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Bay Path is an extremely warm and welcoming educational institute. When I was confused about beginning college I had this entire support team that didn't even know me, yet, they were there supporting me. After I was in Bay Path, I struggled with focus and received support and accountability from the staff and my peers. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Overall Bay Path has very good academics and professors who show that they do care for the students and their craft of work. They take the time, and understand students, and what we need. However, Bay Path does lack have residential activities for students in which the environment can be boring and unsatisfying at times. As well as having a better food plan, which it's not forced to have, and less cost. And having more options and different dishes that students will like, and be able to eat.
Bay Path University advertises itself as something it's not. Campus & student life is uninteresting and underwhelming, professors and advisors care about students on the surface-level, fees for simple things like parking are outrageous, and it is not the mature and empowering environment you would hope for it to be. The WELL program is pushed on students when most of them feel it has no purpose, academics are limited (and opportunities like going to other surrounding colleges for classes not available are discouraged), and professors are rarely genuine, much less Carol Leary, the University president. There is much to be said about Bay Path, and very little is good. The only notable thing is the safety, but of course it will be the 10th safest campus in the country if everyone is locked in their dorms or off campus because it is insufferably boring to be there.
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Everyone at Baypath is super welcoming and helpful when it comes to helping their students get acclimated on their new journey!
Bay Path University is a very good school. I am in their accelerated program online. The way they line everything out is very comprehensive. Their staff is amazing at making sure you are up to speed on all of your classes, and that all of your accounts are in good standing.
I like that it's small and it's in a nice quaint neighborhood. It's been wonderful attending, all of the professors are helpful, and everyone there genuinely wants you to succeed.
Bay Path was a wonderful school to tour and receive information from. Their campus is small with a great ratio between teachers and students. You will have a small community feel yet not feel overwhelmed at the same time. I would recommend checking out this college if you are interested, definitely my top choice as of now.
This School is filled with amazing students and professors. Everyone at this school is always friendly. The professors care about your education and will help you if you show signs of needing help. This school provides good technology and resources. There is a tutoring building meant to help students in all subjects.
Bay Path University has been an amazing experience for me. A week after I found out I was accepted to Bay Path I had found out I was pregnant, but that didn't stop me from continuing my education. The staff and students here at Bay Path have been nothing but supportive and kind to me throughout my experience of being pregnant while going to school and then when I came back after my daughter. All of the professors I have had really care about me and my education and being able to succeed. I high recommended this university to everyone!
Amazing college, especially if you are interested in doing online. I was able to work full time while going to school full time.
I like that Bay Path University offers a lot of opportunities. There is also a lot of support services on campus.
As an entering freshman Bay Path has worked with me to not only create a schedule based on what college level work I have already done, but to make me feel comfortable and ready to go on campus in the fall and be successful.
I am going into my sophomore year at Bay Path and am loving the experience so far. There are the usual blips you get in college like roommate problems and account holds due to missing paperwork and the like, but other than those I have experienced little discord at BPU. The staff are all super uplifting and available for students, my advisor in particular is a big advocate for bringing students with her to national science conferences. Financial Services gave me a scholarship no one knew about because it had gone untouched for so long after I had a conversation with an alum from my hometown. All in all the worst thing about the school so far is that they charge us extra due to Longmeadow town laws stating that the grass must be mowed twice daily and kept in near pristine condition all the time. The wake up call from the mowers every morning while the grass was still green was a tad annoying but it became white noise fairly quickly.
Great online program. I transferred in for my last two years because I was working full time while raising two children. I needed an online program. It was a little expensive compared to other programs but I absolutely loved it. Their online platform is the best of the three I have used over the years. I really recommend this school.
I love how Baypath is a small and inclusive community and school with many opportunities for students.
A very good university, especially for science students as they offer many majors to choose from. Most professors are good, but advisors are lacking in helpfulness. They also offer a lot of online classes which is good for commuter students, like me.
Bay Path University is a great college to go to. I loved the professors there. They not only challenge you, but the classes are small, and you are able to engage within this environment with ease. I would not change a thing about this school, because I had the best experience there. I do not regret my decision to go to this school.
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I'm currently going into my Junior year at Bay Path and I have to say, I love the school. The professors are typically helpful and the courses are challenging, but manageable.
Baypath is a very beautiful place the landscape is amazing! The staff and faculty professors are very friendly and willing to help if problems arise. The key aspect in my opinion that is important to have in a college is good relationships with the financial aid office because I had a very not well experience in my other college that I attended for when I was getting my Associates, but in Baypath they are awesome! They don't act rude or disrespectful no matter how simple the question may be!!! Overall it's great-yes it might be expensive but you can work it out with the financial office . What I would change about this university is the fact that the buildings should contain numbers. It's easier to not get lost if they're numbered because by name the names are kind of long to remember. It's just easier to get yourself around when buildings are numbered. That is the only reason why I rated it four stars.
I love the small classroom sizes where you get to know your professors on a more personal level. Because the undergraduate program is female only, there is a lot of woman empowerment, giving me additional confidence that boosts my self-esteem.
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