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Being a student here is amazing, the rigor keeps you challenged and the campus life and overall personality helps you to stay motivated.
The professors are so dedicated and passionate about what they do! In the course of one visit, I was able to meet the professor of the major I intend to study and he was very helpful in me deciding to attend Baylor!
The campus is beautiful, it has a great name for itself, and classes aren't huge so academics are great. Good for future med students.
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Baylor has a beautiful campus and the teachers are wonderful but they could do a better job at helping non-traditional students. Also, the diversity at Baylor is severely lacking.
As a freshman, and not knowing anyone prior to attending the school, I was really afraid. Freshman are welcomed like none other at Baylor University though. Everyone is super nice, staff, other older students, everyone! Campus life is great and super fun.
I’m a freshman at baylor and i live in Ruth Collins hall it is literally disgusting i cannot believe the amount i pay to live here. If you’re a girl, odds are you’ll live at crusty collins as well so I’m sorry! I’m transferring next year I’m from Las Vegas and I’m in complete culture shock. Most girls here are so fake especially the ones rushing. The parties are small compared to other big 12 schools but there’s normally one everyweekend which is nice. If you’re looking to have fun and do well baylor is not for you there’s literally nothing fun to do in Waco besides party and half the time they’re not even fun. If you want religion forced down your throat then baylor is for you!! I regret coming here to be so honest the degree plans are all outdated and from the 50s, i feel like I’m waisting my time here. Oh and icing on the cake the only thing we had Going for us is football and now we’re The actual worst at that so don’t even waste your time applying
I am a freshman at Baylor and can already verify that this is one of the greatest universities in America. In addition to its astounding academics and pre-health program, the Christian environment is so present in every encounter. The campus is beautiful, the dorms are all up to date, and the dining hall food is great!
This is the Disneyland of all colleges. The professors, students, and staff all contribute to a fun, friendly environment. There are always activities lined up to do on campus. Resident chaplains in the dorms care for you. Football games and traditions are awesome!!
It is a very expensive university compared to public colleges but cheaper than most private colleges. Ranks number one in education in Texas.
I'm a Junior Communication major at Baylor University. I really like how everyone (students,professors, and administration) are very approachable. Even the athletic coaches are very approachable. Everyone at Baylor is here to support Baylor's Motto: Pro Ecclesia, Pro Texana ... These words, inscribed on the University seal, indicated Baylor's commitment to the church and to the state (For Church, For Texas) and were adopted by the University's trustees as the institution's motto in still lives everyday at Baylor.
Good university. Needs to focus less on traditional required courses and create a more major oriented degree programs
Baylor University is a home. The people, the campus, the community is amazing. Professors and counselors care. Mentors are easy to find and friends easier. Be prepared to study and work hard here, though! The school is amazing and as such has an amazing cost. I hope to have the financial opportunity to stay here.
The faculty at Baylor all truly care about their students, and Baylor seeks to put a Christian emphasis on the traditional academic pursuit. The students become closer to God as we further our degree plans.
I visited Baylor this past April and loved it! The atmosphere is great, the students are friendly, and the traditions cannot be beat! The athletics are top notch, and the student life is glowing. Baylor traditions are what drew me to Baylor. It is an awesome school and I can't wait to start in fall of 2018!
I really like all the opportunities they have on campus to get students involved. Professors care about their students and have plenty of office hours.
My experience with Baylor University has been good. They are active reminders and always inviting me to go visit their campus.
I love the campus. It has a good sense of community, which most colleges don't have. The classes are small which can allow great interactions with professors.
I wish chapel and religion would not be a required course to take.
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Not only was the campus full of diversity among students, but the campus also offered a wide variety of courses and activities. I was involved in on-campus groups as well as off-campus events. Baylor's professors are great teachers, encouragers, and supporters.
I have visited Baylor University twice now, and each time I surprise myself by discovering new things to be fascinated by! There is an abundance of student activities on campus; you can even watch as people prance across Fountain Mall playing a game of Quidditch. Day in and day out, there are a multitude of franchises to dine in or out at. In the "Grease Pit", on the opposite side of the high way lining campus, there are more fast-food restaurants than you could even count on all your fingers and toes. In addition to the campus life and eateries, Baylor is the only university also certified as a zoo. With the two live bears, Joy and Lady, the campus is lit up by their presence as true mascots. Overall, Baylor is a University that provides all who visit with an experience they can never forget.
Baylor has overall been an up and down experience for me. Although the school has great qualities, it never seemed like "home" to me and I see a lot of flaws within the university that I didn't expect.
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