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Life changing experience for my first gen Hispanic godson. He found his footing on campus right away aided by the department of Equity and Inclusion. Academically he's challenged, made life long friends and is currently applying for internships knowing that his experience at Bates will be a factor in his success. Oh, and as advertised, the food is amazing!
All classes on campus were conducted in person but the semester was halved and courses taken two at a time to limit student interactions
I am a huge proponent of Bates College! Bates has extraordinary dining (serving anything ranging from grilled cheese to teriyaki tofu), beautiful brick buildings, an open quad that people use to chat and play lawn games in, a pond with outdoor seating and wildlife, and a couple of stunning athletic fields. The real magic is in the people on campus however, everyone is friendly, accepting, and passionate about their studies, sports, hobbies, or any other sort of extracurriculars. Even with this hard-work mentality, there are plenty of clubs, organized activities, and areas off campus to have fun with your friends. There's even a ski mountain close by!
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Bates College has permitted students to come back this fall, so I am currently on campus to take classes and go about my usual routine. Of course, there are restrictions with the COVID-19 pandemic at hand including mask wearing, grab-and-go dining, socially distance sports practices, etc. However, I have been able to be in person for my classes with a mask on which allows me to experience (somewhat) of what it is like during a normal year. Since there are kids that are at home, most of the assignments have been online and may include zoom lectures.
Generally speaking, Bates faculty are dedicated to what they do and consistently aim to foster a positive classroom environment. However, student life at Bates is reminiscent of a high school experience in that it often feels limiting and cliquey. Though the school prides itself on being a diverse institution in which every student has access to this utopic experience, the day to day reality fails to live up to this marketed promise. The social hierarchy of Bates pervades every aspect of student life. In Commons, the only dining hall, students are categorized based on where they sit. On the weekends, your options are limited to a few parties that you only have access to if you are deemed socially relevant. At the end of the day, Bates is all about showing face, and while it is certainly possible to find your place even if you fall outside certain norms, i.e. straight, white, wealthy don’t underestimate the profound difficulties that go along with navigating an environment like this.
Despite obvious challenges, my professors worked hard to ensure that students were able to stay engaged and feel supported.
An incredibly competitive Liberal Arts college that prioritizes critical thinking and challenging the status quo.
Professors and instructors demonstrated care for their students in their online experience and made every effort to ensure that the online experience was equivalent to the classroom experience.
I love Bates. Everyone on campus is encouraged to take part in a little bit of everything. The students are all down to earth, welcoming, and intelligent. The professors are always helpful and will get to know who you are within your first week of the semester. Almost all athletes are also apart of different clubs and volunteer positions on campus. Parties are fun, not overwhelming, and generally easy to get into. It is encouraged to do something to make a difference while attending Bates. I truly believe the college has made me a more well rounded student athlete. I am able to go out on the weekends, take academics seriously, and compete in my sport. It is definitely work hard play hard, but I have walked away with one of the best educations, best friends, and greatest memories.
Online learning has been tough but only because I do not retain material unless I am in an interactive environment. The professors understand this and have all been accommodating.
We switched to online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which honestly improved my experience. I felt a lot safer at home than I did in Bates' dorms.
Academically, it was fine. But it was the housing that really ruined it for me. Paying an arm and a leg for tuition, I expected that the students would have better accommodations. Instead, the dorms are like something out of a horror movie, the showers especially so. Freshman year was especially hard for me, because in addition to the college transition, I had to deal with a psycho roommate, and housing was unwilling to let me switch.
Academics are great the college helps students prepare for their desire future. A great supportive community, there are no cliques.A supportive community for pro-environment. Get to know your professors very well.
The student body consists of privileged, white, boarding school elites who have accomplished little but all have an unfounded sense of entitlement. Students of color are ostracized. The surrounding area is extremely unsafe with a high crime rate and frequent stabbings. Downtown Lewiston is grungy and requires a 25-minute walk from campus. Campus is tiny and not very pretty. 3/32 housing options are nice; the rest are a nightmare. Page and Rand Halls are hell. Classes are hit or miss, depending on your professor. The nice gym, Davis, is always overcrowded and the other one, Merrill, is terrible – it was built in the 70s and has not been renovated. The food is yummy but the dining hall is often so overfull that you can't find a seat. You may have to wait in line for 45 minutes to access a single station/food item. Bates has great financial aid.
I genuinely love to think of Bates as a home. Not only are the academics and professors superb, but the students are the most supportive individuals who value camaraderie and community engagement. Batesies are the friendliest humans out there which produces a pretty special network both during and after your four years. Bates excels in every aspect; however, like all predominantly-white institutions, admissions does continue to work on diversity. Also, the surrounding area is only average, but downtown Portland (45 min away) and the beaches along the coast make up for the lack of things to do in Lewiston. It also allows for so much to happen on campus. Overall, this school has proven itself to provide an incredible academic and social experience, and everyone likes to think of it as its “home away from home.”
So far, I have enjoyed the social life at Bates. Most people are friendly, the professors are caring and are always there to help. I like the small class sizes for certain classes.
It truly is worth the while. Everyone is incredibly kind to each other and making friends was easy. The environment is academically rigorous, but not at all competitive. Both professors and other students want you to succeed. I've had good experiences with my professors so far and I'm excited to what else this school can offer!
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i haven't been to bates, but from the reviews, it's a good school. the people commenting on the party scene are so stupid... IT'S COLLEGE. NOT 'go get drunk' NIGHTS
My son, a minority student. loves Bates for the sense of close community and for the strong connections he's made with various professors. He received an internship at an investment bank in New York his freshman year, an opportunity he became aware of through the Center for Purposeful Work. Bates is providing a transformational experience for him.
Great liberal arts atmosphere, very chill. Campus can start to feel small after awhile especially over the long winter months. Lewiston is the middle of nothing and the town seems at odds with the students. Blue collar vs elite I suppose. I would love to see more diversity in recreation opportunities and ethnic foods.
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