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Baylor University is a well-rounded school. Although the transition from high school to college is difficult, Baylor made it a little bit easier. The academics can be challenging at times but it's only to teach you how to work for what you want. Athletics is so incredibly fun. From running the Baylor Line the first semester of freshman year to exciting basketball games, it's all a blast. As for housing, you can get a unique experience from any dorm you choose to live in. The campus itself is a beautiful sight and makes it just that much more enjoyable to live there. The food...well it's dining hall food so you can't have high standards for it but it's fairly good. It doesn't mean that I don't miss homemade meals from time to time. Waco is a pretty small town but there is still plenty to do with a good group of friends. Student life is pretty diverse so there is a lot to choose from. Once you find your niche, you will really start to thrive at Baylor.
Once i visited, everything seemed so in place. The students,teachers overall the help they would get! Baylor for me is apply to when looking for colleges to go to. They have many teachers that will help you during hard times. Also whenever i went many people had smiles in there face, because knowing your in a good college working hard for your degree is awesome!
Baylor is the It's academics are great, and you really learn a lot in the classes. Professors are always willing to connect with the students and help them. There is an organization for everyone, no matter what you're into. We have lots of fun, and despite what some people may think, Baylor is an extremely safe school. I have never felt like I was in serious danger and couldn't get help while I was on campus. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a amazing education and experience.
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I am a high school freshman who took a field trip with my AVID class to take a tour of Baylor University. Despite the hot weather, the campus was a very good one and large one in my opinion. I was especially glad to see that there was a church on campus an that it was a Christian church. I felt more intrigued and connected with my beliefs while exploring the campus. I really liked the diverse architecture. Some buildings looked more traditional and others looked more modern and new. Overall, it was a really nice and large campus with many things to like!
i have gone to visit is a really beautiful place it has what i want medical school . the people are so nice they let you know what is their how the community is and how the teacher how much students are in class how the professors are
The academics are top-notch with brilliant scholar-professors who take the time to advise you. The campus is gorgeous and woody, which makes for a cool and shady trek in the hot Texas weather. I'm not a huge sports fan but I've enjoyed the first-rate Baylor sports programs, specifically the men's and women's basketball teams, since I can get into games with my Student ID. Campus is constantly patrolled by friendly police officers and any emergencies are competently handled.
Since Baylor is a medium sized school of 14,000 students, I can walk to class and see familiar and unfamiliar faces every day. The professors care about students and their goals, both academic and personal goals. They are very open to sitting down and getting to know you better. They are also working hard at improving your experience in the classroom, as I have had one professor ask me how class was after class one day. Baylor is also such a huge network that you will find alumni anywhere, which also increases your chances of succeeding in the real world after graduation. The location of the school makes it easy for students to find a church, as there are so many in Waco that you couldn't visit all of them in a year. The dining halls have great food along with great staff who serve you with a smile as early as 7am. Free gym access, free sports admission, free counseling, Baylor makes it worth it. The financial aid office is also extremely understanding and helpful.
I have lived in Kentucky throughout all my life and I never thought I would end up attending a college in the center of Texas but I am humbled Jesus put this faith-filled place on my heart. Being in Baylor has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Baylor has blessed me with so much: I met life-long friends (that I will miss very much) and I have grown a lot as a person. It is a place where I feel safe and that I can call home. People here are very welcoming and warm. Professors are genuine and really want to help you out. I thought that coming to college, I was going to be a number for professors but I have found that at Baylor professors know you by your name and really want you to succeed. I remember I was in my math class and my teacher noticed I was looking confused at my notes and at the end of the class, called me and offered me to help me out if I had any questions regarding the material. I can say I am a proud Baylor student.
I enjoyed my experience at Baylor. The school offers small class sizes which is essential to getting to know your professors. The school had a lot of diverse student groups that students can join to remain connected to their cultures.
Baylor offers a small community perfect for any college student. The Baylor community is incredibly welcoming and helpful to new students. The campus is absolutely beautiful and scenic on any day of the year.

The city of Waco is slowly growing and students can find many things to do around town. I would recommend a trip up the Cameron Park to enjoy the view. The park has bike trials if you're feeling adventurous too.

The negative is that Baylor does cost a lot of money. If you find yourself in between Baylor and another school such as Texas A&M, you'll have a tough decision to make. Baylor does offer a strong, enriching community but is it worth the price tag?
What I love most about Baylor is how engaging the professors are! They will make it a point to meet with you outside of class to ensure you understand a topic. Apart from academics, I love how easy it is to meet friends here. I also love how many events are going on each day, there's never nothing to do. One thing I'd love to see change is the advising department. I've had a few instances where I've been misadvised to take classes I did not need. I'd love to see advisors genuinely knowing that your goals are, as far as you degree and graduation plan.
Baylor is a community full of diversity. It is a warm and welcoming campus. I love Baylor and feel the unity as I walk around campus.
Baylor is my absolute dream school to attend. I love Baylor so much I honestly think I wouldnt change a thing.
Everyone is very welcoming and full of the Baylor spirit. The academics are a bit challenging, but Baylor offers resources that can help
Great school, great people, great campus, great academics, fun games, great network, good food. If I had more money I would stay here for years.
Baylor has tried its best to bring me down and throw every obstacle my way. I learned very late in my sophomore year that those in my major have to do an internship, which would not be a problem, but the internship cannot be fulfilled until after second semester senior year (unless a student wishes to do a FASHION internship in Waco at the same time as the senior collection class). Baylor has charged me for everything - parking (which was not clearly defined), books that were specific to Baylor, fountains, tuition rises, materials needed for my major, and just the cost of living there. Before classes even began Freshman year, Baylor made the social aspect of college difficult by putting me in Arbors apartments, where there is not a sense of community, therefore, going through rush was extremely difficult and did not work out. One thing I will say is that my degree program was very accommodating for my minor. Overall, I do not like Baylor.
Baylor is a great school with great people. You can genuinely feel at home at Baylor because your professors know you and care about you. Also, miss Mai's cookies are to die for. Sure the school has its flaws and a scarred history, but don't let that deter you from checking out Baylor University on your next college visit!
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As a freshman, my Baylor experience is just getting started. So far, Baylor has lived up to everything I expected it to be when I applied. Classes are appropriately challenging, but engaging. On-campus dining is generally bland, but there is good amount of variety in dining halls and other on-campus dining options which is convenient. The city of Waco is fun to explore, but on its own is not very active.
Baylor is a very tight-knit school. If you just met someone, you will have common friends. There aren't many people, but there are many different personalities with many different backgrounds.
There is an obvious atmosphere at Baylor, and it's not the Texas humidity, it's faith. Personally, I'm not a religious person, but the stereotype on Baylor is that it's a Christian university. I would not say that Baylor is a Christian university, but rather a university kept up by Christians on Christian values.
Being a first generation college student, I felt at home with Baylor. Through my first semester, I've not had a professor I did not admire. The faculty and staff truly are family. As a first generation American, I am at home.
Wonderful, thoughtful Christian atmosphere. Very traditional, conservative students and faculty, which might be jarring to those not raised in a Christian community. Pricey, but generous scholarships are available for high achievers. Great college town with low cost of living.
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