in , they gave us a campus tour and i was amazed by the setting of the campus, and the people in the campus were really nice.
I love studying Computer Science here. The professors are helpful and friendly, the classrooms are well-kept and modern, and the material we learn is practical yet theoretical enough to be applied to other technologies we may learn later on in life.
Sic 'Em Bears!
This was the first Christian environment that I was heavily exposed to. I admit that I did not go to Baylor with an open-mind, however, Baylor changed my life. If I had to choose again, I would choose Baylor.

The community is truly caring and the professors actually care about the well-being of their students. I chose to become involved with the many organizations at Baylor and quickly found my home.

I would recommend this university to anyone that's looking to explore their spirituality or for those that are already firm in their belief.
I have LOVED my time at Baylor. I have never had a more involved and loving community in my whole life. Their business school is incredible. I have never had so many opportunities for success placed before me to utilize. I have always felt safe and cared for there.
A fantastic school that has the ability to push you academically to strive. Many connections with alumni and professional schools. The name carries itself very strongly.
Amazing professors, campus, and opportunities! Whether academically, socially, or otherwise, Baylor provides ample chances to thrive and grow as an individual, a student, and a citizen.
Baylor is an amazing school with a beautiful campus and great athletic programs. I really enjoyed the housing and food on campus. The environment is very welcoming and I would love to come back as soon as possible!
Despite all of the turmoil on campus the students seem to be the schools number one priority. Even though they have lost popularity in the football team they kept their heads held high and keep pushing with the academics. I like the school because some of the staff are truly caring a really look out for the students to make sure we are getting everything we need to succeed. Some speak to you as if you were their own child. Stern and caring all at the same time. As my mothers only child the school made my mother feel very comfortable leaving me there.
I love how small Baylor feels, without actually being very small at all. Class sizes aren't overwhelming, and you get the chance to really know your professors. I got a RA position from getting good grades in one of my intro classes, which just shows how attentive the professors are to their students. Baylor also has a lot of incredible study abroad options. You can go with Baylor students to a bunch of different places over the summer, they have semester programs, and they also have partnership programs in New York, for fashion design students, and one in D.C. for Political Science students (I'm doing that one next semester!) Another really important part is that I always feel safe when I'm on campus, even when I'm walking alone in the dark. They also have a golf cart service that will pick you up after sunset at the library or anywhere else on campus, and take you home if you feel unsafe.
Great place. Truly committed to their Christian values & the professors are very caring. I got sick early in my freshman year and while in the hospital I received calls and messages from both professors and students.
Baylor has been a great school for me. Very friendly professors who will challenge you but are quick to help if you ask.
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Awesome supportive faculty and staff. Centrally located near many things to do off campus. School spirit and vibe is positive and like a big family.
The education is great, but the only drawback so far is the athletic scandalls currently going on. If enrolling to baylor, Line camp is a must! line camp starts you off right and gets you connected with some great people to begin with. It also provides you with something to do during the summer if you cant find anything to do that is. Meeting new people at baylor was perhaps the easiest thing. everyone is very friendly and they accomodate for any differences and accept you for who you are.
Baylor University has been a fun college experience for me. I met great people that I will be friends with for the rest of my life, the activities on campus are fun to attend. I love the start of the new semesters when I get to meet my new professors and new people. I have love all my classes except physics but my professor made it better. I went to Baylor wanting to be a lawyer but I wasn't happy so I switched to Biology to become a veterinarian and it was the best decision I ever made. I would definitely go to Baylor again if I had to do it all over again.
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