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3,702 reviews
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I am currently attending Baylor University as a first-year student. So far, I'm in love! Not only am I close to home, but I am receiving a great education, enjoying athletic events, and meeting so many nice people. In light of recent news pertaining to older events, I believe that it is important to use my voice as someone who actually has affiliation with Baylor to give my experience on campus. I may not have been here long, but I have noticed in my short time here that I feel safe and have been free of worries.
the experience with baylor was great.great school great food great everything love the school and the schools campus.
So far my experience at Baylor has been good. There isn't much of a party scene but if you look you'll find something. The courses are challenging but the teachers are also very good. It is a beautiful campus and i recommend coming here.
I learned many things during my time at Baylor, but the most important thing I learned was tolerance. I learned this from my peers, and professors. But not because they were shining examples of tolerance and Christian excellence - because they were to opposite.

Anyone who was different, believed different things, was automatically inferior and wrong. These students did not practice what the Bible preaches, although they claimed otherwise.

Through their ignorance, I learned what kind of Christian I want to be. What kind of Christian I am meant to be.

And what kind of person everyone should be.
I liked that Baylor has many different programs you can attend and all of the professors seem very engaged into their work and into teaching their students. It also has a variety of sports you can attend on some free time.
If you've done a little research, you'll know that Baylor has great programs in a variety of fields. If you visit, you'll get a sense for the warm community. You don't have to be an avid sports fan (I'm certainly not) to be a Bear, and love it. The shared Christian identity helps bring a lot of people together, but it's not without other flavors and variety- the niche for you to grow in is just waiting for you somewhere on campus.
The professors are all very qualified, and many (in my personal experience), are very invested in the learning journeys of their students.
The professors are always so nice while still being great teachers! I always feel cared for and I always feel like I am in the best program around!
I love Baylor! My experience, so far, has been everything I hoped it would be. Renovated Penland is the freshman dorm to live in and I have made so many friends. The Baylor Line was a highlight for sure and I am currently pledging a fraternity. Classes are challenging but good. The professors are very helpful and want students to succeed. Great experience overall!
The majority of the professors i have had genuinely wanted to see me succeed and help not only with the class, but wanted to make sure I had the tools to succeed once the class was over. The smaller campus helps create a sense of community for the students, I rarely go anywhere without running into someone I know.
Baylor has a beautiful campus with a great business school. The internship opportunities with the business school are awesome. The surrounding town has quite a bit of new shopping. Some parts of the town aren't so great. There are quite a few activities on campus to get involved in.
Challenging academic programs with great Professors. Diversity is improving. Great boys and girls athletic programs.
I feel very blessed and fortunate to attend Baylor. There are a lot of really nice and welcoming people, the professors truly do want to see you succeed, the campus is beautiful, and I know that I am actually learning. However, the price of tuition is a little steep, and at times some people that are better off can be a little stuck up. However, overall it's a wonderful place.
I know people who love Baylor and people who are on the edge of loving it. I am one who is on the edge. I love the values that the university instills in itself and the family feel it has. My biggest problem is a subjective one only because of the adjustment to college life. The majority of professors will challenge you academically and no matter how good or bad the sports are at any point the students will rally around the players. Overall Baylor is a well rounded school.
I love Baylor University. I love that this school pushes students academically while supporting an extensive list of student organizations. Baylor is truly a place where individuals can get involved, and where almost anyone can find their niche.
Baylor has not only challenged me academically, but has made me a better person who has a greater outlook on life
I love Baylor, it is a great University. The professors in the Biology department are second to none. I transferred to Baylor in my Junior year and I am enjoying every minute of it.
I love Baylor, because it was a big school with a D1 football program but classes were still small. The professors here genuinely care about their students and their success. There are many resources available to students on campus to add to their success as well.
what i like most about Baylor is the community that the school has, everyone is very nice and you will always get a smile from someone while walking to class. what i wish was changed about baylor is the football teams record.
The best thing about Baylor is the sense of community there. Everyone is goal oriented and is willing to help one another.
I came to Baylor as a Freshman in 2012. I graduated from here in 2016, and returned that fall to begin graduate school. I really love this school. The professors are amazing, the atmosphere is welcoming, and you can tell that the school really wants you to succeed. I would highly recommend the school to any and everyone.
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