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I enjoyed my visit and tour. The campus is very picturesque and I wish I could've visited in the fall. The weather was pretty rough so I'm not sure about the long winters. But the campus is a nice size and felt very safe. I like the small class sizes as well. Housing was typical compared to other colleges.
A pysch major will have a lot of competition after graduation and little support from Bates. Once tuition is collected you’re on your own.
The lack of diversity is very upsetting here. The few international students seem to congregate in one place. There are very few students of color and I have to wonder how they feel about that. Majority white wealthy students on a small campus makes it hard to evolve. Maine is very beautiful but the winter gets rough after a month of the harsh cold.
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Bates College is an excellent institution of higher learning. Top notch academics, a plethora of extracurricular activities, and a terrific faculty are just a few of the things that make Bates an elite college. One of its most fundamental and defining aspects, however, is its sense of community. Bates is a relatively small college, and with that comes a sense of closeness between students, faculty, and staff that's not typically found on a lot of campuses. If there's one thing that could be improved upon, it would be more opportunities for students to engage in dialogues with the administration to ensure that their voices are heard. Other than that, Bates is a fine institution that truly shines among the rest.
Bates is a great school, the teachers are engaging and you're going to have close relations to them. The social life on campus is cool there's almost always a dance or concert happening every weekend, recently Lewiston police have been cracking down on off-campus parties so there's drinking than before but it is definitely still on campus. Its been said the police are cracking down on drinking this year but it'll go back to being a better party scene next year. Lewiston is meh it's not amazing and there's like 2 to 4 good restaurants in Lewiston and you have to taxi or drive to Auburn if you want to do anything fun like see a movie, but the campus is really nice and I often find that I'm fine being on campus. Dorms are huge and there's plenty of nice amenities for students. The diversity could be better but everyone is pretty liberal and open-minded and there's a lot of visible movements and clubs on campus that do a lot of diversity-related activities.
So far, Bates is everything I hoped it would be. My dorm s nice, the food is great and the people are really friendly and welcoming. My professors have been really great about helping us first years transition into college life and I really love having only four classes to focus on. Truly, Bates is an amazing (and affordable) place.
I think that Bates gives students the freedom to be whatever they want to be, so long as they work hard to become whatever that is. They've always stood by that creed. The food is amazing, and so are campus culture and the studies. The one downside is probably Maine's sketchiest city surrounding the campus, but Lewiston's not actually that bad compared to the image it has throughout the rest of the state. Bates undergrad is still comparable to that of Bowdoin, Colby, and the rest of the NESCAC schools, despite its relatively low endowment (around 1/3 of Colby's and 1/5 of Bowdoin's).
Students are serious but totally sportive, kind and friendly. School spirit is strong for athletics and other activities. Parties are numerous and welcoming and all about socializing - the point is not getting too smashed - so nothing too crazy. Dorms provide consistently good living choices with some truly excellent ones. Food is the best! Campus is seriously beautiful. Lewiston is a small city and past it's glory days but not without its charms, some really good restaurants, and intern opportunities. The real advantage of our location is being surrounded by beautiful countryside including both beach and mountains. Shoppers have Portland and Freeport nearby - but no one wants to leave campus often - it's a driven yet fun and exciting community where students look out for and appreciate each other. We know how lucky we are everyday to call this place home.
I am beyond happy with my experience at Bates. I couldn't have asked for a more friendly and welcoming environment. Really one of the only things that I've found a little difficult are the academic requirements because they have limited my course selection due to lack of room.
The campus and the college itself are great, other than the lack of diversity. However, the location isn't prime, as there's no much to do outside the campus community, unless you have a car and are able to drive to other places. Also, it's Maine so the winters can be very long, cold, and gloomy. But, you already knew that because it's Maine!
The campus is beautiful. The food is surprisingly diverse and not bad for a small school, especially the cool vegan bar. The classes and the professors are amazing and very helpful.
I love the mix of people here. There are outdoorsy types, hipsters, nerds, jocks, preppies, and everyone in between. I have met a lot of really nice international students, and students from all over the US. People are friendly and they care about their work, both professors and students. I like being around people are serious about getting an education, but who also want to have fun. No one is pretentious. There are so many talented people too, really good musicians and artists. This school does a great job of having a good mix of people.
Bates College is one of my favorite places in the world. Everything from the beautiful campus to the wonderful academics to the amazingly inclusive and tight knit student body. The professors are really engaged in their subjects and will do their best to make every student as successful as possible. The administration tries to work with the students and act on things that will benefit everyone at Bates and everyone coming in the future. Students are engaged about learning, and are also involved in clubs and committees, a capella groups and sports teams. The community environment at Bates is second to none. As a student at Bates, you always feel like you have a family and are included in everything they do.
I have had a wonderful experience at Bates. I have found that classes are engaging, professors and classmates are passionate and welcoming, and the community at Bates is endlessly warm and inclusive.
The community is one of the absolute best things about Bates. Because the student body is so small, everyone on campus can grow together as a whole family, without ever having to worry too extensively about exclusive groups or social cliques. Bates also does a great job of attracting friendly and passionate individuals, which fosters a climate of communal pushes for academic success and achievement across campus. Also, the food is fantastic!!
The best part about Bates is the tight-knit society that it promotes. Throughout the semester there are a lot of events that encourages students to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. The one thing about Bates can improve on is increasing diversity amongst student population. Although in the past three years they have increased diversity, but there are still room for improvement.
Bates College has been extremely fulfilling for me academically. I feel deeply connected to my professors and I cherish the unique intellectual opportunities that you can't find at many other undergraduate institutions. For instance, as a junior in college, I am going to be published in my professor's book about U.S. public education and the Somali refugee student population.
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Bates is overall a great place to attend college. It has many of the quintessential aspects of a liberal arts school-a politically and socially engaged student body, excellent faculty who are willing to help out with anything you need, and small classes. Lewiston is given a worse rap than it should have, given the number of awesome volunteer opportunities available and restaurants nearby. On campus, the food at Bates is awesome, and definitely better than Bowdoin's despite their better rankings.
My main complaint is about social life. While Bates does a great job of getting students involved on campus during the week, the school doesn't have enough events for the student body to attend on the weekends. There are a few awesome dances, and a great formal, but I feel that there could be more. Additionally, security is abound and shuts down student parties pretty immediately.
I love Bates. This is a great place with phenomenal teachers and a wonderful community of students. The fact that we only have one dining hall also adds to the familial feeling that I have being here. Every night is family dinner!
Everything is very accessible and easy to find. The scholarships that niche provides are great as well.