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The class sizes are great at this school. The instructors care about you passing and moving on to the next level. They have many tools at the students disposal such as an academic learning center which offers tutoring and student teaching if you are struggling in a certain subject such as math.
Baton Rouge Community College is a great school to attend. They offer several online course and several online degrees. The onsite classrooms aren't too full and the professors really want to see you advance. There is also a parking garage on campus to eliminate some of the parking issues. I would recommend this school to anyone, especially people like myself who may have set out for a few years and decided to continue your education.
Growing up I have always wanted to be a professional chef and now I feel like I am closer to my dream.
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As a formal student at Baton Rouge Community College the experience is great, because the professors put a lot of effort into teaching. The professors make sure students understand topics clearly before moving on to another topic. I enjoy attending Baton Rouge Community College and I would, because the professors have a very strong bond with the students.
Overall I've had a good experience. My English and math teacher both pushed me and, motivated me. When I needed extra help I got it. And with that i finished my first semester with a 3.33 GPA.
The classes are primarily in the daytime. They do not offer many weekend or night courses, unfortunately.
I absolutely loved the online courses I have taken over the years. They were challenging, but the convenience and support of the students and professors helped.
The courses offered were sometimes very limited. The classes fill up very quickly, and some courses are not offered year-round which makes it difficult to get ahead.
Overall, the school has never given me any issues. The teachers and administrators have always been helpful and alert. The school was great with notifying students prior to class about important issues or dates.
The school has teachers that are willing to help students.
The school has never given me any issues. I have always had a great experience. The only downfall of the school are some of the students who take the education from granted, however, that could be at any school.
Picking my schedule has always been easy for me at this school
Allows you to know your peers still but very productive
I haven't gotten that far
I found some teachers that are there for you and some teachers that are there just for the money but they all will help you get through if you ask.
The community college only allows you to start off in a spot but eventually you would want to spring out into something higher
Gives you the chance to work in your field and attend school
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Sga offer many programs that allows you to get involved, teachers are willing to help one on one to the students level, it gives you the college experience at a very simple level.
the teachers that i had so far are great. they have small class sizes.
the school has a career/job fair every semester for the students.
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