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Baylor is a very engaging university. The staff genuinely cares about the success of their students, resulting in our high achieving classes. The student body goes out of their way to help others and be kind, which is unlike anything you could see in most other places.
Professors are kind and helpful. The overall atmosphere here is one of collaboration and commitment to learning. Baylor's campus is beautiful and well maintained. There are consistently interesting lectures and ways to be involved in academia on and off campus. I have loved my time here.
I really enjoyed plugging into campus living and learning programs. I wish that I had known that Greek life was emphasized so much by the student body.
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Baylor University is the right fit in so many ways. It is a medium size school, but it still has great athletics and numerous student activities. Greek life is very popular and a big part of the school culture, but you don't have to be Greek to find your niche. Professors are caring and invested, and class sizes are small in comparison to many other schools. Baylor strives to excel in academics and research while maintaining a foundation in their Christian heritage.
I had some doubts going into Baylor, but now I am so happy I chose Baylor! It is an excellent university with a wide diversity.
It's a very welcoming community and the class sizes are small hence you get to interact with your professors. There are lots of social events every week and you also get access to free tickets for athletic events. However, I wish the overall social environment was more accepting of LGBT+ students, faculty and Staff.
I love that they don't hide the fact that they are a Christian University, but are so welcoming of everyone. The professors are some of the most kind and caring people I have meant who truly want you too succeed.
The campus is very nice and spacious. All of the facilities are very nice and top quality. While on campus, you feel safe and there is a good vibe about the place overall. Every person I me on campus was very kind and helpful. There seems to be a lot for students to get involved with and they really try to make it feel like you are apart of a family. This school does a great job of making every student feel important and like they can really achieve their goals. This university offers many resources to students so that they can succeed and become the best version of themselves that is possible. Aside from the academic side of this school, the food in the dining hall is very good or a school. There are many options so no matter your food preferences you will be able to find something you like.
It’s a great school. It’s smaller yet has a lot to do, great academics and good sports. Can’t change this but it’s far from home but worth it.
Baylor is a great Christian school that will definitely challenge you. The Professors are great and genuinely care that you succeed. The Computer Science program is very difficult to graduate on time with though because of the difficulty of the courses. Employers do take note of the rigor of the programs at Baylor though. There are regularly companies such as Dell, Google, and Samsung recruiting Baylor students. If I could change anything about Baylor it would be the rate at which students graduate in 4 years, especially with Computer Science degrees.
Professors made false claims against m y fellow peers in order to get them to drop a class/ switch majors because they simply didn't like them as individuals. they don't try to help you graduate but rather put many restrictions on students hoping to get them to stay longer to make more money.
No diversity. If you want to grow in diverse environments for your future and you want to observe a diverse point of view for your career, seek other schools. Your precious four years will be totally wasting.
Baylor is a very beautiful campus with lots of green grass and amazing buildings. The staff is very friendly and generally seem to really take an interest in their students. The tuition is quite high and sometimes seems unreasonable, especially recently due to the many title nine incidents. The school is not very diverse as it is mostly composed of the white majority and I believe Baylor is not doing enough to promote diversity among its campus nor is it making the campus appealing for people of a different ethnicity.
I love Baylor University because the professors are very helpful and the university takes time to recognize the accomplishments of the students.
Baylor University has been great to me during my four years here. I have had more growth in my four years than I had in my high school and middle school careers combined. Baylor University has provided me with the skill set and courage to conquer my passions.
Baylor has a beautiful campus and caring professors. Although Waco itself isn't the most lively of towns, Austin and Dallas are both fairly close, making it easy to find entertainment on the weekends. I would love to see Baylor take more steps towards helping students who have mental health problems and high levels of stress through more counseling programs.
Baylor University provides an atmosphere that fosters academics, faith, and personal growth. Professors are able to help students in the classroom and in their lives outside of it. The campus is encouraging to the entire student body and provides many opportunities for involvement. Greek Life is strong, along with other clubs and organizations on campus. My personal experience in these has been nothing but extraordinary.
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Baylor is a good university that encourages students to push their limits and find the right path for them. The university does lack very much in diversity though.
I really like my school and love how connected it is. Everyone has school spirit and loves being a Baylor bear. The teachers are all very passionate and really care about the students. The campus is beautiful. The only downside to Baylor is the tuition is expensive.
This is my first year at Baylor University and I am loving it. The campus is beautiful. The class sizes are small enough to get the individual help you may need as well. Professors are willing to help you and there are plenty of study groups or sessions to attend. I feel Baylor was the right fit for me when looking at colleges and now that I attend Baylor I am even more thankful and blessed that I chose Waco, Texas to study and complete my undergraduate degree. I recommend Baylor University to any high school senior and transfer student. The student life community at Baylor is also a big part of the Baylor experience. It helps you to feel to fit in and gives you a sense of family on campus.
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