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The school is very much excellent provide the best services for their students and I really love the school
The atmosphere is great. There is always something to do around the campus and people/teachers always willing to help. They really want you to succeed in your studies.
Baton rouge community college is an acceptable 2 year University, generally offering much in the way of technical degrees.
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I love the professors and the all around atmosphere of this college. Being an older student made me extremely nervous but I never felt looked at or treated differently. I must say however this school has a lot of organizational issues and needs to work out a lot of kinks. Financial Aid is the worst to have to deal with.
I would like to see the bookstore and the associate dean not assume what thing about students you must surrender your backpack before entering the bookstore like they think you are going to steal from them also they over charge financial aid on all books .
Baton Rouge Community College is a good school. The students are diverse, the campus is clean, and its tuition is more affordable than other colleges I applied too.
Excellent campus! Not to small but not to big, easy to get around, perfect place for new college students. All workers are amazing and will help you in any way possible! Classes are smaller so more one on one time with teachers. Very safe place. One of the best places around to go to school.
GREAT ENVIRONMENT ! BRCC is a awesome school. great atmosphere , classes are not really big. The teachers are great. Brcc is a good choice for anyone. You can explore , and have great new experiences you never thought off.
I currently attend Baton Rouge Community College and am working toward a 4-year degree from Louisiana State University in Animal Sciences. I chose to study at BRCC first because I pay for my school, and the smaller community paired with lower admission prices sounded like a deal for me. My life goal is to learn and teach about being a part of the environment, an awareness all living organisms should exercise, and one of the many places I have learned and taught how to do so is BRCC. Within the classrooms holding usually about 20 students, I’ve been able to reach out to people of ranging diversities, that otherwise I might have never truly met. Many of my professors encourage participation, which I find gives way to the formation of community between such strangers, and of course, this motivates those students to work harder for their grade. I have been enriched by my learning environment at BRCC, and with a GPA of 3.2 at only 32 hours, I feel confident that I will soar through LSU.
I enrolled for welding and as far as the hands on part it was great . But the length of the classes are very short so you have to move fast and always read your schedule . The teachers will help you to make sure you know the basics.I felt rushed and always under pressure but at the end I can weld . So if you have a go get it attitude and really want to weld go for it !
My experience at Baton Rouge community College was unforgettable. The staff memebers are very helpful and warming. My first day of school as a freshman, was nerve racking, but I was welcome by smiling faces by staff and students. If I could change something it would be the parking, I had a hard time finding a parking space.
Baton Rouge Community College is a great start for many low-income students that wish to strive for more. Although a small campus, BRCC offers many academic courses that range from an associate degree in a technical field or a transferring degree to a four-year university. BRCC isn't a very diverse campus but is very welcoming to all ethnicities. This college doesn't provide a party scene but they do have many student-driven activies throughout the semester. One of the its best attribute is its location, mid-city is the hear of Baton Rouge which helps commuters have a common ground.
Very well organized school for people not as prepared to take on a larger college such as LSU. There are facilities everywhere and no place seems to be overwhelming.
My first experience at BRCC is amazing and it will continue to be great. Although I do wish that the school had room and boarding. Overall the school is a great and safe environment. Very easy to learn if your a new student.
As a veteran new to the college experience this school was able to get my knowledge to the college level and work with me one on one until I was at the standard that was expected of me. Baton Rouge is a great school overall and has many courses available that can transfer relatively easily.
If you enjoy smaller class sizes and being able to have one on one time with your professor then this is for you. You area able to do your first two years of college at BRCC then transfer to the university that are in the transfer program
The class sizes are great at this school. The instructors care about you passing and moving on to the next level. They have many tools at the students disposal such as an academic learning center which offers tutoring and student teaching if you are struggling in a certain subject such as math.
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Baton Rouge Community College is a great school to attend. They offer several online course and several online degrees. The onsite classrooms aren't too full and the professors really want to see you advance. There is also a parking garage on campus to eliminate some of the parking issues. I would recommend this school to anyone, especially people like myself who may have set out for a few years and decided to continue your education.
Growing up I have always wanted to be a professional chef and now I feel like I am closer to my dream.
As a formal student at Baton Rouge Community College the experience is great, because the professors put a lot of effort into teaching. The professors make sure students understand topics clearly before moving on to another topic. I enjoy attending Baton Rouge Community College and I would, because the professors have a very strong bond with the students.
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