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Bay de Noc Community College Reviews

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Bay de Noc Community College is a small community college that is student center. They put the students first and help everyone succeed.
Bay College is a great place to start out your college education. Everything from the helpful staff, small class sizes, and updated campus is something that I am proud to be apart of. Being a student at a community college gives me the opportunity to get a great education for a fraction of the price. Also, being close to home allows me to continue to stay comfortable with all my surroundings.
I am a dual enrolled high school student with Bay College and I have had all good experiences with Bay thus far. My professors are always helpful and the bay college website is very easy to navigate.
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I have been taking dual enrollment courses with Bay College for two years. The instructors are very good at communicating the lessons and clearly define goals. I look forward to attending full time when I leave high school.
Bay college allowed me to get a degree with ease--from the small class sizes, to the wonderful professors, to the great tutors. I am very pleased with my experience here.
I loved Bay and I had a great experience. One thing that I loved the most is that it was close to home, and that it was small and all my teachers knew my name and knew who I was if I emailed them or saw them outside of school. I think Bay prepared me for my next journey in life when I transfer to a new school or university to finish my degree.
I like everything about this college, they are very welcoming to everyone. It's not like any other community college. When I was first told about Bay, I was told nobody will be denied. And they were right!
Awesome school so far, got into the nursing program right away and they are making me very excited to gain knowledge that will make me a successful nurse!
A few of the arts programs where cut during cutbacks, they are trying to restore the theatre, I however do not see it working out. They also now have a sports team that I feel is not needed. However their faculty is outstanding! And their facility is always expanding and being made better and more accessible to students! Also, as long a's you at end the school you get free passes to the YMCA!
If I were to rate the Nursing Department at Bay College I would only give one star. It has got to be the most unorganized, staff oriented program. There is very minimal resorces to help students in need. Since switching to the new program they have just changed the name of three courses which cost some students close to three grand extra for classes they have already taken. And they required you to buy a book package and stated it would be all you needed for the reminder of the program and now for the next class here we are buying new books and an additional Sims charting! Go somewhere else if you want your nursing license!
Lovely college with amazing teachers and a beautiful campus. This year is my first year at bay and the staff made it a very easy transition from high school to college. I didn't have any problems picking out classes or with financial aid, and so far college has been a breeze. I cant wait to start picking out my classes for my second semester. I have already had some tutoring as well which was great and i had a lovely tutor. I am also in SI math which has been such a big help.
I received a great education at this school. However, the schools priorities in their spending needs to be changed so that it actually benefits students.
My overall experience at this school so far has been okay. It pretty much revolves around technology and sometimes that can be frustrating but for the most part it is a good college.
When I started my first day at my community college, i was nervous and scared. While trying to find my classes all the professors were nice and welcome myself to the college. If you needed help outside of class, they would give you their number or email. Or if you needed more help with the class, they would help you find a tutor.
I have three jobs and a full work load, 14 credits and I am able to work with it with ease. The college is able to work around my schedule and that relieves a lot of stress off my shoulders.
I personally am not a fan of online classes but the way Bay offers them, makes it seem like a breeze for me. I love how understandable and accessible the courses are. I would recommend their online classes
You will have to transfer to a different school for a degree higher than associates, but there are many many degrees for associates and certificates for all of the majors they offer
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The professors are there for you, as a person. You are able to go talk to them one on one if needed. The class size is about 30 or less. They offer a great variety of classes with lots of electives to choose from. You want to learn Spanish. French, or German, you are able to do that.
There are tack boards in all parts of the school with job openings, which is helpful if you don't know where to start. Also different transfer advisors come and you are able to go and talk to them, which is helpful.
the program is great and is just what I needed. It helped me discover what I really wanted to do in life and taught me valuable lessons about myself and helped further my education greatly for the future
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