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At Baylor I loved all the school spirit. I also loved the education department and program. The program is exactly what I am looking for.
The campus is absolutely beautiful and the school tries its hardest to get their students involved. They have a home feeling and host Dr pepper hour every Tuesday (which is Dr Pepper and ice cream). Most of the professors are amazing, unless you get one that isn't used to teaching freshman, then it gets a bit difficult.
When I went to Baylor it was like a fog had lifted from my eyes. It was my first time really feeling like I belonged on a campus. The energy that the students have as well as the staff is infectious. It also doesn't hurt that they have amazing programs. One thing that I would love to see changed about Baylor however is it's high tuition.
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My experience at Baylor University has overall been incredible. Although the location is not necessarily the most attractive, the people that attend Baylor are what make it feel like home. Moving from California to Texas for school has been quite the experience, but I am very grateful for all the connections I've been able to make here as well as the new culture that I have been introduced to. Baylor is filled with the most welcoming people and I am truly able to call it home.
The thing I liked about Baylor University is that the people and the town are so nice and very welcoming. Also they have so many opportunities that will help you find your major or if you know your major they are always there to help you all the way.
My experience at Baylor so far has exceeded all of my expectations and been nothing short of incredible. The people I have met and the best friends I have already made are so encouraging, genuine, and intentional. The professors give SO much to the students academically and want to see you succeed! Running the line at Baylor football games is just about the coolest yet scariest thing I have ever done. This community I will treasure forever!
In any university I have been looking at number one, their academics because school is important to me, but also at the community. As a person I know I cannot thrive in an environment that is unwelcoming and secluded. I want to be at a university that encourages their students to get involved and have school spirit. In high school I am involved in what feels like everything. I am in Student Council, a Class Officer, in the Spanish Club, the President of my school’s Future Business Leaders of America Chapter, and the EAST department. I have done a little bit of everything, from organizing a blood drive to speak at our Veteran’s Day Rally. I love to be involved with my school and I want that aspect of me to continue in college. So, expect me to be in a lot of different activities and clubs.
My experience with Baylor University so far has been excellent. The teachers actually want to see their students succeed and are willing to offer their personal time to achieve that. The campus is beautiful and historic.
Baylor is the perfect university to attend college! The campus is beautiful and the professors are incredible. Everyone is so unbelievably nice and there isn't a day that I don't feel the Lord's presence. I'm so blessed to be here. Dr. Livingstone is truly the best college president ever and it shows!
The small classes make a great learning environment, the campus is well kept, and there are a lot of strong traditions. Professors were always invested in my success in their class and life in general.
There is no place like Baylor. You immediately feel like you've found your home. You are part of a family that will last your entire lifetime. At no time in your life, will you ever be in a more perfect place with people who are like you and have the same goals, values, and purpose. The campus is beautiful and reminiscent of an earlier time. Waco over the last decade has become a unique, creative, and energetic community that offers students the best of both worlds.

And there is nothing better than a Saturday afternoon in the fall at Mclane Stadium along the Brazos river watching your Baylor Bears play football.

My time at Baylor was by the best four years of my life and I return every chance that I get to revisit.
If the color of skin of your skin isn’t white, do not come to this school. You’ve been warned. It’s a great university, with great professors, but it’s amazing just how racist the student body is. You’ll feel out of place at all times, you won’t date, you’ll have a a hard time making friends, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the obnoxious holier than thou persona of your peers. Unfortunately, there is little to no diversity at this school. Whether that diversity is religious beliefs, ethnicities, or personalities. And whatever diversity is present, is secretly shunned by the majority of the student body. White supremacy is at full force at this school.
Love this school! They're really big on family values. I'm an out of state student and I thought I for sure would be homesick, but this place feels so much like home that I haven't been. The amount of support the teachers give you and how many resources they have to help you succeed academically is truly amazing.
I really don’t have experience with Baylor my mom work there.i know how the place look and it look real good to me.i at they food before and other things went to games and others.
Baylor is an in-state school private school that is similar to what I'm attending now. It's also a Christian based school that offers small class sizes and that appeals to be me. Baylor's academic rigor and commitment to excellence is an attraction to my family and I.
Baylor university is an amazing school with great reputation of being one of the best school in Texas but just needs to improve on the level of diversity as many people think it is a school filled up of majority of white people with less minority but above all the school is really tiring to become more diverse.
Over the past three years of being at Baylor University I have found a home. This home is full of care, love, and hope. However, I can speak for many when I say that only a select few get to receive this experience. Baylor has taught me how to grow and love one another as well as achieve academically, however Baylor has also shown me that they don't give the best or fair treatment to all of their students, and that exclusion and money are the priority for the campus. I wish that wasn't the case.
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I’ve had a great Baylor experience so far. I love the student to teacher ratio, and it is easy to build relationships with professors at Baylor. I would appreciate for monetary gifts to not go straight to athletics, and renovate buildings, or improve major programs instead.
It’s such an amazing atmosphere. Difficult classes but so worth it. They make you feel at home and there’s lots of activities to do and clubs to get involved with. Great networking opportunity
The school was beautiful and the people are friendly. I will be starting my freshman year this Fall. I am so excited to attend Baylor.
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