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Faculty is amazing to work with and always there to help. I enjoy all of my time at the college. There is always someone around to assist your or answer your emails.
Bay state college faculty were always available for questions and very supportive during distant learning.
The professors are very helpful. Joe Viselli and Pam Grill are great teachers they give you a run for your goal. The library is a great source of information and books for all fields.
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I like the class room size not a lot of student com-packed in one class so you can hear the professor and students discuss the class lettuce. Also love the location in the downtown area your able to get the whole city atmosphere.
In the department that I am obtaining my degree, I have had great professors and not professors. The environment is great and welcoming on a normal day to day basis. Money wise, it seems to be expensive for really no reason, other than that's because rent is high.
This school is great, the staff are very dedicated to their jobs and make sure they help in very way they can.
Bay State offers hands on learning that actually correlates to the profession or interests you may have when attending. They also provide many resources such as career fair days, internship connects, and other outlets to help open doors to furthering one's career or fashion. I love Bay State, for the teachers are really willing and dedicated to ensuring the students' success both in the classroom and in the real world. Bay State does their best to prepare each and every student for the work place post graduation. Speaking from my own personal experience, Bay State will not let a single student leave their school with confusion or doubts, their number one priority is to ensure and give their students the best possible chance to succeed in life post college.
In the short time I have been at Bay State, I already feel proud to attend this school and nursing program. The faculty are competent and are well-receiving of our thoughts on the school. I feel very much a part of the community.
Have not started yet , but have been very impressed with the admission coordinator. The team is always friendly and helpful and always willing to answer any of my many questions.
Very disappointed with my experience. The Taunton campus has professors that assign textbooks, but do not use them. Teaching is in the form of a chit-chat. Standards and rubrics do not exist.
Internships and job placement were a big draw for me, but did not materialize. For my $60,000 student loan debt, and a perfect GPA, I was given a list of search engines to look for a job.
A waste of time and money.
This school is ok. Is for the people who like to work along. Some professor are friendly and some are not. Most of students are nice and well respected.
I am sophomore my major is health care business management Bachelors of science . The school is very nice right in the heart of Boston Massachusetts. The college provide a great education .
Bay Path has been a life saver for me. It has helped provide me with an opportunity to reach my goal and earn my bachelors degree. The way the semesters work I am able to take more classes then if I were attending a college with traditional semesters. I am on target to graduate in the spring. I was able to finish my degree in just two semesters. My first semester I took online classes for my first two sessions. I took an on campus course during my third semesters. At first I was nervous and dreaded it. As the class went on, I was able to connect with fellow classmates in a way I never expected. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging. I love the fact that a lot of my classmates are in the same situation as I. I am an adult learner, I work full time, I am a wife, and a mother. Juggling everything all at once is a difficult task, but it is more manageable when I have a great support system.
Studying Fashion I am able to work with professionals who are too passionate about fashion. The courses are related to your major including academics needed to pass or graduate from your major.
Bay State College is a great school to learn your degree.
I really prefer in class
I have a better understanding of it
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The first day I mad new friends
I love it the staff is so helpful and I can talk to my professors about anything
The advisors are always available to work around your work schedule.
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