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it's not much more than a general consensus of my past attendees of said school, amongst my friends.
I went here for two years. The professors were very helpful. I love how I was able to approach them easily.
Brcc is great for people who thrive in a small classroom environment. Classes are way easier than those at LSU and there are always a ton of police on campus. Also with there being such a small class size, teachers have the ability to work with students one on one which is really helpful in hard classes.
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They offer a transfer degree program which is beneficial but the administration is slow to get things processed. The online chat accessory is very helpful and very informative. So far I have had an average experience with them. The classes are provoking and I feel will prepare you adequately for a transfer to a four year college to finish with a bachelors. I am very impressed with their selection of online as I am a student that does not live in the area. The price of tuition is very affordable and beneficial for anyone receiving a pell grant.
I'm excited to begin my Associate's Degree at BRCC! So far it has been extremely easy to get the information I need despite being a newbie. Everyone is willing to help and listen, and is patient with me as I navigate my first year at BRCC.
I loved my English class. My teacher really helped me with my writing and improved my essay skills. Baton Rouge community college is a good school. The classes are smaller which helps.
Baton Rouge community college is a great and wonderful college to go to. It gets you ready for the next step in life and to pursue your dreams in life.
I felt like it was a decent college to attend and I felt like it was a good way to start off the right way for a a simple two year college
Very big on the inside and outside. Enjoyed meeting the teachers. The environment was really amazing and tge classes were easy to access.
Great school to take a few classes, great program offerings and great teachers and admin. Solid course offerings. Just be sure to follow up with admin on financial aid, sometimes they won't follow up and you'll be purged. But just stay on top of things and you'll be good to go
the thing I like about Baton Rouge community college is that they have some great opportunity for people to do there majors and study hard. some people are well educated in that college.
The school only cares about making money not its students. I was in the Tiger Bridge program where they were supposed to help us transition into LSU after just 1 year. The only problem is NONE of us made it because when they had us pick our classes the advisors didn't help us and a vast majority picked course codes that didn't actually apply to college credits like we thought. After realizing they really just want to put you in any classes to get money for attendance I stopped going to BRCC (back in 2016). Now its 2019 and I'm requesting my transcript but there's a $3k Hold on my account that was placed there in 2018 AFTER I got my loan deferred! I called and left voicemail for the people in the bursar's office for 2 months NO ONE CALLED BACK EVER!!!! I finally get someone on the phone and they say that even though I deferred my loan they've revised my account and determined I should pay 3k anyway.
Baton Rouge Community College is an excellent college filled with respectful peers and professors. The classes are very easy and the time availability is very convenient for each and every student who attends BRCC. Also, BRCC is home of the Bears!
I have attended College on and off for several years. Overall I think it is a good school. Location is good, I feel safe on campus. One I hope would change is affordable tuition.
I attended BRCC for my Associates and it was a thoroughly disappointing experience. Most of my instructors were nice people but did not seem to put much effort into classes, especially the online classes. I had an entire online course where the instructor had clearly copied and pasted old information from an old course, old, broken website links and all.

Much of my time was spent fighting with admissions, the transcript office, and other faculty. You really have to force people to do their jobs here. It took two semesters for them to process the transcript from my former school when I only had a handful of classes taken. I even had to graduate a semester after I completed all of my courses because they made an error with my degree audit in several occasions. I always recommend going to community college before a 4-year University, but this is not a college I would recommend to anyone. The staff members do not care and refuse to do their jobs.
The school is very much excellent provide the best services for their students and I really love the school
The atmosphere is great. There is always something to do around the campus and people/teachers always willing to help. They really want you to succeed in your studies.
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Baton rouge community college is an acceptable 2 year University, generally offering much in the way of technical degrees.
I love the professors and the all around atmosphere of this college. Being an older student made me extremely nervous but I never felt looked at or treated differently. I must say however this school has a lot of organizational issues and needs to work out a lot of kinks. Financial Aid is the worst to have to deal with.
I would like to see the bookstore and the associate dean not assume what thing about students you must surrender your backpack before entering the bookstore like they think you are going to steal from them also they over charge financial aid on all books .
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