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Very friendly staff, very supportive class mates. There is always a smile on the faces of the school. Always a helping hand, people to guide you and who can answer questions whenever is needed. No one will every tell you that you have a silly question and no one will ever turn you away when there is a problem or question.
I attended the Bay Mills Community College and graduated in 2012. The staff was very helpful there. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the people attending were of all ages. Myself ,I was 46 years old and just started college. The classes were Monday thru Thursday and weekends off what could be better. I also chose to take some night classes which were convenient and enabled me to spend time during the day with my grandson. The college was enjoyable for me.
I’m going to start my online classes this fall, but so far everyone that I’ve talked to has been very helpful on getting me started.
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Great town! Great teachers! Awesome learning environment! Guarantied to make friends! Great views. Great opportunities!
Great sense of community and the staff is very encouraging. Everything is convenient and the online courses are helpful as well. The bookstore has everything you could need and if not, they order it quickly for you.
My school has been very flexible with me and I have not had any issues with it.
I love my school and would not change anything about it.
My experience with this school has been amazing. I always look forward to attending class because the teachers and students are very friendly and helpful.
My school offers jobs to any students who need it. This includes helping with lunch and other things.
I absolutely love my online courses. This is my first semester taking any online classes and I couldn't be happier with them.
There is a lot of diversity at my school, but the diversity is a good thing. All of the students are friendly and get along and the diversity allows others to see how alike they really are.
The tuition is amazing, they make it so nearly anyone can afford it and it is well worth it! My financial aid covers all of my classes but I do not live very close to the school and do not have a vehicle of my own so borrowing vehicles and paying for gas is a little tough. The financial aid and tuition are amazing though.
This school offers jobs for the students and is very helpful.
Right now I am a general educations major and all of my classes are very good. The small classrooms make it easy for me to learn and the workload is never too much for me to handle.
There are too many different things that my school offers for me to discuss.
I absolutely love this school, it is amazing and very friendly. The teachers, as well as students, are very nice. The small classrooms and free one-on-one tutors allow me to learn and grow to my full potential. My favorite thing about this college is how they hold onto and demonstrate the native heritage and we (natives and non natives) can learn about the native history because they offer classes for it. Overall, I wish I didn't have to transfer in a couple years!
They offer online courses you can do anytime, any day of the week.
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I love this school and I think it's a great place to start!
This is a very small community college and there's not a lot of courses offered, but they are excellent in what they do offer. The teacher's a very helpful and I feel like I'm learning.
I love this school and will miss it when I graduate.
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