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although I was a student at Baylor University for only a very short period, I will be ashamed of myself for being part of the university for the rest of my life after knowing what Baylor and it's president does to its students.
When applying for college, the primary aspect I was longing for was a community. At Baylor, I instantly recognized the diverse, supportive community, strong Christian values, excellent academic reputation, and accessible location. After attending Baylor for a year now, I have found that Baylor checked the box on every single one of the factors I considered imperative in my college selection.
I am currently enjoying Baylor more than I thought I would. To be honest, I chose Baylor for financial reasons and was planning on transferring the first chance I got. But after I went home that first break, I was all but running back. I really love the campus. I can get from one side to the other in 15 minutes all the while watching the many squirrels, birds, and pets on these walks. Everyone is really nice and the faculty, professors, administrators, etc. all really want to see everyone succeed. Even in a class on 100+, my professor knew my name. I would visit her office as much as I could because her door was always open. And Baylor has a multitude of opportunities on its relatively small campus.
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Engaging professors, hands on teaching and active student population with organizations. I have made great friends at Baylor and expanded my religious beliefs.
Baylor is a great Christ-centered Univeristy. There are great communities and top tier education. There are so many opportunities for personal growth.
Baylor University is a wonderful school to attend. There are many options for undergraduate degrees, and the professors are some of the best I have encountered.
This university is the perfect balance of academics, faith, athletics, and student life. The professors are always available and you will see them not only in your classes, but at athletic events and even church. Baylor makes you feel at home, surrounded by faculty and staff and students that care about you.
It holds a beautiful campus and expels a fresh scent of acceptance and positivity. Has many clubs and the athletics always keeps the atmosphere prideful.
I have no complaints about Baylor. Truly an incredible school full of (mostly) authentic Christian students. The academics, traditions, and campus culture are all incredible. I'm proud to be a Baylor Bear!
I love the hospitality of the people and how welcoming the atmosphere is! It is such a great place to be!
Some building on campus definitely need a renovation. People are friendly for the most part, generally try to make you feel at home. Academics are hard, really make you work for it but it pays off in the end.
It's a very close-knit community. It's a home away from home. Whenever I went to visit it, I was welcomed by many smiles.
I spent 4 years of my life at Baylor and loved it so much I decided to pursue a graduate education here. Baylor is a big institution with a small school feel. Because of that small school feel you're very much surrounded by community. Another part of what makes Baylor unique is the commitment to service and approaching most everything through the lens of a Christian Worldview. The level of care and attention that Baylor and it's faculty give to the students of Baylor is unmatched. If you want a college experience that integrates faith and ethics into academics in a very seamless way, Baylor is the place for you.
Great school, lots of opportunity. The people are generally good people and the environment is conducive to learning and also making meaningful friendships.
I like Baylor University. It is a big family which opens to any students. Professors and faculties put efforts into helping students succeed.
I will be a Freshman this Fall and chose Baylor over 2 other Texas schools. I can’t wait to study Business and get involved with Leadership and Service Programs on campus!
I love Baylor. Just some professors are not good and the dining hall food is terrible. I personally love how all the professors care for you as a person and want you to succeed. As a person of color, I can feel racism on this campus. I feel as if we need more diversity and more diverse professors and students. I wish there was better food options because I have suffered through food poisoning.
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The community is amazing. The class sizes are small. There is an emphasis on faith, but it is not overbearing and many religions are represented. There are many student organizations on campus. There is a good balance of a small school vibe and a large school that has division 1 sports. The location is very safe and affordable. The majority of students finish their degree in 4 years. They offer generous scholarships.
Baylor is a very welcoming university, and keeps to its Christian foundation, which is evident throughout campus. They have a great engineering program, although they were trying a new teaching style that my class did not like, and caise many of us to struggle. I would like there to be better advisors on staff, because I had problems with them. But overall, I would recommend this university.
It was a great looking University, just a bit spread out for anyone to really find anything. In my opinion I wouldn't go to this college, due to the big campus.
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