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Baylor College of Medicine Reviews

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Baylor is a Great College there are many opportunities for Young Educated men such as myself. I would like to attend Baylor to meet my goals in this world and to make a difference in people's life
My sister who went here, loved her experience. She said she would never wish to go to a different school.
Baylor is a great school! The tradition their reminds me of "Southern Charm", and the staff is amazing.
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I really don't know but I just love this school and I'm planning to go after graduation.i need a scholarship in order to be able to go to my dream school.
It gives me so many connections such as their medical school, and they offered things like pre-med, which I found beneficial.
The campus is pretty big and everyone seemed very friendly. They showed u all of the different classes and all of where everything is. I loved the school spirit everyone showed with all of of the merchandise.
BCM meticulously introduces medical school students to the curriculum and the expectations of medical school life. The basic sciences are pass/fail and well-constructed to help you succeed. The introductory clinical course is undergoing restructuring, which is frustrating as it leads to some confusion and miscommunication of expectations in the only non-pass/fail course MS1s take. However, there are sufficient support structures and resources to succeed. The professors and deans are very involved with making sure students succeed, and care deeply about our wellbeing.
The Texas Medical Center is the best possible place to be as a student with aspirations to be a medical innovator. Between TMCx, the dozens of high-profile hospitals staffed by some of the best clinicians and academicians in the world, and the resources like food courts and public transport designed to cater to health care professionals, it is well-designed for students and professionals alike.
As I am a senior at High School I have went on trips to Baylor and the school itself is great.
my school is really helping me achieved my goal and i am currently trying to achieve it. My school is unique in a way that no other school can help me get understand about biology etc...I don't if i would or would not choose my school if i could do it over again because i don't feel confident yet.
So much variety in's slowly becoming a great food city with everything from Chinese to Indian to Tex-Mex to BBQ.
Luby's is decent but can be a bit pricey. Not a lot of selection though but you can easily walk to the Commons or Chipotle in 10 minutes
Easy access to computers if you have login computers. I have rarely been unable to find a free computer. WIFI is easily accessible.
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