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The only problem I'v ever had with this university was finding ways to afford it, other than that I would recommend it to other females.
The American Womens College online has made it easy for me to continue school and work full time while balancing all the other things in life. The online platform is by far the best one I have experience since I started my journey with online schools and the instructors are great with response times and making resources available for students.
I started out going to community college a year after high school, I failed terribly. I decided to quit college and focus my energy on working. Something was missing though, so last year I decided what I wanted to do with my life and figure out a way to do it. I searched a lot of colleges, and once I found Baypath I fell in love. I do the online program, and it's structured perfectly for me. I love this school, and the resources and team help me want to continue my education and succeed.
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Bay Path University offers a diverse undergraduate program and cares about their students. They work well and communicate with their students if they have any issues. The application process is simply affordable and easy. I recommend high school graduates to explore their website and ask questions for more help.
BAYPATH is a welcoming community. Everyone works as a team and does their best to provide the best education possible
Talk to current students before accepting; Bay Path is not for everyone. It is an extremely small campus with a very tiny student body, is women-only, very liberal, super expensive, and there are no parties on campus. However there are plenty of campus jobs available to students, the professors are amazing, the campus is gorgeous, and Bay Path pushes all of it's students to be outgoing and successful. But there's lots of bureaucratic junk that faculty has to jump through at the expense of students.
I like my advisor, Professor Rodgers-Tonge. She is very helpful with my pursuit to not only succeed in higher education, but to become a forensic accountant well. The staff and the students are really friendly. The food is not too great, mainly due to my dietary restrictions.
Bay Path is an amazing school. The teachers are there to teach students and they out a lot of effort into making sure that every student has really learned the material.
Overall, I have had a good experience. Professors are wonderful on the whole. Classes can be challenging depending on your strengths. More communication between administration and students would be appreciated.
As a student attending my freshman year at Bay Path University, I find the college to be very effective and on task. The staff is extremely welcoming and helpful. I find comfort in continuing my education within this college. I recommend attending Bay Path to any individual looking to pursue a career.
I went there for an overnight to see what it was like as I am an incoming freshman. The students were all very welcoming, helpful, and kind. Meeting the professors and the president and hearing their experience and what they though of the school was informative and helped me in deciding that this is the school i want to attend. The food was above average, breakfast was a delight and lunch and dinner was amazing. So many different options to choose from and all lifestyle eating was welcome. Although a small school nothing beats their campus and the area it is located.
I am going to love it at Bay path university and I can't wait to start in the fall of 2018. I'm coming for a small school in West Hartford and I didn't think I would be able to small a good college to go into. However, that was until I found Bay Path and went on my first tour. Right after the tour I instantly know that Bay Path was the school I wanted to spend my next 2-4 years.
While Bay Path is prestigious in their education, the school needs to work on diversity and inclusion, and also needs more support for their athletic programs.
I like that I can take online classes. What I don't like is that the teachers are around the world. Its like if you have a problem you can't just go the campus and get help form a face to face person.
Teachers are great. Very helpful and encouraging. The campus is small but absolutely gorgeous . I have visited a few times, and could never be happier that I am attending in the Fall 2018. I know I will have a great experience.
Love the close community! The professors are the best and are always there to help you with anything. Everyone on campus gets along and looks out for each other.
I am in my fourth semester as an online student. I love the format and the pace of the program. I can take up to two classes per session and the sessions are 6 weeks long. There are 3 sessions per semester. It's not the traditional semester length but it's perfect for me. I work full-time and I volunteer with a couple of civic organizations so if this program did not exist I would not be able to complete my degree. They took all of the credits I had earned at a local community college helping me even more. I cannot wait to be able to say that I am a proud alumnus of Bay Path University! Love this program and the opportunities it will afford me. This program does include a series of classes which are meant to elevate you as a woman and develop your leadership skills and potential. They are required.
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So far it has been very nice. The teachers are incredible, the classes are engaging, and the community is very welcoming. There is not much that absolutely needs to be changed.
Professors are highly qualified, caring and smart. All the staff and students contribute to a community that feels like home. And, I am learning a lot!
The campus is small but beautiful with well-kept lawn. The campus has an environment that feels welcoming, and everyone that you encounter has a friendly smile on their face. Welcome week is when all the transfer students will move on campus a week early and interact with one another in groups and events in order to create a relaxed environment. There were informational tours, leaders, and interactive games that helped the new transferring students learn the campus and who to contact when in need of help. The President is very interactive with her students and often will sit in with a random group during lunch. Bay Path University had helped me overcome my shyness, challenged me, and had provided opportunities to expand my knowledge and help others. The thing that I would like to see changed at Bay Path University is the food. However, they are making improvements as we speak in making a variety of foods available to their students.
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