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I had the best experience at Bates. The student body is intellectually curious yet super down to earth, professors are always accessible (many of whom I am still close with over a decade later), coursework/the pre-med committee is challenging but prepared me well for medical school, Maine is beautiful with great skiing and hiking nearby, and there are a bunch of really good restaurants in Lewiston with Portland only a 1/2 hour away. I met some of my best friends at Bates and had an absolute blast!
Looking at schools to continue with football at the collegiate level. Bates has a nice campus which is a bit of an oasis, since Lewiston isn’t really a town I see myself happy in. Obviously the academics are the draw here.
My experience at Bates has been incredible. Obviously, there are going to be negative things about any college. However, I believe that the academic rigor, commitment of the professors and faculty, and the passion and community of the students are what sets Bates apart from other institutions.
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I cannot imagine a better college experience. Bates challenged me to grow academically and as a person. The close-knit collegial environment is unmatched, and the friends I made at Bates are the most important people in my life. I feel lucky to have ended up at Bates -- even though I have graduated, it will always be my home.
Attending Bates has been an incredible experience for me for the past 4 years. I have made lifelong friendships and invaluable bonds with professors that I don't think I would have found at just any school.
My experience at Bates has been exceptional. The faculty and staff make students their number one priority, fostering a safe and supportive community. As a small but elite college, students have the opportunity to be exposed to top scholarship and immerse themselves in it in ways only small school allow with various research assistantships, fellowships, and internships. In addition, students at Bates are incredibly kind, making most students feel welcomed upon arrival.
I loved the environment and the people! The campus is beautiful, and the school is so deeply routed in tradition. It has been such a positive addition to my life.
I graduated 5 years ago, and Bates is still my favorite place in the world. It isn't for everyone--it is small; intense, both socially and academically; and in a cold climate--but the school has shaped and inspired me in ways that I could have never expected. I also loved Lewiston, even though many people don't, because of how diverse the demographic is, how great the food is, and how many activities it offers for service-learning and getting involved.
Bates is an amazing place filled with so many wonderful people and unique opportunities! I have loved every minute I've spent at Bates :-)
My experience at Bates has been wonderful! The relationships I've formed with my professors over the years have been so rewarding, especially in comparison to my friends at other schools. The student body is so incredibly friendly and the people on campus clearly want to be here. Bates is a perfect place to explore new interests, unleash academic potential, and make lifelong connections. I couldn't be more pleased with my experience.
Bates is a great college with a warm community. Most students are down-to-earth, hardworking, and witty. Fun traditions like Puddle Jump, 80s Dance, and late night breakfasts.

Hidden gem: Location in Lewiston, ME -- an old mill town with a growing number of East African immigrants. Lends itself to many amazing opportunities outside the classroom. Students get involved in local politics, schools programs, community centers, and small enterprises. Something you won't get in a quainter tourist-y college town.
Pros: Student-professor relationships; record producer of Fulbright students, community-engagement opportunities, funding for summer internships, campus life events, students are supportive & not competitive.
Cons: Lacks racial & socioeconomic diversity. Traveling out of state and outside of New England can be inconvenient/expensive. Party scene is limited/security is very strict. Campus culture is socially/politically liberal but not very alternative or radical.
Wonderful academic experience. Two really awesome and unique resources at Bates for academics is PALS (Peer Assistant Learning tutors) who hold weekly review sessions and make practice worksheets for intro science classes. Also, ARC (Academic Resource Commons) is an area of the library that has free tutors and writing advisors available for assistance 11am-10pm every day. There's always someone to help and answer my questions which is crucial. Really helpful people and kids at Bates are SO friendly and supportive.
Bates has something for everyone, Maine is a beautiful state, and professors genuinely care about the well-being and success of their students.
Bates is always very busy. There is so much going on in terms of sports, classes, and events that there is always something to do if you want to. The professors are amazing, and the level of attention and devotion they show to us students makes me feel incredibly lucky to be here. Most importantly, the mindset of the student body is one of action, striving to improve the college in whatever flaws they may see and being vocal on issues that matter to them. But it is also an atmosphere of welcoming acceptance and community, which makes every day at school a real treasure. I will never forget this college experience.
Great school with amazing academics and great professors. There are a ton of resources for freshman; a social advisor, academic advisor, Junior Advisor and much more. Athletics at Bates are very good, but it can feel like a very jock-y place but there is also a good amount of mixing between athletes and non-athletes. The gyms can feel a little old.

The surrounding area is a little rough and it can be hard to find things to do unless you really seek them out. There are a few really good places like Forage Market and Fuel and some other hidden gems around. There are quite a few good hikes around the area, usually an hour away or so. It's really nice to have a car on campus although parking is tight.

Bates is a really great place that does have its downsides as well, like all colleges. It is really what you make of it; who you spend time with and what you choose to get involved in!
Bates College was a warm and welcoming environment where I grew as a caring human-being. I learned to question and seek answers to troubling problems and work with my peers through thought provoking questions. Bates College offered a challenging environment to learn and grow as a young adult.
Bates College is an excellent institution of higher learning. Top notch academics, a plethora of extracurricular activities, and a terrific faculty are just a few of the things that make Bates an elite college. One of its most fundamental and defining aspects, however, is its sense of community. Bates is a relatively small college, and with that comes a sense of closeness between students, faculty, and staff that's not typically found on a lot of campuses. If there's one thing that could be improved upon, it would be more opportunities for students to engage in dialogues with the administration to ensure that their voices are heard. Other than that, Bates is a fine institution that truly shines among the rest.
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Bates is a great school, the teachers are engaging and you're going to have close relations to them. The social life on campus is cool there's almost always a dance or concert happening every weekend, recently Lewiston police have been cracking down on off-campus parties so there's drinking than before but it is definitely still on campus. Its been said the police are cracking down on drinking this year but it'll go back to being a better party scene next year. Lewiston is meh it's not amazing and there's like 2 to 4 good restaurants in Lewiston and you have to taxi or drive to Auburn if you want to do anything fun like see a movie, but the campus is really nice and I often find that I'm fine being on campus. Dorms are huge and there's plenty of nice amenities for students. The diversity could be better but everyone is pretty liberal and open-minded and there's a lot of visible movements and clubs on campus that do a lot of diversity-related activities.
So far, Bates is everything I hoped it would be. My dorm s nice, the food is great and the people are really friendly and welcoming. My professors have been really great about helping us first years transition into college life and I really love having only four classes to focus on. Truly, Bates is an amazing (and affordable) place.
I think that Bates gives students the freedom to be whatever they want to be, so long as they work hard to become whatever that is. They've always stood by that creed. The food is amazing, and so are campus culture and the studies. The one downside is probably Maine's sketchiest city surrounding the campus, but Lewiston's not actually that bad compared to the image it has throughout the rest of the state. Bates undergrad is still comparable to that of Bowdoin, Colby, and the rest of the NESCAC schools, despite its relatively low endowment (around 1/3 of Colby's and 1/5 of Bowdoin's).