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I am high functioning Autistic. When enrolling into Bates Technical College, I started with Support Services, they introduced me to a wonderful team of people who made me feel welcome and walked me through every step of the way. I have been at Bates for a quarter now and continue to have the same experiences. My instructor has been encouraging and supportive. He has also helped my mom with recommendations where to buy tools that won't hit her hard financially. The only thing I would change would to have a cafeteria or vending machines with sandwiches, fruit and other types of food.
Bates Technical College makes it simple for you to transfer into a college lifestyle. All of the staff are friendly and willing to work with you. Couldn’t have picked a better school to start my career.
The college has an in campus as well as online classes. I will be attending there in September of 2019. The college isn't that large which is nice. The staff all were friendly and informative. I was impressed that they remember my name when I enrolled.
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The are in the downtown campus isn't the greatest, but I got into the program I needed without any problems and am excited to start my career.
My instructors are awesome!! They find different ways to explain stuff or find someone to explain stuff in a different way when we don't understand a new concept or theory. As students we form a bond with our classmates like being in a family. We help each other out as much as we can. I've met some really great people here at Bates Technical College. The best part.....Your instructors actually help you find a job!!!
I'm extremely happy with the program I have enrolled into here at Bates. My instructor is very helpful, respectful, and committed to their students. Getting through each quarter is challenging but in no way stressful.
Bates Technical College is amazing!!! I am currently enrolled in the Power Sports Technology program, and the instructor, as well as the material are amazing. I had previously graduated from the Automotive Technology program in 1991, and though I joined the Army, 3 years later, as a Medic, the knowledge gained from the program has remained with me for a lifetime. The environment is welcoming, and the faculty and staff understand the concept of customer service. The instructor treats the students with respect, and takes the time to thoroughly explain the material. I would recommend this program to anyone.
Bates Barber Evening Class is Awesome, the teacher is great and the overall program is the best, I wouldn't change anything about it, i love it!
Bates Technical College is a rather good college to get a trade degree. The business professor is really good, and the school isn't to expensive. However, the school is not in the best part of town and it doesn't have enough parking.
They did have good flexibility on classes.
I did not really take to many online classes.
We do networking but not much more than that.
The teacher in my program gives way to much work and does not really explain things when first coming you have to ask your class mates.Sometimes even pop up assignments in class.I think that some of the things should be changed so that the students can attain more knowledge and be more successful.
It's ok some of the teachers are helpful and some employees.Some of the staff is very different shall I say.
Classes are flexible. I have not experienced any hassles.
I prefer learning in a traditional classroom but incorporating online assignments is okay. We can email our professors when we need anything.
Most students who graduate from this school get job offers right after graduating.
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Professors are really helpful. They are strict but will help any way they can.
A lot of healthcare companies look for students who graduated from this school. Most students get jobs right away after graduating.
The workload is very heavy. School hours are long. Facilities are not good.
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