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My experience has been a positive one. Everyone has been helpful. Whenever you have a question they try to get back to you as soon as possible. They constantly check on you and your progress. They give opportunity and an open door to address your concerns. It is a very comfortable environment. If there is ever a time where you can't reach someone there is always someone else there to assist you and make sure you get what you need.
I just got accepted and bay path has been really good with keeping in contact. It would be a great experience to come join their community.
Bay Path is a fantastic school! It is perfect for me, and I love it here. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
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This is my dream school; I love the campus, the professors, the other dedicated students, and the curriculum.
I have made many visits to this university and I am extremely impressed with the school. I have met staff in my major, and they are very intelligent and you can tell that they care deeply about the success of the students. The campus is gorgeous and very well maintained. The food is absolutely delicious. I do not have any complaints about the school so far.
I will be starting Bay Path in the fall and I'm very excited. The admissions and financial aid offices have been more than helpful with my transition to college life.
Overall, Bay Path is an outstanding school. In regards to academics, the university employs some of the best staff that take a true interest in each individual student given the small class size. Where the school lacks a bit is on the party scene. The campus is dry, and the town is more of a quiet residential area. However, a quick ride to Springfield solves that issue.
Bay Path University had such a friendly community. The campus is so amazing and so beautiful. This University opens up a lot of opportunities for students interest of learning.
Attending an all women's university opens up so many doors through my education. I feel supported by my staff and peers and confident in bringing what I have to the table. An all girls school is a life changing experience and thrives off the support of the students and faculty. The academics are intense to the point where it pushes students to their full potential. Bay Path is located in the suburban area of Massachusetts and is surrounded by a beautiful community that often visit the school.
Bay Path is a diverse, all women's college. The faculty are engaging and women I have studied with come from all backgrounds. I'm attending the Saturday classes while I work full-time during the week. The faculty are wonderful about working with the unique circumstances of those who are balancing studies, work and family life. My classmates are amazing women, at all seasons of life who are truly dedicated to learning. I highly recommend Bay Path to those who are seriously thinking about returning to college but have doubts of how they will juggle life and learning. Bay Path wants their students to thrive and will provide much needed guidance and support.
Bay Path's American Womens Online Degree Program is great for working, busy ladies of all ages. It is a very fast pace program with 2 classes every six weeks. For someone who is looking to speed up the process of receiving their degree in the convenience of their home; this is the program for you!
Although it is an all girl school & isn't too much fun, the professors and advisors aren't amazing. They are always available to help you and go out of their way to make sure that you succeed and are doing what you really want to do with your life.
In general it's a great school. I sometimes wish that it had things you see at other campuses but then Bay Path wont feel like home.
My first semester at Bay Path was full of other young women ready to succeed at college as well as professors and school staff members that were full of support. The food and WELL program could use some tweaking but the good vastly outweighs any bad.
Bay Path was not my first choice. However, the more I visited and talked to students and staff I felt an inner peace. I needed a small school, where professors would know my name and my story. I wanted to be able to speak to professors all while them knowing my personal backstory. I finished my first semester with a 4.0 all because of the atmosphere, environment and caring faculty at Bay Path University. I am thriving as a college freshman, and it is because I chose BPU.
Bay Path offers an amazing academic experience and connects you with professionals in the community, and opportunities to succeed. Extremely safe community and dedicated staff. Tight-knit and very safe community.
So bay path is a beautiful campus, I just have one problem with the financial aid departement, only because it is always a struggle to get everything to go in on time.
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I am an online student so it doesn't apply to me
It's hard to understand the online process of it all and since it's a 6 week class program it's a lot of info and work crammed into the 6 weeks.
The main campus is in a very safe area. There is campus security as well.
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