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Everyone has been so supportive in my time with them. I take online classes that are 6 weeks each so even though I am only part time, I can still get 3 classes in per semester
Transferring to Bay Path was an amazing choice for me. They have been amazingly supportive and welcoming in my time with them
This has been my dream school for a while! The reason being is that it a very small school, so the faculty to student ratio is not large! This school is an all women campus, they allow men students into the graduate program!
I think this school is great, especially with they way they are coping with the pandemic. They make sure that safety of the students are always taken into consideration, and they always have meetings where they are taking feedback. The administration tries their best to be as honest, even knowing that the answers may upset the students.
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Online learning has been sort of difficult for me, especially as a visual learner, but Bay Path has made that transition easy!
I online more that face to face. I get calmed when I do my test online, but if you doing fax to face test you will get distracted.
they Are helpful, the class are Awesome , and if the students need help they will with there problem.
Bay Path is such a flexible college to get a degree from whether you work full time or not. There One a day women's program has so many options for a major along with certificate options. The advisors make sure you stay on the right path towards your degree.
I currently take all of my classes online, but I have taken a hybrid course as well where you meet once a week on the weekend to make sure you understand everything that is going on in the course. The flexibility Bay Path offers it so great for my schedule.
BPU definitely takes the working woman into consideration and makes it possible to complete your degree program entirely online. Amazing.
BPU definitely takes the working woman into consideration and makes it possible to complete your degree program entirely online. Amazing.
Some professors were really easy on us when during online learning but some professors did not give us a break and they assigned so much work. They would not assign that much during a regular school basis.
This place needs to have more diversity. Theinert is the only dorm hall that does that have air conditioning and that is very unfair for when it is hot. They need to do better with the food. The academics here is the only good thing about this school.
Very caring and supportive. Good curriculum. Resources everywhere. They want you to succeed. The pricing is very good as well. You can either attend in person or take all online which I like.
Extremely helpful and efficient. Cost-efficiency goes a long way. So many resources and people available to help and very friendly as well
When first applying to different colleges, I wanted to go to a school that valued and recognized their students, which offers a good financial aid package, had a wide range of programs for the major I wanted to pursue, and live in a safe campus. When attending Bay Path University in the fall, all of the things I was looking for were all there in one. It was a small college with a small safe campus that made sure that we were well. Classes were small and the professor knew your name and was always available whenever you needed them. Faculty and staff receive you with a warm welcome and always happy to help out and give advice. The school itself is diverse and included everyone which I liked. I was worried that my first year of college was going to be bad since it was a new school and didn’t know anyone but instead it became one of the greatest experiences I ever had. I fell in love with the school and had the best college experience for my first year there.
Bay Path University is located in Massachusetts in a great town of Longmeadow. I am an online student who is 48 years old and returning back to college after twenty plus years. I intend to complete my school with a bachelors in two years in the health and wellness program and continue on to gain an masters with nutritiona and fitness. The online community at Bay Path is called The American Women's College. I am beyond impressed at the high quality of education I am receiving. The professors are continually available, all the materials needed are at my fingertips, the knowledge and professionalism is amazing and professors are so encouraging of their students.
I am new to Bay Path University. I am an online student out of Georgia. So, far so good. The staff is very knowledgeable, kind and always willing to assist you if needed. I would recommend the school to anyone who is ready to settle down and get college done. It is an accelerated college, so I should finish my bachelors in 3 years and 3 months. I am very excited. I am 48 and this is my first college experience. I look forward to my journey.
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Bay Path is an extremely warm and welcoming educational institute. When I was confused about beginning college I had this entire support team that didn't even know me, yet, they were there supporting me. After I was in Bay Path, I struggled with focus and received support and accountability from the staff and my peers. I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Overall Bay Path has very good academics and professors who show that they do care for the students and their craft of work. They take the time, and understand students, and what we need. However, Bay Path does lack have residential activities for students in which the environment can be boring and unsatisfying at times. As well as having a better food plan, which it's not forced to have, and less cost. And having more options and different dishes that students will like, and be able to eat.
Everyone at Baypath is super welcoming and helpful when it comes to helping their students get acclimated on their new journey!
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