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As a new student to Bastyr, I am realizing how wonderful and helpful the staff is. In addition, the campus resources are awesome and the campus itself is just beautiful. I cannot wait to continue my education here for the next three years.
Bastyr University gave me the most incredible education! The professors made sure that as graduates would be able to go out into the world and be able to use our BS, or we were completely prepared to take the next step and enter into a Master's Program.

That being said the curriculum was incredibly tough as most of our professors taught on the Undergraduate level, Graduate level and many of the professors taught the Naturopathic Doctors program as well. So their standards set high for the Bachelor's programs!
Most students have jobs before graduation unless they are setting up a new practice. Bastyr does a great deal to help students get placed into good jobs.
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Classes are small and tight knit. The same women in a cohort for three years is such a blessing.
Very supportive group of people! No matter the situation everyone works hard to support each other and makr campus a safe and healthy place!
They have individual suites for students that live on campus and the accessories are amazing. Such a healthful and relaxed environment. Great sense of community and fun!
From what I've seen and experienced already this is such a fantastic school. Everyone here is so dedicated and the faculty and staff do their utmost to make sure that the student life is as easy as possible while the students work extremely hard to meet their goals. It is a great place to learn and grow and I am thrilled to be a part of the school community.
Everyone knows everyone; you build a very large family and we all look out for each other.
This college helps students to develop both in knowledge of their field and as a person. It provides a well rounded look on all of it's programs instead of just pulling practices from one culture.
The dorms on campus are fabulous. They are fairly new and very spacious; each student gets their own room and bathroom, only having to share a full kitchen, living room and study areas. Everything is very close to classes and it's in the middle of a state park, so the setting is wonderful and hiking is a great thing to do each day.
There are no sororities or fraternities at my school. I think that they are a waste of time and encourage bad behavior like partying to the extreme.
Athletics isn't something that this school stresses about; we are more about academics, than sports and just about every student I've talked to is perfectly happy about that.
I love the college, but it's a little hard to get around the community if you don't have your own transportation.
Bastyr is extremely well respected and I believe I will have no problem finding meaningful work post-graduation. I have not interacted much as of yet with the career center (much of that will happen next fall) - so can't speak to that as of yet.
The courses and professors have been exceptional. The nutrition program tracks are specifically tailored to each focus and the ease of scheduling has been a dream. I have respected, liked and learned a great deal from each professor I've come in contact with.
Campus security is not a focus at Bastyr per se - likely due to the small campus, the small student body, the small ratio of males/females and the location (360 wooded acres surrounded by suburbia). I have never heard of a single safety issue on campus or in the surrounding park area. I feel very safe on campus.
So far my experience has been exceptional. The instructors are all very invested in what they're teaching, their students and wellness in general. It is a wonderful and supportive environment.
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I think there is an emerging field trend for natural health. I think a degree here is valuable.
The courses and professors are fantastic and absolutely packed with information.
I feel very safe on campus. I hear that there has been one incident on campus this year, but statistically, that's not excessively terrifying.
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